Saturday, September 26, 2020

seasonal halloween sales?

there's a certain pre formatted digital sales site which pop up on facebooks and i keep wondering if its legitimate or not. some are blatant rip offs of crowd sourced or new products greatly reduced. i think a couple of years ago i got ripped off but refunded for a video / ar glasses.

no real way to know - or perhaps drop shippers?

i've also noticed as i use Aliexpress, some will heavily advertise a decent product, price it 2-4x but as no one is aware of it - they miss the fact you can get it on Aliexpress at cost. 

and example of this is the surprisingly useful: Portable Cassette Player Recorder Standalone Audio Music Recorder Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter Save into USB Flash Drive


i did spot a low rez pico projector so i am theory getting that as i had an idea of filling one wall with a pov projected of Second Life.

here's one that came up today and they do besides old men, monsters, demons - one woman. you can find it for sale here 

what do you think? a scam or a real sale? would it even match?



reverse ASFR or shade of BSG new gen cylons?


are you or do you know any?

 i have supicioins about P-xxxxx in SL due to her decorations.... also a fair few ASMR cosplayer are dipping into into it as a narrative structure or more? btw hypnosis and nlp are just modern terms for elements of the craft.


minimilistic art?


part of a sequence froma defunk fetish site


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

my current bound state in SL in with Peachey Blackwood

seems to be rubbing off on me.... i finally got my latex pillow case for the special giant U shaped pillow.

with my av burning into my teeny doll brain, i keep wondering. perhaps a pillow of the same shape as me in worlds is whats needed for my next latex pillow in bed?

of course it might make sense just to get a custom body bag and cut foam to fill. 

cuddling as a sleep, and a deep need to be inside it. maybe for xmas.... 

mind you this came up in the same search. i wonder if i can sleep in at night and let the pink take over?

on sale now for $8 with shipping... its calling.... is it calling you? also available in black and tan here on Aliexpress

can i have visitors? i'm not sure even i know where i am tbh and whats with the selection of weird and occultish statues in her very modern building. msg Peachy Blackwood to find out, and maybe she'll let me talk?


i found a latex ASMR!!!

the link to it is here

please post your reactions and i'll email her to introduce her to my blog.


more ASMR vids, creators and a test

Tingle Test: Curing your ASMR Immunity is here.

some of the other themed ones are in the Goddess series. they can be found here on here YT page: 
sadly still no replies to my offers. i may have to do a bulk email. please post any favourites you found and use. either straight your prefered kink. are werewolves plushies? yes, found one of those.

rubber fetishists will survive!


Sunday, September 20, 2020

ASMR - notice anything?

the above is a witch taking you into her coven. the rest i've not watched in any detail. just wanted to get screen grabs.

do yo have a favourite. also i noticed the ASMR effect can vary alot.

typical me - i tend to want to write more into their speaches. still they are very hypnoitic.

i've emailed three of them so far and not a peep back. given their subject matter i think we could do some great collaborations.

we'll have to see. 

if your an ASMR recorder - please email me



Monday, September 14, 2020

filmed in sl - or perhaps we should?

 always up for collaborations in world


Sunday, September 13, 2020

some may wonder where my fixation on Melissa shoes came from

easy - Barbie. she had amazing shoes in plastic. but i could only wear them on my fingers...  think her wetsuit likewise got me hooked.

 while there are basic ballerina flats (loads of them and vivian westwood does a lot) and i do have a pair;

sampling of Melissa Flats

the Karin Rassid scooped heels are my fav. mine are basic black with shell like texture.

now why can't they do knee boots?


is it a Dr Who prop or a beauty device from China

for all you ASFR's out there. potential for halloween.  this one is almost power rangers and does the same thing:

which imho was never keen on but we all have our specific kinks.

this more stylised - if you want to look out and see your face

its also an excellent place for leggins, of various material and printings (wear my robot legs as pj bottoms and a t) and ful zentai suits - plain or detailed prints of anime i've never seen. 


Aliexpress sale continues

and looks like my SL is manifesting in reality, part by part for me to embrace.

needless to say i ordered it.



more twisted (or kinky) ASMR video

 i swear she looks like Amanda Palmer without the weird eyebrows. perhaps its the circus theme?

now i've looked over a few of them, love their drama, sets, costumes but i found they need more detailed stories with vertiginous plot twists to draw you deeper. just tighter. 

contrasting the hypnosis ones i've listened too are too slow and repetitive to do deepening but not enough NLP like words, hooks etc. but then there's different styles, the seductive narraritives worth better on me.


 oh and Seafoam Kitty   

has a new one and one i spotted of her she displayed all the collars she owns - a lot!!!


Saturday, September 12, 2020

a complete ensemble from Aliexpress to manifest the toy soldier in me

which will undoubtedly please Kelannpoole

might need to invest in a ruffle base to get the skirt aspect to do the same thing.

as i've come to the conclusion with all my health issues not solved or dealt with now for last few years (hense the lack of updates), i need to be reduced to an utter automation for a careful owner, so i am always in SL at at service.

hoping they can help? whose the expert in these automated systems and separate quasi ai / response bots? please email me - in world i am asudem kasei but likely to be utterly locked down- L$ donations welcomed however.

the dress is above form an anime i'm not aware of and the boots soon (bellow) that i can also wear normally. or shall i go for a black gloss pair to match the mannequin skin toned ones? those are on order and won't get the backs till i know the boots are a perfect fit. sizing is hit miss/risk with them.


Friday, September 11, 2020

how to advertise lamps or early formophilia?


last seen in Game of Thrones... sadly passed but inspired fetishes in so many

 i think its good ps fake. while the bellow episode did stick in my mind, it was the one about weather weapon and too much rain that showed off old school rubber rain suit and boots.

what was your favorite Peel moment?


the seed of an idea is there - imho it needs more SPELLS


anyone want to rewrite her script?