Wednesday, May 06, 2020

it took me awhile

any ideas?

buy them on sale here

yet another sale season on at Aliexpress.  US $3.41 - 7.90 from US $5.25 - 12.15  -35%


i could't resist

Saturday, May 02, 2020

future fashion post corona

i read that there's a lot of 3d printer hackers making things a well.

one sneeze and...

what they really need to complete the look is the re-engineered Acquo tall soft rubber boots. now theirs a sale on of 2nds and the new generation is made that are much glossier. the first run are good, not a flat as normal rubber boots, but not wet latex or super gloss black pvc look.

they're 40% off so actually affordable now here at Acquo Boots Outlet.

more locally Sigerson and Morrison had knee high variants in jelly bean colors and black of course. i had two pair so far - and wore them to the point they fell apart.

i heard from my uk contributor who did a space girl shoot - biggest problem was it steaming up. apparently the motor cyclists have it solved tho.

so the only people to survive is the hard core rubberists and the techno ravers?


Friday, April 24, 2020

i mam alive, but did have the virus

just a minor update.

still tired.

will be back in SL over weekend. 


 ps; where else do you visit? post links. not seen any good doll / tf / fetish in forever. 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

orginals cost in the 1,000$$$

would make a great over sized poster. print size at several thousand dollars is about 31 inch square.

how about as seed for a story? someone? or has Second Life consumed all the writers to do 1-1 stories and experiences?

i'm still playing around with ideas in Obey Mistresses Love mp3 about a store with love dolls.

you can see her complete collection here - and tell her you saw link here.


a hypno barbie??

the death of paper???

bemerry said the following: 

Hello, You don't know me, but I have been perusing your blogspot page for a bit. Just wanted give you a heads up about an image that might be of interest to you. Don't know if you have seen it yet, but the cover of the Feb 2020 issue of Harper's Bazar features an anatomically shaped plastic looking breast plate. Rather fetching and similar to the Kate Moss image you seemed to like.

and they found it and scanned! i think its an iron man reference. does it says who made it?

check out Aliexpress for the lyrca print leggings and full suit. i covered it a recent post. mine are all the black/grey printed and pvc ones.


Saturday, February 22, 2020

prove me wrong - the best transformation sequence in a B-Film

though WaxWorks is a good horror film, there's implied TF thats good. perhaps a few others but they're generally just cuts. feel free to jump into comments with trailers - mannequins, dolls and robots. xx

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

fashion trends.... furry and mannequin?

i was in the bank recently and spotted at an atm was a student, she had a big fake fur coat on - so semi plushie / furry but it was her legs that caught my real attention. they were off white and glossy. not pantyhose for sure. leggings? mannequin leggins?

so i looked online, loads of black glossy, aliexpress had the right color but in a lycra or cotton. nope - what i wanted were her plastic mannequin legs.

i settled on a darker pair last week. continues to be obsessed (similar to my Melissa soft plastic shoe obession i've related in the past and just explained to a friend in SL.

last pair could find were bellow. close but i think they were tanner.  more caucasion/mannequin. on order.
and one more photo of the same model but PS'd to be the color i saw. literally mannequin legs from waist / furry coat down.

 having spent 1min exactly - this is more like what i saw last week. lets see what arrives in the mail.

if not a match, then needless to say i'll keep my eyes / radar going to see what i can find. though perhaps they were left over from last season and its just luck someone pair it with a furries coat. (why does no one make furry leggings/slacks?)