Tuesday, March 07, 2017

retro chic kink...

 would make a nice poster? start the chins wagging.


masks as good as dolls...

found somewhere on the web which was sourced from tumblr apparently. looks like a cosplayer? any ideas?

and to prove its a mask - here's the unboxing shots...

which reminds me - where in (&*@!!!! is the doc vanderlay mask a fan / contributor made me and was going to do some fashion shoots with before mailing on???

if he's too busy then, please please please, see if a famous fetish model wants it or perhaps the Rubber Sisters even?


Saturday, March 04, 2017

first mainstream exposure was...

not mine. i'll have to have a think, but please do add your experiences in comments.

or is it just an excuse to put up this animated GIF?


any german readers who can get me a 200dpi scan of this?

i'll share it - think it would make a great poster. i don't think its the actual issue but the occasional supplement they do with the magazine on the back.


could be a good start....

Black Milk

for a wind up doll EGL look... and they are on sale here at 23$.

or more future neo goth look;

mind you i'd much rather see a full top and bottom reproduction of the Theiry Mugler gynoid. who do we have to write too - or perhaps a Deviant Art competition so there's no direct copyright infringement? Black Milk; its something we need!!!


ok, so what if its a plot point - the latex curse

andy latex has had a running theme in some of the captions of a mysterious and apparently contagious curse that turns actresses clothes to latex....

"Garmetia Latexium"

 of course it started with the Harry Potter actress. and of course it sounds much more magical in latin.

here's the entire tagged history of Emma wearing latex here. although i am really curious how often has she really worn it? being in the UK - its so much easier to find.

a google later and there's so many shots of her in latex dresses and clothes, it all can't be Andy's...