Tuesday, April 29, 2008

libidex suits up

just in from Libidex's newsletter is this interesting fashion cross over:

Toni & Guy the hairdressers asked us to come up with something a bit special for their latest show at Olympia. We came up with several different looks - and this was one of the results! Toni & Guy were so pleased with it, they've taken it on their touring show too.

love to see some better and much larger shots of the suit as after some looking i didn't find it on Toni % Guy's home page. the style is sort of space age meets doll girl. wonder how it all went down with the fashion audience? did they have to make a few too? where to they end up. i think i need to write them and ask...

..and i've been promised a youtube link by the end of the day their fashion show as filmed by Black Ice at Easter's Torture Garden in March. apparently it was filmed in 3D video and its been converted down to 2D for youtube. i'll add it here once its been emailed into me.


Monday, April 28, 2008

latex leggings backlash?

sent to me from the UK from a London newspaper called the 'Standard' and its color magazine from last friday the 25h. it seems there's the beginning of a backlash against celebrities wearing latex legging's (does Wendy count?). or maybe its just against size 0 chicken legs. i can't really say.

maybe its just fashion or celeb spotting journalists being bitchy which is really rare as that entire industry is so polite and restrained.

what are your thoughts?


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

superhero's spring from the page

don't really know how i missed this, maybe because i'm too busy browsing the overpriced european and british fashion magazines at borders for juicy tidbits to notice something actually creative, imaginative and interesting in May's issue of Vogue. apparently it does happen.

its a seven panel fashion shoot based around comic superheroines and full large scale scans along with more information can eb found where i tripped upon it at the fashion spot forum. or you could just go out an buy it.

better yet its all prelude to a major exhibition at the Costume Institute at the MET which starts on May 7th and runs till Sept 1st. If you can't make it there's a book of the exhibition available at some point.

wonder how much latex there will be on show?


living doll model

a scan from a uk newspaper magazine. she's always being compared to a living doll. i guess its her head to body size along with her fixed expression?


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

wendy does latex

well not really... i think the closest to latex she's gotten too is the american apparel black glossy leggings. but she does seem to be really fascinated by it all still in her entry ode to latex love.

she did a great job of tracking down other fashion bloggers who have taken up the latex like black leggings and linking too them in her entry though my feeling is she's still not purchased a pair of leggings or tights herself.

well this is her (and my) lucky month as Libidex now has a 30% off sale on till the 31st of May of specific colors in their Radical Rubber line. these colors include Translucent Smoky Black, Electric Blue, Metallic Green, Sand, Metallic Fuchsia & Claret and applies to any garment made from these or a combination of these colors. a further 10£ can be taken off if you don't want feet attached - which would in fact make them leggings.

personally i'm going for a pair of Classic Tights in Smokey Grey although i am sort of tempted by the Electric Blue as it has a definite ASFR vibe too it and i'm trying to get away from too much black latex. Libidex did supply these tights to a wide range of haute couture shows and appeared in all the resulting runway shots.

maybe she will too?


new melissa's

my fascination and obsession with Melissa shoes continues as i'm still waiting for someone to make full boots in them and also much higher heels to fit in with my heel training. 

so i keep an eye on what they release each season and have just discovered that punk designer Vivienne Westowood is now offering a range of designs with these cute plastic shoes.

from V Magazine:

Brazilian shoe label Melissa has collaborated in the past with the likes of Judy Blame, Karim Rashid, and Alexandre Herchcovitch, but never before has the brand signed with a designer quite as groundbreaking and iconic as Vivienne Westwood. The collaboration resulted in plastic Mary Janes in the colors of the British flag, which were launched this week.

Vivienne Westowood's presence in São Paulo for the debut of the line is being celebrated with the Vivienne Westwood Shoes exhibit, containing 147 pairs of shoes created by the designer throughout her career (yes, the platform heels responsible for Naomi's famous fall on the catwalk are there).

Ms. Westwood refused staying at the modern Unique hotel as soon as her car pulled in front of the watermelon-shaped building, and asked to be taken to a cozier place. After her quick (and very low profile) pit stop in São Paulo, she is headed to the Amazon.

the new range has triggered interest from a range of websites wether it's Cool Hunting, The International Herald Tribune a sustainable lifestyle magazine or just the fashion bloggers Miss Crew and Manila Fashion Observer.

apparently they're already on sale in brazil as a reader sent in a couple of snaps from a shop window.

visiting the Melissa home page in brazil here i noticed the combination of latex leggings and Melissa's with liquid like design - so i had to get a screen grab of it. seemed to just hit at a fantasy of mine to be slowly coated with warm plastic to make me a mannequin.

there's also a fair bit of chatter about them on the fashion spot which is where i go to check up on the latex legging trend to see if its still going.

as the only main Melissa site outside Brazil appears to be in Australia, i did have a brainwave to check ebay in Australia for used ones and found an ebay seller doing all the new line in a range of colours too here. they seem to have a pair that looks very much like wooden dutch shoes crossed with 'crocs', yet still no uber heels.... oh well maybe next season.


hundreds of pages

here's something to do if your really bored one day: visit the E3 Girls homepage which is a vast archive of 'booth girls' found and snapped at the massive consumer electronics showcase which is E3.

lots of shinyness, a fair bit of PVC and some latex too. well my time killing random clicking only really resulted in a few shots of Lara Croft in her lime green latex top, but that's almost a given. are there many more? i really can't say.

have a go and report back any interesting costumes or latex finds.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

retro future fashion

youtube description:


The Muse and the Maestro! Italian composer Ennio Morricone flipped the script on 1960's film soundtracks. Out went the syrupy strings, in came radical arrangements, instruments, and textures. The otherworldly voice heralding many of these avant arias belonged to Edda Dell'Orso.


now on technorati?

umm while it was only a few minutes ago i lost track of exactly how i discovered that this blog has an entry on technorati.

no idea really how it works or what 51 blog reactions means precisely. or what an authority of 12 means.

have a look at the entry here.

still waiting on that email from Marquis Magazine to fly me to germany for a photo shoot and free latex .. ;-)


so ahead of the fashion curve

as super high heels are now in! or at least coming in - soon.

maybe all the designers read my blog and noticed my bitching about lack of styles in high heels. well now there's definately more of them and the even have a name of 'limo heels' as defined by the urban dictionary here as they're most evident when starlets and singers get out of limos and of course no one is expected to walk very far in them now are they?


These shoes weren't made for walking! Who can wear this summer's 7in-high heels?

Ladies, consign your Crocs to the cupboard, bin your Birkenstocks and unburden yourself of your Uggs. This year, it's all about heels. And not just any heels: the only ones to be seen in are those preceded by adjectives such as "vertiginous", "teetering" and "skyscraper".

They have even been dubbed "limo heels" - a reference to the fact that they are usually worn by Hollywood starlets who rarely have (or would physically be able) to totter farther than the few steps that separate their limo from the red carpet.

These heels were never meant for anything as prosaic as walking: they are made to be seen.

But this season, "limo heels" have broken free of the red carpet and are heading for the High Street.

The highest of all - ones that will have your podiatrist in despair - are a Louis Vuitton pair with heels that stand a staggering 17cm.

continues > here

so how was it?

did anyone go to RWR? how was it?

i read on conscious object's livejournal that she went to one of the parties and made some observations that i'd agree with. one reason i'm desperately trying to get over to the UK for their big balls - be it the Torture Garden Birthday the first weekend of May which is sadly now totally unlikely or the Skin Two Ball in the fall.

well one down and one to go. i'll definitely be aiming for the fall one as my work screwed me on the May event.


those daft punk girls

i spotted this on conscious object livejournal
awhile back, bookmarked, found it again this past week and felt it was too good not to share with the readers here, even if there's a bit of an overlap.

let it play, it gets better as it gets faster.

now can you imagine a nightclub where everyone has to wear silver foiled cardboard boxes on their heads? how cool would that be?


dita is a self made living doll

according to uk newspaper 'The Daily Mail' where this puff piece on her came from. the actual quote:

"Dita Von Teese, whose retro chic brings to mind the old school glamour of stars such as Ava Gardner and Betty Grable, has ditched mundanity and with the aid of corsetry and a little help from the hair dye bottle has turned herself into a living doll."

the full article is here.

and yes that is also dita bellow, not a double, but two different photo's taken at the same time by contributor blackice at Torture Garden in London a few years ago. geeze they do have good fetish parties over in the UK now don't they?

i've been told that if you can do those random dot stereograms (where you end up seeing an outline of a boat) you do the exact same thing but will see dita in full rounded 3D! worked for me (finally)!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

snaps from paris

i was sent an email last week by one of the more regular contributors to this blog with a series of notes from his recent trip to paris. while no outright dolls or latex women were seen, there was some elements here and there that caught his eye:

Hi Asudem

Back from my trip to Paris with camera and compact video in hand. Nothing terribly overt was spotted but there was some interesting bits here and there. After going though a lot of the fashion magazines there and not finding anything, I did happen into a specialist trendy shop that had a greater spread of magazines. The cover shot is part of a spread inside but it was too damned expensive to buy for just one shoot.

A major department store somewhat like Harrods or Selfridges in London had a spring sale on and the windows were done up with gold mannequins. There was also a post for the general sale that had a woman in a doll-ish tutu and black and white stripy tights. Sorry no photo of that to hand.

I saw these boots in a shop and got you a photo. Reminded me of the heel-less shoes you were on about and the Pony boots I almost managed to do a shoot with. Maybe you can get a pair of basic flats and have someone glue a 5 inch plastic wedge on them and - bingo - new shoes!

The first two posters were splattered around the city. Mainly the coffee one however. The 2nd is for a designer and I thought the blonde model had doll-ish elements too her. The third is for a carnival I wasn't there for.

Lastly I did notice about five or so women a day wearing black pvc rain coats as normal day to day wear. It wasn't raining at either. I pop'd into a shop and saw these for sale at 190 euro's. There was also regular spotting of women wearing black rubber riding boots as fashion day to day footwear. I've really not seen either the jackets or the boots worn publicly in the UK / London at all.

Hope you get this up soon. Maybe some readers from France or Paris can comment? From my reading on Rubberist.net and my own observations there doesn't seem to be much in the way of latex or other over fetishism in Paris, relative to London and the UK anyway.


mannequins in the attic...

a find by Agithe who sent me the link to this video by Korn - I Will Protect You (Director C.J. Johnson).


Thursday, April 10, 2008

what they like about latex

an interesting sample video has been released by www.latexgirlshd.com with straight questions to their models about what their favorite latex clothing is. each model candidly describes what that is even though they aren't wearing it on the one minute trailer.

its available in two formats; one for the ipod at about 7MB and another high definition one which is a staggering 38MB.

i've never seen high definition properly until now and all i can say is WOW! my mac is pretty old at this point it was just about to play the HD version of the 1 min trailer to the full size of my flat screen. click on the image to see how large the video really is.

this is way to go but i'm unsure how long they'll be able to maintain their niche as other video sites and pay models catch up.

oh and there's a free monthly newsletter if you go here.


more english fetish fiction

i had a feeling, maybe my growing 'doll sense', that i should revisit Fetish Dreams as they might just have new english stories up. when i did follow this sensation i was rewarded by finding a whole new set of english stories which is very rare as they don't appear on the site too frequently.

one of my favorites from the new update is a called 'Clothing' by Latex Circle and you can find it here. the above image was the inspiration for it as all stories published on the site draw elements and a narrative from the illustrators very kinky work.

i liked the premise so much that i am just rounding it out for my own amusement, adding details and more flesh too it. i would never put it up here but rather will send it to the author via the website to see what he/she says. then maybe it can be shared with all.


in depth mannequins

during another google sessions looking for i'm not really sure what exactly... i found a very large feature article about mannequins. if your interested the have a click cover to Wonderland Magazine and the article Who Are You Calling a Dummy?.

some nice photo's to go with it too but would of liked to see much more along with some of the before and after shots with the models they base them on.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

more on the mythical heeled rain boots

well i'm still looking for them and my best place to find them seems to be ebay in germany which i access via their UK site so the words are in english. when i do a search from the standard ebay.com they simply don't appear. is europe off limits to us here in North America as thats where all the good latex is, more so if your buying second hand or by new designers.

here's a selection of recent finds which are all ended now.

there seems to be loads of styles out there over the years but sadly nothing that would fit me and within my current price range. i admit its a bit of a quest now and needing the higher heels for my own training is the problem too. but i am simply fixated and in love with this idea of molded rubber or plastic footwear. i don't know why, maybe its the entire thing about human forms being molded in some ways - and that this is just the start of it as the boots get taller and taller... or kinkier still that there's a machine you could be put into... 

some good did come of it though, the black and pink short high heeled boots which had previously done an entry about last year were briefly for sale in germany and this time in blue and white. the thing is that they actually gave the designers name!!!

they're by Kenneth Cole and click the link to see the original listing and how much they went for.


a doll in second life

is still running restrained life viewer but with the recent upgrade to the client she can no longer see her friends online. she's not ignoring you, just has no idea whose there.

so she stands frozen and posed in a lovely glass display case while it speaks gentle words into her dolls head, conditioning her into the perfect toy.


in case your monitor needs a clean...

1) maximise your browser window so it takes up your entire screen

2) click this link to activate cleaning process.

thanks to Jesse for the find. and yes my monitor is now cleaner... :-)


a classic ASFR music video

thanks to Jean F for reminding me about it and sending me the link as it was made before youtube existed.

wonder how many people now have a shiny white robot fetish from this video?


Monday, April 07, 2008

RWR no 1 - anyone going?

the day is closing fast and i won't be going as I'm trying to arrange a trip to London for the Torture Garden Birthday Party in the beginning of May which is less than a month away.

so is anyone going and can report back on the RWR?

in case your living under a stone or not seen the relentless postings on the related message boards then here's a recap of the:

The top ten reasons for attending the inaugural RubberDoll World Rendezvous:

10. Receive a commemorative Event Patch, personally commissioned by
Princess Rebecka, as a small token of her appreciation for those
involved in this historic event. (Only 300 patches were made.
Following the event, the excess patches will be destroyed.

9. Shopping! Numerous products offered by some excellent vendors!


8. Female mask auctions featuring masks by Photogenic
And Mask Beauty! http://www.maskbeauty.com/

7. Dungeon playroom available 24 hrs/ day through the event.

6. See a live demonstration of a Femskin Suit!


5. Never before offered workshops & classes just for RubberDolls!


4. Off site RubberDoll excursions!
Visit the Minneapolis Rubber Ball! And the famous Ground Zero

3. Meet Miss Rubber World 2008 Steffy the RubberDoll!


2. Meet Celebrity Rubber Mistresses! To include Jean Bardot
http://www.jeanbardot.com/ and Amanda Wildefyre!

1. Meet & mingle for a weekend of Erotic RubberDoll Bliss with the
largest group of RubberDolls ever assembled in one place because…..


Join our Yahoo Group to help plan your RWR experience.


Speaking of Planning! Burn a copy of your favorite tunes for our RWR
Socials Friday & Saturday nights!

Post to the RWR "I Will Be There" Database to promote yourself & make
new friends in advance of the event!

If you are curious about RubberDolls and want to learn more join my
RubberDoll Boot Kamp! Be sure to check the links section for
valuable RubberDoll Resources.


To chat with other RubberDolls, visit Friday Night Doll Talk. We
meet at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time (USA, Chicago). We have a Chat
Room just for RubberDolls!


See you there!


Sweet Dreams…
Princess Rebecka

another youtube short

thanks to Pyewacket for this odd little computer generated short film.

please keep sending in anything you to either my yahoo or google address.