Sunday, July 30, 2006

a second email address

i've set up a second free email address as i know some people have tried to email me on my yahoo one and its never appeared.

new address is;

so if you've not heard back from me within a few days then send the email again too the new one. i won't be checking it as often but its just a good idea to have a back up.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

an american family in japan..

.. which just happen to be all mannequins are the Fuccons!!!

and they have they're own tv series which is now available on DVD. have a look at the preview here

looks pretty funny, and seems to be be enough of a hit out there to even have their own themed restraunts which can't be too hard really as you can just buy more mannequins to play the rolls.

question is; is it the mannquins aspect they love or the humour?


two masks on ebay...

two of the rarer masks have been spotted on ebay. thanks you know who for sending them in.

the first one is in the UK and looks to be Doc Vanderlay's full head Britney mask here, being sold by someone who doesn't know how to use a camera... lol!

the 2nd is really the plastic covering for a styrofoam head here, but its been used as a mask before. has anyone done this? its only 99cents so it maybe worth a go?


japanese writing for doll?

a couple of days ago i was privillaged to get a preview of a story written by a new author that hits several of my favourite ideas and fetishes. in fact he got the idea from reading this blog!

i'm waiting for an aok to post the story which i hope to do sometime within the next month or so.

one throw away idea he had in it was the japanese word for 'toy doll' on a character.

so the question is - is there a graphic / icon / word for 'doll' or in fact 'toy doll'

i can see it used for a cute t-shirt....


Friday, July 28, 2006

my boot training...

and no i don't mean licking the soles of them or anything like that.

what i mean is getting too the point wearing them daily that they're just so part of day to day life that you'd be lost without them and they're simply a part of you.

and i've reached that stage i think and probably well past it.

i'm not trapped in them due to tendon shrinkage or anything, tho i definately know when i'm not in heels in my soles my calfs and thighs. i guess its like my body has remapped it senses to say 'this is me now' and with out the boots or the heels i'm something not me? i think i've shrunked?

does that make any sense at all?

to recap its been since feb since i started wearing them thanks to continous support from tsg who kinda stoked that fetish in me.

so now onward and upwards, 5"s and higher...


eyes for dolls...

you know i really hadn't thought about it at all untill it was suggested by my email pal from south america who seems to be _very_ into them and shares this rather unique fetish with his wife who also wears contacts recreationally.

it does look amazing, the white and black ones but are there any others out there that you can see out of that make your eyes look really dolly - maybe in an anime type of way? could just be a real neon colouring that would do it.

i've never worn contacts, or even a mask for that matter, but its just another layer to change oneself into a doll... assuming you can see of course...


what is project metropolis?

looks to be a computer rendered comic strip.

can anyone tell me more and direct me to where the frames are from?


Thursday, July 27, 2006

comfortable metal...

i was sent this link in after someone spotted my interest in the eternity collar. the company Axsmar does a very similiar yet more expensive version of the eternity collar.

the difference being its that its shaped for resting all the way around the neck and lays comfortably around the the collar bone as opposed to putting alot of weight on it.

i'm guessing it makes it much easier to wear, almost transparent in its total permenance...

the one i have, besides being a much thicker diameter than i thought i would be, is a perfect circle and does weight down on the collar.

so just another arguement for made to measure versus off the peg...

i wonder if they do high heeled shoes :-)


drip, drip, drip....

when my latex body arrived i was all set to start wearing that as a steping stone to more and more latex covering my body. i wanted to go forward adding more and more. i wore it for five days over the weekend and into work too.

then it got hot and i noticed i was starting to drip pretty noticably.....

i'm back now wearing the teeny latex panties from ynoty - perfect hot weather wearing i'll say.

as much as i want to still wear my latex catsuit on sunday's as i've been doing now for a few months it just too darn hot so i'm going to hold off till it cools down.

i mean i have some common sense which doesn't mean i'll wear it all the time when its not suited....

check out this little news snipped from 3xl's site here


Sunday, July 23, 2006

feeling oh so.....

another net find which personifies how i want feel on more occasions than i'd care to really admit too.

the collar i've bid and won off ebay and waiting for it and the body harness to arrive. the later i can wear just against my skin but also on top of my zentai suit. if i wear it againt my naked flesh then there's no real reason that i can't wear it under work clothes now is there? ;-)

the mask i'd quiet like too but i don't have on yet. really prefer the heart shaped clear ones from HW Designs. or maybe ones that just leaves my head a black oblong shape with teeny eyes too see out of...

as too the entire hood and cloak thing, well it reminds me of a nuns habit and outfit which is also on my rather long shopping list.

i hear that while tight encompassing latex is very good - which i can obviously vouch for - having much looser items has its own appeal. combining the two is supposed to be like your favourite icecream and favourite toping with sprinkles too :-)

some day in the future that image will be me....


image removed - see comments for source

this falls must have fashion...

according to ELLE is 'veils' which makes the wearer mysterious to the max and was a key radical element to some recent runway shows. so accesorize! a teeny article about is here

seems they want to have contributions of people wearing them and the editor there went as far as to email some female mask yahoo groups and sites to gather some interest. if you like then email them at

i may do myself to tell them about my interests


so why not just wear a zentai suit??

a major find by pyewacket is

kinda a muppet / cuddly version of the real doll scilicon sex dolls.

but surely a zentai suit with your lover sewm inside is way way better? for both of you?


enclosure training...

as much as i'm being pulled by my heart and my soul towards becoming a totally coated and sealed latex doll, i am still finding it hard to wear latex over night.

one suggestion by an online chat friend was to wear a swimming cap as much as possible. so i just got one today and will start with that later.

i've also had email conversations with a guy who can sleep in full catsuit and also a hood!! so its possible i guess its just me.

does anyone else have experience or suggestions for getting over this??

besides taking all my clothes away, replacing them with latex equivilants and then also locking me into them.... which too be truthfull i wouldn't really mind in the slightest ;-)


Thursday, July 20, 2006

where and who are the scarlet mews?

a set of lovely images was sent into me today from scarlet mews where a large christmass present is unwrapped to show a living doll.

now the website is still there but sort of closed and not updated.

is anyone a member or know what the status is of the group? or who i can contact to put up more images?


low res, full res where?

further to an earlier mention about eric stanton there seems to be a yahoo group dedicated too him with a nice collection of images.

"Bound in Leather" folder contains over 100 pictures of women being turned into doll-like objects and can be found here but you need to be a member.

so does anyone know where the same set (or others) can be found at full resolution?


more melissa's

a few photos of three different kinds of melissa's from an email friend from brazil as modeled by his wife. the shiny tights were intentional btw, they were going for shiny plastic doll legs...

he is very much into all of this (or he wouldn't be reading this blog or posting comments) and so it seems is his wife who loves melissa's in part for the fact they smell like bubblegum.

my running shoes i am obsessing over a bit, partly for the way they feel as they are so smooth and soft but also i've never seen or felt any plastic like it. i hate as a rull of thumb pvc clothing as the material can range from total garbage bag quality too not much better. only sometimes does one get some really lucious pvc material.

now this soft plastic i could so imagine myself being sealed into...

now i wish they'd do knee high boots with heels or maybe even taller ;-)


a collection of heads...

lean very considerate to send me a large selection of images of her collection of doc vanderlay masks so i'm posting afew here which i selected and have cleaned up. the eye holes were very visible and a bit odd so i filled them in with black.

she says:

"in terms of fitting the barbie one is rather loose and over time the latex has worn and become rather saggy but the effect is still good for a ditzy blonde or a doll slave :P

Bettie page mask is tha same loose fitting the only real tight one is the Not britney because its full head and has laces right down to shoulders, depending on the lenght of the can be double tightened :P for that extra enclosure feel :D

i have had these masks for about 5 year now, so im experianced with them if you ned any more info on them let me know *huggsies*

Lean "Doll" xxx"

so if you have any q's then just leave them in the comments and she should reply


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the lost flyer...

a photo that was going to be used by a fetish club called vinylla based in brighton as shot by local resident blackice.

somewhat 'miffed' he's just been told its not going to be used so he's emailed it in so at least people can see it...

so if anyone besides ynoty has a fetish shoot they need doing then hire him :-)


fun with tape

i was digging through my saved files looking for images that had good doll joints on them and found these two b/w images which show creative use of black electrical tape.

so another approach to doll joints. tape could be cut thinner or layered to get wider. definately would need help in applying it all. i did find it was all too easy to drift from level and balanced when applying the marker to myself.

there you go - now use your imagination :-)


super-hero dolls...

i'm really not sure or have much information on this, but i'm making an educated guess that its a series of dolls from japan that fans have made and sell costumes for.

apparently ranging from japanese tv action heroes to those found in western series like Gerry Anderson's UFO down to the pink bob wig which i'd love to get.

one the page is here and others mainly in black pvc is here

real pitty is that none of these costumes are available for us life sized people. or maybe i should just be shrunk down and made into a little doll?


pink panties arrived!!

just a quick entry to say the new panties from ynoty arrived and they're amazing. so thin and sexy!!

makes my basic black molded ones look like some sort of 'bridgette jones' ones made from denim :-( these are much more the way too go.

so given the hot weather i'll switch over for now until it cools down. i had noticed some sweat leakage when i wore the body to work on monday and tuesday this week. just as well as they arrived really.

for the backstory and the photo of them look here, as well as ynoty's contact details and ebay listings. and no photo's of me wearing them, besides not having a camera they are semi transparent you know :-P

i was also told he also does a very good pair of basic slacks and has perfected a hood now...


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

designs for doll joints?

i did do it to myself a few times and i know roughly what they were but i now can't find the images that inspired me.

i'll keep looking but if anyone has suggestions or images then please send them in and i'll add to this entry.

straight lines are of course fine, but mine were sort of more like marrionette / puppet joints. made me look more doll/artificial like.

suggestions, samples and comments?


Sunday, July 16, 2006

more information on the doc

well i've not hear back from him from my initial contact - he did send me some information and images so here it is in his own words:

Here are a few more pics of some of my masks.... hope you like them. One of them is a picture of the moldmaking process, just to prove to any daoubters that these masks exist.

I am currently working on a paris hilton mask and also a Emma Watson mask.

Thanks again,
Doc Vandelay

his email address is: and be sure to say you saw them here.

i might end up with a complementary one ;-)

and some further info from J---:


I noticed on your blog you wanted a bit more info about the Vandelay masks

I have 2 myself. First I bought off ebay then 2nd I just contacted him direct.

You already have his email but his ebay link is

As for price.. when I bought the Barbie mask and Sailor Mercury mask a few years ago, they were $125 if I remember correctly.

The Mercury mask is a little big for guy or girl. The Barbie masks fit better but the eyes are a little too far apart but still good. My girlfriend wore it for the first time this weekend and she looked fantastic in it. It's still a little big so I added some padding around the eyes to make it more comfortable.

If you have any other questions I'd be happy to give you more info if you don't get the answers you need :)


anyone else have one and can report on them?


anyone hypno-domme'd?

i sent off a couple of emails too some web based hypno dommes and i finally had one reply to say yes she had done living dolls before and yes it was possible to become latex through hypnosis.

well thats all good news.

but she's been totally crap at replying in more than short statement.

anyone else had experiences with them? successes, failures, complaints to customer services?

please share


in the pink...

i just had an email from the ebay far east latex catsuit maker and it seems it was couriered out yesterday.

so i should have it this week assuming no problems with customs etc. and the panties i'm pretty sure are here now as i had a card saying a had a packet that was too large for the letter box.

so this will be and exciting latex filled week!!!!

maybe i need a pink wig to go with it all?


the pull...

i'm not sure why, maybe the knot ritual / spell thing is kicking in, but i do feel in calmer moments more of a pull to my latex clothes. so if i were to think of my tights, body or skirt at all i'll just be almost compelled to put them on.

sort of like a deep need that doesn't come from my mind, but my heart?

and this is good btw.... and hoping that it will allow me to get over my sleeping in latex problem even if i didn't succeed last night.

going back over my emails with certian fiction writer, she was suggesting all sorts of ways to get me past my subconcious or concious problems with sleeping in it. some involved straps, chains and glue. oh and higher heels too.

i did a couple months ago end up with a pair of leather D ring'd ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs. not really worn them, they're pretty stiff but yesterday after my mud experience i took a pair of gold way too huge (pos 3+ sizes up) nylon pj bottoms i had and used the ankle cuffs to hold them tight on my ankles - bingo - instant balloony jeannie bottoms....!!!

the ankle cuffs clink nicely when i walk and i just had to put the wrist restriants to co-ordinate the ensemble. i had already put on the pink latex body so i was covered but i felt i was missing something.

back to the net i found a simple strap based body harness and also posture collar in lined leather. most the the body harneses look so crap with bad cutting and metal studs like some 70's heavy metal band (oh why???) simple clean lines work best. less is more etc.

i'm considering getting them. you know for halloween? ;-)


fun with mud....

your always told not to play in the mud when your a kid, but its ok for adults to pay top dollar for beauty treatments that involve soaking in it or being wrapped up like a mummy with a layer of it hardening bellow...

so i spotted a pack of dead sea mud somewhere recently and tried it out yesterday morning before i really got going. i had a hot bath first to open up the pores then let the water drain out.

for mud it doesn't smell too bad, this one had aloe vera mixed in too it. so goopy handfulls get applied all over myself, trying to cover me totally. i worked into my hair (kinda ending up with sculptured do) and all over my face. i was totally black at the end of it.

i laid down and waited, rested calmly. after about 10 min or so i could feel my face start to freeze up. wow! what a feeling. it got too the point i couldn't really move much of my face without cracking. so i just lay there in the bath while it slowly hardened up.

about another 10-15 min later i felt i had to get on with the day and started the bath running again.

what a mess. i totally trashed my face clothe which is still black and after rinsing out the bathtub twice now it still has sediment in it. the towel needs a deep clean too as well as the bath mat. i see why they charge so much at the spa - not for the mud but for the clean up.

yet i tingled all over after i was out of it and the feeling of it just slowly hardening was devine. i can now really relate too those women being converted into mannequins and statues now...

i'm going to try it again sometime soon.... maybe i'll use plaster....


Thursday, July 13, 2006

careful which websites you visit...

a wonderfull four panel strip by jay petto.


flicking through a fetish magazine....

a long time ago at a used magazine shop i saw a series of images with this one was part of.

i didn't buy it and it stuck in my mind for years. wondering what it would be like to have a catsuit and be suspended like a doll or a puppet like that.

just still, silent and trapped. coated in latex....

strange how some images just hit you and burn into your mind. like a scene ina film, a glimpse that turns into a solid memory that haunts you.

then you accidently find it on the interent and you know you weren't dreaming it all.

do you have any images or experiences like that?


early fools work..

part of a much larger series with the same theme, but these were my favourites.

he admitted his photoshop skills aren't very good which is why he stopped, but i still like the story text that goes around them.


Monday, July 10, 2006

new at the Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

one of the longest established and most regularly updated story archives is the EMCSA here.

in this past weekends update two new chapters by Fools Page 'Drone' about a rebelious aristocrat who is converted via a special suit into an identical sex slave drone and a new tale Curiosity here.

the 2nd one really hit alot of my buttons and is very well written but i do like the drone series for the descriptions of the slave suit and the conversion process even if its all sci-fi. still...

i've sent him an email to encourage him further and see if he can contribute any new tories too this blog...


Sunday, July 09, 2006

sebastian's gallery and origin...

a plug and a bit of navel gazing on my part which was brought to light when i _really_ looked at the image and realised why it attracted me so much.

first sebastian's gallery has more updates, new images and colored in work here which is where i downloaded the inked-in image from.

thinking back i remember being fascinated by mannequins, but also balloons as a kid. i guess thats where my first real contact with latex came from at an early age. you might have all done this too; putting a balloon on your finger or fingers. well i managed a fair bit more, i put and entire balloon over each foot up to my ankles.

i sat there and marveled at how my normal skin was now totally latex, balloon like and so tight and shiny compared to my drab all so normal skin. wondering, dreaming of what it would be liked to have them up to my knees, my thighs and then be totally coated.

i think i managed to only keep them on for a few minutes before i had to take them off as it was impossibly tight or they ripped. one or the other. i dreamed of being latex and as the only real latex too hand was balloons, then balloons it was.

being absorbed, captured and held in a balloon was one of my early fantasies to make myself latex. if it was some sort of sexy more mature balloon woman then so much the better. i'd be absorbed and transformed into a latex being.

it wasn't until several years ago that i came across some british fashion magazine - i-D i think - which had a spread on some designers working with latex.


the models legs were totally coated in smooth and shiny black latex... and there was full dresses and clothing!!!!!!


when i'm not wearing heels....

i finally opted for a pair of melissa plastic running shoes a couple of weeks ago as thats exactly what barbie would wear if she had flat feet. the ones above are the same style as the ones i have now. they are pretty cute and cybery. i wear then with short socks and sometimes just by themselves.

whats really the thing tho is the material, its a soft and pliable plastic that smells of bubblegum. it sooo nice... so smooth and i do them up really tight so i'm really in them if you know what i mean.

i'm really fussy about materials and sometimes i get joshed about it by friends who are just going for the look of clothing but not what it feels like or how its made. which is one reason i really avoid pvc. its all in the details i say.

so the material they make the melissa's out of - imagine knee high boots made from them, or even taller..... or a mannequin / doll suit.... wow.... coated in a soft pliable plastic..

just imagine...

in the mean time the shoes are cheap on ebay and some of them are colored schemed like iMacs... :-)


something to be locked into..

i found this while looking at mannequins for sale on ebay. essentially its just a torso, but the idea came to me that it looks like the wearable one by allen jones (search previous enties).

so wonder how hard it would be to convert it to a wearable body? i mean you'd have to be the right size, or smaller with some foam padding.

i know there's a uk company that makes these overly ornate and decorted plastic breast/chest peices which are just too busy for my taste. but this, combined with a matching pewter latex catsuit or a contrasting one would be really amazing.

i've seen similiar in shop windows in jet polished black and total chrome.... still its an idea.

if your the right size. i think my bum maybe too big for it...

another way to do it is have a sculpture student do a cast of your body, then a vacume plastic molde of it. then it would be guaranteed to fit. one thing i'd always thought would be way kinky is a cast of my face, then have a sterling silver face i could wear over it with just eyes and nose holes.... maybe these little rivits along the edges so it would look like it was actually bolted to my head.


people on the internet....

credited or totally incognetto....?

just a note to all that if you send me any links, photo's or anything then please let me know if you want to be credited and identified. which i'm happy too do.

but then also let me know which name or alais or whatever to use. i mean some people have like four email addresses and different names to go with each...

oh and don't be shy in sending them in, i can use all the help i can in updating the blog with interesting material.


christian dior fall 2006 couture collection

way way out of most peoples budgets, the couture collections are usually test areas for ideas and everythings put in including the kitchen sink... but the ideas that stick then mank it to the ready to wear collections and then onto the chain stores etc.

thanks for the link to an article, runway images and closeupshere of the collection.

bizarre, very fantasy and almost wind up mechanical like but they all definately have doll like aspect to the outfits and the make up. pitty there's no video of it - i bet they stumbled along like wind up dolls ;-)