Tuesday, June 30, 2009

just a bit past 1.6 million hits!!!

yeah me!

and a new sponsor - do visit them and if you order please tell them you clicked through from here.

the blog is currently getting about 3,500 hits a day on average which is pretty good i think although i'm still waiting to be mentioned in Skin Two or Marquis magazine.

sorry for the slow posting over the last two months, work was getting in the way.

if there's any other latex designers, ebay sellers, or well open to ideas - please email me as i think a few more adverts would be fine.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

another latex legging entry

actually its a stop gap one as i've meant to do a really large entry and as it getting out of control i thought it would be best to break it down a bit. so here's something to look at in the meantime.

from my sources in the UK the trend isn't dying and is in fact pretty well on fire there with most major chains selling them from the cheap and cheerful Primark (at £5 to £8) and more mature chains like Oasis. emailers and UK friends in SL are spotting them regularly from Liverpool to London and down to Brighton. even the colored ones and metalics are resurfacing.

one blog if found when googling away for more images and social / fashion commentry is the french titled Maison des Reveries which translates into english as the house of dreams. in early March they started a latex like legging give away for their first month anniversary . loads of interest and 71 entries....! maybe i'd get more if i was giving away stuff?

i also found an fun blog called Posh and Silly whose owner seems to be set on constant wearing of them and has collected a great set of celebrity sightings of them being worn here.

i did wonder if we are seeing the start of an actual new fetish as opposed to a cross over one from latex wearers. pretty certain we are as there's several flickr groups now with shiny leggings as their only raison d'etre.

there's I Love Wet Look Leggings and wet look leggings. more general, but highly populated is Leggings Lovers. on a slight tangent but equally popular is Opaque Hosiery.

finally there's shinyleggings on flickr whose collections stand out with a comprehensive shots of girls getting totally wasted on a night out (and wearing latex like leggings) - wonder if its from someone in Liverpool? spotting the '£' sign on a drinks billboard does somewhat confirm its in the UK.


first a comic and now a film

as spotted on Conscious Object's Livejournal:

i wonder if it will follow all the other asian films and get remade very badly by hollywood?


first and last page

drake's ongoing and frequently published ASFR comic Medusariffic is now up to issue 37 with todays new issue hot off the digital presses.

he explained why i was on the cover to me in chat earlier; "its a lead in to the story that connects you to the rest of the cast and explains the human/mannequin nature of your avatar. it has been a while since the last story, so it is a little refresher for the readers before I jump into the next part.

so that looks like i'm to be featured more in upcoming issues!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

proof - she is a robot

or at least in her videos. explains a lot doesn't it? and i do wonder if that makes her husband and soccer star a robosexual?


you will just have to click it now won't you?

Al sent me a great link to a designer based in Denmark. as the site says none of the images can be used without permission, you'll just have to take both mine and Al's word that its really worth exploring Passion Design.

Al specifically recommends the fantastic plastic dolls in fantasy folder.


vacbed story competition

famous or infamous fetish fiction site Gromets Plaza is hosting a competition with latex vac bed engineers (from Toronto, Canada no less) Kink Engineering to win a Standard vacbed , approximate value $425 Canadian (about $375 US) shipped to the winner.

The Contest.
As voted by your readers, we will award a real life vacbed for the best vacbed story you can write in the next few weeks!

If you need inspiration check out the goodies over at Kink Engineering, then write the story about a vacbed experience.

The story is open to you to write what you like, but it must include a Vacbed as a central theme.

Rules & Conditions.
The stories should comply with the standard guidelines for submitting stories to the plaza listed here.
The winning story will be decided by popular vote.
Kink Engineering may also choose to do a photo shoot to illustrate one or more of the stories (not necessarily the winning story) if the stories are suitable for posting on the Kink Engineering site. In that case, credit will be given to the authors.
Gromet's Plaza & Kink Engineering would reserve the right to re-post/link to the stories on either website (authors retaining ownership of course).
Kink Engineering does not endorse the ideas or actions represented in any story, but does respect the author's right to free speech and kinky thoughts. In the real world remember to play safe, sane and consensual.

The prize will be a Kink Engineering standard vacbed (Colours and options of your choice!), approximate value $425 Canadian (about $375 US) shipped to the winner (we may need to add a shipping fee if the winner lives outside of north America of $50, but we'll happily send it anywhere for on the planet). The winner would be able to choose the colours and options available to our standard beds.

Should be in the usual formats, eg: an attachment to an email or contained in an email itself.
The deadline for submissions is: Midnight 27th July 2009
Voting will begin as soon as the stories all go online, all entires will be posted together.
Voting will be done on the Bound Forum.
Winners announced 3rd August 2009.
Stories should be emailed to: gromet@grometsplaza.net or gromet999@bigpond.com and labelled Kink Engineering Story Contest entry.


now if i had a regular sponsor i'd probably do something along the same lines.


i thought i had posted it

and thanks to J who sent me in the link to the youtube video from Carry on Screaming where a victim is transformed;

surely there should be many more films out there with such a plot point?


fetish fashion guide for the imagination

wonder how kinky a computer generated virtual world can be and want to find out without actually logging in? then pop over too Second Life Fetish Fashion and read up on the all the new shiny pixels that can be worn by your avatar.

does Second Life fetishism lead to real life fetishism? a chicken and egg question for sure.

what i am fascinated by is designers who create in second life to then make the same clothes a reality in the solid meat world. i've already seen the opposite - the famous Slinky Skin (NSFW) bubble head and torpedo tits appearing in world. their free site is updated more regularly.

please post if you know of anyone going from virtual to real.


bob carlos clarke - RIP

here's the start of a feature length article on one of my favourite photographers Bob Carlos Clarke who pioneered a considerable amount of latx and fetish imagery into both fashion and advertising.

The naked truth about Bob Carlos Clarke
In 2006 the legendary photographer Bob Carlos Clarke threw himself under a train - a dramatic end to a troubled life. He left behind a portfolio of iconic images. Simon Garfield sheds light on the dark mind behind the lens

On 25 March 2006, the photographer Bob Carlos Clarke checked himself out of the Priory Hospital in Barnes, southwest London, walked a short distance to a railway track, and jumped in front of a train. He was 55, and it was a terrible end to a complex life. But, as endings go, it was not an entirely surprising one.

Carlos Clarke was best known as a photographer of women in a state of undress, a subject that obsessed him long before he took up a camera. But his reputation - as "Britain's answer to Helmut Newton" - hints at only a fraction of his talent (or his potential talent), and suggests none of the turmoil that governed his career. How else to describe him? He was fastidious about control in his professional life but reckless in his private one. He wrestled continuously in the gulf between commerce and art. He was terrifically explosive company. He was his own worst enemy.

continues here. do check out the links in the article as well as his homepage.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

liverpool - latex leggings and high heels

a rather late post based on some images and info sent over by blackice who was in Liverpool (home of the Beatles) over a weekend last month where he was giving a lecture.

he remarked;

I was spotting super high heels and latex like leggings being worn by an amazing range of women all weekend. It seemed about 3-4 an hour. This was during the daytime and women on nights out in the city centre. It seems the fashion trend for both was really well established there and even saw a group of three teenage girls out for a night in three different levels of glossiness. Super high heels were almost defacto there.

Even one shoe shop had a mannequin in a doll box with pink hair no less. So thought of you as I took a photo. Sorry for the crapness of it was really sunny and bright causing bad reflections.

any other reports to see how this fashion trend isn't dying but expanding around the world? are latex like leggings the new blue jean?


selling fetish on ebay and to the world

there is a lot of it out there and one thing that struck me as i trawl the items on offer in the UK and in Germany is how awful the photo's are. i mean they're selling something really sexy and desirable and they look awful!!!

here's a few recent finds on ebay.de where they totally nailed a perfect photo to sell the item.

this one looks so good i'd buy it and well its pink too. see latex thats not black can look really lovely too now can't it?

these are perfect. so much so i could print them out and make posters from them. this is really how stiletto's should look. a pov that just begs... well begs.. ;-)

latex like dress and not latex. still looks very nice, illustrates it well to the buyer.

and this is a more mainstream advert found somewhere selling mobiles. i feel as zentai suits become more mainstream that ad agencies and tv companies will be using them.

i had a few emails from readers in the UK about a tv game show totally based around the audience wearing them and shaping themselves to fit a moving wall with holes.

here's a short clip - feel free to post more in comments;


Thursday, June 18, 2009

power of a make-up artist

just a couple of videos as a follow on to the Kate Moss / Model photoshop entry i did yesterday:

watch and me amazed.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a japanese robot model

i am so behind in my updates this is probably really really old news to all you ASFR fans out there.

engadget wrote:

While that perv in the back is busy shooting HRP-4C's firm buttocks shaped from a glossy Stormtrooper alloy, the rest of us can marvel at the fact that Japan has produced a walking, talking fashion robot. Standing at just over 5-feet tall and 95-pounds, HRP-4C, developed by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, will make its catwalk debut next week at the Tokyo fashion show. The she-bot features 30 motors spread throughout its body with an additional eight motors in its face for expressing general boredom and disgust with the help.

Its main purpose is entertainment and to attract crowds much like its fleshy counterparts -- so don't expect home cooked meals and laundry service should you take the $200,000 robot home. Unfortunately, HRP-4C didn't function as planned today. Reports say that the robot, "kept looking surprised, opening its mouth and eyes in a stunned expression, when the demonstrator had asked it to smile or look angry." Hmm, sounds like a fully functional model-slash-actress to us.

surely there is another aspect to this story that no ones thought of - well besides me of course - the styling of the suit is pretty nice and it wouldn't cost a fortune to make it in various sizes in pvc, lycra or even latex.

hmm... i may have to look into it. imagine combining it with Thrall's ASFR MC hypnosis module and one of those eye-glass visors for the actual programming... and waking up as the robot.

i'll see if Fantastic Rubber can make one of their famous neck entry catsuits like it and add a lock and a key ;-)


is photoshop keeping models going?

here is a series of bitchy articles about British Supermodel Kate Moss where they examine her without make up in real life and how she appears in some new adverting campaigns;

Fantasy and reality: The two faces of Kate Moss

Spotty and blotchy Kate Moss hides make-up free face under her hat

Is this the most shameless piece of airbrushing ever? Kate Moss looks unrecognisable in Versace photo shoot

i do wonder how much the life expectancy of models has increased due to photoshop being so available these days when for example back in the swinging 60's they really could only spend time hiding nipples in see through dresses. it must be a fair bit as Twiggy is back modelling for a major UK chain store.

another thought occurred to me - at what point do the photoshop costs on a shoot start to outweigh the the model costs?


vintage rains boots sought after

i am still on this never ending quest to find a really great pair of latex or rubber high heeled rain boots. so far nothing on the horizon from mainstream stores. the only place i can still find them sometimes is on ebay in europe.

here is a lovely pair i spotted last week on ebay in Germany. they sold for a stunning 167,66 euro's!!! keep in mind their vintage and not new in anyway.

obviously the heels aren't totally tall enough if i am being strict with my 5"s forever goal but it would certainly hold me for awhile till i commit utterly.

i do have some hopes that with the major designers like Gucci making 'fashionable' (and massively overpriced) rain boots that someone will decide to break the mold and come up with a boot that isn't just a Hunter one with logo's or flowers patterns all over it. Patrick Cox had a similar but modern design and sadly those are even rarer and go for far more.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

twelve entries only just started

sadly still waaaay behind on the blog; the last couple of months being rather intense work wise. the good news is that i'm over the worst of it and have been paid now which means new latex for me and a new if used Mac Mini.

my old mac is perfectly fine of course as i just do writing on it and it has served me well. the reason for getting it in part as a tax deduction but also since its an intel duo core mac it will "dual boot". what is that you ask? well i didn't even know till i saw someone in a cafe running Windows on a white ibook. besides being very freaky thing to see i enquired why on earth would you want too? the guy responded that he needed to run specialist PC accounting software and this way he could have both.

a penny dropped and something clicked inside me.

OMG - i don't have to get a PC - I can get one of these newer mac's and be able to run Virtual Hypnotist and start to use all the wonderful scripts / codes / sessions Thrall has been exploring for the last few months and getting well - enthralled. she started her journey here if you would like to start from the beginning.

she like me was a hard to hypnotise and has apparently gotten over the hurdles in a major way. if she can do it i can do it. and so another step towards being a doll has been taken....

another curious and good thing from my absentee blogging is that the hit counts have remained pretty constant at about 3,000 per day. i had a look at some of the data and it seems that regular or new-ish readers are now playing catchup on all the entries they missed. not a bad thing at all imho.


an issue of W to get

i missed the recent one that has just a bit of latex in it but will rush out to get this new issue featuring the new Mr & Mrs Willis in highly fetishistic clothing and a dark future shoot.

if its not out where you are in the world then there's sample images and a full article about it here in the Daily Mail in the UK.

wonder if she liked the boots and got to keep them?

also if you have never seen 'W' its a very large format fashion magazine - almost A3 in size so great poster material.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

spacey russian music video

i do wonder where they are getting their latex from. latex shops aren't really in evidence here stateside but Russia?

or are they all just mimicing international trends?


a real doll just like her...

well if you think of it, then its really likely that its already been done - or so the saying goes.

here's an example from my 'B-List' of having doll like joints tattoo'd on. btw i'm almost finished everything i set out to achieve in 'A-List'.

they look really good and seem to be just the start. found on the Dollification Forum with not much more information or series besides the label it came from BMEzine.com. if anyone is a member of the zine or group and see other doll like tattoo's then please email them in.


Friday, June 12, 2009

part way into a transformation

thanks to Xu Xu for sending me this image this last week. can anyone tell me more about it? is it part of a series?

i feel its part of a complex medical proceedure and what will the end result be when all the restraints are taken off? human or doll?


Friday, June 05, 2009

can you spot the fetish model?

its to too hard as she's wearing latex.... a give away.

as i think was said in Star Wars 'there's a second'. do you see her?


i love this image

and it dove tails in nicely with a new story on the dolls section of Gromet's Plaza called Alice and written by Hellcat.

dolls are not made of plastic by ~VinNoir on deviantART

anyone car to write more of a story around this?


an excuse to wear a catsuit outdoors

think she needs to co-ordinate her footwear tho.

looks very fun! or have i secretly revealed another fetish i've kept hidden?


Surgery to become her daughter

and it only cost £10,000...

the article starts; With their flowing blonde hair, hourglass figures and slender, toned legs, they could easily pass for twins. Both look fabulous in their matching polka dot dresses and, as Janet and Jane Cunliffe happily recount, potential boyfriends often struggle to tell them apart.

Hardly surprising, as both weigh in at 8st and, save for a couple of inches in height (at 5ft 6in, Jane is two inches taller) and different eye colours (Jane's are brown, Janet's are blue) they are virtually identical.

But Janet and Jane are not twins. They aren't even sisters. They are mother and daughter. And, in what many will see as a depressing indictment of today's youth-obsessed society, Janet confesses to having spent more than £10,000 on plastic surgery in a desperate effort to bridge the 22-year age gap between herself and her daughter.

full article is here.

so i do wonder how much it would be to go further and made into a doll?