Saturday, March 31, 2007

a new story by Thrall Queen as MCstories

here's a link to Thrall Queen's new story White Slavery which is described 'Shopping in an open-air market, Charlie gets more than she expects from her purchase.'

here complete list of stories at MC is here. do check them out, the Ragedy Anne and Willing Subject are favourites of mine.

i've sent her some fan praise and asked if she could do similiar stories with latex and dolls...


HypnoMaster D explains whats possible...

in a recent-ish email conversation with HypnoMaster D, i sent over the wish list of possible hypnotic effects which i've been collecting from here and there. he went through them and commented on whats actually acheivable.

and do check out their must read blog on this at the bdsmhypnosis blogspot .

"Basically, what I can tell you is which ones I think I could impose on e..."

Trig Barbie
trigger phrase is spoken: "Barbie time for you" the one triggered becomes a Barbie doll. The doll is their height, but their skin and the rest of their body becomes plastic, their hair becomes blond, and essentially, to themselves, they look like Barbie. They are not lifeless, they move, albeit jaggedly, and they can speak, though their speach is feminine and they are like a bimbo in how they talk and how they act. Just for fun, their breasts, should they touch their nipples, would activate like buttons and trigger two programmed dialogues. What those two dialogues are is up to EMG. They could be anything and can be reprogrammed to entail actions as well as words. Just a fun thing for EMG to mess with his subjects

Yeah, I think all of these would work. The only problem is the 'bimbo' part, where you have to wonder whether a bimbo would recognize everything that had happened. BTW I love the programmed dialogs when you press the nipples.

Curse high heels
will cause cursed a female to have to wear high heels until bedtime. cursed will be forced to do whatever they had planed for that day and will be unable to remove the heels. use with ..trig sexy walk.. file for even more fun

Yes, no question, I could program her to be unable to remove her heels.

Train DollyMind
Listener feels compelled to repeatedly listen to this material. With repeated uses, listener finds it harder and harder to think about anything normal, and only wants to play or be played with, as a doll would be played with: posed, manipulated, dressed-up, played house with, in attendance at 'tea party' games, etc. Listener will also become *much* more friendly and affectionate toward anyone and everyone than normal, and very trusting. Looks and social status will no longer matter to the listener, only *very* bad behavior will scare off the listener. The listener *loves and adores everybody* and assumes everyone *loves and adores her*. Listener will become very trusting and compliant with anyone who 'plays nice' with her--treats her at least a bit kindly and like the dolly/toy she thinks she is. Options: may encourage use of Barbie, RagD'Anne, PullStringVoice, Baby, Bimbo, Blonde or other self-objectifying material.

Very deep process, this one. The only thing I'd worry about is how to bring her back again... if she goes in too deep, can I ever restore her to normal?

This trigger is self-induced. Upon listening to the hypnosis file, one will be able to say, "Slow time now." This trigger will slow the person's perception of time, by increasing the speed of the person's mind, thus quickening their reaction time. The person would be able to "Revert to normal."

No idea if I can get her to slow her perception of time. I can give it a try. One challenge is that it's hard for her to experience an illusion if she's never experienced it in real life.

Turn to latex
On the command - 'latex time for you' you will find yourself slowly turning into a shiny black latex doll. You will see, feel and smell yourself as a rubber doll. At the same time, all your clothes will turn into ladies latex and you will be wearing very high heels.

No problem.

Curse Robot
You will first begin to become more suggestible, you will find yourself agreeing with whatever anyone says or tells you to do. You will find nothing wrong with this. You will then begin to develop a fetish for being controlled. Next you would feel like your will is being stripped away. You would soon be totally subservient to whoever was around you, regardless of who it is. You would enjoy this and find nothing wrong with it. If you had to go to school or work, you would not have to continue being a slave, although you may enjoy being one so much that you would still want to. Finally you would feel your personality being stripped away. You would no longer feel any emotions, you would do anything anyone wants, no matter what it is. The first person you see once your personality is gone would be your mistress for the rest of your life. Your will would be gone, your ability to do anything other than what you are told would be gone. Your ability to think for yourself would be gone. You would when alone, lie down on your designated resting place unless told to do otherwise. You would stand perfectly still and be unable to move whenever your mistress is talking to anyone who does not know you have listened to this file. You would also be forced to wear only a silver skintight latex suit, unless you are told to wear something else. This latex suit would slowly destroy your concious and unconcious will. This process would take 1 month THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN ONCE THE MONTH IS UP YOU CAN NEVER RETURN TO NORMAL. The process would make the suit feel tighter and tighter, it would make any remaining will disappear. The remaining will would turn to unrestrained subservience to their mistress. The tightness would only make the robot function more effeciently. The robot is not a human being at this point, only a robot that cannot think or act without their mistress telling them to.

I'm not ready to try anything this deep or permanent, but it's hot.

Living Doll
Causes listener's skin to feel like hard smooth plastic (like a doll's. Makes feet in the shape as if wearing very high heels (feet pointed outwards) and make's listener unable to move feet. Body become's rigid and stiff and can only move in a robotic/doll like way. A separate file could be created of automatic commands that the doll would have to do: Poses, dances, etc. Body would return to normal at night when they go to sleep

No problem

Barbie doll
This file is to turn one into a living Barbie Doll, all curves , large breasts, sexy pouting kissable lips, smooth sex, ie on sex at all just smooth like a plastic doll, the same for the anus, will not be able to speak, the mouth can not work. one must feel all plastic and want to dress and be dressed as a Barbie Doll. Can be self trigged as well and have a time period for the transformation to be in effect. For both male and female. The subject once trigged will go and dressup in the appropriate clothes and want to paint their faces just like a doll and then admire themselves in a mirror. There will be a desire to change cloths often.

Sounds pretty straightforward

Curse BecomingBarbie
For women who just aren't girly-girl enough: Listener feels an addictive need to listen to this material, as it a) forces listener to walk with higher and higher heels, until a six-inch heel is needed to walk, b) forces listener to wear more and more skirts and nylons, as opposed to anything non-girly, c)causes listener to slowly forget her name and use "Barbie" as a substitute, d) causes listener to make her hair as blonde and shiny and fake-looking as possible, e) causes listener to remove body hair and use skin care products until skin is too smooth and shiny to be real, and finally f) causes listener to feel *highly* aroused by the prospect of becoming stiff, smooth, shiny and plastic all over like a mannequin....and also g) causes the listener to become twice as airheaded a bimbo as before, with every *seventh* listen. Duration: minimum of six month or until removed, or until listener becomes *too* dumb/stiff to comply further. Options: remove the bimbo option, add corset training option, add mannequin or lovetoy options, add voice mods, breast mods, third person speech minus pronouns.

I suspect I could do most of these, although the permanent mind changes aren't in my plans.

Trig PullStringVoice
When listener hears the trigger, "Pull String time for you," listener will be unable to speak unless the person with the trigger either *says* "Pulling your string now," or actually mimes the action of pulling a string at the side of the listener's neck. At that point, the listener will only be able to speak in a cute, squeaky doll-like voice for about ten seconds. Options: allowing the listener to self-trigger/pull own string, causing the pull-string to interfere with writing as well as speech, causing listener to either use *only* a pull-string baby doll's vocabulary, or preset phrases from such a doll, or from a lovetoy....Listener remembers and is aware of everything that happens, right up to hearing "Revert to normal now."

This one is great! Also, in the case of e, she would be convinced that the pull-string was real.

Trig RagD'Anne
For Women/Femme listeners. When listener hears the trigger, "Ragdoll time for you," listener becomes totally limp and complaint, as per GoneNow, but aware and able to remember events under trance. A cute smile is fixed on the listener's face, and from the listener's point of view, he/she looks and feels like a life-sized Raggedy Anne doll, only anatomically correct. Listener becomes steadily more aroused the more listener is posed, manipulated, and physically *played* with, but remains unable to make voluntary movements or speech, until listener reaches orgasm or is told, "Revert to normal now." Options: modify to include a Raggedy Andy option, allow combined use with Trig PullStringVoice, or other Baby/Loss of control-type material.

Sounds very achievable.

Once triggered, the listener feels a sticky, embracing spiderweb forming around his or her body, binding the person more and more thoroughly until he or she is completely and inescapably cocooned.

We already do things like this with rubber and rope.

Combined suggestion of time distortion and intense, full-body orgasm. When triggered on a male or female, the result is a massive orgasm which feels like it lasts for hours.

I haven't tried endless orgasms yet. Her orgasms are real, and I'm not sure if truly endless ones can be done in real life.

latex and ballet heels!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

latex fashions started when...?

this is a page posted on that details from company archives the foray into latex fashions in Toronto, Canada. in the early 70's no less.

it says no copy and no distribution so you'll have to go look at the images and background story yourself.

it got me thinking, as i heard that latex clothing goes back beyond WWII and after so tedious googling i found a couple more photo's of 1930's rubber bathing suits here and here along with a wonderfull account from a senior here about her rubber bathing suit.

wonder what else is out there - please send in anything you find.


are rave fashions back?

one disturbing trend in fashion is day-glo rave wares. the occasional glitter is a good thing and the silver and gold leggings a definate must have (well i have) but the full on primary colour assault is just bad imho.

still they do make use of black super gloss leggings in this Vogue Glamorama spread at; the complete story appears in the March 2007 issue here.

and are her legs really that long and thin or has she been retouched?


beyonce's new rubbery videos

seems her next set of videos feature alot of latex and goes for a robert palmer motif.

will it start a trend? who knows.

does she look good in latex? definately.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

doll make up is going around the world

if you can read it then check out this fashion article here.

headline translation is "HEY BABE - Dolly make-up seems to be the new hot trends of the upcoming fall and summer. forget feminine agenda for a min, this is how you get the look"

so we'll see if it takes off and where it will pop up next...


its been a couple weeks now...

that i started to get into the habit of wearing my black latex slacks when i get home. i just get home, relax and get partly undressed for work and there for the rest of the day i'm wearing latex from my navel down. simple really when you think about it.

but i guess i had to do the year training in the panties first before i felt comfortable enough to move on to more. and slacks help of course as you can't wear catsuits to work or out now can you. and i have been wearing these out when running errands and stuff. so far no comments or anything.

it shows i can do it though and that i am definately progressing as i want too although i'd be the first to admit that its slow going. if it was warmer i'd start to wear my choc brown latex blouse. the flu didn't help of course and latex definately needs a certian climate or good temperature control which i def don't have with these damned storage heaters.

i found myself putting them on first thing in the morning too along with my 4"s heels shoes before i have a bath and get ready. so its all becoming a permant part of my routine

yesterday i received my first latex corset....


milla's latex legs and arms...

this is seriously looking like an international trend now. latex leggings and tighst are appearing everywhere!!! who woul dof thought that this woud be the cross over product.

here's a yummy set of images of model/actress milla jovovich in a russian brochure or advertising sequence. not sure which but the rest of them are here.

waiting on some further details of latex stockings or tights being sold in an expensive chain in Brazil. links and the story to come.


Monday, March 19, 2007

sureal in the sunday times

another find from the UK but this time from AS.

seems to be a one off and not part of a sequence or a photoshoot.

please send any scans and finds in ;-)


PS: the full set of images can be found on the photographers homepage here

Sunday, March 18, 2007

make up trends from a uk newspaper

are they much more radical over there or what? here's four of the main doll-ish make up trends from a uk newspapers fashion magazine. i can't say any of them are attractive, but maybe its a bit of a freak show to get the main element across?

and it does look like one model is wearing a latex top of some sort with a high neck and another a possible latex bathing cap? are they latex mad over there? we never see anything like this here.


white latex leggings accessorise well

another fashion spread where the latex leggings are used to ad drama and contrast to the main piece of clothing.

so whether latex leggings themselves will make it into a wider audience, i won't say but i do bet that something that looks like them will. be it a form of pvc, pu or some glossy white footless tights.

if anyone spots leggings or latex tights in mainstream media then please post in comments or better yet send me some high res scans.


latex as comic relief

here are the screen grabs from last weeks ugly betty. it seemed to be mainly about comic aspects of wearing latex more than anything else. as u can see from the first screen grab the latex dress thats delivered to amanda is teeny, beyond size 0 - more like size -2.

so it was more of a bondage dress than something she could wear to work. most of the gags revolved around her not being able to do anything normal in the dress.

i guess she wouldn't have any problems at all in this seasons must have latex leggins.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

mode magazine does latex....

and i you haven't heard of Mode magazine then you don't know anything about fashion, or watch ABC's Ugly Betty.

tonights episode (thurs 15th) seems to have some latex in from the brief glimpse on the ABC's homepage here which has teeny little trailer loaded.

i'll post some proper images once the episode has played. in the meantime there's these teeny screen grabs.

wonder if they'll have any latex leggings in it?


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

kyle does allen jones...

another find spotted by blackice in the UK who randomly recorded Kyle's new tour off the TV and when watching on fast fowarded noticed that several dancers didn't move and were posed to be sat upon throughout the entire song.

watching it at realtime showed that her backup dancers were dressed the same as the mannequins at the back of the stage and she also had 'allen jones inspired chair / mannequins'.

allen jones being the brit pop artist from the 60's who does realistic mannequins as furniture and a few entries about his work already in this blog. just use the search facility above.

so i wonder what happens to them after the tour? were many made? how about the costumes? is there a video to go with it? do they count as art?


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

international movement for latex tights..

a shot of Alessandra Ambrosio in VOGUE Brazil, March 2007.

seems that the look and the need for latex tights and leggings is moving around the world? or are they 'model's own' and she picked them up as a freebie when modeling in London. can you even buy latex in Brazil?

funny thing is that the shoot is for a new style or type of denim.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

more space chicks with silver leggings

i know its from a fashion magazine, but i can't really remember which one. my place is pretty small so i don't keep the scanner set up all the time. just rip mags up to scan and put them in a pile.

i do think the silver leggings will start appearing as they're being pushed so much. maybe even black pvc ones in lieu of actual latex.

also part of the shoot, was more a black pvc take on elegant gothic lolita fashion but i think it works. now if someone would do egl in latex... yummy.


a full outfit from different ebay sellers

very modern and very slick. pitty they didn't polish the latex though.

so much latex!!! so little money.... and no where to wear it..


its just a zentai suit now isn't it...?

another scan from blackice who spotted a writer's report of trying out the various more extreme fashion ideas shown in london fashion week. article is from London Evening Standard friday magazine.

as he rightly pointed out in the email he sent the scan with - "the designer is selling zentai suits you can get off ebay for 20$ or less... "

kudos to Torture Garden for getting a mention. seems the writer knows about the club, has friends whose been or maybe even goes herself?


D+G advert space themed shoot ads

i saw this first advert for D+G in a fashion mag and thought it has a bit of a mannequin edge too it with the models being glossied up somehow and the poses they were in. the fashions are a bit cybery and i swear there's a pannel of latex on one of their tops.

if nothing else then it would be a great one for the mad retouchers out there. with two models looking on and the one of the table being transformed or having just been transformed. any of you out there (MadBird or Winter fox example) want a full res scan then just drop me an email and i can dig it up. i mainly scan at a pretty high res and scale down part way for the blog.

then last week i spotted the second advert and realised it was part of a series with the definate space theme running throughout it. a fashion shoot in the bay of the space shuttle? well maybe....

there might be more too come yet. i'll keep flicking through fashion mags in borders. now if theiry mugler would get in the act and bring back his wonderfull gyniod, i know a load of ASFR fans would be extremely happy.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

a massive doll spread in POP magazine

i've been busy scanning today but one collection of pages was just too daunting to do, but i had to scan just one as a taster:

the new issue of POP magazine - sort of style/fashion rag has a massive and i mean like over 10 double page spreads of models turned into old fashion ball jointed dolls mixed among real dolls of a similiar style. in some cases the only way to tell which was which is to note the ones thta had to have specially made outfits.

issue still on sale i think and the spreads waaay a the back.

i'll likely do it this week but another update tommorrow with the existing scans.


DJ Acucrack - So To Speak.. in latex

i just came across this updated information on with images and links.

it had been mentioned a couple of years ago when the video was first made and had airtime but i'd never seen it as i don't get cable. thanks to youtube you can now.

which explains why i posted it...

the DJ is in a lovely latex catsuit (well all catsuits are lovely and yummy imho) and has living shop window mannequins too. basically it hits a few of my buttons and the tracks not too bad either.

and if your curious how the identical singing mannequins were brought to the screen then check out either or both of these behind the scenes tech articles on trade websites here and here.

Friday, March 09, 2007

talk of the town; latex leggings on the catwalks

i've been doing some more research with google of various fashion blogs and online newspaper articles and it seems that latex leggings were consistantly a big hit in the recent fashion shows in europe.

this bit of investigative reporting was in part prompted by libidex's email of their monthly special offer which pointed out that it was latex tights, not leggings and latex of course and not PVC that was being spotted in various catwalk shows. the Manish Arora show with the spacey garments were from libidex.

the newsletter said:

We were approached last month to produce a large quantity of our classic tights for renowned and innovative fashion designer Manish Aurora. These were used to great effect alongside his outlandish designs in this year's London Fashion Week at the Natural History Museum, London at the start of February. Subsequently, our lovely tights have been splashed all over the magazines and papers, with full page spreads in the top London newspapers, (although you would think that by now some journalists would be able to tell the difference between pvc and rubber!)

See more of the exquisite and slightly eccentric outfits accompanied by our classic tights here:

Manish's personal website is here:

There are also some great images by Getty Images here, including some models being assisted into their rubber tights! here

at Style Bytes a blogger was so inspired by the trend and reportst by fellow blogger i already did an entry on that here, that she started with thick glossy tights and then bought a real pair off ebay and she's waiting for them in the post now.

on the handbag blog by Emma Sells she reports her experience at london fashion week and being allowed back stage at the same fashion show the libidex tights were being worn.

she wrote here:

The tights were particularly fascinating to me – I asked one of the models about them and she said that it took three people and a tub of talc to get her in, but once on they were very comfy and warm. I look forward to seeing them in Topshop next season, if only so I can see the look of horror on my boyfriend’s face when I ask him to help me manoeuvre into them.

topshop btw is a big uk clothing chain who were also doing the silver and gold leggings i was after (and now have btw).

a broader view of london fashion weeks sci-fi trends can be found here and focuses on Hussein Chalayan autumn/winter 2007/2008 collection which also had models with stunning legs in jet black latex ltights.

... so is this just another of the fashion world's flirtation with various types of fetishes and even bdsm imagery? or will it lead to more people trying latexstarting with leggings and tights?

the fashion bloggers are definately keen and well now i'm thinking that i could get away with wearing them in public when the weather finally warms up.....


from russia in latex...

yes it does exist in russia!!! or maybe its all imported for the rich?

and if any trends are started for the masses then its down to music influencing the world of fashion again with a popular MTV presenter wearing it alot both for photo shoots and also pretty regularly in here show. a website with several avi files of her in latex is here.


a new story by Shiny John

i'm not a great writer and my spelling is pretty bad too but i've read alot of fetish fiction that has inspired me in various ways over the last few years.

what it think i'm pretty good at is making up the outlines of stories and then passing them on. this is the first of two i've given to shiny john.

please post feedback in comments for both of us. and if you want to see the raw outline and want to write your own interpritation then just email me and i can send it over.


The Wardrobe
by Shiny John

With a heavy thud, the delivery men righted the wardrobe into its place in Megan's bedroom.
"Thanks guys!" she said and walked to the exit to let them out. Once they had left, she sat at the computer and logged into the auction site once more to leave feedback for the old owner of the wardrobe. It was a deal, despite the fact that someone had tried to outbid her at the last second. The heavy, wooden, turn-of-the-century wardrobe had lots of inlaid detailing and that old antique worn look to it. It was wonderful and fit very nicely into Megan's old gingerbread-style house.
Megan returned to her bedroom and sat at the foot of her bed just looking at the front of the chest. Megan was short and skinny and wore a t-shirt and shorts. Her short dirty-blonde hair looked nice but had no body to it. She could have been described as mousey by other women, but she had very few friends. She didn't actually need the wardrobe at all, but it was such a beautiful piece of furniture, she had to have it.
She was a t-shirt and shorts kind of girl and didn't have many other types of clothes. She walked over to the doors and slid her fingers around the ring pulls which acted as handles. With a strong pull and a grunt, the door swung open, gaining speed as Megan kept pulling. The second door opened just as slowly, giving a loud *SQEEEEAAKKK* as the hinge moved for the first time in a long time. Inside, the cabinet was a large open area where one would hang dresses and suits. At set of hooks hung on the inside of the door and the back of the cabinet. The hanging rod was long gone. On the bottom was a pair of small drawers. Megan slowly opened the left drawer and was greeted with the wonderful scent of old wood and wood oil.
The right-hand drawer refused to budge. Megan tugged and yanked at the handle without any luck. She knew about this problem from the description on the auction site. Megan frowned as she tried to figure out how to get the drawer open. She braced herself and pulled on the handle hard, which finally popped the drawer free. Megan fell back onto her butt as the drawer pulled entirely free from the cabinet, sending something into the air and back down onto the floor.
It was a plastic fashion doll. The doll had large bright eyes and smile that was similar to a Barbie doll, but obviously predated Barbie. It had large breasts, with a tiny waist and its hair was styled in a short, jet black, bob. Its plastic skin was a peachy flesh-tone and had no obvious chips or scratches under a very gothic style dress.
The dress was styled like something out of Alice in Wonderland. It had a puffy skirt which came to the knees of the doll and had layers of white petticoats underneath. The bodice was tight and started from the belted wasp waist of the doll, went up over its breasts and went to its high neck. The short sleeves on the dress were puffy as well. The neck, sleeves and the edge of the skirt were all edged with white frills. The rest of the dress however was black shiny rubber. The doll also wore white knee socks and black lace gloves.
Megan thought it was a beautiful dress, but she would never wear anything like that. She thought it made the doll look like some freaky Goth child.
"Wow! I bet this is worth a lot!" Megan said excited at her find.
Megan picked up the doll and headed to the computer. She searched online for hours but found nothing even close to the doll. There were no obvious identifying marks or numbers on the doll. As the night wore on, she thought she heard a voice whispering in the shadows of the house.
Megan called out, "Hello?"
The whispers stopped.
She began to search room by room looking for the source of the voices but couldn't find anyone. "Must have just been my imagination." She thought to herself before returning to the computer. "I need to get some sleep."
Megan returned to the bedroom leaving the doll next to the computer, she closed the doors to the wardrobe, and slipped between the covers. In moments, she was asleep. That's when the whispering started again…

Megan awoke with a start. She was dripping with sweat and breathing heavily. She couldn't remember what she had been dreaming about but it was intense. Once she had calmed down, she swung her legs over the side of the bed and put her toes on the floor. She tried to put her feet flat on the floor and her calf muscles protested.
"I must have hurt my legs yesterday, they are so sore." She thought to herself. She stood up and stretched, leaving the bedroom and went down to the living room and kitchen.
Megan ate a small breakfast of toast, then picked up the doll and returned to the bedroom. She sat at the foot of the bed with the plastic and rubber doll in her hands and looked up at the wardrobe again. The doll had been a bonus find inside her real purchase, but Megan felt like the doll was the real find.
"Oh well, I should get ready for the day." She said aloud, throwing the doll down onto the bed. She stripped and wandered through the house to the bathroom where she used the toilet and jumped into the shower. She washed and scrubbed and tried to shave her legs, but she noticed the hair hadn't really grown.
She hopped out the shower and toweled off. She toweled the steam off the mirror and noticed her skin was glowing. She looked more refreshed that she had in years. She also noticed her boobs looked bigger. "Weird" she said to herself.
She returned to the bedroom to put on her t-shirt and jeans for the day and was stopped by the beauty of the cabinet once more. She smiled and pulled open the heavy doors wide as if she was a Victorian dressing for the ball. She expected to find an empty chest and instead, hanging on a satin hanger from a hook, was the same gothic rubber dress she had seen on the doll in life size. She gasped in surprise and backed up into the bed.
She grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her body. "Who's here?!" she yelled, thinking someone was in the house with her. A room-by-room search found nobody. She returned to the bedroom and put on her t-shirt and jeans in a flash and shut the wardrobe doors tight. The idea someone was in her house disturbed her and that's the only way the dress could have gotten there.
She needed to get out. There was too much weird stuff happening today. After a quick check of all the windows and door locks, she jumped into her car. Since it was Saturday, she could peruse the mall for hours to get her mind off all the strange things that had been happening. In the mall, everything would be normal.
She went from store to store, checking out each one for new buys but nothing was jumping out at her. When she reached the local alterna-store in the mall, she was drawn inside. She had never gotten into all the punk and Emo stuff which lined the shelves, but she had bought some cool t-shirts for herself. Today, she drifted almost mindlessly to the back of the store where she found shoes and stockings.
She picked up a pair of Mary Jane's which were made out of black patent leather and had wedge heels on them. They looked fun for some reason although she couldn't remember anything she could wear them with that she already owned. Next to them lay a pair of white stocking which were knee-high and looked like the ones she had seen on the doll on her computer screen. "These would be nice with that dress…" she thought to herself idly.
Megan blinked and shook her head when she realized what she was thinking. She hung the stockings back up and put the shoe back on the shelf. "What am I thinking? Why would I wear that dress?" she thought as she hurried out of the store.
Megan headed straight for the car and returned home. She sat on the couch, shaken by what she had been thinking. She did not feel like herself. She lay down on the couch and turned on the TV, watching a baseball game. As she calmed down and focused on the TV, her body got warm, tired, and she fell asleep.

She dreamt of the doll. The two stood in a stark white room and the doll, dressed in the rubber dress, stood about 10 feet away. It stood as tall as Megan and took tiny steps forward, closing the gap between them. Megan felt nervous at the approach of the doll but could not back away. Megan stood there naked, arms at her sides, under the unblinking gaze of the doll, unable to move.
The doll began a slow walk around her body inspecting her. Megan tried to turn her head as the doll disappeared from view, but failed. The doll ran a lacey hand down Meg's spine from the base of her neck to the top of her ass. She then strolled back into view.
The doll spoke to her without moving her lips and breaking the slight smile on her face. "I will choose you."
"Choose me for what?" said Megan. There was no reply from the doll, who then removed her lace gloves and dropped them on the floor. The doll stepped forward and slid her smooth hand between Megan's pussy lips...

Megan awoke, gasping for air. She felt as if she had been holding her breath. She put her hand to her chest and touched something wet. She looked down and saw a sweat-stain had appeared on her chest as if she had been running the marathon. Her breasts had grown, stretching out her cotton shirt, and her nipples were standing on end.
She sat up and felt wetness in her crotch. She was horny and she didn't know why. She had to know what was going on and why all these strange things were happening to her. She sat in front of the computer and began to search the auction sites as well as other sites looking for explanations. She even tried looking for a dress matching the description of the one the doll wore.
She had no luck looking up any lead. She spent the most time searching sites looking for the rubber dress. She found lots of other rubber clothes though, some she even thought she liked. It kept her horny.
It was almost midnight when she stood up from the computer. It was hot in the house and her unceasing arousal didn't help. She stripped naked as she walked down the hallway into her bedroom, leaving pieces of clothing strewn about the floors. She stepped into the bedroom and jumped on top of the covers. She felt something against her leg and saw the doll.
She took the doll and picked it up. Its little feet were in little tiny black Mary Jane wedges like Megan had seen in the store. They had not been there earlier. Megan wondered if she was losing her mind. She tucked the doll under her arm and rolled onto her side trying to go to sleep. She wanted this day to be over.
Megan had missed the pair of black lace gloves which now lay on the floor in front of the wardrobe.

She lay naked in her bed in a white room. The doll stood looming at the foot of the bed in full size again. Behind her, the wardrobe stood even taller.
"Help Me" came the voice of the doll in Megan's head.
Megan stood up and approached the doll. She wasn't scared of it this time.
"How?" Megan asked.
"My dress… I need to take off my dress. It doesn't fit anymore" The doll said.
It was true. The dress looked loose on the doll around the breasts and hips where it had fit better before. The dress looked long on the doll as well.
"Ok, well, turn around." Megan said. The doll turned around and Megan got a look at the back of the dress for the first time. Down the spine of the doll was hundreds of shiny black round buttons, which would have been impossible to unbutton for someone in the dress, never mind that the doll's fingers were one solid sweep of plastic where her fingers would be.. Each button held its loop tightly and would have been totally impossible to remove if the dress had not already loosened on its body.
Megan began the slow process of unbuttoning the buttons on the dress. She started from the top button at the collar and methodically went down each one. The doll stood perfectly motionless while Megan performed her task. Each button let loose exposed more and more of the doll's porcelain skin and perfectly smooth back and it was making Megan horny.
Despite the fact that after three-quarters of the buttons were undone the dress could have popped free, Megan continued until the last button was unhooked. The doll slid the dress to the ground in a heap and then turned around and leaped for joy.
"Thank you" said the stoic smiling face of the doll.
"Your welcome!" said Megan.
"I feel so much better! I feel like playing!" said the doll as she tickled Megan. Megan began to laugh and fell back on the bed to get away from the doll. The dolly pulled off its shoes and stockings and jumped in the bed after Megan. She tickled Megan until they were a tangled mess of legs and arms. The two naked women lay next to each other, Megan breathing heavily and the Doll ever-smiling.
Megan felt the doll slip her mitten between her pussy lips onto her clit and Megan instantly moaned in pleasure. She had wanted to ask the doll to do that before she had undressed it. Megan stretched her hands over her head in pleasure and the Doll used its other hand to hold Megan's wrists there. The doll began to wiggle her hand inside of Megan and her victim was quickly losing all desire to object.
"I chose you because you are perfect." said the dolly to Megan's unanswered question. "Now that I have chosen, you can take my place."
The whole hand of the doll slid effortlessly into Megan's pussy. She was being fisted and was really enjoying it.
"Will you take my place?" the doll asked. Megan closed her eyes and nodded her head.
"I want to hear you say it Megan" the doll said smiling. Megan opened her eyes at the request, looking into the doll large bright unblinking eyes.
"Yeessss…" said Megan with a hiss as she orgasmed in the Doll's arms.
At that moment, Megan awoke.

Megan sat up in bed bringing her knees together and feeling a delicious wetness between her legs. The doll, now in miniature form, lay next to her on the bed, its tiny dress lying on the floor. Megan was very confused and felt in a post orgasmic daze. She knew what she had to do now, even if she didn't know where it would take her.
She stood up in the sunny bedroom and headed straight to the shower. She felt taller and stood straighter. She washed up, not pausing to shave, and hopped out of the shower. She toweled off and looked at herself again in the mirror. Her hair looked darker. She thought she looked good. She smiled to herself in the mirror and a warm throb came from her crotch.
She returned to the bedroom and opened the wardrobe. The dress hung there waiting for her. She removed it from the hanger and pulled it over her head, letting it fall. It came to rest around her knees and it was loose in the chest. The buttons which lined the back could never all be buttoned by herself. Megan began to cry as she looked at herself in the mirror. She knew she wanted to wear this dress now. She only wished it fit.
She removed the outfit and placed it lovingly back on the hook. The doors of the wardrobe were closed and she put on the same t-shirt and jeans from yesterday. What would she do today while she waited?
She would do her best to look like the doll.
She jumped in the car and sped off toward the drug store.. Once she was there she headed straight for the hair dyes and picked up a bottle of jet black. The clerk rang it up and Megan smiled to her, feeling the warmth in her crotch again. She left the store and returned home.
She headed straight for the bathroom, leaving her T-shirt and bra strewn on the floor as she headed there. In minutes, her hair was full of stinking chemicals and began to wait. She slipped out of her pants and panties and inspected herself in the mirror. She had gotten taller, her skin was smoother, her boobs were bigger, and for the first time she noticed her fingernail were painted glossy black. She never painted her nails, but this discovery didn't disturb her. Megan rinsed and dried her hair, letting her new shiny black hair dance around her shoulders. She pulled a pair of hair scissors from the vanity and began to chop at her hairdo until it was a short bob which ran to her chin.
She went directly to her room and sat on the foot of the bed staring at the wardrobe. She wanted the Doll to come back to her. She looked down and saw a pair of black Mary Jane's in a heap next to a pair of white stockings and a pair of lace gloves.
She picked up the stockings and pulled them up her legs to her knee. She slipped each of her feet into the shoes and pulled the straps into the little buckles. She stood up, feeling taller than she ever had. She pulled on the gloves and tweaked her nipples between her rough lacey fingers.
She sat on the edge of the bed waiting and while she waited, Megan thought about what was happening. She got the wardrobe and found the dolly. Then the doll's dress appeared and she had the dreams about the doll. Megan's body had begun changing and she didn't think it odd at all anymore.
Now she sat, half-naked and half-dressed like the doll, waiting.
She sat for hours, waiting.
As the afternoon sun set, she stood up and opened the wardrobe doors. She removed the dress from the hanger and pulled the rubber dress over her head. It was still too big and there was still no way to button it all closed, but Megan was able to loop the top-most buttons tightening the lace collar of the dress around her throat and holding the dress in place.
She lay down on the bed with her upper body propped up against the pillow. She held the little dolly in her right hand and finally felt like a dolly herself. From her vantage point, she saw a black shiny ruffled dress with two feet in party shoes.
She slid down to put her head in the pillows, letting the skirt of the dress creep up around her crotch. She closed her eyes and smiling to herself, letting her pussy throb once more in pleasure and drifted off to sleep.

The doll stood at the foot of the bed. Her face had changed and although she still looked like a doll, she blinked and flexed an even brighter smile when she saw Megan.
"You're wearing my outfit!" the doll said aloud since she was now able to move her lips.
"It's so pretty!" said Megan. "Can you button up the back? I really want to see what I look like in it."
"Of course, stand up!" said the doll, gesturing with her hand. Megan noticed she beckoned with a set of separated fingers.
Megan stood up and stood with her back to the Doll. She felt a pair of cold plastic hands begin the tedious process of looping every button from the top of the dress.
"You're the fourth person to wear this dress you know." said the doll.
Megan simply stood still and said nothing.
"You're also the fourth person to own the wardrobe. Do you know where it comes from?"
Megan did not answer. She could not. She was enthralled by the growing tightness of the rubber on her body as the buttons were fastened.
"The wardrobe was made from the wood of a very old tree in Ireland. The tree was the home of a fairy. One day the tree was cut down and taken to a woodworker. As the wood was cut, smoothed, and transformed into a wardrobe, the fairy decided to live in the piece of furniture, making any who would own transform into something else."
"The first person to inherit the wardrobe was the daughter of the craftsman. She was a young Victorian girl and wore the same dress you wear now. The girl disappeared one day, never to be seen again. The father, in a fit of grief, sold the house to a young couple and moved away. The young couple made the piece a centerpiece in their bedroom and soon the young wife wore this dress. The village told stories about how the woman always wore the same dress all the time, always had a smile on her face, and about how she disappeared one day. The young man lived there until he was old."
"The entire house and its contents were sold to an American family who sold off everything except for this wardrobe. The oldest daughter stole the piece for herself and distanced herself from her family. Soon she was gone as well, sent to play with the fairies."
"A fourth girl bought the wardrobe and disappeared sooner than anyone else for the fairy thought she needed a friend."
Megan felt the last button loop become tight and she reveled in the feeling of the tight rubber across her body and breasts. She ran her lacey hands down her tight rubber top, feeling the rubber hug every curve down to her waist. She slipped a hand under her skirt and fingered her clit, feeling how turned on she was. She felt amazing...
Megan turned to face the dolly again, but instead found a short woman. She wore a t-shirt and jeans and had plain mousy features. She was thin as a rail with no breasts to speak of, and dirty blonde hair. Megan thought she looked familiar, but could not remember where she had seen her before.
"This is it, are you ready?"
"Am I pretty enough?" said Megan aloud.
The girl smiled and stood on tiptoes to kiss Megan passionately, "You're perfect."
The girl took Megan by the hand and led her to the wardrobe. The doors opened, and inside was a bright white light. Megan stepped inside and turned around looking out of the closet door as the girl closed the wardrobe doors.
Megan stood still and felt a drop of something on her head, which turned into a dribble, then a stream. She felt it coat her face and head, forcing her to close her eyes, and flowed down her body. It flowed over and under her dress. She felt it flow down her legs. The cold liquid stopped pouring onto her head but it did not stop flowing down and around her body. Megan smiled as she felt the liquid flow down her crotch and when it flowed into her pussy, she opened her eyes and gasped as an orgasm hit. A blinding white light filled her vision.
When it cleared, she stood before a mirror in a bright white room and in this mirror was a tall raven haired dolly, with an amused smile on its face and bright dolly eyes. The fingers of its hands were fused together and every inch of its skin and skin was glossy. It wore a very gothic dress which made it look like a little girl from a bygone era.
She was perfect in every way.
From behind the mirror stepped a woman. It was the same woman that sealed her in the wardrobe. "Hi, I'm Megan!" said the girl.
The doll in the mirror spoke, but without breaking the smile sealed onto its face.
"Hello! I'm a Dolly, care to play?"

a popular, but old thread...

i was googling for latex leggings (see following entries) and found a long running thread on about wearable latex dolls.

seems i'm not the only one and loads of people expressed interest in experiencing it with a few people who has actually done it.

the thread starts here, but to see the peoples profiles you will need to be registered - which i'm not.


window dresse's new story homepage

one of the earliest stories i read which turned me onto the entire mannequin fetish was Window Dresse's 'Inventory'. he's recently written a new story 'Not only Hypnotised' which continues the theme.

he now has a new homepage which includes the rewritten 'Inventory' and its here. it is in german but all the stories are in english.

do check it out and encourage him to write more. he's promised it won't take seven years for the next one ;-)


Thursday, March 01, 2007

fetishist wanted in the uk....

sent indirectly from james at who then sent it to blackice who has now talked to the television production company and says they're ok.

they're just making a little test pilot thing and need someone to interview about this. it won't be for broadcast at all:

From: Katy Kendrick
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 5:53 AM
Subject: TV Documentary

Dear James,

My name is Katy and I’m a TV Researcher from Twofour Broadcast.

We are currently developing a documentary series for a major, British TV channel about people who have fetishes; one of the episodes is about people who have fetishes for Mannequins and/ or dolls.

I’m sorry if I’m barking up the wrong tree here, but would you happen to know of any Mannequin/ doll fetishes are UK based? Even if you don’t, are you able to point me in the right direction?

Thank you for reading this and if you can help in any way, I would most appreciate it.

I shall look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely


Development Researcher
Twofour Broadcast Ltd
Tel +44 (0)207 438 1857 | Fax +44 (0)207 438 1850
London Office
6 - 7 St Cross Street | Farringdon | London | EC1N 8UA