Sunday, November 19, 2017

sometimes i start and then get distracted


bloggers upgraded a bit behind the scenes and now lists all the drafts in one place, as normally i just sort of get pre-occupied and the started ones drift onto the next page to be forgotten about.

so here's the count on my unfinished start of posts.  its 125 btw.

well i don't see any volunteers/experts offering to contribute now do i :P


a cliched plot point but it still pulls me

i think i found this and other vintage in one of those pin interest or some such collected by subject image archives - go have a google - you can find more.

the basic idea is an old house with a secret - and in the attic is all these bizarre leather etc fetishistic clothes... they're gorgeous, extreme and would never fit. they haunt your dreams and you head back to the abandoned old house and collect as much as you can.

they all sit in your closet and your plagued by very hot dreams where you are wearing them all - they fit perfectly...

and then ..... cliche cliche cliche.... + plot twist + trap etc


its not too late

to get the new fetishchimera calendar 2018


pop up latex fetish

Le Boutique Bazaar from Hyder Images on Vimeo.

she does get a lot of media coverage and yet another cover

latex doll around town moving in the jet setting fashionista sets and front row of fashion shows as well.

cartoon or latex fetishist living it 24/7? artist taking the piss out of fashionista?

shall we do a vote or shall i interview her? does she have any merch?

so lover her hair...


it's even got the normals excited

its pop'd up on a vanilla FB feed from one of those 'lets hijack interesting content with text around it'...  InTheNow and add some music etc etc.

Subscribe to Reflective Desire here. (who are also the source for Bane like latex creatures walking around the park / outside as previously posted btw)


any Deviant Art or other illustrators want to collaborate?

i'm all for collaboration - it adds so much to the outcome. like peanut butter and chocolate...

here's a cap i found somewhere and i started to expand it greatly as a story then realised a few days ago, rather than just the one frame it could be a full multi frame / page comic. possibly easier in cgi as you can then just duplicate the characters when the TF happens.

its also on my Deviant Art page here with the first couple of paragraphs.


still have outline of a caption with Andy Latex where Andy is used as bait to find latex lovers. 


Saturday, November 11, 2017

if your in London in Feb

now are there rules and indoctrinations to said cult?

have you been? please report back


it started with fiction, then i found AliExpress and i can now match in world and rl

if anyone noticed, i'm still very much intrigued with the possibilies of hypnosis in fetishism, bdsm, doll space etc etc. and to that end i visited Warp My Mind and made up a list of ideas I liked. i then ran them by HypnoMaster D who said they were all do-able.

in the last year i took them as the start of a story with the idea of a silver catsuit as the start down the path of ASFR submission etc etc (yeah, usual cliches). i had worked on it on and off for awhile as i tend too then a month ago i discovered a group of mistresses/hypnodommes pay mp3 site and wrote to the main site organiser to introduce myself and this blog, followed by one specific hypnodomme who had a) a pleasing soft voice and b) already fetishist / doll subject matter.

she's at Mistress Love at Sensual Mistress.

we started to chat via email, i sent her blog links and some of my own scripts and she tweaked and played around improving them. i believe they're now recorded and just waiting on post production.

the last one i sent her was the Warp My Mind sourced and AOK'd as do-able list which was now in a loose story. she improved and rounded it out. i'm now further customising and adding elements.

it starts with silver catsuit worn, then worn always and then.... i then decided to look and i found it a AliExpress (on sale this weekend 22$ with ship!!!) Silver Catsuit.

I bought one, she got one... so of course when it arrived a few days ago i had to wear it all day then thanks to WinterRose secured one in SL.

of course its not latex but a good training and conditioning item don't you think? even considering a 2nd one that can be cut in half as high waisted leggings and a long top. trust me catsuits look great, feel great, but are an utter pain if you need to visit the little girls room.

being a completest, i've been ferreting around in Aliexpress as they have a 24hr 11:11 sale and these are on the way to complete the ensemble. the silver ones obviously!!!

then further looking i found these - not a complete suit (yes they have those) but under 10$ with ship- why not. you can barely get movie treats for that much.

its likely to take a good month to get here so thats probably why they do the sale - last big push before xmas for rest of world buying.

now given (according to WinterRose's math) that the silver full suit is 3 - 6K lindens... wonder when some enterprising person will take L$ to sell virtual items + real life ones? remember me when your rich.


Friday, November 10, 2017


same color latex as my old catsuit which i wore to the point of falling apart.

first the feet developed holes, them i trimmed the top off so i could just wear the bottoms as leggings. its also a reason why catsuits are better as seperate peices - not to mention mixing.


Thursday, November 09, 2017

fanatastic rubber does make perfect fits

found and relayed to me from a facebook page. their homepage is here. and do tell them that you saw their page / images here.

all of these (due to my keen and choosey eye) would make great seed starting points to latex fetish fiction.

guess i may have to write them myself given the minimal feedback and comments I get here. :-(


UPDATE: gas mask ones,  are the work of Reflective Desire I've been informed. please let me know where the others are from.