Saturday, June 30, 2018

i'm now someone's fetish with my current 24/7 gear

i suspect they prefer cute and broken Japanese Girls.

high fashion Vogue photographer Helmut Newton (go google him) even did a series on the theme, but could only find one that relates. no pins, just robocop like structure with oh so much velcro.

i now hate delivery scooters.


make your fetish a perfomance art

one way to live it daily. can play on this page or click it to view full sized.


Friday, June 29, 2018

French VICE

have they made similar in english speaking shows / documentaries? if so - please post in comments. do include furries, dolls and zentai's as well please.

of course the earliest mainstream fetish film was in French (besides Barbarella) stared this French actor who by law is in all French films - even to this day.


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

so sci-fi - made in London

DEADLOTUSCOUTURE// Handmade in London // Shipping worldwide // link in bio

Available in shop💥

Photography: MPM7 & Nange Magro Designer
Model/Make up: Penelope Gwen

© 2017 Original Dead Lotus Couture Design

Monday, June 25, 2018

i'm hoping to collaborate, but plan B for myself and others is very do-able

any deviant art and even second lifers who want to collaborate on stories - illustrated - just im / email me.


new color chart of Chinese made latex

as stated a few times before, good basics, but not as slick or metallic as you may want.


Sunday, June 24, 2018

our collaboration is baring fruit and materialising

follow on to the silver robot hypno script, now edited, tweaked and recorded by Mistress Love. All of he recordings are here

and this MP3 specifically here for the direct link and a free sample.

the full silver catsuit is tricky to get in and out of, so i did find a long sleeve silver top which just arrived from Aliexpress. the slow hypno script is about a control fetish with silver being the key, the listener starts by wearing the long sleeve silver top, then progresses under the hypnotists direction to a silver catsuit then beyond as she's melted into the new submissive robotic being.

the top is a very wearable real life item that even thinking about it triggers me.


katy perry's latex fruit

was made by House of Harlot in London, UK in case you saw any clips.


when you only have a roll of gold mirrored tape

and of course perfect well toned and tanned body.


its not just me

I just had a new order of latex from Chinese maker (via ebay originally), now once washed loads of time and chlorinated its good basic clothes. not tried anything super fancy so stick to different styles of jeans and tops / blouses. above is the standard swatch example they send out. bellow is what arrived in the slacks and the secretary blouse.

that's definitely now Silver now is it?

my previous puff sleeved bloused with black detialing i now remember supposed to be silver - but came out in this off white tan. i have complained. fits are all good though.