Friday, March 31, 2006

simpler and happier times...

and one idea thats been floating around my little plastic head is that one of my subconcious drives for the life a doll is a need to get out of the modern world; out of the rat race into simpler and much prettier times. where black powersuits didn't need to be worn daily in a cut throat dog eat dog grind.

sort of supporting this is egl fashion from high tech japan, and from this fashion spread i think a similiar theme is appearing?

or am i just reading too much into the tea leaves?


results for poll no 2....

well not really as people can still keep on voting, but at least after a week these are what people said.

of 100 votes in total, almost third wanted to be sealed into a doll forever, a fith just liked the occasional doll play and then the rest averaged out at about 9% each for the other categories.

curiously there was very little wearing of dolly clothes to fetish clubs or unsurpringly too work.

another one if a few days, but please please vote if youv'e not done so already


Thursday, March 30, 2006

more and more shoes, all time...

is just not wearing high heels enough for you? then get these cool plates with stunning 6" heels printed on them.

a girl can never have enough shoes don't you know... of course one needs to accesorise with matching mugs too ;-)


make-up trends from england

just some scans sent in by blackice from the weekend section of a major uk national newspaper called 'the guardian'. seems to be a definte doll make up trend imho along with using models that look doll like.

and spot the bratz!

he's also said that he's "researching a feature on doll fetish and should be outlining and pitching it soon to a fetish magazine over there". wonder if i'll get a mention!!


I always like compliments....

why not instead of im'ing or emailing them, just post them in the comments in this entry here? ;-)

i know a seperate module is possible for that, but as i've not figured it out its best to do it this way.

pretty please?


Monday, March 27, 2006

A first hand success story with hypnosis

Andre aka blaseyblas aka OneEyedJack aka Owner_Operator was kind enough to email me with his experiences with his girlfriend / latex doll to be. some of this is from the dollcollective but i've been given the aok to repost it all here.

after an initial bad experience with using virtual hypnotist on the pc - which didn't take or work at all he had some feedback from members at the collective and had another go:

"So the doll and I gave hypnosis another go last night with amazing
results I might add. It was a whole new ballgame this time, completely
exceeding my expectations and a wonderful enjoyable experience for us

This time I bypassed using the VH application and did it the old
fashioned way as I said I would in my previous post. I lit some
candles, laid her back on the couch without an exterior stimulation
(bondage garments, music, video), had her close her eyes and just read
the script, slowly and steadily with almost perfect execution - aside
from a momentary interruption from the dog.

The script that I used was the Brad's Bambi2 script, heavily edited to
make it more personal to my doll. Some major points that I changed:
Replacing the words "plastic," with "rubber" and/or "latex." Since we
are latex fetishist, it has a much more powerful connection for us. I
also edited out the orgasm sequence for the following reason. My doll
has had a history of problems acheiving orgasm, and I didn't want her
to feel pressured to have to cum. At least not this time, when I felt
that it was more important to see if the transformation would work at
all. It was essential to make her as comfortable as possible. I also
edited out the viral sequence, as that part is really of no use for our
purposes. The emphasis was on the transformation and command and
it was incredibly effective.

Upon decent into "the bed" (our "bed" is made entirely of latex), she
was immediately under the spell and took to the trance like a fish
takes to water. As the transformation took hold, I could tell that she
was so incredibly arroused, as she writhed on the sofa, touching her
new rubber skin and moaning gently. The commands I gave her, "to blink
like a doll," over and over, to smile like a dolly and eventually
repeat the key dolly phrases, took hold perfectly. I can't tell you
how hot it got me to see her repeating those silly dolly phrases, in
that cute little voice, over and over. She WAS exactly how I wanted
her to be, my silly, empty headed dolly toy. She enjoyed it so much
(she confirmed this afterwards), that when it became time to "put the
doll away," she was visably disappointed!

The awakening brought her back gently and surely and she was herself
again. Wonderfully happy and calm, yet still needing release, which I
was happy to oblige her with. As a treat, I took out her favorite
vibrator and used it on her. It was really amazing how wet she was.
This without ever laying a finger on her. Her asshole was so
incredibly relaxed (which it normally isn't) that I was easily able to
penetrate it with her favorite glass dildo, which along with the
vibrator brought her to a powerful orgasm at my command - something
else which she was never able to do, cum on command.

It was really quite a memorable experience for both of us and we
eagerly look forward to our next session. I have already modified the
script to include more sexual elements as well as suggestions that
link the transformation to her latex wardrobe, in hopes that she will
connect the wearing of the lovely garments with the transformation to
Dolly. Hopefully, we will get to try it tonight. Because now that
we've established the effectiveness of the hypnotic spell, it's time
to what we really can do with Dolly. >:-)

VH doesn't work nearly as well as the sounds of my voice for my
dolly. I think it has a lot to do with my already being an
authoritative figure to her, one that she knows and trusts and is
used to taking commands from. She complained of the same problems as
you mentioned after our first session - the discomfort from sitting
upright in a chair, in front of the computer and she claimed that it
was much easier to visualize with her eyes closed, as opposed to
staring at the visuals onscreen. That's why we tried this session by
candle light (I read the script off of a laptop computer) with her
lying down comfortably, eyes closed and completely naked.

One idea that you can try as opposed to listening to that stilted VM
voice, is to record your own voice reading the script of your
choosing. You might find this soothing and much more effective.

As for sharing the script, I am not sure if I can do that. It is
very personal to us, and I am not sure if I am comfortable with the
idea of sharing it at the moment. The last thing I want is for it to
get all over the various Hypno-sites and up on hundreds of
computers - especially if it is sold, as I know some sites do. That
would cheapen it, and I feel make it lose power in my eyes. I don't
know, call me superstitious. I will think about it though...

The customized script is actually a combination of the Dollie
Suggestion Loop, the Bambi2 script, Default Deepener, mixed with
the Dollie Wakener. All of these different scripts are combined and
edited to make it more personal to us, more along the lines of
things that I would normally say, phrases I often use while we are
in "Dom and sub mode," for lack of a better term.

I replace "plastic" with "rubber" or "latex," talk about her "dolly
holes," what I often call her mouth and genitals, and soothe her
with personal words and phrases that that comfort her. The first
script I used is heavy on commands, and heavy on induction and
pounding the triggers into her dolly mind. Now that I have seen that
she is very susceptable to trance and can become dolly fairly
easily, the next script will be lighter on commands and much heavier
on association with external elements and sexual elements to
increase the levels of arousal. It should be fun. If she gets home
early enough from work tonight, I plan on giving it a go! I'll
report back with my findings.

he added by email:

"That was the first successful completed session. We have tried it again a few times since, each time it seems the transformation has taken hold even greater. More recently, I refrained from bring her out of the trance for a while and used her in doll mode for the rest of the evening. We are now at the point that when I say her trigger phrase during one of our play sessions, she snaps into dolly mode and speaks and acts like a silly dolly girl!

I plan on a number of heavy hypno sessions in this coming week to prepare her for next Sunday's Bizarre Rubber party (  - scroll down to monthly events).

With a little work I want to get the doll trigger to work on her upon putting on her catsuit, hood, etc... She will be programmed to be in doll mode for the entire evening dressed in total latex enclosure dolly gear and be put display for all to enjoy. Should be fun!"


"The transformation takes hold well with her I feel, because it is something that is not completely alien to her. Even before we tried hypnosis, she would roleplay being the doll as well as other things (we're fond of animal roleplay as well). From the moment I met her, I found her to be very doll like in look and behavior, my "stepford wife" I joke.

She's very submissive and generally agreeable and with her hourglass like figure and big smile, she really makes the perfect doll. As we got more and more into latex fashion together, the doll thing just took hold. Now with the hypnosis it seems very easy for her to slip into the state of mind and I'm sure the more we do it, the easier it will be. Really it was by the second session that the trigger words seemed to have imprinted itself in her mind. In the right mood and without outside distractions, it will stick for as long as I'd like it to.

Of course real life gets in the way and we both have a lot of stress going on at the moment, so we often lack the proper time to get into things the way we'd like and we're both easily distracted. However it is a great stress reliever for the both of us and she says that the trance state serves as a meditation of sorts for her and makes her feel very peaceful - oh, that's another thing that has helped our sessions - she has a lot of experience with meditation and yoga, so her mind is very much used to the feeling of the trance state. She excepts it quite readily and with minimal resistance.

As for triggering the doll-state with contact with the latex garments. I am trying to keep it to the catsuit and the hood, but the hood really in particular, since the change of facial appearance to that of a latex doll probably has the most powerful effect on the psyche I would think. The transparent faced hood in particular, since this doesn't completely conceal her doll-like face, but rubberizes it beautifully."


photoshoped old masters

a great find by James here

seems there's a photoshop competition to convert old masters, and this one is very suited to the blog.

surprised there's not more puppet kinkyness out there?


Sunday, March 26, 2006

doll hypnosis working?

anyone, and i do mean anyone - both female and male - getting hypnosis working?

can you post comment or email me a longer first hand account and i'll make it an official entry.

please share - lead the way for us dolls in training...


requim for a catsuit....

sad news, my catsuit zip has seperated from the latex. as its soo old and the latex is worn down they'll have a go at re-glueing it but it may not stick for very long. then its a write off. sob :-( it was one of my first major purchases after i got into latex with some molded items.

i maybe able to have it converted into a pair of tights, but at this point i'll need to start saving my pennies for something else to coat me. yesterday i spent a good part of it in my zentai suit. its really nice but not the same thing as being coated in slick, tight and shiny latex. image is murry + vern white catsuit and not the one i had - which was black.

must be about 2 months if not a bit more that i put on my latex panties daily for dawn to bed. but thats not enough, i must start wearing more and more for longer and longer.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

...or you could be made into art

still considering the possibilities of what to do if your made permenantly into a doll, here's some shots of some sort of performance art troupe or installation. no idea what's going on. it does seem that everyone wether they are black or white were made painted into a matching group.

at least you won't be alone and will have others too play with....


Jobs for latex dolls....

ok, so you have been converted permenantly into a latex doll..... now what if you had to work?

one job possibility is to join the attitude girls in las vegas, who besides dressing and looking identical just walk around and pose in latex catsuits it seems.

they do look very hot though, imagine being transformed, brainwashed so that you are just a dolly and forced to join them...


Sticky by the gallon...

just spotted this on posted in the photos section by stuckman_ryan and entitled: Sexy Barefeet Stuck in Rat Trap Glue

he explained: "We used plain veg. oil to get the glue off, it wasn't hard at all, its the same if you use a little glue or a lot. She was seriously very stuck when i the glue started to get mixed up more, It was extremely thick. But yes came off easy. Any more Questions guys lemme kno..... By the way She lost 1 toering too in the glue. out of the total 4 she was wearing..."

some suggestions that follow include filling a latex catsuit with it and getting loads more and a paddling pool.


Yahoo instant messaging and me

its ok to use YIM if you want to leave me a message, compliment or a link, but don't expect a realtime responce as i'm almost never on it and only check a few times a week.

i also have a mac and it doesn't save out from it well. best to send any long text to my email address which is now updated on my profile - both blogger and yahoo.


Friday, March 24, 2006

Molded rubber bodies

seems the idea is still out there. Yves Saint Laurent did it a few years ago. wonder how well it sold and if there any on ebay?

you think he'd of opted for bigger breasts?


fun with liquid latex

another find from my back ups.

this is a spread from a fetish magazine from the uk when liquid latex first came out with a certian medical transformative slant that will appeal.... well to me anyway :P

its great fun to apply but the results are very crap. even molded latex is better than something made from layered liquid latex. still the shots are very yummy....


More fun with vistaprint

just had a go again with and made up a test card.

what do you think?


A good stories takes you places....

i just noticed that after a couple months or so there's a new update at the legacy of timeless beauty archive. go check it out and make up your mind what are the best ones there. leave a comment about it too if you like.

top of the list is two from tsg who constanty delivers the goods and i must admit she's been sending me advance previews to that just rock my world - making me soo glad that i am wearing latex panties all day..... and that i'd want to jump in and be the main character, to be taken, ordered and so totally changed....
it can be argued that good stories can be seem to be a form of hypnosis, you get sucked into the narrative and what is happening to the characters and place yourself amongst them to experience with them. obviously its not possible to become 100% plastic or latex but submersing yourself in a really good story like one of tsgs then you become....

some interesting brain experiments show that watching a person do something creates the same exact mirror of neuron firing in the do-er as the watcher. i bet the same thing is true with tv and films. too extend that it could be argued that to really get into a story is to live it. curiously there's also no difference between a memory of something and experience of something from a brain scan pov.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wearing a latex sex doll

anyone who has worn or owns latex clothing will know this already; latex should be skin tight as possible - if painted on or worn really loose and flowing. the middle ground just doesn't look appealing or feel good.

one pay site dedicated to women wearing latex doll site is whats most interesting is the how its all done in four seperate pages in both german and english here.

there's also some previews of different types of dolls being worn on the right had side of the page. they look pretty bad compared to the Rubber Sisters IMHO.

but then maybe the idea of being forced into a latex sex doll is the main appeal? not the actual end result?


more doll like fashion spreads

small treasure trove of photos have been found on flicker by latexloki here, - thanks

have a look through as there are lots of interesting shots. pitty they are so low res. xx

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

if you want to be a latex sex doll....

this is one site where you'll need to go to get the hoods.


the sites in german but as its mainly photo's its not too hard to suss out whats going on. they do a curious range of molded latex hoods. the most doll like is the one illustrated here. i personally like the white faced one with the shaped flapper haircut. now if they'd do a molded rubber wig i'd order on immediately...


the rubber clown specialist...

i really had not interest in clowns before i read some fiction by rubberbando on a transformation yahoo group.

actually i have always thought they were scarey and pretty ugly. but his writing has flare and imagination with lots of transformations that got me going. he also crosses over into zentai suit transformations and rather yummy apsects of being converted into balloon people.

my favourite being here. thats one way to become all latex and reminds me when i was much much younger and my first experience with latex was getting balloons onto both my hands and my feet. i dreamed of the day when i could have the wonderfull material actualy envelope me totally.

the main page is here and also has some of his composits and photoshop works. sexy women trapped in latex clown costumes and having their skin turn to white latex.... oh yes please!!


Graf found

typical, i did my own searches and found michael graf's website here.

very slick images in all, but no sign of the dipped in molases shots i'm after. but check out the 2nd icon in from the left for 'boy invents girl'. its a really slick series of images using a real woman's body and a scuplted mannequins head.

very very kinky....


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Playing with rubber bands...

UserJesse found a link on flicker of a japanese girl playing with rubber bands. here

there's several in the sequence so click through them and she tries them on her legs too. its a technique thats been suggested in early comments.

guess rubber bands is the best way to become a doll quickly but they do hurt and leave a mark if you leave them on for too long. but then maybe thats the point for some people?


Monday, March 20, 2006

Were-barbie no show

just too say no effects or anything has been felt at all and its been a week now. :-(

still wearing my latex panties now - must be coming up on two months now? the boots have been on for two weeks for sure. yearning for the heels to show up so i can wear them to bed to continue to train while i sleep.


How far into the doll would you like to go?

another pole to tease out what people want to do or at least fantasise about.

unlike with the last one its a single click only - so take your time before you hit that button as its set so you won't get a second chance.


How much of a doll would you like to be?
occasional doll costume play when i feel like it
some doll clothes at home when no ones around
wearing doll clothes to fetish or goth clubs
wearing doll like clothes or accesories to work
a relationship where i am made into a doll for occasional play
a relationship where i am in doll mode when not working
a relationship where i am a doll 24 / 7
hypnotised and conditioned to be a doll only
sealed in a latex or zentai suit and left as a doll forever
Free polls from

blog listings...

my blog is now listed on 3xl's brilliant latex blog 'Lust, Love & Latex' - a premiere site for news about latex and fetishes. in some ways it blows away other sites that are actual magazines which also feature numbers in the name...

you can see the link on the lower left hand side nesled amongst all the other blogs. there's sometimes a star next to the name which i'm guessing means there's an update. alot of them seem to be very innert update wise.

still its fame and links of sorts.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

the 1:1 ratio

seems that the small dolls just aren't doing it any more for the hard core collectors out there in japan. a big thank you too Rina Katase wrote in with a couple of links of places doing life sized, one to one ratio dolls. they aren't naturalistic but more of anime like.

so why not just get a mannequin instead? or maybe get a mannequin and put on a new head or mask which you could wear as well. no mention if they were doll like in the 'frount bottom' as some people call it.

check them out here and here


Michael Graf from Behind the Lens...

anyone watch fashion television besides me? there was a series called 'behind the lens' and the first episode featured a photographer that did a shoot with a model in a vat of molases. very very yummy..
... and thats not just the molases!!! ;-)

his name was michael graf and i did find his site but can't find it anymore. he had some amazing low res shots and it looks like the were used as part of an advertising campaign.

i'd _love_ much higher resolution shots of these. maybe you remember seeing adverts that used them?

apparently he also did one with a model as a dress makers dummy too as well as shots for northbound leather. that guy is kinky...


A guide to Akihabara... geek capital of japan

thanks Edo for this cool link in english of the geek capital of japan here. amazing shops that make will most people drool with toys & electronics galore and a fair number of living doll women.

for the tourist with alot of money to spend the sections include:

» Akihabara -- The Electronic Heart of Asia
» Things to See in Akihabara: Adult Stores
» Akihabara Book Stores
» Akihabara Figures & Figurines & Stuff
» Akihabara Gaming
» Akihabara Maid Cafes
» Akihabara Stores
» Akihabara Transport Museum
» Places to Eat: Akihabara Dining Challenge
» Excursions from Akihabara: Tsukuba Express
» Akihabara History

and its also the main centre of the cult tv series Densha Otoko aka 'train man'. already on wikipedia here. about a total geek who falls in love with a beautiful career woman and who turns to an internet message board for tips on how to interact and finally date her.


Lum in various costumes...

more masked and costumes play from japan here. you find a pretty huge collection of 'lum' mask with cool costumes along with some zentai suits too.

if you've not seen the anime series it's a popular and long running one from the early 1980's (195 episodes!!) that spun off info several films.

"Ataru Moroboshi, the world's most lecherous, unlucky, and unfaithful teenager, is randomly selected by invading aliens to defend Earth in a one-on-one action against their champion.

The alien warlord's daughter, Lum-chan, is Ataru's opponent and he has 10-days to just grab her horns. Ataru's girlfriend, Shinobu, promises to marry Ataru if he wins. When Ataru finally does win, he happily states that now he can get married. Lum interprets this as Ataru proposing to her, so she accepts. Now he is engaged Lum and she won't tollerate any cheating.

Shinobu isn't happy about the situation either. And to make matters worse, Ataru's male classmates are all in love with Lum-chan. What's a guy to do?"

The series creatorTakahashi Rumiko went on to make long running InuYasha, Maison Ikkoku and gender/panda swaping when wet Ranma 1/2.

a great place for anime reviews is which you can go to by hitting here


A sexy Bratz pose

from a link Edo posted in a comment. there was an ok shot of a woman with a bratz head, but after a bit of digging through the same artists work i found this shot.

i still think a mask is a possible way to go...