Wednesday, July 27, 2011

coming on Aug 1st from Drake

the new issue of Medusariffic issue 61 - featuring me!!

at the same time Andy from Smooth Slick n Shiny
has sent me a cover of his on going series and i've been asked to write the cover lines and couldn't really get it so ended up writing a short and yet long caption.

now i think the headline will be 'The Mistresses Clinic' with the subhead; "Their offer to Asudem was too amazing to resist - the results to perfect to let go"


Sunday, July 24, 2011

how to walk in high heels

thanks to Mistress Didi for friending me on fetlife and allowing me to post this short instructional video she made.


actually they do exist!

there was a psycho doll costume on one of those large halloween online retailers and i came so close to buying it just for the doll jointed tights that came with it. never did however.

so it was to some great surprise and joy that two separate readers; Jacek and Falbert sent in the links to these japanese panythose. they're about 20$ and a bit more information along with a japanese link to order them can be found at Dangerous Minds coverage of them.

thats where i had the idea for the element of the story i'm working on bellow.

now will someone mass produce them and make them in a range of doll joint styles please?


a tease

i still need a volunteer to help me finish off a couple of short captions and stories. above is one image and here's a peek at some text:

Mistress was carrying a few bags of her own and pulled out a pair of white pantyhose from a plastic bag with some obscure glyph on it. She offered it to her as a gift if she put them on now with the dress. She smiled at the older tall woman and took them semi-reluctantly to the changing stall. The shop girl watched from a distance as this strange seduction played out in front of her.

As if entranced she stepped out of the small curtained changing room like a doll walking out of her box. The tights were a solid cloud white bar detailing around the knees and ankles. They were doll joints like on japanese dolls and they added such a unique twist to the outfit. Looking down at herself she thought to herself that it would look a lot better with a matching long sleeve sheer top with matching dol joints for her arms. She commanded to pose, she did, twirl, she did, stand still and stiff and she did as her future Mistress circled her.

so if you can help please email me...


they are sooo on sale

i spotted this on and am in two minds about posting the information as it deals with Chinese makers of latex catsuits and other outfits who are known for stealing designs from european latex makers. for example the photo above while used in the listing may not even be theirs!!!

if you visit there's a chinese company doing a special promotion on latex catsuits for a snip at 40£ or less with shipping at 20£ for the month of July.

i do get a lot of people emailing me and saying that can't afford latex and thats a very valid point. so here's a chance to get a latex catsuit at fire sale prices.

now my experience with chinese latex has been up and down. my main issue is that the material itself isn't great compared to Radical Rubber or 4d. the colors kept bleeding when hand washing and even before then it needed to be washed ten times to get the goo they used to polish it with and any other manufactures residue out of it. the finish once de-gunked is not very smooth either.

i also had bad reactions too it on a couple of wearings when i was in the catsuit for a full day. i don't have much of it left - it simply wore out as latex does if your wearing it daily like me.

so i've shown you an offer; given you some warnings from past experience and I can tell you it still a lot better than anything molded.

let me know if you cave in and order anything. i know i'll be passing on it.


Monday, July 18, 2011

when high fashion latex came to New York

shiny blue ladies

just one word - yummy... and of course wish it was longer.

i think there's some potential for better designed hoods too but thats me coming in as a latex stylist and well no ones ever hired me for that as yet.


Kink Engineering's raffle

its really a good idea and its so Archean can get over to Miss Rubber World. she explained in a posting:

I'm heading over to House of Gord this August to do a set for Miss Rubber World, and was thinking of fun ways to offset some of the cost of flying across the country... so I'm having a raffle!


brand new queen-sized fitted bedsheet in metallic silver (a $212 value).
"Zombi" necronomicox dildo (in flesh colours as seen on the website, $200 value)
Mobius gloves in black and mocha, sized small ($80 value)
Tickets are $5 each and can be purchased through our webstore here. Each $5 increment will get you a ticket, and there's no maximum donation amount!

To sweeten the deal, any donation over $20 will receive an autographed 5x7" print from one of Kink Engineering's photoshoots. Donations over $60 will receive a free 4" overlay. Donations over $120 will receive their choice of free made-to-measure mobius gloves or mobius briefs.

The raffle goes until August 14th. I'll be announcing the winners on August 15th.

Thanks for your support!

full information and to enter the competition then go here .


a bit of editing help

i'm working on another caption and would like some help.

please email me at my yahoo account if you have time to work with my bare bones of a story. i think its all there. just needs extra input to check spelling, tense, grammar etc etc. and to beat it into shape.


story and retouched images by Vanilla Lite

based on the photo i posted awhile ago. do comment as it will hopefully encourage Vanilla Lite to do more.


Cass smiled impishly as she slid the cheap blonde wig over her not-at-all cheap, crew-with-a-twist haircut. The black with a hint of red was her trademark. But not tonight. The flirty white sleeveless blouse was doing its thing, but the jeans were never part of the plan, and with her flexible, lithe body she did without thinking what several of her girlfriends would have struggled with: slipped them off while the nylon on her head remained glued to the spot.

She quickly put on a black, pleated miniskirt over her black thong. Getting there. The makeup needed to be a mask in order to satisfy the playful idea she’d been rolling around in her head all day.

Charged thoughts had been tying her up in knots all week, after a crazy moment at Fen’s place. They’d been trying out each other’s outfits and giggling like schoolgirls. Cass, in her underwear, had found a black leather item and couldn’t work out what the hell it was. The answer left her none the wiser. “An armbinder?” Fen, her second best friend, had become breathless with excitement. Cass suddenly felt like she hardly knew her, but also had an urge – a desperate urge – to try on this tortuous-looking object. Fen had eagerly obliged and cinched Cass’s arms tight behind her, elbows almost touching. There followed chatting, more touching than usual, occasional small adjustments to the device but no offers of release. After 25 minutes Fen gently removed the leather binder, and Cass, gasping with equal parts relief and excitement, was left wanting to scream: “What does this mean for us?!” Instead, the sex thing was out there yet not out there. It was driving her crazy.

Cass was single, hetero and vanilla, save a little tie-up play, which was never her idea when it came to her being the tyee. Suddenly, everything was upside-down. Every fantasy was with Fen and involved being in the armbinder or other items she quickly discovered online. Sex was on her mind constantly and only her highest heels would do.

Today’s idea was simply to walk around in a sexy outfit anonymous from her regular life, and hopefully pick up some toys. Something leather. Something to show Fen, maybe. She grinned.

Black fuck-me shoes completed the look. But not quite the feel. When she left the apartment the thong did not.

She headed straight for a little adult boutique in a back street. It was late night shopping, and she reckoned the darkness and quiet streets should save her from bumping into the handful of people she knew here.

“Idiot!” she suddenly thought – you don’t try on intimate clothing with no undies on! The girl at the back of the shop had on a black basque with pink trim, black gauze panties and high heels. “You sell these?” Cass pointed, rather embarrassed, to the assistant’s crotch. The assistant – who could have been Cass’s doppelganger but for her fuller lips and unreadable eyes – smiled softly but said nothing. She quickly returned with a pair that tied at the sides, which Cass much preferred. She put them on, emerging from the changing room for a better look in the big mirror at the back of the shop. And this? She found herself pointing to the assistant’s basque (which she didn’t even especially like) and quickly realised that her aroused subconscious was way ahead of her and knew she’d need help getting into that.

The assistant returned with a similar item. The place was empty, and the net curtain at the back of the shop window just gave Cass the confidence to change at the big mirror, her heart thumping with the excitement of not knowing if anyone was watching – they could see in but she saw only blackness outside.

The unnamed assistant proceeded to remove Cass’s bra. This took her aback but caused a rush of excitement to surge through her body. Heart racing and body tingling, she suddenly wished she was near the front of the shop and turned round the other way – and was now also taken aback by her own mental processes!

The assistant drew the basque around her naked torso and started firmly lacing it up, while Cass turned her head sideways to take in the effect – not of the lingerie but of being laced up by this girl, this strange stranger. She was transfixed and couldn’t look away.

And all of a sudden she realised she really couldn’t look away – her neck refused to move! So why was she mentally pleading for the basque to be pulled tighter? As if hearing her pleas, the assistant continued her expert and impossibly tight lacing. Cass could hardly breathe.

And then she realised she couldn’t breathe – at all! Something was happening to her. It was as if the basque was around every part of her, totally immobilizing every limb and muscle. It was both utterly terrifying and orgasmically thrilling. Get a grip, Cass, you need to breathe! She tried to move anything, make any sound. Nothing. And yet no nightmarish clawing at the mind like that time the scuba mix went haywire.

Her feet felt like that time they swelled up in her trainers on a long-haul flight. And her face... “Oh my god, my face!” It was changing. This had to be a dream, right? No way to pinch herself. Off-the-scale alarm now. Right, Cass, if it’s a dream and you know it’s a dream you can make stuff happen. Fucking ANYTHING. Change something. Blink. STOP changing into a goddamn shop mannequin!

She tried. She knew it was all real. Impossible, but still real. But she had to try. Nothing. It had only taken the assistant a couple of minutes to lace her up, but there was now just an unblinking mannequin staring back at her. The assistant swivelled her round to admire her handiwork. She must weigh all of 30 pounds now. Shit, what would happen if she toppled over and something broke off?! She cursed herself for leaning forward for her fitting.

The assistant slid her up against the mirror and rubbed her plastic crotch through her panties. Despite all that had happened she was TOTALLY unprepared for this. She exploded immediately into orgasm, unseen and unheard. “UNFAIR!” she screamed mentally. The assistant continued and Cass was angry with herself for being ecstatic. After just minutes she was a quivering mess who couldn’t quiver! And then it was over and she was dragged unceremoniously to the shop window.

She was positioned between two other mannequins, her head still turned to the side and now facing the street. She could see her own half reflection and a few lights and signs. She was all questions and no answers. Would this effect wear off? Would the girl use her again? How could she feel orgasms surge through her body when she was now hollow plastic? How would she sleep with open eyes? Would the girl use her again? Would the girl use her again?

A crazy mix of the deepest satisfaction and yearning filled her and Cass fell asleep.

Friday, July 15, 2011

my own captioning

by asudem latex

"oh Mistress, she's perfect. Can I play with her now?"

"Yes, my love. The implant should have taken hold already. She'll be fully compliant'"

'She'll do whatever I say right? Not like that last one. She disobeyed me and I had to throw her away."

"Yes my pretty, I spent some time looking for a better subject. This one desperately wanted to be made into a doll. I've also made a few changes this time. She'll be unable to do anything without your say-so. She'll be posed like that for days if we left her. A perfect little doll. Maybe I should make a pretty glass case to keep her in?"

"Oh Mistress, she's so pretty. I just love her long blond hair and prettly little mouth. We're going to have so much fun together. The things I'm going to make her do..."

"Do you like her shiny pink latex arms? I could of taken it further or all the way - although I wanted your opinion first my dear. Afterall she's your toy to dress up."

"They're amazing, she'll be so easy to clean.. and you know I can't get enough latex. Can you pleeease?"

Her bonding is permanent; any additons won't ever come off. You need to be really sure you want her this way.

yes yes yes.. please!

how about latex legs and ass with a doll pussy hole front and tight hole in back?

oooh perfect!!

do you like the idea full torso covering? maybe with more barbie shaped breasts..


And what of her head? You know she'd have to loose all her hair and use wigs. Much better for playing and accessorising a doll of course. Her head would be cast and a perfect latex mask of herself in a thin clear latex preserveing her beauty forever. Her makeup has already been painted and tattooed on. The control chip would be sealed into her too if this was ever put on.

"oh maybe not yet though just the idea is making me wet. then she's be latex all over.... it's not too much is it Mistress?"

She willingly agreed to all of it already my dear... and really much more; you should play with her first for awhile before I make any further latex bonding. After all once the casted latex mask goes on she's sealed as a doll forever. She'll never pass as human - just a gorgeous living latex doll."

"Yes Mistress, I understand..." (pauses)

*blushes* and Mistress if were to ask you very nicely... *deep crimson blush* whispers... would you give me a latex body too?"

"oh course my love... I knew you'd ask one day. As i've always planned.... I could even make you her latex doll twin".

Oscar de la Renta's Fall Campaign video

primary color latex stockings are featured heavily.

as shot by Craig McDean whose name comes up frequently with anything tight and shiny. is he the next Bob Carlos Clarke?

link to video found on


Thursday, July 07, 2011

the full story of previous post

i've been contact by Wyu the creator of both the stories and the suits she's made which are laid out on her bed.

she was kind enough to contact me and send in a photo of it being worn.

her work can be found of course on her website at Kigurumi Cosplay. so go have a look and for those who asked where to buy your own - well buy them from her ;-) although she does point out its just a required element of Kigurumi and the masks are he main hobby.


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

so thats where they came from

thanks to Gregory the Russian mask maker for this find via facebook;

"Taxidermed women skin~^_^

To make skin coloured suits, a volunteer offers to become a suit and a buyer offers to fund the operation~

The volunteer first gets stripped bare and de-haired, then they are put into matter-current-matter converter. Those can be bought in hardware stores, but this one is just bigger.

The matter-current-matter converter converts each nanometer of the volunteer's body into electronic data and prints the modified data back into physical matter. This process has been a safe and convenient way to converting living things into useful objects and back for many years, the invention has truly improved modern living.

Since the matter-current-matter converter does not terminate life of living things that undergo its conversion, the volunteer retains full consciousness and retain their sense of touch. Depending on the item the volunteer is converted into, if eyes, nose and ears are not present, then the volunteer will experience blindness, loss of sense of smell and loss of sense of hearing. In the case of the bodysuits I make, only the sense of touch is retained~^_^

After about just 10 minutes since the conversion began, the entire process is completed. The female volunteers are now skin tight bodysuits, and ready to wear.

Some of the volunteers may experience some shock and panic after they re-materialise as an object, so I tend to keep them lying down on a flat surface before folding them away. This hopefully lessen the unpleasantness experienced by the volunteers while they become accustomed to their new body. First time volunteers may experience higher than normal sensations and unpleasant feelings, but we cannot tell by just looking at the bodysuits they've become without a object-mind-sensor. Those detectors cost a lot so I didn't buy one. So I just treat the bodysuits nicely at first, and hope the girl who had become it learn to calm herself.

I tend to schedule 10 volunteers per session, each session to convert all the female volunteers takes about 4 hours in total. So the first bodysuits usually get plenty of rest time.

The bodysuits are laid on a flat surface like you see in the picture above. And because they are naked, they tend to feel cold, but they cannot do anything about it once in that form. I usually put them on my warm bed so they do not suffer too much.

After a few hours of resting, I will proceed to pack the women volunteers into tough postal bags to be shipped to their buyer. I try to match the buyer's size to the size of the women who turned into the suits so that the bodysuit side will not be too far off from the buyer who will wear them. This is because stretching the bodysuits is comparable to stretching the female volunteer's skin. This will in turn give the volunteer a feeling of bloated-ness in their body and heighten their sense of touch in the stretched areas. Too much may cause the bodysuit some discomfort.

So, in summary, the high quality skin coloured, skin tight bodysuits I sell are made from cute female volunteers with a sense of adventure, through a common matter-current-matter converter. So be sure to take good care of the girl you're putting on, and do not stretch her too much when you get inside her. And remember since bodysuits will stretch when a buyer wears them no matter what, the bodysuits will have a heightened sense of touch, so try not to put the suits in too much abuse or teasing. They cannot do anything in response but you know they can feel it. Be a gentleman and don't let your bodysuit undergo too many orgasms than they can handle, they are frail women after all.

Pictured in the photographs from left to right, the 10 female volunteers are:
Yukie, Cici, Yukari(slightly concealed by Cici), Haru, Hotaru, Aqua, Ashley, Odette, Faye and Rinrin.

I wish the suits have a fun and happy experience with their buyers and that the buyer will take good care of them.

Now, if you wish to be a buyer or a volunteer, feel free to send me a message, I will make you a suit or make you into a suit anytime.

Thank you and I hope the information has been enlightening~^_^


there's a whole new issue

in Drakes epic collection of renderings that is Medusariffic will be caption-less and all based around some ideas i've been drip feeding him for awhile - with me as the star no less!!

here's a teaser image he sent over:

i can't wait till august.


another doll-ish advert from the UK

thanks to FS for emailing it in to me.