Sunday, July 24, 2011

they are sooo on sale

i spotted this on and am in two minds about posting the information as it deals with Chinese makers of latex catsuits and other outfits who are known for stealing designs from european latex makers. for example the photo above while used in the listing may not even be theirs!!!

if you visit there's a chinese company doing a special promotion on latex catsuits for a snip at 40£ or less with shipping at 20£ for the month of July.

i do get a lot of people emailing me and saying that can't afford latex and thats a very valid point. so here's a chance to get a latex catsuit at fire sale prices.

now my experience with chinese latex has been up and down. my main issue is that the material itself isn't great compared to Radical Rubber or 4d. the colors kept bleeding when hand washing and even before then it needed to be washed ten times to get the goo they used to polish it with and any other manufactures residue out of it. the finish once de-gunked is not very smooth either.

i also had bad reactions too it on a couple of wearings when i was in the catsuit for a full day. i don't have much of it left - it simply wore out as latex does if your wearing it daily like me.

so i've shown you an offer; given you some warnings from past experience and I can tell you it still a lot better than anything molded.

let me know if you cave in and order anything. i know i'll be passing on it.



Anonymous said...

Yet another kerfuffle going on at IAR now with the same old pro-Chinese vs anti-Chinese discussion. Nothing good ever comes out of it and it just leads to a lot of bad blood.

zentai_addicted said...

I just received two catsuits from They gaurentee natural latex. Although it appears as a British site I am pretty sure they are Chinese made. I have to say they are well made including rivets in strategic locations for extra strength. This is a small detail often overlooked but important especially at the top and bottom of the zippers. I usually add my own. The price seems right too. I bought an extra large and it fit just right. I am 6' 175 lbs. A trade mark of the chinese suits is the gloves are usually too small for european decent types like myself. The gloves on my too suits were larger than most Chinese suits, fit a little too tite but bearable. As a note, I have small hands at size 8 1\2. Let me know if you ever checked out thier web site.

Anonymous said...

In all manufacturing (meaning not just fetish attire) the Chinese have vastly improved and have nothing to be ashamed of, yet why don't they see how it puts off potential customers when they use photos not even theirs, but often not even the product they are selling?
For instance advertising a PVC catsuit, yet displaying an image they lifted from a known resource of one in latex? Why on earth would I risk sending my money when I have no idea what the heck they are going to send?