Tuesday, December 27, 2016

there's a new RP area in SL

and you can guess where i ended up.. although i did get stuck in mud first.


maybe i should have cake or something?

i had done some math and i figured it was a few months early. nope....

anyone notice?

must make me an expert or leader in this fetish field. sponsors? ad space for latex etc...


and 2016 isn't over yet...

another one gone. 


Sunday, December 18, 2016

they probably look much better in the shop

on a couture styled mannequin.

faded denim and cut offs - just say no.

the smoked black ones would of worked better imho. you can get either styles on Aliexpress HERE.


Thursday, December 08, 2016

not sure if its a real issue?

loose and tight with pastel colours

more chic and couture than the normal deep black in bulk rubber. found on the net so no idea who made it.


weighted blankets, hugs, rubber and BDSM?

all linked? just a theory. the secret of corset addiction?

a bit more information on weighted blankets is at www.mosaicweightedblankets.com . does that make BDSM dommes therapists? 


christmas latex from Fetish Chimera

Sunday, December 04, 2016

one i revisit but have yet to rewrite

its a great fashion image and there's so much potentially going on it needs a great story.

- has all her friends been captured? - is the blank mannequin about to absorb the last of the friends who has discovered them all trapped? - is it the mannequin takeover? - is it magic or adanvanced science? - a waxwork or museum?

these an other exciting endings might one day get answered by me - but feel free to end this kinky cliffe hanger in your own way but do share the results.

sort of reminds me of the semi permenant location in the shadowbox at estate obscure in second life.


love this caption and image

yes please Amanda B...


lost then found

i had wanted to use this photo in a post for another story but too late and i misplaced it and wanted to meet my own self imposed deadlines to satisfy those silent readers out there.

so here it is.

feel free to write a cap or a story around it.

i'll get to it soon.


the 360 images are there as a a start

just the google cardboard like headset isn't working with my eyes. i wear 1x glasses for reading (sometimes) so focus is way off and there's no way to adjust on my 20$ cheapo vr headset with my new smart phone.

so digging around on the treasure chest that is Ali-Express i think i'll order these ones shortly. available here.

now supposedly there was an app to view SL in 360 VR but no word on that. bet it will happen so in the meantime with the help from; Illiastra Ascendent  in world he shots three photo's which i posted as 2d in the previous entry.

more examples and links are: The Illiastra Panoramic Camera: 360-degree images of Second Life

if your a keen SL person and snapper - why not shoot 360?


where i am in Second Life - now in 360 VR

estate obscure... from three pov's and one looking out from where i am locked up.

hope this works.