Monday, December 31, 2007

two weeks ago ....

...i decided that i would start to wear my skinny latex jeans from waking up in the morning to my bedtime, and since then i've not been out of them for any length of time bar washing them and myself. i wear them normally at home and when i head out for work i put on another pair of jeans or slacks on top of them.

so for two solid weeks i've been wearing latex on half my body - even if it's at work and hidden. when home i've generally been putting on my chocolate brown latex blouse and wear that as well till bedtime.

its very curious feeling to know i am so willingly doing what could be considered a fantasy and succeeding. i am past the one week point i had tried earlier in the year with my baby pink latex tights. sensation wise its not as distracting as trying to sleep in it which i've yet to be able to do. psychologically the distant idea or hope even of becoming a latex doll now has concrete base in reality. i've proved that to myself by doing, by becoming and increasingly accepting that which i yearn for. its waaaay past being a fantasy and is now a fact.

meanwhile i am still trying to raise my courage to outmyself as a latex wearer and just have the jeans on with some long top. i may do it tonight. i really don't know yet. what i am sure of that i'll be seeing in 2008 in latex covering half my body.

it has really hit me as a realisation how far i had come both with latex wearing and heel training which now included stretches of days in my 5.5's court shoes. everything has sped up in the last few months and i figure it will do more into 2008. maybe even exponentially. some people have helped in this and they do know who they are and they continue to encourge me.

i now know my latex skinny jeans wearing won't end at 2 weeks, that from now on from my waist down i'll be latex.

tommorrow i'll start with my pink tights and those will be my mainstay (till my leggings come) but i know that i am 1/2 a latex doll. its very likely i will be much much much more so by this time next year.


wrapped in chocolate....

in case you didn't get a colour foiled wrapped Santa Claus or and can't wait for easter bunnies - even though the eggs are already on sale in some places, then have a look at the article on a recent fashion show in Russia is devoted to clothes made of chocolate here

apparently the chocolate exhibiton moves around a bit and here's their main site with video trailer no less here and pervious year's show which was a bit more local innew york in 2006.

wonder how many calories those dresses are?


current favorite fiction

is by nanoslaver and can be found here. especially Backfired, Molly Dolly and Thaasophobe. she just has a really good way with detail and this element i always find appealing; the trap that becomes permenant in a an unexpected ending.

whats yours? please post links and titles.

or of course you could write something new, email it to me and i'll post them here.


Friday, December 28, 2007

last of the japanese dolls

thanks to Betty LaBamba for the last of the scans at full resolution.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

getting comfortable and going higher

its been just over three weeks since i decided - and with a bit of urging from a friend who is already stuck in heels - to go up an inch from my 4's melissa's to my 5 inch pleasers. it wasn't too hard as i had some experience in them before but within the space of 10 days or so i was pretty confident in them and they were natural.

i'd wear them all day and sometimes sleeping in them too help acclimatise me too them and develop the arch of my soles. i never managed a full night of sleep in them as i kept kicking them off or they would get caught up in the sheets and are pulled off - but i am trying and getting there slowly. part of the problem is my apt has the bathroom down a set of stairs. and wandering around in heels haf asleep to use it is well an accident waiting to happen.

meanwhile lying in the bath last week it became pretty obvious that it was really working. my soles were becoming pronounced in their arches with no sign of flattening when standing normaly. putting on my favorite melissas designed by KR felt like i was in flats. really like running shoes.

the friend steped up at this point and suggested i start with the 5.5s classic stiletto court shoes, and so now i'm in those when not in the basic 5's. these i had bough a couple of years ago when i was first introduced to the idea of being stuck in heels by TSG. i got all excited and bought my standard 5's and a pair of oxford 5.5s and the court shoes at the same hieght. neither of which i could stand in let alone wear for more than a few min at a time. so they sat in my cupboard - waiting.

now with very firm encouragement from two or three online friends i am now in the 5.5s and generally manage about 4 - 6 hrs in them, sometimes having to take them off for an hr for my toes to stop hurting. yesterday some local friends dragged me on a long boxing day walk with a stop for a coffee and then in the afternoon a chinese meal. i had to put on my low wedge boots as they were the only ones with any grip. i had to get back into my 5's immedately once i got in my calfs and back of legs were hurting. in the evening i swaped up to 5.5s and i'm back in them now.

the mornings bath had me examining my arches again and noticed that my toes could almost go to a 90 degree angle now. very similiar to the video bellow but with less of an arch.

i wonder if she's stuck in heels as i will soon be one day?


ps: i'm now 10 days into another training. something i thought not really possible but is proving to be even if i've not totally outed myself in them. still from dawn to bed i'm in them.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a christmas story and image

from TSG. click it ot see if at full resolution so you can actually read the text.

image source is unkown though the text complements it very well.


Monday, December 24, 2007

rubber dolls win the poll by landslide

such an obvious question and yet i totally missed doing it myself and then when Betty La Bamba did it on her Rubber Betty pole in November i had to be told about it a month later by Through Fare (thanks!).

essentially she broke it down into four main catergories: "Nurse/Medical", "Dominatrix", "Maid" and "Rubber Doll" which won at 44% of the 34 votes.

she's also made a major find with Vogue Nippon (Japan's) november issue which is full of dolls modelling high fashions with a definite fetish edge.

thanks to Betty for supplying me with the images too use here.


Friday, December 21, 2007

encased and displayed - just like the stories

as an artist i think you can get away with some pretty perverse stuff. here's a perfect example of that was created in 1991 when Philippe Meste was still at art school. this looks like some oversized mechano set torture device but instead of a barbie inside and small, it will take a living naked woman.

for more images of the installation peice of it being assembled around a model then look at his homepage entry for Sex Moderne 1

as he progressed artistically he went on to make an epoxy resine clam shell version Sex Moderne 2 a scant few years later in 1995-96/. this version is much more streamlined and very reminicent of the allen jones mannequin body detailed earlier in this blog.

the white plexiglass shell encases a woman leaving only her sex and breast exposed. its been exhibited four times and been used in two films in 2002 - Morgane Rousseau 'Porn Movie (Rush)' and Ovidie 'Lilith' 2002.

another entry on an art blog is here for Sex Moderne 2. thanks to SlinkySkin for the link via blackice.

i wonder if gord from the House of Gord considers himself an artist or realises he's on the cutting edge of contemporary art?


boots for a superheroine?

still on my high heeled rain boot quest - seemingly unending at this point - i had a google on siger morrison to see if they had done any more styles of rubber rain boots. the pair i have are flat soled and are the closest one can get in 20+ years to the rare Acquo boots.

surprise, surprise and the first few entries on google come back with this very blog.

further along in the search results i found one pair in a vibrant green for sale gotham city online for 99$ with free shipping. i figured i'd mention it in case anyone was after a pair, even if such a nu-rave colour.

still i think they would compliment a superheroine don't you think, especially since they come from batman's home town Gotham City. ;-)


fashion living dolls -

Designer Natalie Wood pushed the boundaries when presenting her quirky label 'Something'

check out the full description at cool hunter. so does that mean living dolls are cool?


inner doll model

i still model now and then in second life and the most recent place u can find me parked in a lovely bell jar glass case at 'Inner Doll'.

and no i'm not for sale.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

german fashion with a latex edge

i just pop'd over to mahret's excellent fartguide blog and found a new entry on german fashion designers which featured a bit of latex as detailing. she commented:

Germany is slow - we already knew that. And it's absolutely unfashionable - with some exceptions. We don't have proper fashion blogs and no cathy horyn, suzy menkes or whoever... just a bunch of more or less boring magazines (some exceptions here aswell) and... anyway. I was surprised to find an interview of Marios Schwab in the current issue of the Spiegel's (major German news magazine) supplement Kulturspiegel. Unfortunately it's - surprise - in German, but I simply had to post it...

go to her blog to see more of the fashion scans from teh feature and the rest of her comments.


issue number 10 is full of dolls

sometimes i need to go through my junk folders on both yahoo and google too see if the filters have gotten carried away and deleted some actual emails from friends and readers. one peice of spam i did check out (as i don't remember signing up for it) is the online magazine chic today.

i did spend a bit of time visiting the magazine's website and found one of the older issues - number 10 - is packed full of doll like motifs with a very doll-ish model on the cover. though hardly suprisingly it was the one on burlesque.

and more of the fantasy fashion spread is on the inside of the downloadable issue.

what caught me by surprise was that there's an actual makeup collection called 'doll face'! i'm not even making tenous connections here - its an actual set of products. i've not found the company's homepage (well i didn't look past page 1 of google search to be honest) but i did find this blog.

further into the digital magazine is coverage on burlesque with the inevitable shot of betty page and dita von tease. sadly the pussy cat dolls had more space than both of them and personally i don't see the connection.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

rubber sex - the book

is due out sometime in May 2008 as i discovered when i tripped over it when bouncing from wordpress blog to blog over the weekend.

the single entry on the blog is here.

and it says for the most part:

Rubber Sex: Erotic Stories coming in May 2008, edited by me, from Cleis Press

Rubber, latex and PVC all cling to the skin and have the power to make their wearers feel sensual, sexy, and aroused. In this collection, the world’s hottest erotic authors make the most of the sensual potential inherent in getting suited up. Hang out with a "Tire Stud," learn "How to Liven Up a Boring Party," and go "From Solid to Liquid" in these tantalizing adventures. From latex body paint to the smell of rubber tires, pretty dresses that beg to be touched to clingy catsuits worn by powerful mistresses, and men who want to show off every inch beneath the allure of latex. Get ready to enter a world where the most sensual material gets slipped on tightly, then polished, stroked, and caressed while the bodies inside heat up with desire. These stories focus on the look and feel of rubber and latex, eroticizing them to the fullest. Find out why everything, from flirting to spanking to going all the way, is better in rubber.

hopefully more information as it becomes available. wonder if there's any stories in it about becoming a latex doll? i'd better write the author to check ;-)


a catalog of australian dolls

thanks to the legendary Gromet for this find from australia. seems an online retailer has themed some of they're catalog around living dolls and has a collection of spreads to prove it.

some of the shots can be found here, here, here and here. do post any more links in comments when you find them.

a neat behind the scene documenation of the shoot is here.

now i wonder what would happen if they used realdolls for a shoot and offered to sell those as well as the clothing they'd be wearing?


Monday, December 17, 2007

acquo boots or mis-translation?

in the latex fetish community, both old school makintosh types and the newer fashion oriented ones there's sub group fixated on the fetish of high heeled rain boots. i raise my hand and say yes thats me too!!! i need a pair!

besides the more recent but still very rare Patrick Cox rain boots are the 60's - 70's rain boots called Acquo's which were pure soft rubber lined with fabric. these were the for runner of the synthetic knee high boots and did the same thing by clinging and shaping to your calfs but with rubber instead of some form of pvc. they came in a range of block heel heights as well as shaft lengths, from knee high, just over the knee like the current revision of pirate boots as well as a tight thigh high.

the only thing thats remotely close is the Siger Morrison Rain or Shine boots which i do have a pair of but with my heel training i've not been wearing them. those too are now highly sought after and go for double their original price if and when they come up.

on another recent ebay hunt trying a load of variations and languages i found this interesting pair in france's offshoot.

looking at them i'm not convinced they're real acquo boots at all, but they do seem to have a large part of their uppers made from rubber or latex. and waterproof too.

apparently they're were made or owned for Ginger Rogers. besides the label i'm not sure how you could prove it. they're listed here on with 5 days to go. have a look for more photo's even if your not going to bid.

also on ebay but this time in the UK is an actual pare of Acquo Met boots which have started at 500£'s... thats 1000US$ for a pair or rubber boots. its a relist as the original buyer bailed when the total reached 800£! they're here.

i did read there was a person in the UK who bought up the remaining stock of acquo boots when the company closed in the late 80's. he's not on the internet but does a flyer like catalog. does anyone know more or have seen real ones?


the rare patrick cox rain boots

these came and went from the stores and i totally missed them. or i my latex fetish hadn't developed to the point of an obsession and definately wasn't heel training in at all when they were sold. still the only place to find them is specialist vintage shops and garage sales along with of course ebay. i've never seen a pair up close but i think they're some sort of molded plastic which is just fine with me and sort of reminds me of a boot version of melissa's which i still think they should be doing.

these ones sold yesterday on (germany) for 121 euros. they weren't my size but i do like the deep black gloss for them. maybe i need one of those shoe piggy banks and start saving till they re-appear.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

leather and latex leggings being discussed

with photo's and links at the Fashion Spot and its running up to 18 pages now and i've only had a look at a few of the pages so far.

it is rammed full of advertising so be warned.


Friday, December 14, 2007

2 years old today

well actually on wednesday so u can see how distracted by work i've been of late.

the blog has managed to reach 3/4 of a million hits but i'm not going to get a cake till it hits a million. ;-)

i feel i want to be introspective here but can't really muster any deep thoughts at the moment so will come back too this later


latex leggings are back...

on the fashion blogsphere radar with an entry by Wendy Brandes Jewelry's blog here.

she explained and posed for a photo:

Meanwhile, I broke down and bought the American Apparel leggings. They're all weird around the waist so I'll have to send them back ... but of course I took photos first. Or at least I tried to.

and with a fair bit of interest too with loads of comments so far. pity she's not had too much luck with the leggings. she should of gone for the 1/2 price real latex tights from Libidex's email list. my pair just arrived last week and they're made from the thinest latex imaginable.

wendy apparently is a secret lover of things tight and shiny and she even has a tag for latex on her blog here to make finding the individual entries easy.

and it comes up again in her top list of obesessions with no 5 is Latex, PVC and patent leather.

some of the other fashion bloggers with coverage of latex or latex like leggings include

- The Coveted - spots an Austrian designer who used them in her collection

-Style Bubble - susie wears skinny pvc jeans from topshop (uk £40) here and complains about being predictable - but finds they really work well in all her shots mixed with summer tops

i must say susie has come up with a rather trade mark way to being seen on a highly visible public blog and yet not seen at the same time as you can tell from her signature self portraits where she shows off clothing and style.

meanwhile on I Spy, Thrift Eye - the blogger managed to find mango 16$ here. does that mean they're on the way out or that the local population isn't really up to speed style wise?

back to wendy's blog; do have a look at her Obesssion no 4 fish "My old standby obsession: fish feet" shoes made by Christian Louboutin - though not in her size. sadly i know how she feels about shoes.


the high price of rubber heels

thanks to the XuXu who sent these links in for high heeld rain boots on german ebay. wow are they pricey!

sadly no matter how much googling i do i can't seem to find where they were actually sold or where to get them other than the occasional pair popping up on ebay now and then. a similiar pair was spotted earlier in the year with pink trim but sadly not in my size.

also found on german ebay is a nice pair of tall flat soled ones which sold for alot of money and the current listings for the vogue boots - which would match my catsuit very nicely but the euro and the shipping costs make it too expensive too get at the moment,

the same german ebay seller who from looking at their listings, specialises in medical latex clothing and equipment also had a pair of ultra rare 'acquo' boots with a decent square heel. the autions now finished and they sold 129 euros! but do have a look at the listing here to see a rather comprehensive and well photographed set of images of these extremely rare boots.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

it was a photo shoot too

Bimbo box by ~AncillaTilia on deviantART

and just not a fashion / fetish performance as detailed in an earlier entry.

thanks to roen for emailing me the find.


Bimbo girl by ~AncillaTilia on deviantART

Friday, December 07, 2007

no its not me, but maybe i wish it was? - update

i was sent this link to a yahoo profile in from a regular reader and asked if it was me.

no its not, though in some ways i wish it was. there's alot of common grounds even if i wouldn't like breasts that large.

what it it also illustrates that there are other people doing this and successfully too it seems.


update: apparently its not even the person's profile image, rather it was lifted from Darkwing Zero's homepage here.

besides the lifted image i think what i was illustrating what i liked and disliked and that someone else seemed to share the same vision and claimed they were doing it.

so really the question is, if anyone is seriously doing something so extreme - would they ever put it on there yahoo profile (or myspace or facebook - yadda yadda)????

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

black and shiny is in

i was revisiting alot of the fashion blogs i had bookmarked, some of which i found when i was googling for information on the americal apparel leggings and found this rather lovely jacket. it reminded me that for christmas to myself i do plan on getting a PVC styled rain coat but made in latex.

this one is on sale now at bergdorf goodman here for 605$ and says its patent leather but on closer examination i think its really just plain pvc. wonder how many they made and how many sold. one thing i'd venture about this particular cut is that you'd need to have the model like body shape to pull it off.

meanwhile there's alot of black and shiny accessories this fall, big bags and glossy heels being the main focus.

still i'd prefer it in latex though pvc is way more acceptable in the public.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

the commisioned dolls

some people can't draw, some can't write. i definately can't do the first and there's a bit of debate about the second. one way to solve this problem is work with someone who can and act as a sort of producer / director to realise your vision and this is exactly what a reader's done with the help of dkstudio05.
DW explained his vision

I liked her art style so I commissioned a dollies picture from her. I asked DKSTUDIOS05 to use references from Jay Petto and this lightspeedimages photo set (I happen to own this photo set too).

I'm going to get a second commission from her and the idea is that uh, the doll on the left will be dressed in a tuxedo and act like a ventriloquist, while the doll on the right is her dummy (in reality, both of them are being manipulated by an unseen power).

more of the back story is with the image and story.

and for the second commision DW wrote this teaser:

Title: The Show Must Go On

Tragedy! A thief broke into Madeline the Ventriloquists’ trailer and kidnapped her dummy. Madeline had to cancel her show while she pursues the criminal responsible and rescues her dummy. As a last minute replacement, the King of Toys Land prepared Melissa and Veronica for a surprise live performance.

Toys Land is the pinnacle of puppet technology and the King utilizes wireless technology to manipulate both of them. The Queen also lends her voice in this mischief and does the voices of Melissa and Veronica. The audience found the show to be so entertaining, the King and Queen decided to make this opening act a solo road tour; indefinitely extending the ladies stay in Toys Land.

Professor Greene’s Fetish Journal, Entry #14, contd.:

The puppet show tour was a remarkable way to visit different parts of Toys Land. As entertainers of the Royal Court, we were guaranteed sold-out audiences wherever we toured. Although we were stage props, Veronica and I received an almost reverent respect from our handlers. In Toys Land, it is considered an honor to be used as a puppet or a doll in any capacity by the Royal Court.

so if your a frustrated writer with loads of ideas but can't draw or vice versa, then find someone to collaborate with. i'm still really looking forward to people making short comics and possibly even films with second life.


thanks to Ronald

a regular reader for this link here to an amazing photoshoped model.

you'll need to click the link due to rights and use issues.


from 'A's to 'DD's

no, not batteries but breast size.

this is an interesting experiment from uk newspaper 'The Daily Mail' where a journalist with small breasts, was fitted a pair of perfect 36DD silicone breasts by a spfx expert.

this road test was inspired by a skinny flat chested tv presenter Trinny.

it starts:

Had all the men in Oxford gone mad overnight? The postman started it. When I opened the door, he stood there grinning like a Cheshire cat, and lingered rather longer than necessary while I signed for a package.

Worse – or was it better? – was to come. In Sainsbury's not one but two men offered to let me go ahead of them in the queue. Another wanted to know if I needed help packing my groceries away. Another still wanted to open my car door for me in the car park.

In my local delicatessen, Gluttons, the man behind the counter smiled and nodded like an eager puppy as I bought such mundanities as olive oil and courgettes. But it was the (male) librarian at my local library who really seemed to have lost his marbles.

Only a few days previously, he had processed my son's books in the nursery section, and he had seemed like a perfectly normal, capable, soul.

Now, though, he was a man on the edge.

He stuttered when I asked him to show me how to use the new IT system. He flushed beetroot as I sat down. As he pointed to the screen, I noticed that his hand shook. He seemed incapable of a simple sentence. Eventually, muttering something about going to find his assistant, he fled completely, and sent a (female) colleague back in his place.

Not that the women of Oxford were behaving normally either.

contiues and article in full is here.

if your breast size is that small then those chicken fillet things won't do any good at all and this sounds like an option. wonder how long it will before something similiar will drift into the mainstream as a dress option? its almost like this is the making of a doll suit. what will be next?


i need to take better notes

two images from a blog that was loaded with latex. and now i can't find the link. poop


sm mannequin in NYC club

i remember a fairly long time a go, maybe early 90's that some super club opened in downtown NYC and according to the media reports it was decked out with kinky mannequins contained in full sized plastic tubes.

i just found this image from my hd, and i think its from the club in question. though any more information on the club i simply can't remember.

still i can see that being exposed to such overt kinky imagery in a normal club would hit something in some people. wonder how many would like to trade places with her. i know i wouldn't hesitate.