Saturday, December 31, 2011

get yourself an Zentai Doll Suit for 2012

not really an order or anything but it's inexpensive, all encompasing and very doll-ish costume you should all have.

i've not bought one for a few years as i prefer latex and i recently nabbed one for just 30$ off ebay. it was very mannequin color and well why not. for those on a tight budget thats a buck a day. i also wanted to find some fabric pens and doll joints all over it. (anyone recommend a brand?)

i bought this one here and they do other materials and styles. i skipped the entire enclosed head aspect and no gloves. i wanted to feel. also in the past the fingers were always a bit of a mess.

i also asked for a zip down bellow so they can worn much much longer. if it gets cold enough - bingo - thermal underwear :-)

sadly they weren't able to realise my idea of a small cute lock on the back of top of zip which i stil think is very hot. i'll have to get it doen one day.

so treat yourself, start off with a zentai suit in 2012!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

so what did Santa bring you?

something linky, something shiny, something with impossible heels or a with stays to make your waist oh so teeny after the gluttony of Christmas?

(its ok if your Santa and you had to buy it yourself).

i'll ask my SL friend Shiny moniree who is even more obssessed with latex than me and actually lives the latex life i can presently aspire too. she'll have recieved some interesting rubbery gifts. check out her in world photo's on here flikr account here.

and merry christas everyone!!


a low cost water bed?

what ever happend to those? anyone try one with rubber sheets?


will i be the first to share the Xmas present?

whats an idea, a real object and also a gift? answer - something Blackice came up with before xmas which he's been giving away.

i had a press release like thing sent to major rubber bloggers and fetish magazines as i could see via the cc's. i maybe the first to share with you all and i've downloaded it definitely has some kink and fetish content. here's the links to the separete files that need to be RAR'd back togther: (716.8 MB) (716.8 MB) (716.8 MB) (402.3 MB)

i have no idea how to make them clickable and downloadable so just copy and past them into your browser.

here's what he said:

"Think of it as a dvd version of a mix tape. It comes with VLC for mac / pc and media will work on smart phones too. iPad owners can download VLC for free off the app store. Videos are 1/4 PAL and even had it upscale on giant plasma. Worked so well I was invited to another party just to play it."

You can watch as you like, however I suggest you just use the _PLAY SUPPOSE vlc playlist so you experience the structure I decided on and crafted."

oh yes its also all sourced off youtube so anyone can make something similar. its actually very good and its free so why not have a go. one not is that it may need a new sequential play list made which is in the notes due to how VLC player works.

so thanks and rubbery hugs to Blackice for over 4+hrs of cool tv programing! prefect laptop stuff for those long flights or train rides.

also i mentioned it was a gift of an idea (btw - what is this new format called 'Mix tape DVD isn't catchy enough imho). my plan is for Valentines Day i will make a dollsrealm version!!!


any readers who can speak Italian or ...

... even are based in italy?

i was looking around and then tried which is germany. all the same layout so its like the rossetta stone of online shopping. anyway i did discovere high heeled rubber rain boots! sadly the price was too much and besides they were the wrong size.

here's the listing so you can check out the other much larger photo's and how much they went for on now i heard from one distant italian friend that yes she's seen them and they were closer to 40$ and then didn't provide any more information. can i buy them online???

meanwhile rable sent me a link to the Louis Vuitton online shop thats selling their equivilant - a snip at over 1,000$. I should be able to get three pairs at that price (not) :P they can be zoomed into here to salivate over their deep glossiness.

or as i just discovered, there's a fair number of photo's via google. seems i'm not the only one who suffers from thicker than model skinny calfs.


england goes plushie mad

yes for some weird reason - possibly because they have no central heating which i heard from friends - these plushie PJ suits have become pretty popular.

here's a shot of a Christmas street vendor with her full cart of animals and wearing one herself.

we have those fleece blankette things here and they have cute animals...apparently a racon was spotted with big fluffy tail wandering around Brighton.


i've always wanted one of these

so i'm adding it too my wish list for 2012. not sure how, not sure when - but its now on the list. ;-)


Saturday, December 24, 2011

remember its about Christmas!

more blogs over xmas. honest ;-)


Thursday, December 15, 2011

a brilliant Christmas advert from the UK

advertising a pharmacy chain called 'Boots' - which don't sell actually boots which i had thought originally.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

yes it is sooo true....

i'm back!!!

so work has eased off, along with the other issues and expect more regular updates from now on.

starting right about now


apparently i do...

...inspire some readers out there. a couple of months ago i was exchanging emails with another dedicated latex fetishist and pointed out a shop on the UK Ebay (always check there for latex deals btw) which did rain coats of various stylings and this is the one I sent a link too.

The Latex Mackintosh
is what i spotted - waay to large with me but i like the idea. it was also to large for the person in question so was forwarded to someone else they knew and she bought it!

its not the style i'd like being the fussy latex designer i am - what i would really like is s stylised puffa coat in latex. preferably a knee length bell shaped one with the huge warm collar.

i'll post a photo when i find one; but imagine a few of these design elements all mushed into one shiny latex one. much more of a sexy european and/or italian design than the Michelin Man fat suit look.

and the best part of all - besides being utterly snugglish - is they are supposed to be supper glossy!! ;-)


such an amazing selection of images

can be found at Samantha de Savory's TG Captions with really great captions. i prefer the ones that are vague and evocative. i've even been known to rewrite a few to my own tastes.

here is one of here latest for all you sci-fi and MC fetishists. i have been corresponding and hope to do a combined project / captioned story one day soon.

go have a look and help her hit count - its the only thing that keeps us bloggers from giving it up some days.


found on Gromets Plaza recently

a lovely story by by TL - reprinted with permission.

The Puppetmaster
by Tam Lin

It was the music that woke Erica up.

The tune was halting and disjointed, like a music box winding down, but it was there, a pretty jingling melody that roused her from her slumber and let her know that everything was not all right. When she opened her eyes she stared up into darkness, and she felt hard ground under her, and her bare arms and legs were freezing cold.

She sat up. She was not in bed, not in her home, not anywhere that she recognized at all. She was in a bare, open space, like a warehouse or a storage cell. It was dark except for the flickering halo of a single light bulb. She was dressed only in her favorite powder blue nightgown, which she hugged around herself now.

Where was she? How did she get here? She saw nothing that provided a clue, and other than the distant music (echoing from somewhere in the darkness), she heard nothing either. "Hello?" she said, and was startled by how loud her voice sounded. She did not speak again. Somehow it didn't seem safe.

She stood. Cold air stung her bare legs. Her poor little feet had to walk on the cement floor with no protection. She felt exposed, so she ran to the nearest wall. This put her in the shadows, but at least there was something at her back now. The walls were cheap sheet metal, and they popped when she put pressure on them. Despite the flimsy material, she could find no weak spot, and no opening.

Erica followed the wall, reasoning that there must be a door or a window somewhere, and it must be nearby because how big could this place be? She tried very hard not to think about the fact that if she was here then someone must have brought her here, someone who might still be here, who might even be watching her now. Yes, she tried very hard not to think about those things. Just figure this out, she thought, and figure a way out. Worry about the rest later.

She walked toward the music. It was fainter now, the notes stretched out, like a recording on old tape. The light behind her was fading as she got further away, but a new one appeared in front of her, the dim flicker of a dying bulb. How big was this place, she wondered, if she could just barely see the spot she'd woken up in but still had not found an exit? She walked toward the light up ahead. Her tiny feet padded on the cold, hard floor.

What she found set against the wall looked at first like a phone booth. It was a glass case, eight feet high, sealed on all sides, with no visible door or latch. She peered inside and almost screamed. Someone was trapped in there! But she felt foolish when soon as she took a second look; it wasn't a person at all, it was a life-size puppet, a marionette of sorts. She saw the limbs hanging limply, the head tilted to one side, the dangling strings attached to the apparatus in the ceiling of the booth.

She looked closer; it was no wonder she'd been fooled at first, the puppet being so lifelike. It was the full-size facsimile of a naked woman, a beautiful woman about Erica’s age, with pale skin and bright red hair and striking green eyes. It was perfect in every detail, down the birthmark on the arm and the slightly-chewed look of the fingernails. Her nude body was sleek and petite, with small, perfect breasts crowned by rosy nipples. The face, slack and expressionless, eyes half-lidded, looked for all the world like the face of a real woman. Only the strange, artificial smoothness of the skin, the way it reflected the light like polished wood or plastic, revealed that it was a simulacrum.

That and the fact that it was hanging from wires in a glass box, of course.

Erica inspected the apparatus the puppet was housed in; there was a mechanism on the side, an enormous windup crank like the sort you find on toys. Erica realized that the music had stopped and, curious, she seized the windup key in both hands and twisted it. She was so intent on the strange device that she forgot all about finding the way out, even forgot to be frightened. She wound the key up, and then she stood back to see what happened.

The music played again, faster and with better tempo this time. It really is a music box, she thought. The lights overhead flickered and turned up brighter, and the marionette started to move. The metal arms in the booth turned and her strings became taut, and then she began to dance. Guided by the wires, the puppet spun and twirled and moved with a grace and ease that amazed Erica. It was beautiful to watch, its motions plainly mechanical but at the same time seeming so natural.

The woman (puppet, Erica reminded herself) danced until the key wound down, and then the music stopped, the light dimmed, and she hung limp and lifeless again. Erica realized she'd been holding her breath and let it all out in a whoosh. She giggled a little, and thought about winding the key up again, but then remembered she had more important things to do, like finding a way out of here.

She kept walking on through the warehouse, and soon she found more glass booths with more puppets insides. Each of them was a lifelike model of a nude woman, and each hung silent and motionless on her strings, waiting for the key to turn and allow her a few seconds of mobility, a fleeting minute to dance and sway and seem alive. Erica couldn't help but be distracted by the beautiful marionettes; so much skill and craftsmanship must have gone into making them look real. They were true works of art.

It was hard to say how long she had been walking when she came to the dead end. She'd walked the entire length of this space, from one end to the other, but found no door or window of any kind. The eleven puppets, with their lights and music boxes, were the only adornment. She looked at the ceiling but saw only blackness. There must be a way out? How on earth had she gotten in?

Erica sat cross-legged on the cold floor and hugged her nightie to herself. The cold air caused her nipples to poke out through the fabric. She looked at the puppet in the nearest box, a blond with butterfly tattoos on her wrists. Even the tattoos looked detailed enough to be the real thing, though they were stenciled onto the plastic-like flesh of the doll. The marionette's blue eyes were half-closed, her ruby red lips slightly parted, her face soulless and lifeless.

"So how did you get in here?" Erica said out loud. The puppet gave no reply. Erica laughed a little. It echoed.

She saw something now that she hadn't noticed before; there was another booth, just like the others, with a windup crank and dangling strings and apparatus inside, but the case was empty; it housed no doll. She bit her lip, thinking.

"Hmm," she said to the lifeless blond marionette. "There's one extra. You don't suppose that's for me, do you?"

The doll said nothing, but Erica heard a breathless, raspy voice just behind her:

"Yes. It is."

She didn't know whether to pass out or scream and run. She didn't have the chance to do either, as strong hands (covered in thick rubber work gloves) clapped over her mouth and pinioned her wrists behind her back. She struggled, but strong, thick arms wrapped around her and hauled her off the ground. Her naked legs and bare feet kicked, helpless, in the air.

She thrashed her head from side to side, but it was no use. Her captor held her still, and that's when she saw it; the mouth of the blond doll in the glass box twitched, and moved, and formed words, though Erica could not hear them through the thick panes of glass:



But Erica couldn't even help herself. Her kidnapper dragged her away, through the hidden tunnel entrance she had overlooked. He brought her to a room full of machinery and piled junk, and a great hot furnace that belched out steam and fire. The unseen assailant took her to the work table and, though she fought as hard as she could, strapped her to it.

He spun the table around and pushed her upright so that she could see him for the first time. He was a tall man, and muscular, dressed in a leather work apron. A gas mask covered his face, obscuring his eyes behind black lenses and disguising his voice as the dry rasp she'd heard. She tugged at the leather bonds secured to her wrists and ankles, but it was no good.

"Don't struggle," said the masked man. "You'll hurt yourself."

"Let me go!"

"But I went through so much trouble getting you here," he said. The hellish glow of the furnace reflected in the lenses of his mask.

"Let me go, you sick fuck!" she screamed.

"Careful, or I'll wash your mouth out with soap." He took off one glove, revealing a hard, calloused hand. He touched the side of her face, and she tried to bite him. He ignored her, running his hands through her curly hair.

"So beautiful," he said. "So alive. Do you like my collection, Erica? I wanted you to see it. I've worked hard on it."

Erica whimpered. "What did you do to those women?"

"I made them perfect," he said. "I made them art. But that's nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you."

Her pulse quickened and her throat closed up. "What do you mean?"

"I've seen so many beautiful things, but none as beautiful as you. You're going to be my masterpiece. You'll be perfect forever." He was nodding his head up and down, in time to some unheard tune. Erica gaped, eyes wide.

"No!" she said. "No, you can't, you can't!"

But he wasn't listening. He wheeled a table over, and pulled the cloth off of it, revealing an assortment of strange tools; things that cut and things that drilled, and things attached to tubes and clamps, and bottles full of strange fluids; oils and varnishes and polishes.

"I've practiced for this my entire life," said the man, picking up something that was sharp and barbed. "All I needed was the perfect subject. And then I found you. I found you, Erica; my muse, my angel, my diamond in the rough."

Erica started to cry. The furnace fires burned hotter and brighter.

"It'll be okay," he said, stepping up to her, tools in each hand. She heard the whine of the surgical saw. "It'll be okay."


It was the music that woke Erica up.

She tried to open her eyes. The light was dim, but there was a glare of some kind. It was hard to see anything. She heard the music though, each perfect, beautiful note. It seemed to flow through her, touching her body all over. She wanted to dance to that song, that perfect beautiful song, forever. And then she realized that she was dancing.

She saw her arms and legs moving, and saw the gleam of the silver wires. She felt herself swaying back and forth, and realized that the glare she saw came off of the glass around her. She was in the box.

Somehow, this didn't frighten her. It didn't even particularly bother her. Maybe it was the music that comforted her, that music that seemed so much a part of her now. And it really was a part of her, she realized, because it was part of the machine, and now so was she. And as the key turned and the clockwork slowly unwound, she danced, and danced, and danced, her naked body, now perfect and preserved, dancing with the subtlety and grace of an angel.

Through the glass she made out the figure of the man in the mask, watching her. He had his stiff, naked cock in his hand, and he was stroking it. Before she would have been repulsed by this, but now it seemed right, somehow. Yes, it was right that her owner should take pleasure in watching her. It was good to please someone; to be beautiful; to be admired and loved.

The song was ending and she felt herself winding down. The wires stopped moving, and so did she. The lights flickered and went out-

And came on again. And she was dancing again, and her owner was watching her still, but something seemed different now. He had moved, faster than she could see, and his clothes had changed. Time had gone by, she realized, days probably, and she hadn't been conscious of it. She was aware only of what went on when the crank was wound, and the music was playing, and she was turned on. And that's when she realized that she really was going to dance to this song forever, because for her there would never be anything else.

Around her, one by one, the other girls in the other boxes came to life. They all danced together, and the Puppetmaster watched them, all of them, his masterpieces, complete at last. And he smiled.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

coming back soon..

work has hijacked me and then i got a bad head mush stuffy flu thing so focussing and getting the work done is hard.

so no spare time for the blog.

anyone one want to be a contributor? researcher is just sending various links in. a writer could be a fiction writer allowing me to post your stories and a main writer is someone who can take a link and write up a few sentences or even paragraphs to be posted with images or video. maybe even i biographer - who can tell their experiences with dolling first hand.

so back soon.....


Sunday, October 23, 2011

anyone know more about this art film? - found!

still obsessed with the video / avert with the two girls on a bicycle who find a small wooden dolls house in the forest and are tricked and trapped there by a doll in a tea party.


so this is what he looks like without tats

which gives me pause to revisit the idea of complete doll tattoos....


Saturday, October 15, 2011

some sci-fi chrome for you

thanks too Thierry Mugler of course...


Saturday, October 01, 2011

my new story

is now uploaded at Gromet's Plaza who helped with the spelling etc. supposedly it wasn't too bad.

if anyone wants to collaborate on stories please drop me a msg.

i'm currently playing with some ideas for a sequel to Molly Dolly which is more of a continuation.

also check out Caza Dolly's archive of fiction at Cazas Book Club who shares a lot of my fetishes and into serious waist training. although i'm not sure if she's ever tried latex?

she has a blog too so do visit it and leave comments and feedback. its sometime the only thing that keeps us bloggers going besides religiously looking at the counter.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the image fits perfectly

i've always really loved the stories from Nano Slaver who has a great sense of pace, teasing detail and fetishistic hooks like TSG. Sadly his stories don't come out very often.

one that always stick in min mind and that i have re-read a dozen times is Dolly Molly which i feel in theme is matched perfectly by this image i found recently.

what do you think?


Charlotte Church - a full resolution doll

actually it was posted awhile ago but not had any reason to unpack the scanner. so here it is.

click on it to see it at its full resolution glory - very well done detailing in photo shop.


if you like bald robotic women ....

then you'll love this new tumblr feed i found from a second life friend Alix 31 Zuta who is the mastermind behind the THEODORA drones and clothing range.

yes i was one for awhile....

visit Bliss Drone tumblr site to see more of her collected favorites.

and if you really love them and you find yourself in second life, you may want to comply and join them.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pandemonia: UK Stylist Magazine Out now!

thanks to blackice for sending the link and the general heads up on this. apparently there's a free fashion magazine available in the UK in various shops and the current issue is timed to coincide with London Fashion Week. its out now on the inside back page features artist and living latex doll Pandemonia.

Pandemonia: Stylist Magazine: Meet Pandemonia, the quirky front row icon who has shaken up the fashion world. Words: Debbie Mc Quoid


so if your in the UK then go grab a copy and with a bit a luck i'll have a better scan sometime soon. also do check out Pandemonia's blog and here's the much better scan of just Pandemonia

spanish film festival featuring real dolls

all i have is the photo of the poster - anyone in Spain going too it?

here's the official link to the Festivals english page. and here is Sitges Film Festival » Discover this year's commercial spot

maybe i should email them just so they know they have an entry here?


a vintage find and a captioned story

"The imaginary friends were so real to him...,

so real he would always pose in photo's as if they were with him

- the dolls would be bringing him back their pretty house to join them in their games.

He would never be seen again leaving nothing for his grieving parents bar a final photo where his parents could finally see his secret invisible friends"

high fashion designer reads doll fetish stories

this is a really massive leap - its just an assumption on my part but i wanted a catchy headline ;-)

now i can't remember the exact details of the story but it involved a police detective chasing after someone who used to be an ex lover and ending up in a warehouse where there sex dolls from with huge tits that were meant to be worn. she falls prey to her kinky past and trys it on part way and then gets caught by her ex lover who explains that its made from a living plastic skin that fuses with the wearer.

she has a choice. live the rest her life with the head flopping around or leave with her lover and become her doll.

there's definitely another variation of the story to be written with this image, anyone care to have a go?


some make up ideas for halloween

or really anytime you want to use them really.

and a bit creepy imho, though it does illustrate how lines can be done very well.

if you find any more of these on youtube please do email them and i'll post them.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

would someone make these in latex please

a couple recent stories from the UK's kinkiest newspaper 'The Daily Mail" - and apparently one of the more conservative ones people keep writing me is a couple of ideas that really should be made in latex. well i thinks so anyway.

first is sort of a cocoon / hammock affair as detailed here. how about it Kink Engineering? do you think its a good idea? maybe it depends on how high your ceiling is and a few other issues. thats also a lot of latex.

it would definitely need to be chlorinated so the latex wouldn't get suck to you when getting in and out.

the other idea is purely a matter of color combinations when making a dress as illustrated by Kate Winslet bellow

i think that dress would look amazing in latex - though i'm just biased as it think most clothes would be better in latex. full story (such as it is) can be found in the article Optical Illusion Dress .


anyone know more about this video?

as requested by the reader "J" who sent in this video clip.

i sort of remember a long time ago there was some discussion about it on one of the mc or fetish yahoo groups but to be honest its all very foggy. can someone fill us all in and direct the readers and i to where to buy it?

still, lovely zentai suits.

i wonder if they came as DVD extra? WOW - wouldn't that be cool? a hypno story DVD with the accompanying transformation suit from the film: "put on the suit now" - implant complete. i swear there was a story like that somewhere? if so please post a link too it.


the next one is two months away

that is of course the next issue of Medusariffic. the current issue just came out and is really good so go grab it or pace yourself as the following issue is now a scant 7 weeks away.


its now up

the story that i created 'The Clinic' which is based on cover illustration by Andy Latex is now officially available for all to see at Gromets Plaza here.

hoping to do another collaboration with Andy Latex sometime soon and image i found along with text has been sent to Brenda Big Tits to see what she can do with that. fingers all crossed she likes it and can those finish kinks too it.

go have a look at Gromets update in the meantime.


Monday, August 29, 2011

too weird not to share

and there's a dubbed version with Olivia Newton John too if your hungry for more.


in 3d and not 3d

well it was a bit of an experiment and apparently it didn't work. so here's the video in 2D from Black Ice:

and there's three more parts plus a compare's intro on his his channel here. there's bits and pieces of fetish related videos on his channel including a tour of Liberation in London and some 2D clips of HW's TG fashion show from a few years ago.
for those of you with more technical skill and maybe even a 3d gaming set up you can see the videos using a new browser at



too busy for my own good

so pretty well not available in second life and very veyr thin on the updates.

its not like i'm out of content - just need to be in the right clear headed writing mode to sit down and put them up.

good news is the famed Gromet has about 3-4 short captions and stories of mine to edit this week so we should have those up soon. this includes the recent illustrated cover from Andy i built a story around.

soon, i promise.


kinky horror for october

from the makers of Glee no less. here's a trailer:

and seems they're doing a promotion with haunting characters appearing in your life:

can't wait to see it.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

possible TG Birthday Fashion Show in 3D

well he said try it so i am. you need to be running the latest version of Firefox and Chrome.

General 3D: Embedded Player

Monday, August 15, 2011

at least one of you will find this very very hot

dedicated to Rani aka authoress TSG - she knows why.

oh yes these glass cases do exist in Second Life ;-) we were the talk of the store back in our modeling days at Kaliwulf Kingdom.


just like the Bratz shoes

if it only were so easy...


i tweaked it a bit

just liked this idea of this model entrancing people she takes a fancy too and magically making them into near clones of her. probably very submissive clones at that. very poetic in its way.

original to be found at Samatha deSavory's TGirl Captions and believe me there is a cross over. excellent taste in source images and i must thank her again for occasionally sending me 'blank' uncaptioned images to work with myself.


Monday, August 08, 2011

now that is a shiny bottom

so much so you can clearly see the photographer to took the photo.


i love this evocative magical image - found!!!!!

as found on the Samatha deSavory's TGirl Captions who has the most amazing taste in images to caption. go have a look at her blog. the text may not be your thing though her selection of source images definitely can be bent towards our shared fetishes.

so where did it come from? magazine? issue and number? or just really good scans of the entire shoot would be good too as it would save me hunting the issue down and doing my own scanning done.


Sunday, August 07, 2011

i'll show you mine if you show me yours

i've only just discovered tumblr - sure i'm late so sue me.

so if you have favorite fashion, fetish, doll, latex etc tumblr site you visit regularly or even run yourself then please post in comments and i'll update this post with mine as well.

start here of course with the excellent; perfectly still


yahoo targeted me with this advert

and its just not Doll Eyes - its Hypnose Doll Eyes!!!

which is more evident in the commercial bellow

and before and after being applied;

there's a make your own doll on the lamcome site though i was not able to find it - if you do please post in comments. love to see it used in a proper doll themed fashion shoot. do post if you see one.


vintage kink

images your grandparents (or great grandparents) enjoyed in their private moments.

no latex - though lots of gorgeous leather boots and gloves. which is strange as leather is more mainstream yet the leather designers are very conservative and really really basic. its latex that has all these fantastical designs.

wonder why that is?


now if they would make them...

... with a higher heel

i was flipping around ebay for rain boots to see if the styles had gotten more creative and found these that come in a range of bright primary colors. they are sooo like the barbie shoes and boots that i remember playing with.

i think they're actually copies of a design Melissa does which isn't surprising as Melissa is at the cutting edge of molded plastic footware. still the heels pretty low and thus not suitable for me. my arches are pretty pronounced now and they don't go down at all. i can manage flats and sneakers on occasion so i've not gotten 'trapped' yet.

i'm very interested to see where this idea of molded clothing may take us.


any dolls want to be on TV??

Post subject: Television Series Casting for Dollification
Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:06 am

Hi All,

A major cable network is casting for men and women who are involved in dollification to appear on a documentary television series. This program would explore how and why you got into this subculture and how it affects or plays into your life, as well as how your loved ones view your life as a doll.
If you might be interested in hearing more about this opportunity, please email me at with a short description of your involvement in dollification.

Thank you!

**This project would not focus on any sexual aspects of dollification, but would look more into the process of becoming a doll and the psychology behind why you choose to do this.


a few days into august and no posts

well i've been busy with work as always and finding all these wonderful images that simply demand suitable captions.

simple ones are fine, though i can get carried away and take some time. take for example Andy Latex's cover which he kindly was based on me. i had to get into the mind of the image and figure out what the story was. once i had that i distilled down cover strap lines.

so i have a draft of the story and just needs cleaning and tightening up before we can put them together. i also like to work with other writers so its not all my own 'voice' and i can enjoy it from a different pov too.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

coming on Aug 1st from Drake

the new issue of Medusariffic issue 61 - featuring me!!

at the same time Andy from Smooth Slick n Shiny
has sent me a cover of his on going series and i've been asked to write the cover lines and couldn't really get it so ended up writing a short and yet long caption.

now i think the headline will be 'The Mistresses Clinic' with the subhead; "Their offer to Asudem was too amazing to resist - the results to perfect to let go"


Sunday, July 24, 2011

how to walk in high heels

thanks to Mistress Didi for friending me on fetlife and allowing me to post this short instructional video she made.


actually they do exist!

there was a psycho doll costume on one of those large halloween online retailers and i came so close to buying it just for the doll jointed tights that came with it. never did however.

so it was to some great surprise and joy that two separate readers; Jacek and Falbert sent in the links to these japanese panythose. they're about 20$ and a bit more information along with a japanese link to order them can be found at Dangerous Minds coverage of them.

thats where i had the idea for the element of the story i'm working on bellow.

now will someone mass produce them and make them in a range of doll joint styles please?


a tease

i still need a volunteer to help me finish off a couple of short captions and stories. above is one image and here's a peek at some text:

Mistress was carrying a few bags of her own and pulled out a pair of white pantyhose from a plastic bag with some obscure glyph on it. She offered it to her as a gift if she put them on now with the dress. She smiled at the older tall woman and took them semi-reluctantly to the changing stall. The shop girl watched from a distance as this strange seduction played out in front of her.

As if entranced she stepped out of the small curtained changing room like a doll walking out of her box. The tights were a solid cloud white bar detailing around the knees and ankles. They were doll joints like on japanese dolls and they added such a unique twist to the outfit. Looking down at herself she thought to herself that it would look a lot better with a matching long sleeve sheer top with matching dol joints for her arms. She commanded to pose, she did, twirl, she did, stand still and stiff and she did as her future Mistress circled her.

so if you can help please email me...


they are sooo on sale

i spotted this on and am in two minds about posting the information as it deals with Chinese makers of latex catsuits and other outfits who are known for stealing designs from european latex makers. for example the photo above while used in the listing may not even be theirs!!!

if you visit there's a chinese company doing a special promotion on latex catsuits for a snip at 40£ or less with shipping at 20£ for the month of July.

i do get a lot of people emailing me and saying that can't afford latex and thats a very valid point. so here's a chance to get a latex catsuit at fire sale prices.

now my experience with chinese latex has been up and down. my main issue is that the material itself isn't great compared to Radical Rubber or 4d. the colors kept bleeding when hand washing and even before then it needed to be washed ten times to get the goo they used to polish it with and any other manufactures residue out of it. the finish once de-gunked is not very smooth either.

i also had bad reactions too it on a couple of wearings when i was in the catsuit for a full day. i don't have much of it left - it simply wore out as latex does if your wearing it daily like me.

so i've shown you an offer; given you some warnings from past experience and I can tell you it still a lot better than anything molded.

let me know if you cave in and order anything. i know i'll be passing on it.