Friday, January 27, 2006

Link, Links and more links.....

actually none at all, but after finally getting YIM running at home and alot of left msgs, I figured post which is specifically for people to leave links in would be a good idea. So either email them to me at yahoo simply add a comment.

oh yes and photo's, scans and stories also welcomed.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

More Jones, the Plastic Mannequin Body

this I understand was part of the Allen Jones Pirrelli calander back in the late 60's or early 70's. wether it was just the photo or if it was an art peice I have no idea. still the idea is cool and it looks like it can be strapped in from the back, holding the wearer in place. Not the best scan, but all I could for the time being.

now it would be more interesting if that was just the beginning of the suit, with the arms, legs and face to be added, converting the model into an immovable mannequin.


Spot the Supermodel

has every model done a barbie or doll pose or photoshoot??? it really is starting to seem that way.

lets start making a tab here and feel free to send any scans or jpegs you have too me.


More kinkyness disguised as 'Art'

looks like the best way to get away with publicly indulging in my fetishes is to be an 'artist'. seems all the really interesting stuff is being called 'Art'. here's a clipping I found from a magazine which I had accidently trimmed too much from so can't tell who it is.

i do recall its a female artist who in the shot has made a plastic cast of herself which she is wearing in the photograph.

anyone know anymore? who she is etc?

personally if i were to do the same thing, I'd take time to make sure I my waist was reduced and also make my breast larger. think she should of too.


More Japanese dolls....

damn they have all the cool stuff out there, all those super high tech electronics and mobiles phones that are 5 years ahead of the bricks we have here - and there's alot of costume play and doll suit wearing.

here's a site that has interesting photos, but I have no idea what anyone is saying. suggestions for working translation sites welcomed.

still we can enjoy the photo's can't we?


Models + Photoshop = Art ?

the idea of wearing a suit to turn you into a living doll is very appealing. I'm waiting on an order of a couple of zentai suits as I type. But take a model and some clever photoshop working and the result is 'Art' - reportadly.

or at least weird photos that look like they were taken from a serial killers layer or an episode of CSI.

you decide;


When viewed from a certain angle..

well I was looking for something else on ebay as one does - the Mui Mui black rain boots made from molded rubber or PVC - and when I found a pair I had a look at the sellers store and found them in different sizes and also the infamous heeless ones.

the shoes I had spotted on the train are in fact YSL wedges which the ebay seller still has:

have a search for item; 7739466589

and seller theitalianconnection

now if they were all totally clear - that would be cool.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More from Allen Jones - Doll Maker

found another scan of Allen Jones artwork/scuplture or is it just the photo? Maybe the stand is the artwork and the woman in the yummy boots - which I must get a pair of one of these days - is just to show it off? I mean she couldn't have stood there in the gallery for so long....


A few hypnotic suggestions...

one major sites for hypno fetishists is:

if you haven't been, go take a look. It been over hauled and now has a pay section, but otherwise there's a fair bit thats free. although there does seem to be a bias towards diaper wearing fetishes.

in the early days before the site overhaul there was some doll related scripts that could be voted for. Seems there wasn't enough interest so never developed beyond the descriptions. Those I think are juicey enough and I've saved some of them and just found them when looking through some text files.

here's the ones I liked and would like to see turned into proper scripts and or MP3s.

Trig Barbie
trigger phrase is spoken: "Barbie time for you" the one triggered becomes a Barbie doll. The doll is their height, but their skin and the rest of their body becomes plastic, their hair becomes blond, and essentially, to themselves, they look like Barbie. They are not lifeless, they move, albeit jaggedly, and they can speak, though their speach is feminine and they are like a bimbo in how they talk and how they act. Just for fun, their breasts, should they touch their nipples, would activate like buttons and trigger two programmed dialogues. What those two dialogues are is up to EMG. They could be anything and can be reprogrammed to entail actions as well as words. Just a fun thing for EMG to mess with his subjects

Curse high heels
will cause cursed a female to have to wear high heels until bedtime. cursed will be forced to do whatever they had planed for that day and will be unable to remove the heels. use with ..trig sexy walk.. file for even more fun

Train DollyMind
Listener feels compelled to repeatedly listen to this material. With repeated uses, listener finds it harder and harder to think about anything normal, and only wants to play or be played with, as a doll would be played with: posed, manipulated, dressed-up, played house with, in attendance at 'tea party' games, etc. Listener will also become *much* more friendly and affectionate toward anyone and everyone than normal, and very trusting. Looks and social status will no longer matter to the listener, only *very* bad behavior will scare off the listener. The listener *loves and adores everybody* and assumes everyone *loves and adores her*. Listener will become very trusting and compliant with anyone who 'plays nice' with her--treats her at least a bit kindly and like the dolly/toy she thinks she is. Options: may encourage use of Barbie, RagD'Anne, PullStringVoice, Baby, Bimbo, Blonde or other self-objectifying material.

This trigger is self-induced. Upon listening to the hypnosis file, one will be able to say, "Slow time now." This trigger will slow the person's perception of time, by increasing the speed of the person's mind, thus quickening their reaction time. The person would be able to "Revert to normal."

Turn to latex
On the command - 'latex time for you' you will find yourself slowly turning into a shiny black latex doll. You will see, feel and smell yourself as a rubber doll. At the same time, all your clothes will turn into ladies latex and you will be wearing very high heels.  

Curse Robot
You will first begin to become more suggestible, you will find yourself agreeing with whatever anyone says or tells you to do. You will find nothing wrong with this. You will then begin to develop a fetish for being controlled. Next you would feel like your will is being stripped away. You would soon be totally subservient to whoever was around you, regardless of who it is. You would enjoy this and find nothing wrong with it. If you had to go to school or work, you would not have to continue being a slave, although you may enjoy being one so much that you would still want to. Finally you would feel your personality being stripped away. You would no longer feel any emotions, you would do anything anyone wants, no matter what it is. The first person you see once your personality is gone would be your mistress for the rest of your life. Your will would be gone, your ability to do anything other than what you are told would be gone. Your ability to think for yourself would be gone. You would when alone, lie down on your designated resting place unless told to do otherwise. You would stand perfectly still and be unable to move whenever your mistress is talking to anyone who does not know you have listened to this file. You would also be forced to wear only a silver skintight latex suit, unless you are told to wear something else. This latex suit would slowly destroy your concious and unconcious will. This process would take 1 month THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN ONCE THE MONTH IS UP YOU CAN NEVER RETURN TO NORMAL. The process would make the suit feel tighter and tighter, it would make any remaining will disappear. The remaining will would turn to unrestrained subservience to their mistress. The tightness would only make the robot function more effeciently. The robot is not a human being at this point, only a robot that cannot think or act without their mistress telling them to.

Living Doll
Causes listener's skin to feel like hard smooth plastic (like a doll's. Makes feet in the shape as if wearing very high heels (feet pointed outwards) and make's listener unable to move feet. Body become's rigid and stiff and can only move in a robotic/doll like way. A separate file could be created of automatic commands that the doll would have to do: Poses, dances, etc. Body would return to normal at night when they go to sleep

Barbie doll
This file is to turn one into a living Barbie Doll, all curves , large breasts, sexy pouting kissable lips, smooth sex, ie on sex at all just smooth like a plastic doll, the same for the anus, will not be able to speak, the mouth can not work. one must feel all plastic and want to dress and be dressed as a Barbie Doll. Can be self trigged as well and have a time period for the transformation to be in effect. For both male and female. The subject once trigged will go and dressup in the appropriate clothes and want to paint their faces just like a doll and then admire themselves in a mirror. There will be a desire to change cloths often.

Curse BecomingBarbie
For women who just aren't girly-girl enough: Listener feels an addictive need to listen to this material, as it a) forces listener to walk with higher and higher heels, until a six-inch heel is needed to walk, b) forces listener to wear more and more skirts and nylons, as opposed to anything non-girly, c)causes listener to slowly forget her name and use "Barbie" as a substitute, d) causes listener to make her hair as blonde and shiny and fake-looking as possible, e) causes listener to remove body hair and use skin care products until skin is too smooth and shiny to be real, and finally f) causes listener to feel *highly* aroused by the prospect of becoming stiff, smooth, shiny and plastic all over like a mannequin....and also g) causes the listener to become twice as airheaded a bimbo as before, with every *seventh* listen. Duration: minimum of six month or until removed, or until listener becomes *too* dumb/stiff to comply further. Options: remove the bimbo option, add corset training option, add mannequin or lovetoy options, add voice mods, breast mods, third person speech minus pronouns.

Trig PullStringVoice
When listener hears the trigger, "Pull String time for you," listener will be unable to speak unless the person with the trigger either *says* "Pulling your string now," or actually mimes the action of pulling a string at the side of the listener's neck. At that point, the listener will only be able to speak in a cute, squeaky doll-like voice for about ten seconds. Options: allowing the listener to self-trigger/pull own string, causing the pull-string to interfere with writing as well as speech, causing listener to either use *only* a pull-string baby doll's vocabulary, or preset phrases from such a doll, or from a lovetoy....Listener remembers and is aware of everything that happens, right up to hearing "Revert to normal now."

Trig RagD'Anne
For Women/Femme listeners. When listener hears the trigger, "Ragdoll time for you," listener becomes totally limp and complaint, as per GoneNow, but aware and able to remember events under trance. A cute smile is fixed on the listener's face, and from the listener's point of view, he/she looks and feels like a life-sized Raggedy Anne doll, only anatomically correct. Listener becomes steadily more aroused the more listener is posed, manipulated, and physically *played* with, but remains unable to make voluntary movements or speech, until listener reaches orgasm or is told, "Revert to normal now." Options: modify to include a Raggedy Andy option, allow combined use with Trig PullStringVoice, or other Baby/Loss of control-type material.

Once triggered, the listener feels a sticky, embracing spiderweb forming around his or her body, binding the person more and more thoroughly until he or she is completely and inescapably cocooned.

Combined suggestion of time distortion and intense, full-body orgasm. When triggered on a male or female, the result is a massive orgasm which feels like it lasts for hours.


If I was a mannequin maker

I'd probably be using something like this mad scientist's creation. Or maybe just the first to volunteer to give it a go, then I could be left in the window of Sak's 5th avenue to pose as the world passed in frount of my eyes....


Doll-ish poses....

well I have been flicking through magazines waiting for trains to finally depart and found a couple of shots I thought I'd share.

One is Kate from LOST in a very cute dolly pose and the other is Gwen Steffani in an oversized chair - either that or she is really small....

so the doll meme in the media continues on....


A Large Stash of Dita's

found the original source of the Dita Von Tease aka Mrs Marilyn Manson. Seems she makes an excellent doll, don't you all agree. The suit does look abit loose in places. If it was me I'd want it in latex or something so tight I could barely move...

btw - you will need to join Doll Suit Wearers to look at the photos.


pixel me this, pixel me that, so many choices

as if getting dressed in the morning isn't a big decession making process, how about try the Candy Doll Maker at

countless hours can be lost looking through all the clothes, shoes and hair to create your prefect look. well I lost countless hours and still not exactly what I wanted. ;-)

still there's more cool clothes there than the GAP will ever have. and I think I'm now after a pair of wings for my nights out...


Legacy updated....

the premiere souce of doll fiction has been updated today. Check it out and especially

TinySexyGirl's "Presents";


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Spotted at the Skin Two Ball this year

thanks to the shots uploaded on various sites I found Mistress Maidenne and her living doll Kim...

First one is from the Skin Two ball in London 2004 and the second two are from last years.

I hear she does doll transformation at her lair in Amsterdam


Some would call this all deviant....

ok, its my fetish and I like it....

...but some out there may just think it's deviant. I think the GAP, Starbucks and War are deviant - but that's just me.

so I had a look at

and found alot of artwork and photo's of dolls of various sorts. Some very pretty, some sexy, others scarey and alot that were just utter crap.

none the less there are some gems in there so go have a look and do a search for 'Doll' or 'Dolls' and when you notice its in the thousands add extra terms like plastic.

images above are:

Salandre_doll by salandre
porcelain_doll by BlueBlack
Plastic by 7pixels


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Poety for the living doll

I can't remecommend the Legacy of Timeless Beauty enough for its great collection of fiction. Go check it out, indulge your largest sexual organ. And when you've finished with all the ones that relate to your particular kink, then have a dip into some of the other ones. You may pick up a new obsession. ;-)

This was just posted in the last updat there and it sums up some of my feelings.

by Palesoles

I stand here unblinking, unmoving, unable to move a muscle,
I wait longingly for your return.
Anticipating your caresses on my frozen body,
the way you trace your fingers across my breasts,
over my legs and arms.
Knowing that I am unable to reciprocate.
Even to the thrill that runs silently through me,
I show no reaction.
My mind screams in ecstacy from your touch
as I am trapped in this shell of plastic.
I am simply a work of art created by you for you to possess,
a living sculpture for your pleasure and mine.


Friday, January 13, 2006

Howling at the moon.....

it maybe a bit new agey, a bit hippy or something, but does anyone else notice the effects of the full moon? Traditionally its been a time witches have used for their rituals to make magic. And of course there are were wolves.

Maybe there's a way to be a were doll? Totally opposite of the hairy were wolf admittedly, but worth a shot. A couple of days of month at night seems like a good starting point for a doll transformation.

I for one will be wearing my latex catsuit all day tommorrow, in hope that the magic is realised and I become one with latex and converted into a latex doll....


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just seal me in clear latex from head to toe

Rubber 55 is a new company to the latex scene in the UK (why are they all in the UK? is it because it rains all the time there?) who started off small by listing items on ebay. Now they have a new website / store with a range of tight and colourfull latex items.

a friend over there was given a catsuit from them when they were still selling on ebay and she said it was an excellent fit and extremely well made.

check out the catsuits and other items on their site, but its a real pitty the images are sooo teeny. They have a good spread in the current issue of Heavy Rubber - another must for those who want to be dipped, soaked and sealed in latex.....


Clear heels and clear soles

from the same online shoe & boot shop there's sets of heels of varying heights - clear with clear heels.

I like :-) and want a pair..... as they would go amazing well with the clear latex catsuit I'm lusting after.


Heel-less shoes found

thanks to the person from Amsterdam who emailed me about the heel-less shoes I spotted on ebay and also in the street. He had purchased a pair for his girlfriend and they get alot of attraction he said.

Very close in style and idea to what I saw, but I think the ones I saw were somewhat classier and more dangerous to wear as the protuding part for support was more minimal.

Still its a good start.


Friday, January 06, 2006

self promotion card, pass it on....

I took the idea that was done for the Dollcollective (bellow) and made my own as I signed up for email notifications from

ok, they're _really_ bad for spam, but the cards they do are really cheap and can be customised alot. They always have promotions on so wait a bit for the best deals.

waiting now for the cards to show up - 250 for $5 (actually thats the postage - the cards were FREE!!!) but I grabbed the final proof image off the site and here it is bellow. I think I'll start leaving them in cafe's, club and the fetish stores I frequent.

so download it and pass it around far and wide.... ;-)


Dip me.., paint me..., make me gold or white

another find which crosses over with my own little collection of fetishes - being painted. Could have something to do with the scene in James Bond Goldfinger or possibly somewhere else.

is dedicated to videos and stills of cuvery women painted gold and other colours. Including the green slave girl from the original star trek series. Loads of preview images and even some video clips to download.

No tips on how to get it on or off as it wouldn't be good to show up to work all green. Feel free to post replies on any supplies and experiences.

like the mannequin fetish I harbour, its about being changed, transformed into something else.....


Skin Two Ball 2004 - Rubber Sisters Appear

just found some archived shots on the net taken off the net last year of the Rubber Sisters at the London Skin Two Rubber Ball weekend in fall 2004. So here they are. enjoy....

I'll see what else I can find from the same site and track others down too.

Did anyone go at all and how was it? What did you wear?


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Zentai suit as a base for Zentai Doll

for those who don't know - Zentai means total or full coverage in Japanese and they're the source of these wonderfull suits. Wether its from the beat them up superhereos in spandex, or a spin off of other dress-up practices it seems Zentai's are becoming really popular due to several made to measure makers in germany and US along with far east sellers on ebay.

to see what can be done with a zentai suit check out

who uses it as base a her doll persona. Still I'd like some eyes and lips on there.


Dream heels are none at all.....

I spotted a woman on the train with something very similiar to these but besides my staring I never found out who made them or how much they were. Must of been hell if planning a night out with the girls.

So does anyone know where to get them, what they're called or even have a pair?

Still I think they'd be much much better if the base was totally clear as well as the straps and maybe higher.... 5 inches? ;-)


The Doll Maker - Bob Carlos Clarke

if your not familiar with the work of London Photographer 'Bob Carlos Clarke' then check out his folio and work on his homepage. I think he's way better than Helmet Newton and way kinkier.

Sorry I don't want to post a grab from it, just saying - go look at it now.

And also go grab the article he did for a photo magazine on Living Dolls which inlcudes alot of his more recent shot in a magazine PDF that can be _printed out_ (or opened in photoshop for trimming and saving).


Barbie's New Make Over

I liked the old Barbie with her amazing curves, tight waist and cone breasts....

Though I got to admit the clothes she's in in these photo's are fab.


Barbie Mask found Once upon a Time

aaaahhh ebay.... don't you just love it? Full of wonderfull things and possibilities. Maybe you'll be more convinced knowing that the Barbie Mask was found on it sometime last year.

Not too sure when it was listed, how much it went for or even who sold it. Was there more than one or was it a one off? We may never know.

But just seeing the images, and now knowing the mask is possible makes my heart grow warm and my kinky fantasies kick into gear.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Music to Dollify by

music can be powerful, it can take you to a time and place in your memories so it's a good hypnotic trick to find an obscure track to use when self reading which can then also be used as a trigger.

So here's one to have a listen too. Its nice a mystical and magical. Right click to download but it should play in the browser too:


Molded Rubber Wigs

saw these a few years ago in a halloween shop in the Village, but never again. Any clever net searchers out there can track them down?


Contribute Images and Media!!!

well it seems people are contributing to the blog after only a few weeks of being live. Thanks everyone. come back often :-)

if there's any interesting news, images or finds please email them too me and I'll put them up. Links of course can be done within the replies.


Magazine Cover from London

was the free magazine included with the Evening Standard. Nice photoshop work.


In the box or out of the box

you can guess where I want to be....


Mannequins or Art - Allen Jones recent work

this image has been floating around some of the ASFR/Mannequin sites for a couple of years now. Its claimed that they're perfect doll suits. (I wish) but they're infact only one statue/mannequin shot twice from differnt angles of Pop Artist Allen Jones more recent work.

Its as interesting for the mislabelling as seeing peoples fantasies and desires directed at something they want to be real.

Still we can all fantasise can't we - well at least untill we can live out those impossible dreams that call us in the night...


Japanese got there first

mannquins are for most people the closest thing to life sized dolls that they can see or play with. Which isn't neccesarily a bad thing and prob explains where my standing frozen in a large plastic box fetish came from (well that and 50's sci-fi movies where the heroine/victim is stuck in one of those cyrogenic tubes etc).

Here's a shot from a japanese window display - mannequins are life sized dolls, and have they're own display boxes too...


Dior is pushing Doll Make-up

another historical find - Dior runway shot with doll makeup style back in 2003. So there's a definate trend thats been brewing.

Still its not to be seen anywhere down 5th Avenue, but feel free to post your 'makeup spotting's.....

High Fashion Latex Catsuits as base

spotted this on Firstview a year or so ago and just found my archive of images.

Not sure whose the designer so feel free to chip in - but it seems to be a variety of latex catsuits used as a base. Will it catch on? Were they selling them? Why didn't they actually fit the models better?

The metalics and the tans worked the best IMHO, so I'm just uploading those.

Still the point of latex is you can get it tight, very tight and it looks fab. So maybe it was just a gimick.