Monday, July 28, 2008

they even called them rubber

of all places it seems Urban Outfitters are now stocking 'Rubber Leggings's at a more reasonable 88US$ from relaunched 80's label 'Members Only'.

you can get a pair here as well as check out the other photo's of them.

firstly its curious that its crossed over to such mainstream shop and more so they decided to call them rubber. maybe they are cashing in on the risque appeal of 'rubber' when everyone is calling theirs latex. even when there obviously not latex or rubber in any way.

meanwhile the trend spotters at the fashion spot still debate over what the best pair as illustrated by the more informed entry by pingy1030 who sets a few other readers right:

Velony- There are some real life photos of the Sass and Bide leggings on ebay, though they are not on a model.

Taylor- The shine on the Daryl K's looks to be pretty permanent. It's not a processed texture on the fabric, the shine looks impossible to separate from the fabric because it's not a layer.. unlike the Kova&T's which will start to flake off especially around the knees. I own 2 of Daryl K's liquid leather pieces and they are also exceptional quality, the patent look won't fade.

pucci mama- Try calling the store at 212 529-8790. They are probably sold out since they are from F/W 07 but you can give it a try.

Radio- Having the same fabric content doesn't mean they are of the same quality, this is evident in many fabrics of the same content that look and feel different, which is the case for the Kova&T and AA leggings. The Kova&T are definitely better quality imo, however the peeling problem does occur- just to a lesser degree. I noticed they peel mostly at the knees (and probably butt but I haven't noticed anything yet) but so slightly that you really can't tell unless you are looking for microscopic flaws.

the full page is here and if you scroll down you can see shoots of the skinny leather jeans which seems to be the next fashion step up from 'latex leggings' for fall/winter 08/09.

also new just in - sort of - is lindsay lohan bringing latex like leggings and ones with knee pads to the masses. the pair to the left is her own brand. basic but still shiny and metallic.

for more information check out the ET entry on their site here which includes links to online retailers who now stock them along with a photo of lindsay with two other models who are oddly less model like and less attractive than lindsay.

not that dumb a blonde now is she?


going to the ball?

its coming up fast and now has been moved from early october to early septmber. i've previously tried to get to the ball last year and to the torture garden birthday ball earlier this spring. both attempts were thwarted by work plans and large contracts which i couldn't get away from.

this year i'm planning to go. i really am. so far its all clear, no surprise needy clients on the horizon. i've been sort of promised a free pass too the entire weekend but thats still in the air. not checked on flights yet or other crucial things - i'll be doing that shortly.

have a look what's on. beats the local fetish events in NYC by a massive factor. all the info is the Rubber Ball


your great grand parents were kinky too

digging through my old CD back up of misc fetish imagery - you know ones i downloaded when 56k modem was considered state of the art - and i found this collection.

they needed to be shared don't they.

i have no idea of the source, but given the style of them they must be pre world war ii, possibly 1930's or much earlier even? still they didn't have latex per se as we know it but it didn't stop them from nurturing a range of fetishes including plushies!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

could this be the appeal of latex?

Why Touching Sometimes Trumps Sex | Dr. Pam Spurr | July 17, 2008 04:01 PM

There's a lesson for us all in the recent story of a couple who had been married for 80 years.They wisely put their relationship success down to sharing a kiss and cuddle every night before bed.

From the moment a baby is born, touch is important to developing healthy bonds.

Those without this bond show emotional withdrawal from the world, developing into adults who find intimacy difficult. And many men, even those from loving families, remember that they came to a certain age, say 9 or 10, and were positively discouraged from asking for a hug from their mum.

These issues leave many couples with a touch of a problem.

A refrain I hear frequently from female friends and clients is that once the sexual passion has waned, affectionate touch goes out of the window too. "I can't give him a simple cuddle without him thinking I want sex!" women moan. That's because he learnt not to have "emotional" hugs long ago. So when a woman offers him one, he thinks she's signalling full-on passion.

continues here

big in the uk in some clubs

now if someone would do 'i wanna be your latex doll'


Friday, July 25, 2008

the boots were taller in the 60's

i recently found another yahoo group dedicated to rubber rain boots or wellies as they call them in the UK. its mainly made up of close up shots of boots in mud or women marching through muddy rain sodden farm fields. where do they get these fetish i wonder? (says the wanna be latex skinned woman)

the group had a new photo folder with collected acquo boot photo's. including the one too the left.

which of course is a chance to share it and also the clip i found from the original Avengers with Diana Rigg in a lovely sheet glossy black PVC rain outfit. i bet her fashionable wellies are thigh high too ;-)


used skin on ebay

when the Real Dolls first came out people were wondering if there was any way to actually wear them and to become the actual fuck doll. being made of a hard silicon with supporting skeleton there was no real way to do it, even if you were actually smaller than the dolls as you'd need to be to get into them.

in the last year or so FemSkin started making a wearable stretching silicon body, not complete coverage but torso and legs.

i've not heard any reports of what they're like as for me i'd rather just wear a latex catsuit as it really wouldn't be adding much.

if your balking at the price tag there was a used one on ebay here so you get an idea of how much they would be worth as a recycle....

i had actually started this entry when the auction was live but work got in the way (sorry).


Friday, July 18, 2008

from i-D magazine circa 2000

found by one of my regular contributors and top fetish photographer - blackice - when he was asked to dig through his archived CDs of old photo's from the skin two ball for a magazine. no he didn't take the photo's.

they're from brit style magazine i-D and are digital snaps he says and not scans so the quality is someone rough.

wonder if he kept the originals somewhere.

click on them to see at full resolution.


living statues at six flags

as snapped by roen on his cellphone.

he wrote:

They are at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. They put on a 5-10 minute show every hour. It was more or less a dance, but very fluid and controlled. During breaks in the music, they would totally freeze in place and when the music would start again they would act as if they were coming back to life. Not one of the major attractions, but worth checking out if you want to see something different while at the park than the usual Looney Tunes show.

i wonder how many people develop the seeds of asfr styled fetish when seeing living dolls, mannequins or even this pair?

he also sent in this lovely scan from the EGL Bible which is now published in English its so popular. available in bookstores or on amazon here.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

S&M barbie - so the papers say

thanks to Dave for sending a link to the UK's SUN newspaper and the story bellow:

Published: 16 Jul 2008

BARBIE’S new S&M look has whipped up a storm – with protesters dubbing it “filth”.

The doll’s image is transformed with kinky fishnets, motorcycle jacket, black gloves and boots.

Makers Mattel say Black Canary Barbie, out in September, is based on a DC comic superhero of the same name.

But religious group Christian Voice said: “Barbie has always been on the tarty side and this is taking it too far.

A children’s doll in sexually suggestive clothing is irresponsible – it’s filth.”

the Sun page is here and you can add your comments. a bit more information on the doll is at barbie collectors site here.


Monday, July 14, 2008

a glimpse of fashions at Torture Garden

thanks to blackice for sending the link in of HW Designs fashion show at the Torture Garden Birthday Ball.

he apologized for the quality and says this is down to youtube recompressing the footage into its own unique format. he said he'll reload it all it he cracks their secrets.

apparently its part of the 3D filming he did this Spring at Torture Garden which also includes the Libidex show (which is also on youtube), various odd Easter related performances as well as the main TG show + Pretty Pervy all on an hrs DVD in 3D.

i don't have the special hardware that you need to see it in 3d but i did take him up on the offer of the free DVD!


its now july...

it crept up on me really. ...well i was sort of aware of it in mid june and had counted the months but then all of a sudden a rush or work and now its early july and i'm past the half way mark for 2008. its a bit of a milestone as when i made the new years resolution i didn't know if it was even possible to achieve.

how am i doing?

well its now six months and i am daily 1/2 latex all the time from morning till bedtime. mainly either the libidex tights, light pink leggings (which now with washing look exactly like Barbies rubber legs - i swear!) and skinny jeans. in fact the skinny jeans have seen so much day to day wear that a couple of seams started to come loose and a small hole on another appeared. both thankfully been repaired now.

that's the basics and its only been a few times when i broke from the promise to myself; the ritual of latex as it were. these - if your interested - was when it got amazingly hot a month or so ago and on couple of business trips where i was sharing a room.

the heel training continues and on the odd occasion i've worn sneaker for whatever reasons and also the time between getting out of bed and getting dressed for the day i'm in 5 inch heels at minimum. the cork wedges are finally broken in and are the staple these days. thankfully super high heels are now 'in' so i'm hoping for much more variety in the shops assuming that they truely meet my 5 inch minimum. my thoughts on heel training another time.

with the latex i'm exceeding my new years resolution with some ease now. for the last month or so after the heat wave i've been doing my best to be head to toe latex. well i mean bottom of some sort and also a top be it the pink blouse or the white body, etc etc. i wear this when temperature allows. i'm not obsessed to the point of endangering myself to heat stroke or anything like that.

and at the suggestion of rubber roo i purchased (on sale no less) from Westward Bound a mid thigh skaters skirt. very breezy but there's no chance of me wearing it like she does (*winks). well not yet anyway.

one thing i've been after for some time and i finally caved in when the counter reached a million hits is the ubiquitous HW Designs latex hood with heard shaped clear front panel. its worn in a considerable number of fetish videos and also by various latex high profile models. its even replicate in second life by a couple of vendors. its gorgeous and very weird at the same time.

its makes anyone who wears it like they're face is made of latex and have come from the same mold. as if all latex models who wear it look related... as when i do when i've worn it a few times. staring at myself in the mirror i only sort of recognise what i see, its as if i'm now part of latex cult. who knows maybe i am already....?


a box in the basement

thanks to rubber roo in london for giving me this clip. sadly i can't embed it so you'll need to click here to see it within the youtube page.

its not in the attic as per my previous mention fixation but the ideas really simple and cute. notice how she just gets rid of her old self and locks it away. sort of like what i'm doing slowly...


Friday, July 11, 2008

thrall sent me

a link to the photo and comments on model mayhem here and the interesting thing - besides its the rest of the series i've only seen one of so far is that its exclusively women commenting on how great these images are.

maybe there is interest in all this doll/mannequin stuff after all? who knew?

she does recommend ferreting around Model Mayhem for more kinky imagery. so feel free to take her lead and post the finds in the comments or email them direct to me for later entry.


market price is one way

to tell if somethings still fashionable and still sought after.

when the stores sell out and the item goes for more than they cost on ebay then there's definately still a demand as Xuxu discovered when tracking the K+T latex leggings on with the last sale going for $167.50!

there's another pair up here if you want them. or wouldn't it make more sense to get an actual pair of real latex leggings or tights? certainly it would be much cheaper even from Libidex which is where i got my last two pairs of tights.

there is also a deep scoop back leotard made from the same 'latex' material by K+T here if you want to complete the look. though then again why not go for the real thing? or is that all down to the latex designers (cue bitch mode) total inability to market into wider audiences?

meanwhile stylists asks the question latex leggings at any age here and personally i say sure! why not?

and in germany the fashionistas there are catching up to the trend with this clips on latex leggings (yes we all know they aren't really latex) which was filmed on rooftops in NYC. now this explains why no one sees them - they are all worn top of buildings!!!

Trend Latexleggings - MyVideo

the video bellow and the styles are all somewhat basic. not the mix and match base clothing element that makes anything worn with it just pop out. still they have to start somewhere.


something comes alive in the basement

thanks to Edward for the find. for me the attic holds more of a fascination as i've commented on in a earlier post as thats where boxes of old clothes are stored along with dress makers dummies and well who knows what else..

the same film maker has also done a 'R' rated film with i think the same ideas and zentai suit but as i'm not registered with youtube i've not been able to see it yet.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

well they weren't my size anyway...

so my hunt continues for a pair of something similar to or actual Acquo boots.

the ones i found on ebay germany here, ended yesterday for a staggering 434 euros!!! not bad for a boot that was last officially made in the 1970's.

so why the interest?

well they're all soft natural rubber. so not like standard hard rubber rain boots which are now also made from molded pvc of some sort. the shaft is much more like the stretch material boots which are generally made from a synthetic - but Acquo's are rubber backed by stretch cotton. they have a retro 60's go-go boot look going for them and lastly they're so damned long. easily up under a short skirt....

a bit of marketing analysis for any latex designers out there that are reading this (and i do know there's a few): the fetish boot and shoe market is flooded with cheap 'Pleaser' boots from China, these include ballet boots which are even making it into music videos - so the choices of something fetishy, rubber and unique is just no longer there. everything is looking the same and they fit badly.

the closest recent boots have gotten to these 60's throwbacks is the Sigerson Morrison Rain Or Shine which are now very sought after on iOffer etc. i have a pair and they are really great but the heels pretty low at one inch. i had to wear them recently when it was raining heavily and my arches were killing me by the end of the day. seems my 5 inch heel training is now firmly effecting my feet. still they glossy up really well with Armoural spray and the shaft litterly runs to your knee which is tops compared to most 'knee high' boots which simply aren't.

my hunt continues. maybe one day a shoe or boot designer will warm to the idea of remaking these lost boots and at a much more affordable price too.



i just happened upon this comparison shot of the knee high Sigerson and Morrison and original shorter Acquo boots bellow:

two parter

from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. thanks to Through Fare for the find.

there's some pretty fun doll related visual gags in it.


so realistic

you would think that she was once a real woman and now forever posed under a spell.
no, she really is a mannequin as found on here. click on the link to see a substantial collection of photo's of her along with close ups of her head which is very impressive for its attention detail.

seems the company does mannequin make overs, just not the makeup and styling but also breast enlargements.

click on the sellers other auctions to see ones still for sale.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

buy and sell on live journal

i have been revisiting some bookmarks that i marked but never really done anything with. as its a quiet sunday morning, the bandwidth is really good for a change and i've recovered from two nights of free champagne and nibbles at a book launch and a two gallery openings at the end of last week; i figured i best catch up.

the social networking thing is spiraling out of control.

there was the time when yahoo was enough, it had groups, a basic profile and well free email which is why i used it in the first place. now there's tribe, myspace, facebook (or stalk-book as its known and curiously filled with my high school classmates i'd rather not meet ever again), second life, bebo, multiple 'work' related ones and would you believe that David Hasselhoff has has his own version of myspace now for just his fans here?

one of the older ones is Live Journal and while i never got into it, i have just remembered the link to the Live Journal Latex Lovers group. its just a series of messages with considerable amount of news and buying and selling of latex; both new and used. new designers starting off also pop up there pretty regularly too and that makes it an ideal place to test buy latex clothing as they won't have the same overhead the larger established stores do and likely to be much more stylish than the basic black catsuits.

good thing is you don't need to be a member of the Live Journal to read it, only to post. so head over bargin hunting and news.


another video with latex

in greek i believe.. and in the subway.

guess all latex wearers are night people cast as extra's from the matrix?


photo finds, a source and contacts

a couple of images kindly sent in by Bauble Headz:

and from Vox the first part of a series by a London photographer.

i think i've put some of these up somewhere previously - but now we know where they are all from and its ask art, showcasing the work of talented and kink Alex Sandwell Kliszynski.

so do send in any images, links, video clips or whatnot to me. i've may have posted them in the past but to have the actual source and much better resolution is always good.

there's several ways to contact me; my yahoo email address is my primary one, then there's the google one i was forced to take when google bought out blogger - now for live chat you can sometimes catch me on yahoo id asudemlatex, tho really thats just for close friends. easier to find me in second life asudem kasei.


update via email:

The first image is "Mosh". She does fetish and Cos play modeling and
has many "doll like" pictures floating around. He is a up and coming artist that does a lot
of artwork that often has doll look to them. Scan through his
Portfolio and you will find a puppet and patchwork scare crow girl
illustration that should float your boat. ;)
He is published and you will proably recognize some of his work when
you see it on his site.


wouldn't it be better in latex?

to illustrate how i find things, i first started too look for latex leggings on ebay in the uk as they're way more over there than on, then i expanded to shiny leggings and came across some variations from the large fashion chain Top Shop which several people were reselling as clear out stock. nothing in my size so i checked the stores home page.

with a bit of clicking around i found this jacket. now its really nice, pretty expensive and the pvc doesn't look very good, too rough and not really glossy like it could be. one reason for holding off on pvc is well it squeaks way more than latex (yes its true!!) and the type can vary considerably.

and you can never tell unless you can touch it, stroke it and stretch it. and latex in more forgiving shape wise while pvc doesn't always stretch and when it does, it doesn't necessarily stretch much or for a good fit. still if you want one then go here

a short jacket like this in latex has been on my wish list since last fall. so i think this fall its the time to get it made - of course in latex ;-)


anyone in the UK seen these .....

very very odd living mannequin people? apparently they have been attending high profile public events in london.

the chinese news agency which is where i found the story wrote this:

Two mysterious faceless figures have been spotted in some of the UK's most high-profile events this summer, like Wimbledon, Henley Regatta, the Harrods sale and Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball.

continues here with a close up photo of how they can see and breath.

if you look closely on both the man and woman's jackets there's little logo's of some sort. maybe a performance art duo or some comment on surveillance society?