Saturday, June 30, 2007

student fashion with hints of fetish

i was doing a search for pvc/shiny/latex leggings again and while i didn't find what i was after - namely online shops that sell them online and ship to the US, i did stumble across the catwalk queen blog about this years graduate fashion students in the UK.

seems there's alot of silver leggings and pvc ones being used in the year end shows and the middle designer who used semi trans pink latex caught my eye. the full entry can be found here.

so if the students are still embracing it all, then its not going to be a one season flash in the pan and more will start appearing in more accessable places. another site which was tracking the fetish trends in UK fashion did suggest buying latex leggings from one sex shop styled site and pointed out to get alot of talc.


deleted but not gone

the youtube entry of the Beyonce stage appearance is now gone - but diveknive from germany sent in a link too the performance here as well as some close up shots here.

pitty it wasn't a real robot / cyber suit and just a dramatic entrance device. still from the photo's she seems to have alot of metal on her in other dresses including the insanely expensive gold leaf leggings.

oh and as discovered by bp, if you have problems loading the blog, it maybe down to the cache of youtube files on your pc. just clear them out and all should be fine again.


a large image stash with tantilising...

.. fetish and doll like photos here.

thanks to looking thru for the find and sharing


more convertable heels

thanks to dosman for sending in another find on convertable heels. seems the idea is not new or it the same one i reported on earlier that has now been taken up my this company for their survey here.

doesn't say where to get them or how much they are. rather they're used to illustrate the dangers of driving in high heels.


shiny spice

yes they're back together and posh spice who is definately to skinny imho wore not latex, not pvc but something that had a similiar effect at their press announcement and photo call.


Friday, June 29, 2007

wearable plastic mannequin masks

somewhere in this blog and in my own photo collection is a couple of images of a woman posed like a mannequin in a window with a plastic mask. it turns out the mask is the frount part of a styrofoam head and have been around for some time. a link to a few on ebay were posted by someone in comments. they definately have an stylised almost cartoon look too them but work well imho.

after one of my random ebay searches through mannequins in ebay last week i found a similiar styled plastic mannequin head though with a much more realistic look too them. you can get them it sets of three from this listing here.


invasion of the silver robo-glamazons...

from the french model magazine i picked up earlier in the week. seems silver and metalic leggings are still in.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

the coming of the robo-woman

this scan sent in from blackice from 'metro' newspaper - a freebie distributed in major UK cities - which he picked up in Brighton. he also said on the reverse side there was a small article on plushies!

its a bit of a co-incidence or synchronicity as on tuesday i splurged on two european fashion magazine and one had a large b/w spread of robot woman which caught my eye. i'll do the scans and put them up over the next few days.

in the meantime if anyone finds any better images of Beyonce in this out or even a video of her performance can you please post in comments?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

a very tight cage

the link to this site was sent into me and while the end result for me isn't in any way aesthetically pleasing, the idea of what could be done has some amazing possibilities. its sort of the framework for a living mannequin. obviously this ones made for a guy and in a fixed sitting position which can also be suspended.

imagine for a moment something similiar and with less metal strips - i doubt that many are needed really to hold someone in place - and have it shaped over a woman's body to her in place in an beautiful mannequin like pose. if all the metal was chrome against a full catsuit it would be lovely.

or maybe its just a framework and what needs to be done is layers of plaster applied so she becomes a mannequin.

it also sort of reminds me of the vintage dress form. i remember seeing one of those when i much younger at a flea market and at the time wish i could buy it and put it on....

the full set of images at permanent bondage can be found here. do take a close look at them as it seems that shell not only fold open but also is closed through a power drill and bolts.

if i was presented with something like that i'd be in it in a shot. makes my eternity collar look really basic now doesn't it?


skin and a new doll series

now i've seen these beforein various places and they were also used to advertise nip and tuck though i'd never seen the full collection which is convientantly allhere. they are not real suits, rather it's all photoshop work.

speaking of which, Aule spotted a peice on the free inflight easyjet magazine on this photographer who has done another amazingly well executed series converting people into dolls. the full collection is here.

i guess its all just in the atmosphere or something? and i do wonder when the public at large see these images, do some of them develop a new fetish?


vintage fetish comics

Xu Xu has been kindly sending me collections of old black and white fetish comics over the last month or so. as they come in groups of pages its too hard to post or to pass onto readers here, but i have found a couple of places you can get complete collections.

the first i had done an entry on waaay back and it now has many more pages. its at retroxotique and its the bound in leather series here.

from another source it seems some clever bunny has collected a whole archive of these comics and other classic 50's vintage fetish comics and sells them on ebay as downloadable PDF docs. the sellers ebay page is here and its all at really reasonable prices. and don't worry they don't ever sell out.


Monday, June 18, 2007

the complete sequence from the hard to find

erie, Indiana-Other Dimension. thanks to DMH from germany for the find

Sunday, June 17, 2007

random photos and some random thoughts

first one was forwarded on from an ebay seller new listing. looks like a great way to package a doll.
this i found on a random fashion blog last week. the thing that hits me is the steel grey tights or leggings and the latex or pvc black long gloves. looks like the super gloss black is creeping up over the body.

which is sort of proved by the harrods advertisement from the UK. i know its not latex but it super shiny and slick and thats a hint of doll-ish fashions now isn't it? wonder how long before Harrods start selling latex in one form or another?

on the other end of the consumer fashion line is the more baby doll-ish look from Asda in the UK. so cheap you could outfit an entire collection of dolls.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

cross over to fashion bloggers

well i'm honoured!

i had a nice write up on f&art blog here by authoress Mahret after she checked out dollsrealm. the entry 'blog review: doll's realm' is also mirrored on the german blog she contributes to.

sadly, but as i predicted - her pair of molded leggings did fall appart as she relates in the entry "trust your local latex dealer..." she seems to like them alot so shopping for a new real pair sometime in the future and promises to post photo's. maybe she'll get them from Slinkyskin or YnotY whom i heard a rumour that blackice maybe doing a shoot for and it all goes to plan i'll end up with a pair of leggings from it...

she said in an email too me:

"And yes, I think, the latex legging thing will really come "to frution". Well probably not with real latex but in in form of shiny leggins like the ones from american apparel for example. Guess that most of the people still feel a bit alienated by their fetish appeal, but well that's exactly what I love about that "trend".

and promised to keep me posted on any doll-like fashions.


retro 70's latex fashion shoot

even if it was done for Vogue Italia in August 2003. they made westerns once too now didn't they?

the rest of the set are found posted here.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

for all those plushies out there

now i wish it was a mannequin or a doll.... i wouldn't mind at all now would i? ;-)


Trapped in a Teddybear

more of the doll performance

thanks to alex at for the use of this image. more in the sequence can be found on his homepage here.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

mannequin make-overs...

no its not what you think or what i was thinking anyway.., they are mannequins to start off with and not people being turned into mannequins though if i was going to be turned into a mannequin i'd love to look like any of these plastic beauties.

mannequin make overs seems to have started accidently when the artist was paid to repair and make over over collectable dolls and realised the same process could be applied to mannequins. the results are one of a kind mannequins that look super lifelike and put Madamme Tussauds to shame. anymore realistic and people will expect them to move and charge a modelling fee.

for more custom mannequins try this french site here that has an interactive mannequin design. sadly it won't work on my mac with any of the browsers i've tried. if someone gets it too work can you email me a screen grab please?


another photoshop competition

thanks to baubleheadz for this find at who do regular photoshop competitions. not a great selection of results so far. here's two of my favourites.

paris hilton seems to be an easy target for dollification - i wonder why....?

the full collection can be seen here.


does latex make opera sexy?

i think it's been used a few times in different operas. personally i can't stand opera but some of you may. it doesn't look like couture latex dress either - maybe even molded?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

tips for making a doll

i was inspired or led to have another go with henna. it worked alot better this time and even more so that after it all dried i repeated the process and redid the word.

its now a pretty dark brown. not as best application as possible, i guess i'd need someone else to do it properly with some refinement, or maybe a stencil.

still its there now and i think it will be months before it fades.

it really didn't hit me when i did it, though the entire chat sequence for doing it and the reasons for doing it were very ritualistic and almost hypnotic. carrying out the command was straight forward and didn't have any of the feelings i had when told that i had to do it.

it wasn't untill today while walking to the shops that it hit me what i'd done, what's there and the fact that its almost like a semi-permenant tattoo.

something burns inside me that before too long i'll be tempted to apply another layer of henna to the word, extending the time it will take fade to nothing.

i am so marked and like the baby pink tights i know its another big step to dollhood


Monday, June 04, 2007

more on heel training

a special thanks to AP for finding all these amazing links and information for me.

the site is in german: but does have alot of the information available in english. start for an archive of an early internt heel expert Heike who now has her own page and pay site. the german site also has an excellent history of high heeled shoes here as well as plans and photo's on how to make a foot trainer for those of you (not me yet though) who are wanting to wear 6"s and above heels. the actual plans are in german word doc format, though there's enough info and visuals to understand what to do here.

exploring futher through the high heel fashion site i found a great collection of black and white vintage shoe photos starting here and continues for a further eight more pages. what i find so fascinating about these vintage images is that it takes kinky footwear back so far. like your mother had a pair and her mother and so on... wonder where they all went?

another site dug up litterly by the gracious AP was the archived version of here. while its a dead site preserved in digital heaven, the book the site creator wrote is still available on amazon both used and new.

leaping from these leads i found more resources for high heel wearing and training but i'll save those for another day when i'm further along myself.


he ask me so nicely....

to make an entry about his selling his camera gear so that he can upgrade from his current digital SLR to a new one with twice the resolution which apparently is costing a fortune so he's unloading everything thats not nailed down.

the contributor in question is blackice and he shoots and writes for Skin Two. the camera's been to more fetish events than i've ever attended and the shots taken are to be seen in Skin Two, Marquis, A, Alternative London, TG's website and here on occasion when he spots an EGL or mannequin woman.

click here for all of his auction listings which do include his model clothes clear out - mainly fetishy trousers (he says he's keeping the really good stuff for shooting with) as well as some various molded latex items which apparently are all too large for me otherwise he'd post them over.

the camera is here and comes with memory cards, spare battery and CF card holder. two other lenses are sold seperately.

he said he's considering listing the doll suit he designed for a shoot which is now sold as a staple design from libidex, but wants to find it a good home where it will be used and cared for. sadly its not my size... so email him at if your a uk 8/10 with no breasts.

oh and if you want to look at more of his shots or his ongoing 3D project 'geometric primitive' (which i promised to plug one day and i didn't - me bad) then check these links out and geometric primitive


plastic surgery to become perfect

Sunday, June 03, 2007

i so inspire people....

i've just been contacted and emailing back and forth with Steve and Caz of Slinkyskin about latex leggings. seems someone tipped him off;


A friend of mine recently pointed us to your excellent Blog. He pointed out your article on Leggins, I thought that you might be interested to know that we make latex leggins. I have attached a couple of images.

Sadly due to E-Bay rules ( where we sell most of our products) we have to shoot our clothing on a mannequin but they still look pretty cool.

The one in the photos are semi-trans grey with an open ended zip that goes from front to back and will literally split the Leggins into two parts if required. Our Ebay shop is called Ultimate slut we are developing a website for it.

We are better known as or where you will find lots of shoots of girls as rubberdolls :-))

best regards

Steve and Caz

he sent over some more photo's as they're now in white too....

fashion blogger draws hits for latex leggings

this was mentioned on but it wasn't untill i dug around on the blog that i realised what an amazing resource it is for the burgeoning latex fashion cross over. the main series of entries about leggings start here in the march entry of and she has noticed that her hits have gone way up because of it.

in another entry she charts the various designers using latex leggings in their collections and a curious entry that has John Galliano paris show with Sasha Pivovarova's underlined puppet like appearence.

Another covers spread detailed is Irina Lazareanu on Sleek.

she wrote:

"Irina is one of my favourites for some time now. So I was very pleased to see her on the Spring edition's cover by germany based fashion and art magazine sleek. There's also an editiorial photographed by Terry Richardson inside!!! I've uploaded it here. Please enjoy (and don't hotlink ;-)...
Latex definitely seems to be THE item for next autumn/winter.
Download the current Sleek issue here after registration..."

so you'll have to go visit her blog to then go see the sleek entry and then download the issue....

another entry covers dance and this is where the fashion + art (= fart) comes in. i found this image of two dancers to be very compelling and surreal, like puppet dolls of sorts.

earlier in her blog on a previous month she mentions the American Aparel leggings which i finally bought too.

her entries about starting out with latex leggings in her entries - the latex instruction I + II are best found by doing a search on the blog for 'latex'. from the photo's it looks like she's ended up with the really crappiest molded kind available. i do hope she's found a better pair from a real latex designer. still she seems to like them even if her boyfriend doesn't.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

latex lara's go international

as part of her aniversery all the lara's are in one place.

for the full series of shots more latex start here on the norweign newspaper spread.