Sunday, December 31, 2006

invasion of the space cosplay girls

EGL and Maid Cafes....

in the entry about a club called 'Dolls' the subject of real life clubs in new york and the egl/maid cafes came up in the comments and sparked alot of attention and comment.

i never got to the new york city one, but head they were famous of the chocolate high heel desert and also remember seeing the place in 'sex in the city' episode.

if there's public maids cafe, its not too hard to imagine that more closed or private clubs would be more dressy up, more doll or costume based? i mean the maid look is very cute but for sexy cosplay characters i doubt the owners of the image / copyright owners of them would want a Gundam, Hello Kitty or Sailor Moon characters working in such a place?

and are there any position for western women in a club or restaruant like that? maybe eglish lessons in full egl outfits?


felicity fey falls down

sort of dollish as the person who sent it in said, don't you agree?


space girls, latex leggings and sci-fi fashion

from the bumper issue of i-d this past fall comes a spread of sci-fi like fashions. i swear the leggings are thin latex, but i can't be sure 100%. part two too follow in the next year... well tommorrow..


Saturday, December 30, 2006

help for dark

comment contributor to Dolls Realm and NY resident Dark is working on a rather epic doll fetish novel. So far he's sent me about 100 pages which my printer's yet to cope with.

he's looking for contributions from real life dollers who can contribute "true" stories that he will then fictionalize and incorporate in his book.

email address is:

for those who would like to share.

and remember if you're feeling very paraniod, it's very easy to set up a free email account.


Friday, December 29, 2006

a thinning dress..

one more from i-d.

i spotted the gloves and thought they looked pretty rubbery in some ways and wondered if they were. then on a closer look realised the dress was all black with a centered detailed hourglass figure.

so perfect for after xmas indulgences.


russian dolls

an editorial spread from i-D magazine on russian designers... wonder if they came out of a factory?


dollish fashion advertising

these scans are from a fall issue of british fashion magazine i-D. it was full of interesting things and trends. one thing i notice was that three advertisers definately, (well imho) had doll or mannequin themed imagery.

two cloned blonde bob'd women which appear in their other adverts, the stiff mannequin like poses and bleached plastic skin of two models and the positively creepy masked women..... maybe they'r waiting their turn to be converted? its also part of as series of ads set with similiar masked models and darkend rooms

loads of ideas for stories...


xmas cards so far....

yes, i've had a few.... along with random emails

Saturday, December 23, 2006

a blog for fetish fiends...

i'm really stuck a bit to much in second life to get out there and see what other blogs are offering. i should really get a better feel on the kinky blogger community. i'll add it to my ever growing new years resolutions which i may post come jan 1st...

anyway on major find was posted without any fanfare in the recent comments, and thats the kinkygerlinky blog here.

its positively packed full o screen grabs, scans and video links to actresses and models in latex. i didn't really realise how often it got worn. seems like almost everyone has worn something with a fetishistic edge at some point even if its just kinky boots and tight leather trousers. wonder if it was 'models own' or if they had to just wear it for the shoot. would be interesting too know...

as amazing a resource blog, i do have horrible loading problems with it. i can't tell if its blogger, my mac, my connection or what precisely. there's soo many tantilising video links and files but i can't get any of them to load. is that just me?

do pop over and have a look....


Friday, December 22, 2006

a real club

there was a homepage, which i can't find now done by a female masker / cosplay person and it had a collection of correspondance with a woman doller in japan. seems she worked at a club for living latex dolls..... and was being offered the chance to join then and work there.

now like so much of this stuff there was no way to tell if it was real or not and attempts to track it down by various people have proved futile. if anyone has the link then please post it or email it in.

saying that - there are cosplay and maids cafe's in japan and for a westerner to try to go into even just a normal hostess bar is a no-no.. so maybe just maybe a more extreme kinkier doll club does exist as the email correspondance relates.

a more concrrete club called 'Dolls' was sent in by Davina

no dolls inside though she said.....

saving google and youtube video?

i think this is possible but really not sure how too do it. essentially there's plug-in's, scripts and third party websites like: is one site with scripts for example.

or translater websites but i can't seem to find those anymore.

so does anyone do this? does it work well? please post tips and how too. i'd also really like to know what the difference in the quality is like.

from my googling it seems they're all geared to windows users.

oh and of course any good finds for video clips then post in the comments too!!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

part 2 of my hypnosis

this is a short little story written by evil dolly based on my chat log with kitti control.

i'm keen to share some of my other chat logs with writers who can turn then into stories. just email me and i'll send one over too you.


the hallway
by evil dolly

She stands before you, this Barbie, this Goddess. She must be artifical, for nothing natural could be this perfect. She is all artifice, all plastic, all synthetic. Supremely confident, she knows she is beautiful. What's more, she knows the effect her beauty is having upon you as you stand there at the entrance of the hallway. Her flawless beauty is intimiding, almost terrifying. She is smiling a picture perfect smile of contentedness, but whether she smiles because she is truly happy to see you or because the smile is permanently molded onto her lips is hard to say. It doesn't really matter; either way, the smile lightens your heart and makes you want to smile back at her, reflecting her apparent happiness. You want to, but all you can really do is stare, paralyzed, in awe. You realize that you're naked, and are unaware of how you got that way, or even how you came to be here in the first place. It all has to be a dream... doesn't it?

She is wearing an elaborate, cascading gown of purple and pink latex. Through a slit at the bottom you can see her feet, arched into impossibly high heels. Despite the shoes, she stands with no effort at all, almost as if she's floating. The material of her gown glistens in the subdued light of the hallway. It's so shiny that you think you hand might come away wet if you touched it. You yearn to touch it. Not just to see what it feels like, but to see if she is, in fact, real and not some vision from a dream. Your hand reaches out... and she gracefully steps away, just out of reach. She continues to smile at you. Her arm raises and she extends her perfect, long-fingered hand. She beckons you to come closer. You step towards her, hardly aware that you're doing so. It's like a pull, deep in your belly, as if she is drawing closer with invisible strings. In this fashion, she leads you down the hallway.

Though her lips remain motionless, you could swear that she is speaking to you. There is a whisper, just on the edge of hearing. You can't make it out. That's not so important right now, though, as all your attention is focused on that perfect, plastic face, those lips, and those fascinating eyes that pierce right through you. Her glassy eyes seem to be staring at nothing, and yet they see everything about you at the same time. You hesitate as you realize that somehow, without even a word, she is peeling away your layers and discovering all your hidden secrets. It's a little frightening to be exposed like this. You wonder where she could be leading you, and if it's wise to let yourself become so entranced by this beguiling being.

But her smile is just so inviting and so irresistable. With a tug of the invisible strings, she pulls you forward, and as she does, you feel your willpower collapse. It's such an incredible relief to feel your free will vanish. With a quiet sob to express your utter helplessness in her presence, you follow her down the long hallway. Whatever her intentions for you, it's out of your hands now. You are mesmerized by the patterns of light bouncing off her exquisitely glossy latex dress, which rustles and squeaks as she walks. Her movement is measured, slow, and inhumanly graceful. The constant whispering urges you onward. She is so beautiful, your heart could break just from looking at her too long.

She has brought you, at last, to a door at the end of the hallway. Her fingers brush against its surface with a plastic click and the door opens in response. She steps aside to allow you entrance. For the first time, you're able to pull your eyes away from her in order to take in the room. You step inside, gazing around in wonder. Everything inside is shades of pink. What's more, everything inside is latex. You think you can hear the light, jewel tinking of a music box coming from somewhere. Mixed within the aroma of latex are hints of sweet perfume, bubblegum, candy, strawberries, and everything that's sweet, pink, sticky. In the center of floor is a round, sunken pool. It's filled to the top with pink, liquid latex. Your heart skips a beat as it dawns on you, with a mixture of excitement and fear, that you will not be able to leave this room unchanged--if you'll be able to leave it, at all.

You feel her presence behind you. She comes to your side and, with one firm, cool hand touching the small of your back with the gentlest of caresses, she points to the pool. Any ounce of willpower that still remained crumbles as you realize what she wants you to do. She wants you in the pool. It's what you want more than anything else the world. Even if you wanted to resist, you couldn't; what she wants you to do and what you want have so quickly become virtually the same.

You dip your toes into the pink latex to discover that it is warm. Warm and inviting. Your feet find a step and the latex is up to your knees. It's thicker than you thought, but not too thick. Just right. The next step brings it up to your thighs, tickling you. The last slow step brings it up your waist. You shudder as the warm latex slides up your legs and over your crotch and belly. It tingles, just a little. You wonder what it's doing to you, but your mind is so warm and fuzzy with the soft whispering that you can't really care about anything. You dip your arms into the pool and lift them back out. Your hands and forearms are coated in thick, glistening latex like gloves. It doesn't run or drip--in fact, it seems as though it's already drying on you. As it dries, and so rapidly, it gets tighter on your flesh, encasing you like a second skin. What would happen if you were to cover yourself in this completely?

Moved by curiosity, you bring your fingers to your lips. It's sweet! So very sweet. You're suddenly overcome by a powerful urge. You look to her beseechingly. Her expression remains unchanging, but she appears to know what you want. With slightest of nods, she grants you permission. With a moan, you lower yourself completely into the pool. The latex washes over your face and closes above your head. It's so wonderfully warm and quiet under there. It tingles all over so pleasantly. You open your mouth and let the candy-sweet, pink latex flow into your mouth. You drink it in, hungrily, desperately. It fills you. You begin to feel drunk.

Finally, you come for air, giggling from sheer joy. The latex is coating your mouth and tongue. It's all you can smell and taste. You feel the latex start to get tighter all over your body. You reach up to feel your face, your head... and realize that your hair is gone. You have no idea where it went. It's just gone. You know your head must now look as smooth and glistening pink as the rest of you. The whispering doesn't allow you to become alarmed at the change. Still, you swoon, overwhelmed.

You look up to see her standing at the edge of the pool. She has divested herself of her gown and now stands above you naked. Her figure and skin and perfectly flawless like a mannequin. Perhaps she is a mannequin. Her body lacks nipples, a pussy, or even a belly button. It's all smoothness. She wasn't born, she was made. She steps into the pool, but the latex doesn't stick to her like it does to you. It runs off her plastic skin like water. Smiling her sweet smile, she comes towards you. Her arms wrap around you and pull you into her. You melt against her firm body, which is so soft and unyielding at the same time. A surge of contentment washes over you. She takes you to the center of the pool and lowers you until only your head is above the latex. She cradles you against her breasts. You bask in the warmth under her perpetual smile. She lifts a hand out of the pool and holds it, dripping, above your face. The pink latex drips down upon your cheeks and lips. You open wide and take her fingers into your mouth, nursing the fragrant latex from her lovely, plastic fingers.

You remain like that, held in her arms in the pink pool, for the longest time. You start to adjust your position, to lift yourself out of the pool a little, and realize that she won't let you. Like a statue, her position doesn't change. You begin to squirm a little, feeling a twinge of alarm that she won't let you go. Her embrace is so gentle, but her strength is like iron. You struggle in her arms, but it's futile. You're completely helpless in her relentless, loving embrace. You go limp in her arms, overcome by the knowledge that you couldn't leave even if you truly wanted to. It's too late for that. Whatever she plans to do with you now, it's all beyond your control. If she is some kind of doll, then you've let yourself become a doll's plaything.

Still smiling at you, her barely-audible whisper becomes words. Relax, my pretty, pink pet. So pretty, pretty. I have you now and there's nothing you can do to stop me, so relax. Don't fight it, my new, pink doll. Let the latex soak into your body and become you. It won't be long, now. You can't stop it from happening. Surrender to me. All you have to do is keep drinking it in. I'll make you so beautiful and so perfect. I'll make you just like me so that I can gaze at you and you will reflect my beauty like a mirror. And I'll love you, love you, love you forever, my pink doll. Forever. Unchanging. Now drink me in. Drink my beauty.

You stare up at her, speechless and helpless. Her expression finally changes into one of lust. Her lips part as she bends close to you. As her perfect, plastic lips part to give you a kiss, pink latex begins to spill from her lips and onto yours.

hypno mp3's
i think i am getitng somewhere with latex and oll hypnosis..... i'm not 100% sure but so far everyone who has read my chat log with sl hypnotist kitti control has said i was definately under.

the last session, the most intense of the three so far seemed to last when i was still in sl doing other things, and even through a nap i took that afternoon. so far about three or so hours in total.

i was pretty well given up on the idea untill kitti's sessions seemed to start delivering some sort of effect.

text and sitting at my mac is fine, but i really need something to listen to on my ipod while lying in bed. and so i started look around and accidently found as a link on a hypno story site a link too Lady Julia's site.

she is very femme domme oriented but has two kinda intro mp3s which i like alot here's. her attitude on her site and blog is also way kinder than other hypnodomme's i've come across. looking at her yahoo group she even gives warning over what other hypnodommes try to pull with chat logs as examples.

go have a peak and a listen, you may enjoy them as i do.

oh and i know what your thinking, no she doesn't have any doll mp3s but i have introduced the idea too her. we'll see ;-)


cyberspace never felt soooo good....

i dont have a play station so i didn't even know this existed till i saw the link in comments.

seems there's a game from japan thats soo unlike any video game you've played before. its all about navigating around the designers idea of cyberspace.

the big bonus is that some of the games come bundled with some sort of vibropad that is tied into the play.......

a must read full write up of a test drive can be found on the Game Girl Advanced site here's.

and of course there are ones available on ebay - isn't everything?


coffee for cool cats

this email promotion almost got deleted automatically with all my spam but since i discovered that yahoo mail has been eating my friends i normally check to see what its caught in its over enthusasitic net.

seems the new lavazza calander is a superheroine themed one and u can visit the special competition site here to win a calander. i've just only had a quick look around it but i did notice one latex hooded superheroine. it was the cute kitty that caught my attention. didn't kyle wear something similair?

i'll have another look around and see how hard it is too win the calander. let me know if anyone is successful


sci-fi chicks

not exactly dolls per se, but fantasy related so i'll slip it in.

here's where to get the leeloo costume from the 5th elemement in shiny white pvc no less. its their best seller too.

oh and if you don't want to look exactly like the movie then they do it in a range of funky colours too.

wander around the site as they go the extra mile to deliver great sets of images for each of their costumes.


smutty puppets

illustrator, computer renderer, storyteller and dollsrealm contributor 'jay' has set up a new homepage up for his writing here.

not too much there at the moment, a few stories with descriptions and keycoded catergories for others yet to be posted.

and for people who don't know what any of this weird fetish stuff is he generously links to Winterrose's semenial work / FAQ on the subject.

however, too see his illustrations you need to go too his page on the hypnopics collective here, and you will need to create a user account and sign in too actually look at anything.


Monday, December 18, 2006

more than just a photo shoot

as previously posted here, turns out that it was just more than a photoshoot. the images and clothing are from their lovely pop video bellow. bet all those latex lovers out there will like it.

oh and they go all kinda like broken fembot's at the end. guess the asfr's will just love that.

one year old...

this blog and my own public 'outing' as a doll fetishist and wannabe is a year old now.

hits are over a quarter a million so someone is also interested in what i considered to be my own little private fetish.

ahhh... the wonders of the world wide web.

and over the last year i've been encouraged to wear latex more and more as well as heel train thanks to a very special people - Tiny Sexy Girl and Evil Dolly. i think with their help they're making me over, wether the practicalities of it all gets in the way or not. thanks too everyone else who has sent in links and filled the comments section.

second life i have admit has taken over my life in a bit of a way. well a lot of a way. i think i've even finally found a nice mistress in there as well as been successfully hypnotised twice. wether what i seek in sl is truely real and how much is helping i can't just say yet, but when your alone at least roleplay is something and better than nothing. i bet alot of people do say that. sharing what you can of yourself with kindred souls.

my wish list for latex and doll transformations is still pretty long, but i've just recieved my far east order and that gives me more 'day wear', just wish i was over this annoying bug so i could wear it.

kinda an act of celebration of making it too one year i just ordered semi transparent bed sheets, base and normal sheet. come january when i've had some christmas money come through i'll get the jacket i was after in latex of course and possibly the nightgown too. we'll see. any latex designers too sponsor me?

sometimes i wish i could just let go and be that doll for a Mistress i loved - but finding that person is hard, and i've had enough weird emails than anyone really. and whenever i go down that route in second life i do find it not working and i get derailed from my training.

i need to be doing this for myself and i can't forget that.

one day i'll make a mistress very happy as a latex doll arrives and is so committed that she can be litterly molded much much further...

anyway more images and info to post this week so please do keep coming back. contribute when you can too....


Friday, December 15, 2006

pure golden legs...

and its not just an expression for a really good tan, it is really actual gold leggings by Balenciaga at loose 100,000 US$ in change.

its part pf their Spring/Summer 07 collection and need to be custom made fo the wearer.

wonder how you wash them or if they come with a special service contract. its reported here on catwalk queen's webzine.

besides looking amazing and wishing i had a pair (well i'll add itto my long list anyhow), it does mark a bit of a trend. so first there's the solid coloured tights, now the metallic leggings.

just how much longer before really doll like elements start showing up?

oh and are slighty cheaper versions available?


Gwen is a secret doll lover?

i had poseted a lovely photo of singer Gwen Stefani here as a doll on a huge chair awhile back. now i've heard this song but only just saw the video.

don't you agree she may have a thing for it?

or maybe she just inspires people that works with her to think that of her?

that Caroline in the City clip

its been talke about on for awhile now and i had never seen it. finally its up on youtube. check it out before it gets pulled down for copyright infringement.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

encased and zentai'd

another new but related fetish to the dolling is of course zentai suits. and related to that is pantayhose and tights encasement. a site dedicated to this was sent too me a couple of weeks back and is encasement fetish community.

i remember when i was really young, maybe just entering my teens, i managed to get hold of a pair of pantyhose which was way way too large for me and put both legs down one of it legs. i then moved it around so i could lean over and crawl upside the other pair of legs, making me a nylon coated snake of sorts. for sure one of my earliest semi bondage experiences. now of course you can buy something similiar in body hose, if they ever properly launch.

efcommunity's splash page photo is just stunning and inside is really just loads and loads of folders with images in them. very sadly no where near as good as the splash page one which is reminicent of the bodyhose page.

yet after digging around like a kid in a candy store i did find a folder for Zentai Anna - who has done what i want to do with my own white zentai suit. sadly she's not replied to my email yet but my fingers are still crossed. at least i know it can be done now.

here yahoo 360 degree profile is here if anyone wants to check out more of her photo's and the mini blog yahoo provides.


submisive hypno site

this link was given to be awhile back, and i had a go with it but not sure about it. what do you make of it? anyone tried it?

its an all in one hypno induction called 'Slave Maker' by MstrMind and you can looked at here.

let me know if it works for you....


a new story by TSG.... Inflated Changes

Turning around while glancing at herself in the three-way dressing mirror, Martha asked, “Do these jeans make me look big?”

Leaning against a nearby display, Anna Konning retorted, “Is this a trick question.”

Damn it, I should have known she’d say that. Though they were good friends—well, very good friends—Martha Sever hated it when Anna joked about her weight. “I guess I should have asked if they made me look bigger.”

Anna shook her head. “Forget I said anything.” She cast an appreciative eye towards the girl’s bottom. “You look good.”


“Well, as good as you can, Martha.” She grunted. “You can’t help that you’ve got a large backside.”

Martha turned away from the damning mirror. “No, I guess I can’t.” She walked back into the dressing room and began stripping off the jeans. Once down to her panties she gave herself a quick appraisal.

Anna was correct when she said Martha had a large bottom. For Martha was a large girl. She’d always been a little heavy when she’d been in high school and college, but in the last five years it’d seemed as if she’d been unable to do anything but pack on a few pounds here and there, and now . . . now she was pushing 285. While she thought she still looked good, she knew if she kept gaining weight it was only a matter of time before she found herself without . . . without . . ..

Without Anna and Greg?

Martha had met Anna a few years ago through friends. Back then Martha was a “thinner” 215, but Anna . . . well Anna hadn’t changed a bit. Anna had one of those rotund forms that provided her with a pronounced set of curves—the sort of curves that some woman (Martha among them) longed for. Anna was by no means fat; she claimed that her true weight was 135. But she had generous hips and a full, heart-shaped ass, and her breasts . . . large and full and not artificial. Martha knew that for a fact—

They’d hit it off rather well. Martha commented on Anna’s simple white cotton mini dress and black boots, and Anna thanked her and began engaging in small talk. They’d continued talking for about an hour when, all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, Anna asked, “Do you like sucking cock?”

For a moment Martha didn’t know what to say. Finally she sputtered out, “I, ah, guess so.”

“You guess so?”

“Well—“ Martha was more than a little confused. “Why are you asking?”

“You ever let a guy cum on your tits?”

Martha wanted to walk away, but strangely, she couldn’t. “Ye-yes.”

Anna smiled. It was warm and friendly, but somehow predatory all the same. “I wanna watch you get mouth fucked by my boyfriend—“ She leaned in close and whispered in Martha’s ear, “And then I wanna lick your tits clean after he cums on them.”

An hour later a naked Martha was kneeling naked on Anna’s bed, as Anna’s boyfriend Greg face fucked her while Anna fingered her pussy and clit. Martha was lightheaded from the sex, and her orgasm were coming one right after the other in a wave so robust that she thought she might pass out. It was only after Greg shot his semen all over her breasts and Anna did indeed began licking up every drop that Martha allowed herself to collapse in a heap on the bed.

And thus began her sexual adventures with Anna and Greg.

None of them considered it “swinging”, though some might call it that. And their get-togethers weren’t always three-somes. Sometimes it was Martha with Greg, other times it was Martha and Anna. Sometimes it was all three. Twice the three of them hired a hooker and had a four-way party. And there was the time when Martha showed up at Anna’s, and Anna was going at it with a girlfriend and invited Martha to join in the fun. (It was later, after everything was cleaned up and put away, that Anna admitted she’d probably be a lesbian if it weren’t for the fact that she so enjoyed having guys cum inside her.)

The fun had been ongoing for almost four years now, and nothing had changed—well, nothing ‘cept Martha’s weight. She’d slowly begun growing heavier, and though it might be her imagination, she thought her continued weight gain might be affecting Anna and Greg’s feelings towards her. The last few months it seemed as if Anna’s affections were waning (hence the quips about her girth), and whenever Greg and she got together, all he seemed interested in were blow jobs. Their attitudes were depressing her, and her depression was sort of making her want to find soloist in food, which was making her heavier . . . she didn’t want to feel as she was feeling, but the last few years had been such fun, and if she was loosing that—

She sighed as she picked up the jeans from the floor after dresses. What’s the point of getting these? she thought. Am I going to fit in them in a few months? Is anyone going to be interested in seeing me in them?

Martha walked past Anna. “Something the matter?” asked Anna.

“Yeah,” replied Martha. “I got a big problem—“

It was over lunch at Anna’s place a couple of days later that Martha explained what was bothering her.

“So you’re worried,” asked Anna, “that we’re gonna dump you because you’re . . . getting . . ..”

Martha finished the question. “Fat.”

“You said that, not me.”

“You’re thinking it.”

Anna took a moment to consider her reply. “I will admit you’ve been getting a tad more chunky than usual the last couple of years,” she finally said.

“It’s not my fault,” said Martha. “It’s just—“

“You can’t find a diet that works, right?”

She nodded. “Just never had any luck, is all.”

“I can understand that,” said Anna. She looked down into the glass of Coke she held.

Martha snorted. “I can’t see how you could.”

Now it was Anna’s turn to snort. “Please, girl. You think I always had this body?”

Mystified with where Anna was going with this, she asked, “What do you mean? You didn’t always look this way?”

“Hardly.” She leaned back in her chair. “When I was starting my junior year in high school, I weighted almost 240 pounds.”

“Get out of here!” laughed Martha. “That’s impossible.”

“I could show you pictures—“

“You’re not kidding, are you?”

Anna shook her head. “Nope. When I was young I was always heavy. Don’t know what it was: genes, diet . . . fuck if I know. My mother looked like a model and my dad was pretty athletic looking. Me? I was dumpy. The proverbial fat girl who everyone made fun of.” Anna gazed wistfully into the distance for a few moments before telling Martha, “I fucking hated my life.”

Martha could sympathize, as she’d experience much the same when she’d been in school. “So what happen?”

Anna was hesitating, but given that she’d mentioned her problem, Martha felt she had no choice but to explain her solution. “You have to promise me that you won’t say anything to anyone about this. Okay?”

“Sure, sure,” replied Martha. “I mean, I won’t say a word.”

“Okay.” Anna tented her hand and tapped her fingers for a few moments before saying, “I apprenticed with a witch the summer before my junior year.”

Martha’s response was succinct. “Get the fuck outta here!”

“Straight up, it’s true!” Anna raised her right hand as if to take an oath. “I’m swear, if I’m lying to you, I’ll slit my throat.”

“You’re telling me you’re a witch,” said Martha. “And you lost weight through witchcraft?”

“Among other things,” replied Anna. “It wasn’t just weight loss; I had to reshape my body—“

“Stop, stop!”

Anna cleared her throat. “You think I’m bullshitting you?”

“How could you do something like that—“

“Without anyone noticing?” Martha nodded. “I cast my spell in such a way that I melted away 10 pounds every month.” Anna shrugged. “People thought I was working out.” She got up from her chair and went to the sink. “By the time I was a senior I was down to 130 pounds,” she said, rinsing out her glass. Anna put it aside to dry and turned to Martha. “I made myself over into a younger version of what you see now. Went from Ugly Duckling to The Girl Most Likely to be Masturbated Over.” Grinning broadly, she finished by saying, “It was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“Learning witchcraft?”

“Learning the Craft,” Anna said. “We don’t like to call it ‘witchcraft’.”

“We? As in—“

“Other witches.”

Oh, yeah, this is just what I needed, thought Martha. My fuck buddy telling me she lost weight on the Witch Watchers Diet. Sighing loudly, Martha leaned against her right hand. “You gotta know this doesn’t sound . . . right,” she said. Rubbing her temple with her fingers, Martha said, “I mean, you tell me you’re a witch and that you changed yourself—“

“Like this?”

“What are you—?“ Martha looked up . . . and there was Anna, only it wasn’t really Anna, but it was—she was . . . Martha couldn’t remember the girl’s name, but she was one of those black hip-hop singers, real young and beautiful, and she was standing where Anna had been leaning against the sink—

And as she watched the girl began to shrink down, becoming smaller, her skin color becoming lighter, the hair turning blond, and suddenly Anna was a perfect duplicate of a famous child actress, only the eyes—there weren’t the eyes of a child, but more the eyes of an adult . . . “Or maybe like this?” the girl said, and then just as quickly she started changing again, growing taller, staying lean, the hair getting dark once more, the skin tone shifting to something just a shade this side of tan, the girl’s hips and ass filling out to Anna-sized proportions once more, the lips filling out, the smart, adult eyes becoming black as night. “Joo mebe like tis, insteed?” she asked, her words filtered through a heavy Spanish accent.

Before Martha could say anything the girl morphed back into Anna, who smiled and crossed her arms across her chest. “So . . . you need to see anything else?”

Martha didn’t need to see anything—period. “My God—“

“God has nothing to do with it,” said Anna. “So whadda think?”

She had to ask the question. “Can you do that to me?” asked Martha.

The answer was like a slap against the forehead. “Yes.” Anna sauntered over to where a dumb-struck Martha sat. “Now, would you like to know what I need from you?”

Two weeks later, and Martha was ready. She was standing in a candle-ringed circle in Anna’s bedroom. She was naked, as was Anna. Anna was working a mortar and pestle, putting the finishing touches on a mixture. Martha knew what was being mixed up: some spices and herbs, plus a lock of Martha’s hair, a few fingernail clippings, and a touch of menstrual blood, the last of which had been delivered six days ago. Anna was mumbling something that Martha didn’t understand: most likely some archaic language that her mentor had taught her so she could work her mojo.

Anna sat the now almost-finished mixture on a small table she’d set just outside the circle. “So, you ready for this?”

Nodding, Martha told her, “I’ve been ready for this since you told me about it.” She eyes the mixture. “What’s left?”

“Well—“ Anna picked up a picture of a naked blond girl with enormous breasts, laying on her back upon the floor, her vagina open and ready, just waiting to be fucked hard and put away wet. “I rip this up, set it aflame, and then you lean over and blow it out.” She let the picture drop to her side. “And then I spread a little of the mixture on those pumps you’re going to wear—“ Anna indicated the black patent leather pumps with 5 inch heels positioned inside the circle with Martha, “and then you’ll start to change.” Anna held up the picture for Martha to see. “You sure this is how you want to look?”

There wasn’t an ounce of hesitation in Martha’s reply. “I’m sure.”

“You are positive you what this?”

“I wanna be inflated, just like her,” said Martha with as much emphasis as she could muster.

“You know I have to ask those things, right?”

“I understand.” Anna had explained about magical backlash, and how she could suffer if she did something that wasn’t exactly what another person wanted. Martha didn’t want that happening, and did everything she could in the last couple of days to set in her mind the fact that, yes, being changed into this fuck slut vision was exactly what she wanted. “It’s what I want. Absolutely.”

“If that’s the case . . .” Anna ripped up the photo into tiny pieces and laid them in with the rest of the mixture, then used a candle to set them on fire. She picked up the pestle and held it inside the circle. “Blow it out,” she ordered Martha. Martha did as told, and Anna quickly began to grind the new components ingredients into the existing mixture. Only a minute later Anna was on her knees, dipping her fingers into the mixture and dabbing the powder over the toes of the pumps. She pulled back out of the circle. “Step into the shoes,” she said.

For Martha this was the moment of truth. She knew the shoes were about 4 sizes smaller than what she normally wore, but Anna told her she’d slide into them as if she’d been wearing them for year. If she couldn’t . . . it would mean that Anna had been playing her all along, and would likely have a good laugh at her expense later.

She slipped her feet into the pumps—

To Martha it felt like her feet had somehow turned to putty and were simply flowing effortlessly into the shoes. She couldn’t believe it. Just like that she was standing tall in the fuck me pumps—

The magic was real!

Martha felt her skin moving upon the body as the fat melted away and shifted to other parts, parts that were growing and changing as well. She felt the compression in her spine and she shrank slightly; shifted her weight as her hips spread and her ass grew larger; arched her back slightly to compensate for the weight of her surging breasts growing upon her soon-to-be slender chest; watching her fingers become thinner and her nails longer as her skin began to take on a glossy sheen . . ..

“What the hell?” Martha’s skin was becoming lighter, smoother, shinier. She reached up to touch her arm and saw that her hand looked the same way, and her nails . . . they looked—decidedly fake as hell. “Anna?”

“I see.”

“What is this?” Martha couldn’t keep the tone of oncoming panic out of her voice.

Anna’s eyes were wide, attempting to comprehend what she was seeing. “I don’t know.”

A slow stiffness was forming in Martha’s joints. “Do something!”

“I can’t.”

“What do you mean?” Martha was finding it difficult to bend down to look at her legs, which were also taking on a lustrous sheen. “It’s your spell!”

“This isn’t my doing,” said Anna. “The spell wasn’t supposed to do . . . whatever!”

Martha’s feet were moving apart on their own, opening up her legs slightly. Her arms were moving slowly to her sides, the forearms beginning to bend at the elbows. “I can’t move!” she screamed, and Martha was finding it difficult to even speak now. “Get me out of here!”

“I can’t take you out of the circle,” said Anna, watching Martha’s transformation with a sort of bemused wonderment. “Bad things can happen if I do.”

“BAD THINGS?” Martha’s jaw was hardening; she didn’t know if she’d be able to speak much longer. “How mucccc wooooOOO . . .” Martha’s mouth was forced into the shape of a large, round “O”, her lips puffing up slightly around the aperture. Her arms locked into position, a 90 degree bend at the elbows, her arms slightly away from her body. One of the last changes she felt was her vagina and anus swell open and take on a shape like that of her mouth: an inviting hole waiting for . . . waiting for . . . Oh, God, what’s happened to me? she thought, though in her mind she already knew the answer as an inflation valve formed near the base of her neck.

Anna felt the wave of thematic energy leave the room, the indication the spell was complete. She stepped into the circle, stepped up closer to Martha, seeing up close what she’d become . . ..

Martha looked just like the girl she’d wanted to become: long legs; short, constructed waist; full hips and ass; and gigantic breasts. But her blue eyes were affixed open and staring straight ahead; her mouth and vagina had become pink or red-rimmed openings, and her skin . . . Anna ran her fingers over Martha’s arm. Smooth and room temperature and . . . squeaky. Martha’s skin squeaked as Anna ran her fingers along her forearm. Anna took her wrist and squeezed it. There was no resistance: it collapsed in her hand much like a balloon would. She released Martha’s wrist and it sprung back to its original shape.

“Oh, my!” Anna picked Martha up by the shoulders and lifted her effortlessly off the ground. “You’re a blow up doll!” She set her down gently. “How did that happen? I mean . . . shit, you’re like the girl you wanted to be, but you’re also . . . a doll . . .” Anna gazed upon Martha’s new breasts, which stuck out from her body like twin basketballs. “And a pretty sexy one at that—“

If Martha hadn’t freaked already, she did when Anna lifted her off the ground like she was a great, girl-shaped balloon. Oh, fuck, Anna!, she screamed, What have you done to me? Martha couldn’t move, couldn’t breath, blink, couldn’t do . . . anything! Yes, she was thinking, and she was feeling (as made clear when she felt Anna’s hands upon her), but beyond that she had transformed into a sexy, luscious, beautiful—DOLL! I want to be a girl, not someone fuck toy! But she knew that Anna couldn’t hear her; hell, she wasn’t even sure if Anna knew she was still alive . . ..

Anna was thinking that very thing. “I wonder if she’s still in there?” she asked rhetorically. “You should be. I mean, it was you that changed, and that part of you that makes up your essence, well . . . it should still be inside this body—“ She touched Martha’s arm softly. “Feeling this . . . hearing me.” She stepped around to the front and examined Martha’s wonderful, massively inflated breasts. “Be honest, Greg is gonna shit when he sees you. Oh, he’d have wanted to play with these if you were a real girl, but . . .” Anna reached out and tenderly caressed Martha’s nipples. “He’ll love spending some time with a fuck toy like you.”

Martha was about to scream, I’M NOT A FUCK TOY!—and then the awareness of Anna playing with her nipples sent all thought fleeing from her mind. Martha had always been nipple sensitive, and loved having her babies (as she called them) played with, but this feeling . . . it was as if someone had taken her nipples and replaced them with a pair of clitorises and then affixed turned up their sensitivity by a factor of 10. Martha put her mind on idle and let the feeling of bliss wash over her, just let it come and center on her . . . center there, right there in her groin when all the good stuff goes and builds into a fantastic orgasm.

Only it wasn’t building just there: Martha was also feeling the same thing building around the orifice that had been her asshole, and the orifice that had been her mouth, and there was the sudden dawning that when the orgasm came it would center around all her pleasure points, and she felt it building and building and she couldn’t think as she grew tighter and tighter and Martha was only seconds away from . . ..

Anna went to her knees and began running her tongue around Martha’s soft, pink latex cunt.

AHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK!!!!! Martha came, all three orgasms hitting simultaneously, imploding towards the core of her being and joining in a confluence of pleasure instantly drove all her fear about what she’d become away, sent it scurrying into the darkness . . . Martha wished she could gasp out the pleasure she was feeling, but she couldn’t, she knew that, she knew that the only one who could hear her cries was her, and for now, right now, there wasn’t a problem with that, ‘cause with Anna licking her cunt the way she was in about another minute or so Martha was gonna cum again, and it probably was a good thing that no one could hear her screaming in pleasure . . ..

Greg held back as long as he could, but Martha’s lubricated pleasure ring of a mouth always seemed to make him cum a lot faster than he would if Anna was the one giving him the blow job. With a strangled “Oh, fucking shit!” he pumped his load into the waiting latex sack that was Martha’s throat. Greg grimaced as he always did when the last of his semen was spent and there was only the sensation of K-Y and latex against the head of his super-sensitive penis as he slowly withdrew himself from Martha.

He laid her down at the foot of the bed while Anna masturbated herself into a screaming climax. As she licked her between pants, Greg laid down on the bed next to her. “Enjoy yourself?” he asked.

She kissed him. “As much as you did.” She tapped Martha with her foot. “I think you like her sucking your dick more than me.”

Greg laughed. “Well, she doesn’t ask to be cuddled after,” he joked.

Giving him a look of indignation, Anna said, “Remember how much I liked you being that Chinese prostitute?”

“I’m only joking, you know that.” He patted her thigh then kissed her full on the mouth, letting his tongue roam free inside her. “And, yes, I do remember when I was the Chinese prostitute, and . . . well, I’m not in a hurry to repeat that.” He pulled Anna in close and held her. After a while he looked down at where Martha lay. “You figured out what happened with her, right?”

Nodding, Anna replied, “It was her. She fucked up the spell.”

Unconsciously touching one of Anna’s nipples, Greg asked, “How so?”

“When I was in the final stages of the spell I showed Martha the girl she was going to become and asked her if she was sure she wanted to be here. She said something like, ‘Yes, I want to be as inflated as her’.” Anna moved Greg’s hand down lower on her stomach. “Magic has a way of being very literal. I turned her into the girl, but the spell—“

“Made her inflated.”

“Yep,” said Anna, nodding. “Inflated as in like a love doll.” She ran her toes through Martha’s hair. “It gave her everything she wanted.”

Greg said nothing, as there was nothing to say. He didn’t much understand how Anna’s magic worked, but then he didn’t need to: it worked and that was all that was important. “So,” he ventured, “the next question is . . . can you change her back to a real girl?”

“The transformation was meant to be permanent, Honey Cakes.” Anna shrugged, then got up, opened Martha’s inflation valve, and began deflating her. “Though, given enough time, I could figure out how to counter the spell.” She squeezed her, forcing the air from her body. “But I do that, and you can’t fuck her and put her away when you’re through with her.” She took Martha into the bathroom and cleaned her mouth out. By the time she returned to the bedroom Martha was almost complete devoid of air. Anna began folding her up.

Greg just went alone with Anna’s analysis. “Besides,” he added, “we’ve been fucking her for six months . . .” He watched Anna finish folding Martha and put her in her box, face looking out through the clear plastic window. “You think she’s really still in there? Thinking? Feeling?”

Anna said, “Naw. She’s probably slipped away into nothingness by now,” but as she turned to put Martha back in the top shelf of the closet, the slight smile that crossed her lips belayed her true thoughts. I could have changed you back from a doll at any time, she thought. But then I’d have to compete with that super hot body, and even though I could change to look even better . . . well, why should I? Particularly when you’re like you are now: beautiful, fuckable . . . and willing. She giggled softly as she placed the box on the top shelf. I would have said “silent”, but we know better, don’t we?

All Martha could do was watch Anna back away and close the door, leaving her in darkness. After the first few days of almost non-stop fucking and licking and sucking and cuming, she understood that this was going to be her life. She’d be used, cleaned, put away, taken out, inflated, used . . . it would be a never ending cycle, the sort of thing all dolls go through—

The sort of thing she would go through.

Martha knew she should have been just a little upset with Anna when, a month after she’d been transformed, she said that she could change Martha back, but fuck it, why should she? Martha was better as a doll. And the truth was—Martha agreed. She was a doll. She was a toy. She existed only for sex, for pleasure . . . for the happiness of her owners.

It was what she would know for the rest of her days.

Besides, she thought as she sighed loudly in her head, how the fuck could I ever have orgasms like THESE as a woman? Shit, Anna! Don’t leave me in here . . . I’ll be good. Let me out! Don’t you wan to fuck ME? Please, I’M YOUR DOLL! I’ve been good, haven’t I? Please, USE ME!!!!!

******* ends ******

her other stories can be found on this blog and at legacy of timeless beauty here. if you like them please email her praise and support: and hopefully she'll write more.


of course its just a masager...

and can't be wired up to a mac or a pc for other uses now could it?

you can buy it from a UK site here.

has anyone seen similiar things? are there a whole range of clever devices that can wire into a USB port that then works with second life 'excite' products perchance?

i bet there will be one day.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the hypno shirts are coming.....

the possibilities are just amazing.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

loved the image and the text is so....

from tsg.... a master at such things.... would i submit too it? would you?


Monday, December 04, 2006

doll themes in vogue's aniversery issue

i've managed to get my hands on the new UK vogue aniversery issue and it has several doll-ish spreads. the issue is dedicated to various groups who have contributed too the magazine over the years. one is a collection of models in a back stage area, another identical models as part of a music factory. the third is a very tall swan like model wearing a curious hard plastic dress.

some scans have been promised from blackice who grabbed a stack of fashion magazines during his european travels, but not scanned them in. go on. scan them pleaaaase....... ;-)