Monday, May 31, 2010

of trends and kinks

i was googling to kill some time at work and discovered that fetishism and latex is very well represented on Trend Hunter. here's some i liked when in some sub category of fashion i was looking into which may have been silver and shiny after the leggings.

what is a bit disappointing is that the photo's don't blow up very large or proper link information to source magazines etc as some really demand to be seen in all their full page glory.

the obvious search for me was Latex + Dolls which generated a mixed results and very varied if nothing else including doll suits and the inflatable cosplay photo's from a London designer.


revisit The Torture Garden in 3D

ok, so Avatar was great - we all know that now don't we. amazing 3d and people are getting homesick even for Pandora - or so i've read.

now here's one auction i've not missed yet although it does end today and its the Torture Garden in 3D listed on ebay uk here. you need to have a full 3d gaming rig or specialist hardware to view it however unless you want to just see it normal-o-vision.

here's a clip of one of the shows by HW Designs;

you think it must be something worth getting as the number of 3d DVDs out there is pretty limited at the moment.


a model, a singer or actress?

still not sure what Raquel Reed is but from her myspace page here which was kindly sent into me by Jonas she does have a very dollish look to her well 'look' and photos.

here's one of her videos i liked the most for obvious reasons:

maybe doll covers it all?


very very vintage kink

i'm behind with my entries again. last week was just too manic with work and i spent a fair bit of saturday catching up with sleep and sunday well that was just me time for doing chores etc.

so late that i managed to miss posting the link to Velvet Eden ebay shop that had these lovely vintage photo's, some even in 3d going back to 1910.

maybe they'll be relisted? i remember seeing reprinted cards too, so i think it will just be a matter of time to revisit some of these early fetish models.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

and the survey said....

as spotted on

click to enlarge so you can see all the results.


doll collection preview

thanks to Sophie at HMS Latex who sent me some of their preview photo's from the recent German Fetish Ball on the 15th as i detailed in an earlier post.

love the long dress and she's promised more images when the formal photo shoot has taken place. oh! and she's a regular reader too!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

rare Doc Vanderlay mask on ebay

i have emailed on a few occasions and not had a response in well over a year. he had been working on several new designs including one based loosely on Paris Hilton which looked very Barbie like. not a peep since the so i was very excited when i saw this listing on ebay.

i still think they're the best and most dollish masks i've seen so far. then i found katzeneule0172, a seller from Germany who had a very interesting range of masks; from animals, to very very heavy rubber to more traditional female ones which were close to Doc Vanderlay. does anyone own them? what are they like?

the heavy rubber ones are just begging to be used as part of a Bane system.

after some more compulsive searching i found some vintage mannequin heads which i'd buy if my paypal slush fund wasn't dry now. though i did realize that their makeup style and skin tone was an aspect i liked alot and defined them as mannequins. now how does one repaint latex?


and to think, google thought it was spam!!

and obviously it wasn't, what it was is a press announcement from HMS Latex about their new latex design collection which looks simply stunning. who would know that it was latex if you didn't tell them?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

second life latex dolls take over google

i was looking for an image to illustrate my mannequin and glass tube fetish - which was as you might of guessed was a scene from This Island Earth. here's one i found;

then i had a feeling i should look for with "latex doll' google images and lo and behold i find loads of of screen grabs from within second life. then amongst them all and pretty well on very page or results were some very familiar photo's.

have you seen it? easier than where's waldo

here's one i selected to illustrate the point. seems there 2-3 per page for my blog on google images.

so looks like the blog is extending itself way past the niche i thought i was marooned in. hope all those new visitors like it.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i still like doll cases

here's a shot i downloaded from Secondlife. is it possible to download all my photo's at once?

one day hopefully soon in SL i'll be a clock work doll, maybe in real life its possible too. i have found a fellow POC model in SL that has experienced first hand rubberisation hypnosis for an evening. it sounded amazing and i plan to interview her about it soon.


Monday, May 17, 2010

the chart had to be redrawn

like the amps in Spinal Tap, my counter now goes up to 11.. or in this case 3,000 which i've gone over for the last three days.

overall it looks pretty well the same as they key shrinking the count settings on the left hand side.

onwards to 12!!!


a bit sci-fi, a bit asfr

Saturday, May 15, 2010

meanwhile in second life ... still human-ish

after spending over 600hrs locked up in a RLV relay case on Doll Island and being released due to my set time being up, i'm sort of just wandering around and posing now. i was hoping to be reduced to key operated automated doll in world, saldy that has still to be realized.

here i am at stones n rubber:

or from this short video by Pye filmed when i wasn't looking at Powers of Creation (POC) before Kai refurbished the entire store:

or at the Doll Detention Center where i found this glass bottle which i just had to get into (still locked in there even now);

for those who have read Nanoslaver's excellent Thaasophobe pt2, you'll realise my fascination with it and why i was hoping there would be poses or animation for a few more women. if not - go read it asap. i'm still yearning for a part 3 Nano if your reading this ;-)

once your caught up and if your a SL builder or land owner; i've figured out how to build it perfectly with SL. do im or email me as i love to see it realized in there.

btw - i am wearing POC tribute to the Fantastic Rubber mannequin catsuit which you can actually buy as a real garment and not just in world.


Friday, May 14, 2010

long latex gloves - somewhere to start

one of those questions i get asked pretty frequently is about starting with latex as its pretty expensive for a lot of people. well one thing you can get that would effect your look and how things feel is long latex gloves. these ones shown here are from the stockroom and are gorgeous and come in several colors.

make sure you get the right size by measuring around your palm (which is how gloves are sized btw) and if they don't fit, send them back immediately. confirm with the seller / store first that they are the size that should fit you. that way its their fault if they recommended or sent the wrong size.

black is classic and bound to be a staple of your wardrobe. however the white and the natural latex is also much more doll like and there's nothing like seeing ones limbs changed from normal plain skin to abstract synthetic material. with such a basic piece of clothing the impact can be great and the more you wear them the more you see its as your dolls skin...


if aliens were going to abduct you

these would be a welcomed sight;

Alien Latex Dancers - The most popular videos are here

or is that just me?

the hood is made by Rubear in Russia and available here for 150 €'s. the rest looks to be a normal catsuit and heels.


already posted?

i am almost 100% sure i posted at least one of these images and if my vague memory is correct she's a Chinese Cosplayer or EGL.

the full collection or a least better than the couple images i had is here, although do beware of the messy advertised filled site layout.


latex fetish photo tumblr?

i just found a stash of yummy latex images on Doll Collective Yahoo Group in the Dolly Inspiration folder. have a look and be inspired to write some captions around them. you'll need to join of course.

i noticed that they all have 'tumblr' as their prefix. does anyone use it? or is it like facebook, myspace and grouply - just one more thing to avoid signing up too.


and to think; thats my netbook

linux has never been so cute and sexy. i guess dancing penguin girls wouldn't really work too well??

oh and put eeebuntu onto it as the existing system is too basic to be any use.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

conscious object's chain reaction

i just spotted conscious object's entry on her blog here about being illustrated by the famous (or infamous) Sebastian which was then taken up by others and then resulted in a multipannel strip;

look at her entry for the links to the full series.

also another from the same artist parangsakti which i liked a lot.

also make sure you visit the pages and make a comment. traffic and some feedback is always needed and appreciated for us creative types working on the web. of course say you 'saw it here' and just maybe i can become the source of another kinky latex transformation strip.


latex bikini with fire

thanks to blackice in the UK who sent in this youtube clip of a fetish model and fire performer 'Lucifire' who was performing in a show at the Brighton Fringe Festival. he shot it in 3d as well as this high res clip on his camera;

try watching it in 720p as it looks amazing. why don't we have kinky circus shows here?

also note the black and white skull and crossbones latex bikini. he pointed out that all her costumes for the show were latex - from a red beaded evening gown to a bright yellow track/catsuit like Uma Thurman wore.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

inspired by a personal story

Drake is speeding along and after hitting the record 50 issues as detailed in this entry at the end of April and already he's onto issue 51 featuring me.

its a illustrated version of secret origins of a mannequin fetishist pt.... go check out the full comic at as ever Medusariffic.

here's a frame from his 50th issue that had joining in about loving mannequins. well its voice bubble time so in comments add what you think would work well in the bubble; with back stories and larger captions optional.

i'll probably be doing it myself too as i have this tendency to edit fetish fiction myself just to turn up the kink level a bit or tweak it more to my tastes for later personal consumption.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

french singing doll

at way over a million hits too!


Thursday, May 06, 2010

time for some math: aka wow i am popular!!

my math is awful so i'm hoping someone whose skilled in this area can post the current totals in comments for me. a spreadsheet might be needed.

first i started with an embedded counter which is visible at the bottom of this page which has a tendency of not working which i detailed here.

now my statcounter is now up too an estimated 1,514,721 total since started with an estimated 60,000 per month and 2,500 to close to 3,000 a day (peaked at 3,000+ a couple times in the last week).

trick is to figured out when the counter numbers stopped and add to the stat counter one; from the time the above entry link to now thats an additional 623,464 hits.

as a rough and really really rough of hits only - 2,424,464, which is more impressive if you say the number aloud.


now thats how latex should look

utter mirrored gloss perfection... and can be found on video at different resolutions at LateXperiment on youtube.

the video is of model Sophie Green. with some clever plug ins with firefox the clip can be downloaded in its various sizes.


more sci-fi beauty devices

sometimes when deep in my navel gazing i wonder how this (actually these) fetishes developed in me. then an article like this comes along and i go well if i didn't have them already, i'd probably develop them.

the 'beauty treatment industry' is always coming up with full on sci-fi like apparatus to change us - here's the latest.

Miracle mask: Can anything banish lines, clear spots and repair sun damage? The LED mask claims it can

How would you feel if I told you I'd found a treatment which lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, clears blemishes and minimises pores and improves skin tone and texture.

What if I said it also restores the skin's natural ability to produce supportive collagen, reduces brown spots, redness, dry patches and sun damage and increased the blood circulation and moisture retention within the skin, all in one go?

What would you say if I went on to claim that this treatment doesn't just tackle problem areas on your face, but that it's also good for your body, since it helps to generate vitamin D, and your mind, too, because it stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain which makes you feel happy and energised?

continues here.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Saturday, May 01, 2010

secret origins of a mannequin fetishist pt...

this is a sort of follow on to my previous post and from that and this image you can tell why. - glass display cabinets. specifically it started with shower ones.

we didn't have one when growing up but just a bath and shower curtains (now thats another one). somehow i accidently discovered that if you leave soap on too long it would dry out and slowly make your face and of course skin tighten and harden. the sensation was .... and it worked on my hair too.

i must of been on a trip somewhere, possibly a vacation at a hotel somewhere with my own bathroom and shower and time to kill. glass display case shower and soap. standing perfectly still as it dried.


maybe they were cloning her

i always wonder where all these film and video prop's go....