Friday, December 30, 2005

Large preview photos - dolls and more

there's more and more fetish models around these days, all selling their own shots and sites. Increasingly there's a network of them all poping up on each others site.

Not sure if there are any I want to join, but for great and very large preview pictures get over to Fetish Live's site:

Which is part of the same group that makes the clear latex hood and the Rubber Sisters DVD. A definate overt dolling trend or just a way to get more millage out of your models if they're wearing masks?


Fetish Models as Dolls

Just found this site for the german fetish model by the name of 'Puppet'. Seems being transformed into a living doll is not an uncommon fantasy as some people think it may well be. She's living in it in more ways than one - I'm soooo jealous.

In the december update to her site she's taken by two living rubber dolls and bit by bit made over into their own dolly. What a christmas present!!!! Now I know what I want for next year!!

Pitty its sooo expensive to join her site :-(

Please be aware she's into some strong stuff so don't visit the site if your too young and impressionable. You may get ideas...


Reviewed: Die Puppensammlerin

not by me but by the people at World of Rubber:

Rated 5 out of 5!!!! and 6 out of 5 for the outfits.


In Contessa Antonella’s life everything revolves around luxury and rubber. Naturally, the dolls she collects are in rubber as well. However, this collection of dolls is unique because they consist of dolls that are alive - living toys for everyday life.
She owns prostitute-dolls to finance her luxury, servant-dolls to serve her around the glock, and of course the most important for the Contessa, love-dolls to fulfill her insatiable sexual appetite.

buy it here:

Notice its HW's top seller - so I guess its just not me with these fantasies.

Anyone see it? Anyone met the Rubber Sisters? I read somewhere that one is a man and the other a real woman.


So whats your doll transformation fantasy

I know for sure its just not me that has such a fixation, need, desire, urge, fetish, compulsion etc.

So whats yours? And how do you go about satifying it?

Please share


More fun with Hypnosis

So like one way to make yourself into a doll is in the mind with hypnosis. I mean if you can get people on stage to bark like a dog and run around on all fours and eat dog food, then why not something you'd enjoy. Not that some people don't enjoy being dogs - go ask those furries and plushies. ;-)

There are various self reading scripts out there - notably on Dollcollective yahoo group - but self reading as its called is less reliable than being hypnotised by someone else. And if someone else isn't available then a recording of the someone would be a good option.

You could explore your various kinks and fetishes. You don't need to be dipped in a vat of latex or plastic (as much fun that would be) but if you could percieve and feel yourself as such then too you anyway the fantasy self is achieved. And whats more you could turn it on and off as you like or set the levels of latexification or dollness. Or kinkier have someone else turn you on and off...

One site that has a few doll related MP3s is:

Some are close, but not exactly what I'd go for myself, but maybe for someone else reading this. Beware though as some of these hypnodommes are mainly about getting themselves off than delivering the good to you.


Illustrated fantasies

Ok, so maybe this doll transformation thing isn't _really_ possible. Just a dark and kinky fantasy... well at the moment anyway.

A great illustrator of those fantasies is Sebastian who does black and white and coloured drawings of various kinky situations and alot of transformations.

which is devived up into clean, adult, guests and others. with inking done by fans.

He seems to have been influenced by japanese anime but I don't recognise any of the characters he uses.

There's alot there so take your time and enjoy it all.


Its very own catergory

besides the massive archive at Legacy of Timeless beauty that hits a few of my fetishes on the head - dolls, robots, transformation, mannequins etc, there's also Gromet's Plaza.

Its know for its harder more b'dge stories which are subdevided into different categories like packaged, mummified (like to try that one day) and even eaten.

Now there seems to be a spin off site fermenting and with it a new category specifically for dolls:

The Factory is my favourite....


The Latex Hood - making dolls of fetish models

Is it just me, or is the popular HW Design latex hood making everyone look well - the same - almost as if they're all from the same production line.

It seems to erase the person yet they're still kinda visible. The wearers face is sealed underneath a clear thin layer of latex giving them a glossy shine.... Its like they've all joined the same cult - to be transformed into dolls.

A variety of colours are available too, so your not stuck with basic black or red. Deep purple is yummy and the crimson red is to die for.

Go have a look around the preview pages of top fetish models website, see how many you can find wearing that very hood.

Oohh.. and if you not tried one on - they're ever so thin and tight. Really comfortable too, I could wear one forever....


London Latex Desiger - Libidex to sell Doll Suits!!!

News just in, Libidex will be selling latex doll suits along with sections for partial transformation too.

These would include, mitts, tights, bodies and hoods so you can build up as budget allows. An entire suit with or without different types of inflatable breasts is possible but more expensive. The pink flesh coloured latex does change colour from a more pink to tan with washes over time.

contact: and

Here's some shots of a prototype used by a photographer. There's supposed to be more in the series but I've not found them yet. These were nicked from one of the yahoo groups as they're not on Libidex site yet.

A Year in Latex

its one of those dreams, a fantasy yet to be realised, but its now been done and thoroughly documented on another blog:

Its helps to be well off and have a dedicated maid for the washing and dressing. Not too keen on the muslim burqa/hijab dress that hides her body.

So would you like to be in latex for that long and how would you go about it?


Sureal and Kinky; Jess Franco

Horror films for the most part are pretty cliched and stupid. But some of us they're the few places to see some of doll fantasies visualised, even in the guise of trying to make you scared.

One director that crosses the line between horror fetishism and surealism is Jess Franco who also did the cult film Danger Daibolik. Two films of note are; Vampire Lesbos and Succubus.

Succubus has an ever so yummy scene where a woman is attempting to seduce another and is shown her collection of dresses and mannequins. They disrobe each other and wear the dresses and end up in bed. The lead character attempts to kill the seductress and she then runs away into the room of mannequins who come alive to corner her and.....

sweet dreams


Sunday, December 18, 2005

dark B/W japanese dolls

it seems to be a photographer making more weird imagery. suitable in spades for the goth crowd, but not a doll I'd like to be

Nice tights

not too sure about the costume, would be good for a silly horror film but the tights are just too cute. Makes your legs look like they are assembled like a doll or mannequin. Pitty they can't be ordered seperately.

Automantric: hypno script - found somewhere....


Make me automatic
Clear my mind
Submission is bliss
Make me want
Push my buttons
Control my mind
Customize all of me
Make me all yours
Mold me, Shape me
Alter me, Make me
Put me together or
Take me apart
I must obey you.
I must obey

My mind is yours
My body is yours
I live to serve
Take posession
Overwrite my needs
Condition my emotions
Use me now
Make me love it
Make me beg for it
I live for you
I exist for you

I want what you want
I need what you need
Give me submission
Remove my motivation
Let me serve you
I have to love you
Make me love you.
Make me obedient
I need your orders
I crave your sex
I'll be good for you
Anything at all for you
Make me a mechanism
Make me latex
Make me a toy

I need this, Mis.tress
I have no will
Bond me in servitude
Seal me in latex
Make me a doll
Play with me
Play with
Make me, Mis.tress

Update: It's not a script - it's poetry!! and its from: WinterRose's site

the start of the interest

I became interested in all this after reading some fiction on the internet, which is where you are reading this now of course.

Most of the stories in this and related areas are here:

The first one that caught my imagination was 'Mandy'. Go check it out - you may like it too. ;-)

Feel like a small doll

remember Land of the Giants, where everyone is doll sized? Well you can experience thanks too this cool quicktime VR page. Oh and be warned, you've been trapped!!!!

Cosplay dolled

not sure what anyone is saying, but the images are certainly yummy..

Living doll performance spotted

reports from people who went to the Erotica show in Hammersmith last month say that one of the performances was about a guy who buys a doll to bring home with. An extra bendy one.

Anybody see it?

Virtual Hypnotist

if you need help in getting into dolly mode, then check out the hypnosis files at the Dollcollective yahoo group.

But for some its hard self reading, so go download Virtual Hypnotist - free hypnosis software from: and then loop back to the Dollcollective for a file especially modified for the program.

Sadly its for the PC only.

the medium is the message

these cards have been found around London fetish shops as well scattered around several fetish clubs and even at the Skin Two Ball Weekend back in early October.

The dolls seem to be recruiting.....

Mannequins for some, Dolls for others

continuing the trend spotting on the high street I was surprised to see the windows of Anne Summers taken up by two mannequins as dolls. One's good and the other's bad.

Given that this is a national chain of sexy lingerie and discreet sex toys - it should have an impact on the psyche of UK.

Wonder if anyone has gone in and asked for the mannequins themselves... or better yet, decide to pose like them....

Art is where the Kink is

my first exposure to other women as dolls and litterly objects was thanks to the sculpture of british pop artist Allen Jones, who seemed to derive alot of inspiration from the risque comics of the 50's.

He's done a range of these sculptures including a fetching table which another female artist reproduced with herself as the object.

Have a google for Allen Jones....

Being a doll with hypnosis

ethusiasts of the hypnotic genre will already know this site ;
which deals with a whole range of different fetishes that can be experienced with hypnosis.

A recent add only two weeks ago is one to become a Barbie Doll, but seems its not free, you need to sign up for a month to several month pass to the site.

Still there's over a 180 people who downloaded it and are now becoming dolls....

but check out the yahoo group dollcollective for a what may well be the source file they're working from.

Make your lips plastic

more on the make up trends with Dior's Addict Plastic Gloss.

It's described as:

"Intense color and extreme brilliance all in one, this rich, dense gloss makes lips look like they are "dressed" in a skin-fitting vinyl sheath. The smooth, slick finish is just as durable as it is gorgeous - just one slick of the wand lasts for hours."

The new lip gloss is available in a long range of colors and cost $23.

Now do they do it in large tubs so you can be painted in it?

In Fashion

Yes, its soo fashionable to be a doll these days. The fashion mags say so.

Check these trends out and spot them in the street or at parties. Doll make-up and EGL black dresses.

A round up of related Yahoo Groups

Well this is all not a new grounds, there are people out there doing it right now in various ways. I even hear there's people hypnotising themselves into being pretty plastic dollies.... hee hee.

and for the more abstract

all of them will have more links and images too....


Barbie would be proud

When Dreams Come True

A funny advertisement for a lottery in BC, Canada.

Be carefull what you wish for..


welcome to the doll's realm

This blog is many things, a scrapbook, a collection or materials, a research project, a meme in progress and even an invocation for some.

Here you will have links sites for getting doll costumes, suits and masks to transform yourself of a loved one into a living doll. Fashion trends are spotted and listed, while links to specialist costumers are on offer.

It will act as mirror to this growing trend in the media and in fashion which is becoming more and more overt every day.

The fantasy of being or owning a living doll is for everyone. Hee hee....

Asudem Latex