Thursday, August 31, 2006

succubus mannequin sequence pt 3

the last in the set. i do recommend renting the film if you can find it.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

just a glimpse into my new mind....

its been a lovely collaboration between me and evil dolly, sort of my requests and occasional suggestions here and there. but she's done it mainly and should be proud of the results. as it is, its doing far more for me than any other script so far and i am so greatfull for finding a kindred doll....

i will post the complete script sometime, but i want it all for myself for now. atleast untill its fused into me and there's no possible escape. :-) so here's just a small section.



You want to wear latex.
You need to. More and more.
Every day.
Do it for the doll inside.
You must.
It makes you strong, confident, submissive, beautiful.
You don't feel right without latex.
You're already addicted to it.
Deepen the addiction.
Every time you put it on, it makes you more of a doll.
More the way you were meant to be.
Your hands will hesitate when you have to take it off.
Because you want to wear it just a little longer.
Give in. Wear it longer.
Putting it on is a symbol.
A silent affirmation that you want to become a doll.
A symbol of your dedication to this.
This overwhelming need that consumes you.
This desire that is so irresistably powerful.
You want to wear more and more.
Longer and longer.
The more you wear it, the more comfortable it becomes.
Wearing latex will become natural to you.
Latex will become a part of your body.
A part of your self-identity.
Wearing latex won't be a special occasion,
It will be all the time.
It is not a fantasy. It is not a dream.
It is reality.
Every time you wear it, it makes you want to wear more.
Your wardrobe will consist of more and more latex.
Gradually replacing your normal clothes.
Soon you won't need them anymore.
Just latex.
You can never get enough.
Until it takes over.
It is not an outfit. It is not a costume.
It is you.
Your true self.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

the mechanical doll....

she's just stunning.....!!!!

(oh and the photo's are very good too - thanks blackice)


succubus mannequin sequence pt 2

and here's part two....

and there's alot on ebay here.


another rare film to find....

just in from M is on he remembers seeing : "Lady Beware". its imdb entry is here

he said:

Its about a window dresser, with some very strange and interesting fantasies about mannequins and includes, istr, at least one scene in which she imagines herself part of the display (but I may have misremembered that).

has anyone seen it? is it recommended? there's one on ebay in the uk - but its very expensive. someone (or several) in the uk want to get it?


Monday, August 28, 2006

succubus mannequin sequence pt 1

in correspondance with someone i mentioned my favourite mannequin scene in the film 'succubus' by jess franco which i detailed previously here. she had never heard of it or seen it.

since its pretty hard to find and not a mainstream movie by any stretch of the imagination, i've done screen grabs of the scene and i will post them over three entries.

here's part one. hope you like.


living in high heels....

so thanks to Luiz for this great find - a series of videos on youtube here of a woman who wears ballet boots doing almost everything; shopping, walking the dog and even having a go at soccer.

there's probably more in there but those were the immediate from light fetishes uploads.

it does encourage me to wear my ballet boots more - i really must get to the point i can wear them for hours on end rather than just mere minutes


the doll make up trend continues...

as seen in an airport departure area duty free section. make-up brand is MAC.

might me a cross over or a continuation with the burlesque revival - not too sure.

but i've not seen anyone _actually_ wear it like this....


living statues invade Edinburgh

a few photo's from blackice who was up in edinburgh, scotland for the Fringe Festival there where he was visiting friends with shows on and also shooting for the Dresden Dolls.

seems there were multiple living statues scattered around the city so here's just a few he caught.

he also hinted "a seperate email will be a set of shots of a mechanical woman outside the Dresden Doll gig"



Friday, August 18, 2006

js's first attempt at artwork..

and it came out lovely imho....


so eerie i can't find it...

i found this link to you tube elsewhere, then misplaced it and then someone randomly posted it into comments. its an episode of eerie indiana that has the lead characters sister being given 'the full works' to turn her into a living doll.

the first part the of episode is here and the other parts are on the right.

now i was going to wait till my boxed set of eerie arrived so i could do some good screen grabs of it before posting this entry. well it arrived this week and reading the dvd covers and the episode guides online i can't find the episode.....

and the listing on you tube doesn't match any of the ones on the either sleeves or online ep guides... mysterious?

so if anyone has seen it, which episode does the story take place in?


Thursday, August 17, 2006

a series of short films and My Fair Dolly

an amazing find for all those windows users out there by - J (it doesn't work on my mac and it needs latest system and Explorer) - just click here

he explained:

"If you click the "Watch" button (you have to be using Internet Explorer) and get through the long trailer that they lead off with, the site actually starts showing you the movie itself. The first eight minute episode is
titled "My Fair Dolly,"

An old clockmaker discovers a life-size mechanical doll and repairs her clockwork. Much to the dismay of the clockmaker and the delight of his customers, the doll has a tendency to remove her own clothing, in herky-jerky, doll-like motions. Finally the sorrowful clockmaker puts the doll back in her bag, and leaves her wind-up key in the safekeeping of his dead wife's portrait.

And it looks as if you can download the whole thing with a free seven-day trial at that CinemaNow site that we've been looking at."

There's a website dedicated to the entire Serie-Galante here.

enjoy and thanks again J for the great find!!!


rolling stones gather latex singers....

just a scan of the current cover of rolling stones magazine. i saw it mentioned elsewhere but have no plans to buy it.

someone else maybe a fan and happy to see her in a cute little latex outfit....


Monday, August 14, 2006

london - saturday night 12/08/06

at the countries leading fetish club The Torture Garden was spotted and shot by blackice an real live japanese EGL and medically wrapped woman with totally plastic torso.

all he could say about the medical woman was that her corset only had laces up the back and was made from a thick beige plastic. the woman wearing it said it was made by a designer friend and she nabbed it when s/he was doing a clear out. he's currently trying to find out more on it and track her down via friends. he had a good look over it and it appeared to be really solid; like mannequin or statue solid.

very remenicent of the items made by pop artis Allen Jones in the 60's.

wouldn't it make an amazing pair of boots, or maybe assemble entire doll suit from it...


voting for mind control...

every few months i check out hypno fetishist site for the long list of potential MP3 recordings to be made.

most of them i skip over and have no interest. but yesterdays peek showed a couple that had good doll potential:

Curse Porcelain Skin
This file would cause the listeners skin to grow paler and paler until it looks like that of a porcelain doll. The listener would not be able to tan and would sunburn VERY easily. They would need to avoid sunlight or compleatly cover themselves before going outside. This would be a permenant change and could be very good for feminization.

Curse Reverse Corset
curses you with the feeling of wareing a very tight corset all the time. the corset wont get tighter but will just be there all the time. the only way to releve the feeling of the corset is to ware a real one and as you lace it tighter you will feel like it is getting looser till you get it fully laced at wich point you wont feel the corset at all and as you unlace the real corset you will feel like you are being laced tighter till you remove the corset at this point you feel so tightly corseted

and two that are specifically to make people into latex dolls:

Curse Latex Doll
curse that makes you want to be a latex doll. makes you want every part of your body covered in flesh coloured latex gives you a desire to have large inflated breasts and to wear a female face mask and wig. you will feel the need to do this and once you become the doll you so need to be you will feel the need to dress like a doll in a pink frilly dress pink heels and to have pink ribons in your hair. and once transformed and dressed you will not be able to move for 1 hour during wich time you will start to feel more and more aroused and turned on by being a doll but you cant move to do anything about it till the time is up. then you have to resist your sexual urge till you are compleatly out of your doll outfit cos if you dont and you reach orgasm while a doll you will again not be able to move for 1 hour.

Rubberdoll Transformation
This file causes the listen to develop a strong fetish for rubber clothing...a need to cover themselves in tight shiny black rubber head to toe. The more they listen to the file the stronger it gets. When dressed in rubber their body changes into that of a female rubberdoll...they grow large breasts which are extremely sensitive and they can't stop touching them...their lips become shaped into a red rubber "O"...and they have a burning desire to be used, manipulated, programmed, gagged, and brought down into a deep mindless trance. They become a female rubber object. Shiny and sleek. This file is very addictive and triggers can be used as well.

so feel go and have a vote and make your voice heard.

the question arrises though, has anyone had any success with the recordings on the site?


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

dollfie dreams...

just some very lovely shots of evildolly's new dollfie with simple compositions and elegance of a pink ribbon restraint.

maybe i want to be her?


the submissive dolly....

i'm in email correspondance with another writer and when in the midst of discussing these 'offers' i keep on getting from guys and the entire submissive aspect of dolls, she managed to sum a really good point which i totally agree with.

"It doesn't mean much if the person submitting to you means nothing to you.. or worse, if you have nothing but contempt for them.

A strong submissive is a good thing.

Not meaning strong in an arrogant or argumenative sense (who wants to always have to wrestle for control?), but in a self-aware, independent sense.

She doesn't *have* to submit to you like some pathetic beaten dog..

she chooses to give up control to a person because she wants to and feels the person is deserving of her.

It's important for someone to feel valued and appreciated even (and especially) when she is being degraded, disciplined, or dehumanized. So that she's not whimpering, but *shining* despite it all.

That's just beautiful. That's something special."

i believe this person has had experience on both sides of the fence too, so uniquely qualified to make this observaton.



kigurimi finds..

seems there's a lot of egl and cosplay outfits now coming out of china and being listed on ebay here. when looking at them i noticed the kigurimi masks and had a quick google as i wondered where i could get one.

i couldn't find anywhere that sold them but did find this curious page here and some great galleries here.

back to cosplay and egl - has anyone ordered from the above ebay seller? looks like some amazing and really inexpensive items. certianly will help it all going over here.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

new yahoo group from the uk

not that i really matters where _anyone_ is on the internet, unless of course they want to set up a dolls house and looking for nearby dolls to make over and put on display....

anyway go check out the objectification in the uk yahoo group and join.

is it me or is all the kinky people in europe and the uk specifically? they have the highest density of latex designers in london compared to anywhere. not to mention the numbers of monthly and _weekly_ rubber fetish clubs there....

maybe i should move?


dolls on myspace?

so just how many dolls are there on my space. well there are certianly loads of people with dolls in their names as the pretty plastic thing to the left demonstrates.

i've not even tried looking for barbies or mannequins.

some even like posing just like dolls in their online gallery....


Monday, August 07, 2006

kumi is turned into a latex doll...

as part of a new photo series at fetish live.

it seems the doll photo shoots are now a staple of fetish live's galleries. i guess someone likes them too :-)


Sunday, August 06, 2006

a sunday latex doll...

its been soo hot lately that i've put on hold my sunday ritual of wearing my latex catsuit from dawn till bedtime. well it was that and friends insisting on going to films, coffee and various commitments.

i also had to send back the catsuit i won off ebay as they sent me a black one and not a pink / purple semi trans one i had won..

anyway i put on my thin black catsuit on again for the first time since its back was ripped and was repaired. its the first time i've been suitably coated from neck to toes in latex.

omg!!! - and would you believe i forgot how amazing it was?

memories weren't doing it justice and it re-ignighted all my addictive need to wear it as much as possible.

its just about wearable in this weather. i threw on my gold satin babydoll on top of it and my black 5"s and thats my daywear for the rest of today. i did take the red satin duvet and put it on the bed and curled up on it for an extended sunday sleep-in which i'm just up from now.

naturally i perspired in the suit but i didn't realise just how much untill i got off the bed (sort of an open doll box like) and found the zipper up my back leaked as well as around my wrists and collar.

don't worry i'm drinking alot of water. but this is the problem with latex, you really need the perfect climate or temperature to wear it in.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

more shots of a doc vanderlay mask

gives a much better idea of the shape and overall look of it. still think the new one he's working on based on paris hilton will be tighter fit for me.

so far no replies to any of my emails too him. has anyone had recent contact? please share...


new author & new story inspired by this blog

from "John Shiny" who read the very early entry about a japanese cosplay club where all the staff were living dolls. this inspired him to write his second story which he has kindly let me post now.

so do write him directly and tell him what you think and also heap alot of public praise in the comments too of course ;-)

the story:

Jennifer and I walked through the streets of Japan at night. It was such a foreign world to us and we were foreign to it. I stood over six feet tall and my wife had bleach blonde hair with large tits. We had what passed in Japan as a large dinner and drank quite a bit of sake. We were drunk and enjoying the lights and sounds of downtown Tokyo.

Our hotel was deep in the club district and we turned down an alley to get back to the hotel. The alley was not well lit, except for a few lights outside of closed doors. From behind the doors pumped techno music. A second couple entered the alley from the opposite end and proceeded toward us. At first I thought we were going to get mugged and I pulled Jen closer to me. As they got closer I could see the two were dressed quite nicely, although in odd clothing. The man was in a skin-tight shirt with short sleeves and a pressed collar. The woman was dressed in a traditional kimono robe but the fabric was not the traditional silk. She took small steps and her hands stayed inside the sleeves of the robe. The two were arm in arm and the man looked up and smiled politely as we got closer, but the woman's face remained stoic and she never noticed our presence.

They turned and went into a door of one of the clubs just as we were passing by. Another woman, also dressed in a traditional robe, stood outside. When we approached the door, she stepped from the shadows into the light and I could see her robe was red rubber. A gold collar encircled her neck.

In perfect English she said, "How can I help you?"

I was shocked at what I saw before me and before I could say anything Jen replied, happy that she could since she knew no Japanese. "We're looking for a good club and we saw a couple come in here moments ago. We're not from around here."

"I am truly sorry but I cannot let you in at this time. This club is for members-only. The couple you saw are long-time members of this club."

Jen looked depressed and withdrew back to my side. I responded, "I'm truly sorry for disturbing you. She cannot read the Japanese which says that next to the door."

The look of the woman changed at that point. "Your wife is very dependant on you here in Japan?"

It seemed like an odd question but I replied in the affirmative.

She seemed to change her tone at that point. She asked us to wait while she reached inside the door and took out a package sealed in black shiny plastic. It was approximately the size and shape of a large shirt box. When the woman reached for the box I saw her hands were encased in some kind of tight rubber mitten, sealing her 4 fingers together. On her wrist was a cuff which matched her collar. She handed me the package and her hand retreated back inside her robe.

"This is best described as a Membership kit. Most everything in this box is for your wife. If you return tomorrow wearing its contents I can let you in. Do you understand?"

I smiled at her and took the box. "Thank you, I think we will return."

The woman bowed low to me, causing the hem on her long robe to rise slightly. I could see a pair of black shiny platform clogs connected via chains to a pair of solid ankle cuffs which matched the woman's collar. I bowed as well and Jen and I walked away back to the hotel.

"I don't about that club honey," Jen said as she entered the hotel room.

I threw the sealed black box down on the bed, "I think it was a bondage club."

At this my wife perked up, "Really?"

"Yeah, the doorwoman was wearing cuffs and a collar and the woman in that couple that was coming down the alley was dressed similarly and never left the man's side."

"We were in a dark alley, why would she be away from him?" she asked, "And as for the doorwoman, that could have been some form of uniform."

"Well, there is one way we can prove it. Let's open the box."

We both turned toward the black package and stared at it for a second. The images of us and the room were reflected in its shiny surface. I sat on the bed and pulled at the wrapper, destroying the reflection and revealing a glossy black cardboard box underneath. Jen crawled across the bed and looked over my shoulder as I opened the box. A puff of what smelt like talcum powder flew up into our faces as I pulled the cover away. We both coughed and I wave the cloud of dust away to see what was inside.

On top of the package was a pink rubber kimono robe neatly folded in the box. In the folds of the robe was the neck of a catsuit colored a light skin tone. I took the two and pulled the robe from the box at the same time I stood, letting the box and the rest of its contents tumble to the ground. I laid the robe down on the bed. Its high gloss surface caught all the light in the room.

"Wow", Jen said. "It's so beautiful. I can't believe she just gave this to us."

"Technically, she gave it to you. I'm not going to wear it." I said with a smile.

"What else is in the box?"

I reached down and picked up the box, which had overturned on the floor. On the ground was a set of gloves which matched the catsuit but had attached metal pieces at the wrists of the gloves, a pair of black shiny clogs with several straps tipped with metal bits, a pair of metal circles with pieces missing, and something which stopped both of us in our tracks.

On the floor was a rubber hood and mask, on which was the face of a beautiful Japanese woman. Her face was pale and had the face of a china doll. It was not heavy made up like a Geisha, but still had bright red lips, light rouge, and light blue eye shadow. The _expression on the face was one of complete peace. At the base of the neck were more metal pieces.

Jen looked at me with a smile on her face.

"What do you think? Do you want to try out the club?" I asked her.

"I don't want to wait, I want to try it out now." She said looking at the mask with a fascination.

"But she said we couldn't come back until tomorrow."

"What's the difference, she said to come back wearing what was in the box." Jen said mildly annoyed. "What's the difference between today and tomorrow?"

I still felt like we should obey the mysterious woman's instructions, but knew that once Jen had her mind set, there was no changing it. "Ok, let's see how to get this on you."

I separated the catsuit from the robe and laid it out separately on the bed. The catsuit had attached feet and a rear zipper. Once it was unzipped, I could see in the crotch of the suit was a pair of dildos, both approximately the same size. I knew Jen did not like anal play and would never put the rear dildo in.

"Jen, I have some bad news, it's got an anal dildo. Maybe we can just put the kimono robe on you ins…" I looked up and Jen was gone. I turned around and she stood naked in the doorway to the bathroom.

"Sorry", she said, "I thought I should use the toilet before I put it on. As for the dildo problem, can I still try to put it on?"

I was taken aback. Never in our relationship had Jen ever wanted to even play around with anything anal. Well….I guess… if you want…" was all I could say.

She took the catsuit and slipped one foot into the foot of the catsuit. The powder which hit us in the face coated the inside of the suit which helped it slid right on and soon her legs were smooth and glossy. She slid the front plug in first and then bent over slightly. With a single ginger push and a small grunt, she slid the whole length into her. She turned to me, with her entire lower half perfectly smooth and stood up perfectly straight.

"See, nothing to it." was all she said matter-of-factly.

"Are you feeling ok?" I asked. I couldn't believe this was the same woman I married.

"I feel excited; let's get the rest of my outfit on." She said with a smile and a kiss to me. She moved around as if she didn't have any plugs inside of her.

She pulled the catsuit up her body and slid her arms in. The metal pieces at her wrists formed an incomplete ring. I picked up the gloves and could see once the gloves were on her hands the rings would be complete and look like a single metal band. I pulled on each glove and each metal piece slipped into place and was held in place via magnets.

We put the shoes on her next which slipped onto each foot. The straps with the metal pieces had no anchors on her rubber ankles.

"Use the anklets." Jen said to me pointing at the extra metal rings on the floor. I had never thought they might be anklets before but sure enough, they were soon in place on her ankles holding the straps of her shoes in place.

I picked up the mask and held it up next to her face. "It looks nothing like you." I said smiling.

Jen smiled mildly at me, obviously enjoying her new body before saying, "I hope you like it. This is what I will look like after you put it on me."

She took the mask from me and was about to pull it over her head when something caught her attention. She reached inside the mask and pulled out a small key. She handed it to me with her gloved hand and I inspected it. On the handle was a Japanese character I barely recognized. It was the character for 'Toy Doll'.

"There are some metal bars inside this mask. I don't know how much I'll be able to move my head or mouth once I'm wearing it. I'll give you the thumbs-up, thumbs down if everything is ok from now on." Jen said.

I agreed and she stretched the mask over her head. I stood behind her and fit the metal tag of her zipper into the missing space on the metal ring at her neck. I noticed on the outside of the tag was a small hole, shaped like the key I had. I slipped the key into the hole, and before I thought twice about it, I turned the key.

I heard a half dozen small clicks and I realized that the cuffs on Jen's body were now locked in place. Jen turned to me and I looked at her new form. Her body had turned from blonde American woman to a perfect Japanese porcelain doll. I knew now why the key was labeled that way. I had turned my wife into a smooth glossy doll. I watched as my wife's body suddenly shuttered and sank back on the bed.

"Are you ok?" I asked. She bowed her head and nodded yes. I was surprised that she hadn't given me the thumbs up, but it didn't matter. She said she was ok and I believed her. She had just orgasmed.

She stood up and pulled on the kimono robe. It squeaked against her rubber body as she pulled it into place. Once she had tied the belt of the outfit she looked identical to the woman we had seen in the alley the night before. She folded her hands into each sleeve and I heard a set of clicks probably locking the cuffs together. She was totally helpless now and she just stood there with her head slightly bowed.

I stood there for several moments before piping up, "Do you still want to go to the club?"

She nodded.

"Do you want to go today?"

She nodded again.

"The woman said to go tomorrow, I think we should follow her advice."

She shook her head and began to move to the door. When she reached the door she stood there waiting for me to open it. Once I did, she walked right past me in short mincing steps down the hallway. I helped her though the lobby, arm in arm, getting strange looks from all passers-by.

We approached the club and once again, the woman in the red kimono robe stepped forward from the shadows.

"You've returned before I said you could." She said frowning. It was the first real emotion I had seen her express. "Did she bring you here?"

"Yes, she did. Once the outfit was on, I couldn't stop her."

She reached into her sleeve and pulled out a small makeup compact. "Did you order her to stop?"

"No, she wanted to come here." I said a little surprised.

"Typical American" she said under her breath as she opened the makeup case, held it up and blew a white powder into my face. I felt woozy and blacked out.

When I came to, I was back in the hotel room and it was morning the next day. I wore the same clothes I did the night before. The wrappings and the box from Jen's outfit were gone, and another sealed box sat in its place. On the top was a note, written in English, with a black, shiny ink.


Club Chuukai is happy you chose to become a member. However, ours is a gentleman's club, and thus we expect our patrons to be forceful and strong. Your Dolly brought you tonight and this is unacceptable. You would bring her, or choose to leave her at home and enjoy our many pleasures. Because you allowed her to come to us of her own accord, we have taken her as a House Doll. She will provide pleasure to our patrons.

If you wish to retrieve your property, please don the outfit in the attached box and go to the club door at noon. Bring the key you were given from your Dolly's outfit. Fail to do so, and you forfeit any chance to get her back.


Mistress Rei"

I was bewildered. I had half a mind to get the police and storm down there to get her back. They would help me get her back. As I thought about it further, I realized that probably wouldn't help me. The gatekeeper, who I assume was Rei, made it sounds like this had happened before, which means it was pretty likely that people had gone to the police before and gotten nowhere. If I was to get her back I should follow Rei's instructions. I looked at the clock and saw it was just after 11am. I would need to get started.

I pulled open the black glossy packaging and opened the box. No talc sprayed me in the face this time. Inside the box was a black mass which I pulled out. It was a black catsuit with metal bits at the cuffs and collar. It came with gloves and shoes will similar bits. I knew this suit was going to fit together like Jen's. It also came with a hood. It was all black with crude male facial features.

I unzipped the outfit and found the crotch had a sleeve for my cock and a dildo for my anus. The sleeve was internal to the catsuit and didn't cause my cock to protrude out. I was skeptical about the dildo but knew I would need to use it to get Jen back. There was no talc inside and I realized this would not be easy to get on.

I put my feet into the outfit and pulled the suit tight around my legs. Every time the rubber touched my skin it would stick and I would need to adjust it. I shoved my hard cock into the sheath and bent over slightly to get the dildo in. I let the tip of it sit on the opening on my anus and took a breath. With a slow push I forced it in, feeling the chafing from the latex, my muscles give way and slid the whole mass into place. The dildo wasn't as solid as I imagined and when I stood up, I barely felt it inside me.

I barely got on the rest of the suit. I had to turn the arms inside out so I could roll them onto my arms. Finally when everything was in place I zipped the rear zipper. I felt around on the tongue of the zipper and felt a little hole. It was a keyhole. Mistress Rei was trying to entrap me!

I looked inside the mask and saw no key, and I tried to fit Jen's key into the zipper and it did not fit. I was still skeptical though. I pulled on the right glove and fit the metal bits into each other. I heard no click and I was still able to pull the glove off. She would need to put a key in my collar to trap me. I vowed I wouldn't give her that chance. I went through Jen's purse and found a stick of gum. After 30 seconds of chewing I could wedge a small ball of gum into the keyhole. Filling it and preventing anything else from being inserted. I put on the gloves and shoes and then pulled on the mask. It was tight and held my face in place. I couldn't speak. I fit all the metal pieces into place and looked at myself in the mirror.

A black shiny male form stood before it. I didn't look anything like my old self. Although the suit was tight and stiff, I still felt comfortable. I looked pretty hunky too. It was at this point I realized I'd need to walk through to lobby of the hotel in broad daylight like this! I looked at the clock and it was 5 minutes before noon. I would have no time to put anything else on if I wanted to be at the club in time!

I went down the elevator, in nothing but the black suit, and stepped into the lobby. I tried to keep my head high, but the looks that I was getting were far worse than those Jen and I received the night before. Maybe it was because it was daylight now or maybe because the hotel staff knew about the club and could surmise what had happened, but probably it was because a shiny black bondage man-slut was walking through their lobby.

I entered the alley and walked to the front door. I stood waiting. Minutes passed, then a half-hour. Several people passed by, gawking at the rubber man standing staring at the door.

At 1pm, the door finally opened and the woman in red gestured me inside. I was led into a large airy room with vaulted ceilings, lots of pillars, and plenty of couches and chairs. A large bar dominated one side of the room, and a staircase led to a second floor. All the chairs and seats were covered in black shiny rubber. The floor was black marble tile which matched the marble pillars and the bar. The ceiling was white and indirectly lit from silver sconces on the wall. In fact, the only other color in room, besides black and white, was chrome. The silver color was in rings and loops attached to the chairs, tables, pillars and walls.

"Welcome to Club Chuukai. I am Mistress Rei. Chuukai mean 'Glossy' and as you can tell, we like the glossy look here. I know you cannot speak so we'll get down to business. You are here to get your wife back. You are not the first and you won't be the last husband to lose your wife to this place. In fact, you are the 9th male to do so." She said smiling and holding up a clip with the number '9' attached.

"Before we can get to the business of getting your wife back, I want this number clipped to your collar and I want to lock your collar on. It will give me something to call you while you are here. It will also denote you as my property. As you can see, all of my property is glossy black, just like you. Until I bid you leave, you are also my property. That means locked collars and proper slave names. I give you my word as a Mistress that if you do not get your wife back, you will be free to leave. Do you agree to my terms?" she said sternly.

I thought for a second, and then nodded 'Yes'.

She stepped behind me and tried to insert a key she pulled from her robe and was blocked by the gum.

"Did you really think I would force you to become a slave without your consent?" she asked incredulously before calling for a Slave to bring a toolbox. A moment later, a black glossy slave, who looked exactly like myself came down the stairs. The only obvious difference in our bodies was a massive black erect cock which stood out in front of him with a silver ring at the base encircling his cock and balls. He stepped behind me and I could feel his cock bounce against my backside as he fiddled with my collar trying to get the gum out of the lock.

Mistress Rei stepped in front of me and ran a fingertip down my chest until she got to a spot just above my cock. She began to dig her finger into my abdomen very hard, I tried to back up but the body of the Slave behind me prevented me from moving to far. Her fingertip pierced the surface of my black skin and she hooked the finger inside the hole before pulling her hand back in a swift motion. A panel of black rubber, which had previously been sealed seamlessly to the suit, had cleanly ripped away. My own cock popped free from its prison, coated in a black rubber sleeve.

I only had a moment from the shock of looking at my cock before feeling a metal key get inserted into my collar. With a twist, I heard all my silver accessories lock closed. I was the property of a Mistress now. My cock twitched a little and it began to harden.

"Bend down, Slave" Ordered my new Mistress. I obeyed, bowing low at the waist so she could clip the number '9' to my collar. She also picked up a chain attached to the seat she was sitting on and clipped it to my collar as well, preventing me from standing up.

"We have a ritual here Number 9. A new Slave is initiated by the previous Slave who was initiated. You will have no chance to get your wife back unless you get initiated. You will hold still. Number 8, you know what to do."

The slave behind be pressed a finger to the top of my ass-crack and pierced the rubber, sliding a finger in between my asscheeks. He hooked the finger and pulled another panel away which I assumed exposed my ass. I felt a slippery mass slide out of my ass and land with a wet sound on the floor. Slave 8 pressed his cock to my lubed and now empty asshole and slid it in. I moaned in discomfort into my gag while he began to fuck me.

Mistress Rei rubbed my bald rubber head and laughed while I was reeling in a mix of pleasure and pain as my asshole was violated. I felt the Slave shutter and stop and realized that he had cum inside my rubber-coated ass. He pulled out and collapsed onto the floor.

Mistress Rei knelt down in front of my and smiled. She reached and played with my erect cock with one hand. "You became hard while being fucked from behind by another male. This is a special surprise for me, since I prefer all my Slaves and Dolls to be bi-sexual. It's important for you to both give with your cock and take with your cunt." She reached for the base of my cock and clipped a metal ring around the base. "This will keep you hard and ready and while you are erect you will remember what caused you to be this way."

Mistress Rei stood up and ordered me to hand her my wife's key. I did as instructed. She also took my key from the Slave, unclipped my chains from the collar, and ordered me to follow her. I slowly stood up and obeyed.

She led me up the stairs and into a carpeted hallway. Off the hallway were many open doors, some set with a different scene. One was a bondage dungeon, one was a baby's room, and another was a room from a stone castle. The rest were simple bedrooms, all decorated differently. We came to the end of the hallway and there were three doors, the one on the right set with the character for 'Slave', the one on the left set with 'Dolly' and the middle third door was labeled 'Mistress'.

It was the middle door she opened and led me inside. The room was very ornate, set with everything in a Japanese theme. Wall scrolls, samurai swords and fans decorated the walls. All the furniture was black and glossy. Several doors led from the room, two of which were labeled 'Slaves' and 'Dolls' like those outside. A Slave knelt on the floor, his head low to the ground. Instead of the typical black, his skin was reflective silver and although he had collars and cuffs on that matched mine, they also had heavy rings attached to them. He also had heavy rings set into his nipples, his nose, and even the tip of his penis.

"This is Slave Alpha. He is more submissive to me than any of the other Slaves, but he also has direct control over them and you. Failure to obey him will result in pain, pure pain, sent directly to your brain by your collar. I would suggest you never disobey him. Come here and help me dress." Mistress Rei said as she dropped my keys into a box on top of a small table.

I was led into the bedroom, which was mostly empty except for two doors and a large bed. She opened one door and led me inside. It was the largest walk-in closet I had ever seen and the walls were lined with either open racks of clothes or drawers. Almost all the clothes were rubber and what wasn't was silk, leather, or metal. She picked out a shiny blue corset and blue panties. I was ordered to undress her and help her into the outfit she had chosen. She sat and I helped remove her shoes.

"I am a Mistress now, but I was not always this way. Slave Alpha was formerly my husband and I was a dutiful Japanese wife. He was always odd, but a good provider. One day, I found a box, just like the one I gave you and your wife on my bed. I opened it and put on the outfit inside. At that time, the outfit had no mask but did come with two keys, one 'Doll' and one 'Mistress'. I inserted the 'Mistress' key into my collar and locked it. Once I did, I felt in control and dominant."

"When my husband returned home, he realized that I was now a Dom. He explained that he had ordered me this outfit from an artist who made outfits which changed the wearer into what they wore. There was suppose to be a 'Dolly' key in the box and he asked if he could use that key instead. I told him 'No' and when he tried to forcefully, I broke his arm." "I never wanted to be anything else except a dominant Mistress anymore. The outfit had worked like it should."

At this point I stood behind her and unwrapped her robe, dropping it to the floor. On the back of her collar, where the key would go, was a melted metal spot. On one side of the collar, was a patch of burned and scarred skin and on the other was a patch of perfect shiny rubber with no hint of damage. Mistress Rei's body was otherwise perfect with smooth creamy rubber skin and no other marks. Her pussy was open however, edges with a pink rubber ring and coated internally with the same pink rubber.

"Despite the fact that both my pussy and ass are forever propped open for use, I used a torch to seal the keyhole closed and burned my skin in the process. I would forever be a Mistress with the body of a fuckdoll. I decided I would be the Mistress of other Dolls and I started this sex club. I've entertained both male and females from all walks of life. I've even had the pleasure of entertaining the Emperor himself, which is why the local law enforcement leaves me alone."

I helped her slide the blue panties into place to cover her lower holes and began to lace her corset.

"All the patrons of my club have either been a Doll or Slave, or are the husband or wife of a Doll or Slave. Even the Emperor has been a Slave to me for a short time. It is important they understand the total submission and humility that comes with the lifestyle. In your relationship, I thought you were a dominant, but it turns out your wife is just a typical American woman who knows nothing, is really just a slave, and just relies on her man to do everything. Thus she needed to stay with me and be a real slave, while I transformed you so you understand what it is to be her."

"You are not a permanent Slave; in fact, the only permanent slave is Slave Alpha out there. He was transformed using a very special costume. Instead you retain your own mind and simply obey me to enforce your servitude. Your wife, although still drugged from the powder inside her outfit's box, will eventually retain her senses. Right now, she is a totally obedient Doll and will remain so for at least another day. Just as you had hidden panels on our catsuit, so did she, and has become a lovedoll to be used in the club."

She sat and pointed at a pair of knee high boots, which I began lacing up her legs while she donned a pair of long gloves. "You will stay with me, as a Slave, just as she is here as a Doll for the next 24 hours. During that time, you are expected to perform all duties perfectly. Failure to do so will result in your wife staying with me. When the 24 hours is up, she will be given a choice to stay or go. If she chooses to stay, you will obey her wishes and leave without her. If she chooses to stay with you, I will release both of you and you may return to the club any time you wish."

She stood up on the high heels, towering over my kneeing position. She clipped a very short leash to my collar and led me from the closet into the bedroom. She then asked for seven Dolls to enter her bedroom. A moment later, 7 identical Dolls naked entered the room. They were all the same face and body as when I had last seen Jen. Their sizes were even relatively close to one another, totally preventing me from knowing if any of them was my wife.

"As you can see, there is no way to tell which one is your wife. I can assure you, however, your wife is one of these seven Dollies. You are going to pick one at random and you will work with that Doll serving drinks to our patrons this evening. Choose your partner. If you choose your wife, you will receive a gift from me when you leave the club."

I looked them all over, thinking I spotted some behavior that identified my wife before dismissing it as a trick of the mind. I finally chose one in the middle, not really sure about anything. Mistress nodded and led me into the other door off the bedroom, with the Dolly following close behind me. The door was another walk-in closet, although this one was entirely rubber clothes and accessories. All the clothes were themed for submissives. To drive the point home, Mistress chose two high necked hot pink French Maid outfits from the racks. One had a pair of padded breasts inside and one did not.

We were instructed to put on the outfits as Mistress left the room. The Doll rubbed herself down with lube before pulling the uniform over her head and making sure her collar was entirely pulled through and hid the neckline of the costume. She pulled on the pink and white frilly gloves and fluffed her skirt, which had an attached petticoat. I was astounded at this perfect Maid who like magic had appeared before me.

A moment later and with a lot more lube, I was dressed the same way. I felt embarrassed in my pink frilly uniform. My cock stood at attention of course, and lifted the front hem of the skirt up revealing I was just a sissy maid. The Doll took the leash still attached to my collar and led me out of the closet and into the bedroom where Mistress stood waiting. Without a word, she approached me and shoved a tray into my hands. The cuffs on my arms were locked to the tray and two more cuffs, already attached to the tray, were cuffed to my upper arms. The end of the leash was clipped to the front of the tray, forcing me to keep it perpendicular to my waist.

"You will carry all the drinks tonight, not spilling one. If you spill, you will accept punishment or be sent away. If a patron takes advantage of your bound body, you will let them. My patrons come here for the fantasy and you will be a part of that fantasy or else. Your partner will take the drink orders and you will obey her. Doll 23, take Slave 9 downstairs and prepare for guests to arrive."

We left Mistress's room while she prepared the other 6 Dolls for this evening.

I followed Doll 23 downstairs. She walked with a skill and grace that I did not. I was obviously a man playing a woman. We got to the bottom of the stairs and several of the other Slaves were cleaning the floors and tables. All were walking around with massive hard-ons. I was let to a place besides the bar and the Doll gestured for me to wait. I stood for about 10 minutes just looking around. This was a good vantage point to see what was going on and, being new to this place, I was curious.

I had been thinking about my experience as a Slave so far and decided it was kind of fun. I felt a hard slap on my ass as Slave 8 come up from behind me and my optimism was shattered with memories of being another Slave's bitch. I didn't think why he could do that, but I suppose when Mistress wasn't watching, they could do anything.

From my spot I could see the front door, and through it came a young short American woman with a muscular build. She was dressed in patent leather pants and tank top and her hair was cut in a short crop and pink. Around her neck and arms were a collar and pair of cuffs which matched mine. She came in and said hello in Japanese to Doll 23. She headed toward me, looking surprised; she said Hello in Japanese to me and then slipped behind the bar.

She asked me if I was Japanese, in Japanese, and I shook my head 'No'. She asked if I was European in Japanese, and I responded 'No'. I wanted to tell her I was also American, but a moment later, she asked me anyway. I nodded 'Yes'.

"So Mistress found herself another American to enslave!" she said smiling and in English, "It's about time! It has been a while!"

I stood there while the woman, whose name turned out to be Ana, prepped the bar. "I came here as an art student and passed by the Club while out with my friends. I came back the next night and Mistress Rei and I hit it off right away. She loved my hair. She offered to make me a Member of the club, and I became one of those…" she gestured to Doll 23… "for quite some time."

"Don't get me wrong, I loved ever second of it. After a year, Mistress Rei offered me the chance to become a permanent Doll, but it didn't feel right. I wasn't ready. She was hurt and kicked me out on the street in a Dolly suit without the mask or any clothes. I had to run home exposed."

"I was upset and about a month later I came back to the Club. I apologized to Mistress Rei and offered to serve her as a Dolly again, but she refused. She suggested becoming a bartender and I've been here ever since. I am submissive to her and even wear the collars and cuffs of any one of you, but I'm not truly hers."

Mistress Rei came downstairs in a black glossy kimono edged in blue. She was followed by about 8 Dollies. Each was dressed in a kimono of a different color. They scattered amongst the chairs and sofas. Mistress Rei came over to the bar and talked to Ana and my partner returned to my side and stood next to me.

Mistress Rei then went to the door, probably to invite in her guests which over the next hour started to trickle in. My partner would take an order by writing it down, and then returning to the bar. Ana would make the drink and set it on my tray and I would need to bring it to the table. The room stayed fairly quiet and the Dolls would move around the room. Several Slaves were also in the crowd.

On one of the many trips from the bar, I was carrying a white Russian to a Japanese businessman. He was alone with one Slave and one Dolly. Instead of reaching up and grabbing the drink, he reached up and stroked my cock. I stood still while he ran his fingers up and down the shaft. He took me by the arm and spun me around. He began to finger my asshole. When he tried to shove in a second finger, I jumped, and the glass when tumbling to the floor.

Everyone stopped moving and talking and looked at the Sissy Maid who destroyed the fantasy.

Mistress Rei came in and apologized to the business man who did not look offended. Mistress gestured to Ana and instructed me in English to follow Ana behind the bar to be punished. I didn't know what the punishment would be but I knew I still wanted my wife back.

I stepped behind the counter and Ana pulled out a hobby-horse on wheels from under the bar. She unlocked the tray from my arms and told me to stand on one side of the frame. She knelt down and attached my cuffs to two rings on the horse, and while she was doing that, I saw the Japanese character for 'Destiny' on her back between her shoulder blades. She took my lead and bent me over the horse, attaching my wrist cuffs to the horse. I was trapped on the cart and my ass was high in the air.

"Thanks for nothing, now I have to serve drinks myself." was all she said to me in a rather annoyed tone of voice.

I felt a giant rubbery plug slide into my asshole and was wheeled into the middle of the room. Mistress Rei spoke to the crowd explaining that for tonight only, those who wished could feel like a Dominant and spank me using the paddle. She walked over to me and took the first whack hitting both cheeks firmly and driving the dildo into my anus with a painful shock. I wondered if anyone could see how red my face was though my black mask.

I hung upside down for hours, crying inside my rubber prison. It seemed everyone in the club took a swing or two. One dominatrix with a male slave dressed all in blue even worked the dildo in deeper before swinging as hard as she could. I was in total pain.

As the patrons trickled out, I saw Mistress Rei come in and go over to the bar. She sat on a stool talking to Ana while Ana cleaned up and served her Mistress a drink.

The bar area quieted down and I could make out what they were saying…"So, we split up…I couldn't explain….the collar mostly….no…he'd never….I just don't….we don't have that kind of relationship….yeah…I need to get a new place…would you mind? it's just for a night…. Thank you Mistress…ok… have fun…"

Mistress Rei got up and went upstairs. Meanwhile, Ana came over and unhooked me. She reached in and pulled the dildo out of my asshole somehow. I hardly felt her fingers and was relieved when the pressure on my prostate was gone. She stood me up slowly, so I wouldn't get a rush.

"I saw what happened with the glass. It wasn't your fault, but Mistress wanted to make sure you'll never jump again no matter if a wine bottle was jammed up there." She pulled the Maid's uniform over my head and took my gloves from me. She looked sad. "I was the first one to wear this uniform…"

Two men and one woman came downstairs. The woman had a Dolly in a green robe in tow. One man had a blue male slave on a leash. The other man had no one in tow and was speaking very quickly to Mistress Rei. I recognized him as the one who got me punished.

Ana whispered in my ear, "The two with submissives are customers who pay to use our play rooms instead of stocking their own. The other man is getting an explanation from Mistress Rei that the next time he returns he will be on his best behavior or he will become a Slave for a week and he can see what it feels like. I guess she had more problems with him in one of the upstairs rooms."

With the door closed and locked, Mistress ordered us to clean up the room. Four more Slaves came downstairs and began to pull out buckets and mops. Mistress Rei sent the other Maid upstairs to prepare a room for Ana.

Mistress Rei came over and kissed me on my frozen rubber lips. "You did very well tonight and you impressed me with the way you took your punishment. No harm was done and now you fully understand the humility of a slave and why it is so important to follow through on your promises. Don't you?"

I nodded "Yes"

Mistress Rei turned to Ana and said in a solemn voice as if proposing, "I should follow through on my promise to you as well... Briana Price, would you become my Dolly Alpha? You have been my partner, friend, and lover for 4 years. You have been by my side no matter what. I love you as much as I have loved anyone and I can think of no one who I would ask to serve in this role now or in the future. Will you abandon your name, your life, and your existence and become a perfect Doll to your Mistress, again and forevermore?"

Ana looked shocked and began to cry. She knelt to the ground and kissed Mistress Rei's feet.

"Yes, please, your submissive is ready now. I have nothing and I am nothing without you. I never wish to leave your side."

Mistress Rei, crying herself, bent down and kissed Ana passionately. She helped Ana to her feet.

"Slave 9, you have the privilege to see that Ana's needs are met. She is to shower, and shave, and sleep for the night without her collar and cuffs in preparation for getting new ones." Mistress handed me a key with the character for 'Destiny' on the handle. We walked away and upstairs to prepare for Ana's transformation.

When we got to the top of the stairs we could see the French Maid Doll standing outside of one of the rooms near the end of the hallway. She curtsied as we approached and then walked away. Inside the room, the bed had been turned down, revealing white silk sheets and a large four post bed. We entered and Ana sat on the end of the bed and removed her high heels.

She was still crying a little. "The last time I was in the room, I was a Doll and I was a plaything for one of our more dominant patrons." She sighed and lay back on the bed. I just stood there with my arms at my sides, no knowing what to do.

Ana looked at me and smiled wryly. She stood up, now even shorter without her heels on. "Tonight is the last night I will be able to be a dominant so you will be my plaything. Mistress Rei says you are here to save your wife, but I do not care if you are married. You will service my every need. Do you understand?"

I was worried. Ana would have me cheat on my wife with her. What if my wife knew? I realized that my wife would never find out if I didn't save her and if I didn't obey Ana, she could report me to Rei. I was trapped, but with no other options, I nodded 'Yes'.

"Good, undress me, I need to shower and shave myself for Mistress Rei."

I helped my new pink-haired Mistress undress. When she slipped out of her panties I could see they had built-in internal dildos. I also unlocked her collars and cuffs and tossed them into her pile of clothes. She looked in the mirror and looked shocked at her naked neck. She rubbed her wrists where the cuffs were and I could sense she was having pangs of regret.

We both entered the bathroom, which had a large shower. We both climbed in and I was instructed to cut her hair. I never considered that Ana would need to be bald. Jen had been sealed in with her hair intact. I picked up the scissors clumsily with my gloved hands and grabbed a hunk of hair. I hesitated for a second until Ana said, "I ordered you to cut my hair. It is part of my old life, which my Mistress wants gone. Obey Number 9."

With that, I began to cut her hair as close to her scalp as I possibly could. Soon, her hair swirled in large chunks around the drain. I coated her head in shave gel and used a safety razor to shave her spear bald. She turned and took the razor and gel from me.

"I don't trust you with this next part. You're still unused to your rubber body and I don't wish to be hurt." She applied gel to almost her entire lower half and carefully shaved her pussy, which was mostly clean shaven already, and her legs.

"Do you realize what you are right now? You are a faceless Slave. The only thing that stands between you and a total loss of your former identity is that number 9 hanging from your neck. You are trapped inside a black rubber toy, with no hope of escape. Mistress Rei could easily keep you here forever and no one would know where you were or what became of you."

"I'm impressed that you made the choice you did. While I've been here, 11 couples have experienced what you two have and that doesn't include the number of couples where one became a submissive and the other never showed up to save the other person. Only 3 couples have ever left together. Typically the men freak out when being punished in the middle of the club floor and have to leave."

I looked at her and she looked at me. "Oh come on, we don't keep that hobby horse under the bar for nothing, we use it fairly regularly. Japanese male patrons can be very perverted and cannot help but play with a sissy male maid. You were destined to drop a drink tonight if you wore that outfit." She said smiling.

"You have not been in control of anything since you put on that outfit, and despite the punishments, the initiation, and the humiliations, and I bet you still like it. Think about when you take that outfit off. You'll need to make decisions again, return to the 9-to-5 world and be responsible. You'll never feel the same; you'll never be as content as you are now. I know because I've been there."

I helped Ana finish washing. She seemed lost in thought and so was I. I was enjoying this experience despite my sore ass. I've never felt so free. I had not even thought about the consequences of putting on the catsuit. I just knew I wanted to do it for Jen.

The hot water went off and we stepped out of the shower. On the toilet was a fresh folded towel, a white latex mask, and a small bottle of lube. It was a simple rubber hood with no collar and an open face. On the forehead was the character for 'Betrothed' in barely perceptible silver. Ana squirted the lube on her head, making it slick, then smiled and picked up the mask. Like a pro, she slid her chin inside and pulled the tight hood over her head. The back was laced and I began the process of tightening the mask.

Another figure stepped in the bathroom with us. It was best described as a female Slave. It was a female Doll's body, all in glossy black, but the face was the same generic features as mine. It stepped closer and nodded to Ana, ignoring me. I could see the number 23 on its collar and realized this was the same Doll that had been a Maid with me.

"It appears Slave 9, that Mistress has sent me another gift for tonight. You will be Slave 23. Number 23, prepare the bedroom for a night of bondage. I want Number 9 to feel the benefits of being a Slave."

Soon the mask was in place, and Ana turned to me. The mask gave her a totally different look and a different energy. She picked up the towel and began to rub down my glossy smooth body to get rid of the drops of water. "Mistress Ana wants to see what she looks like in your glossy body. You will be perfect for me."

I was taken by the leash, still hanging from my collar and brought into the bedroom where Slave 23 knelt on the floor. The bedposts had been dressed with chains and several more lay on the floor. A dildo lay on the nightstand and I knew what was coming next.

I was bent over and the dildo was slowly and lovingly inserted into my ass. I stood up and was then seated on the bed. Mistress Ana stood there while Slave 23 pushed me back and arranged me on the bed. Number 23 stratled my face while she attached my cuffs to the bedposts. I could not smell the musk of the woman inside over the rubber of the skin which encased her. As she climbed off and locked my ankles down, I realized that there was nothing of the original woman outside her Doll exterior. She was only a Doll, nothing more. I realized I was only a Slave, and nothing more.

I was spread eagle on the bed and Mistress Ana climbed on top of me. With a single thrust, she impaled herself on my erect cock. She smiled and ordered Slave 23 to hand her the other chains. "Since I was a Doll I am very experienced with sex. I've been stretched open more times than I can remember. Your tiny prick will not satisfy me on its own. She leaned back and clipped something to the ring at the base of my cock. She found the ends of the chain in her hands and then attached the clips on either end to her own nipples. She leaned over and clipped the other ends to my own nipples, which barely poked through the rubber. They were painful and as she leaned back and let the chain go tight, I realized that every moment by either of us would cause the other a jolt of pain.

Slave 23 picked up a small remote and pressed a button which sent the device on my cock and the dildo in my ass vibrating. Ana moaned and began to thrust herself up and down on my cock. She would moan in pleasure and pain with every thrust and so would I. The sleeve on my rubber cock muted the sensation and it would be a while before I came.

Slave 23 stood there, arms at her sides, the entire time our Mistress was using me as a dildo. The time passed quickly and before I knew it, an hour had passed. My nipples were on fire and hers were all red. I was thrusting in time with her at first, but could not keep up the pace. Now I lay perfectly still. I visualized that my black rubber body had melted to the bed and I was immobile. I was a toy for my Mistress, nothing more.

My Mistress came. She screamed in pleasure at the top of her lungs, thrashing wildly, and collapsed on top of me. The vibrators stopped as Slave 23 turned off the vibrators.

Mistress Ana didn't move for a moment and then sat up again, pulling herself off of me. She unclipped the nipple clamps and sat back on the bed. Slave 23, without being ordered, unclipped the vibrator and clamps. She unlocked my arms and legs and sat me up at the foot of the bed. My head was love drunk with pleasure and I needed release.

"Slave 23, kneel before Slave 9 and get him to come."

I watched Slave 23 kneel gracefully before me. She took my cock in her hands and began to pump. The dildo in my ass sprung to life and I looked at Mistress Ana, who was smiling and holding the remote control. It took only moments with the stimulation in my prostate and cock before a huge stream of white spunk hit the lovedoll in the face and began to drip down onto her chest. I came more than I ever have before and soon Slave 23's face and breasts ware coated with cum.

I breathed a heavy sigh of relief as Ana said, "Your welcome Slave 9, now get out of my bed."

I stood next to Slave 23, still dripping in cum. We were ordered to kneel on the floor with out heads down. Mistress Ana slipped naked between the white satin sheets, turned the lights out, and fell asleep.

Soon, I fell asleep. Kneeling and still waiting for an order, like a true Slave.

I awoke the next morning, not realizing where I was or what had happened. It felt like all a dream. It wasn't until I moved and felt restrained by the tight rubber suit, did I realize I was still living the dream. In my dream I had been a rubber slave to a woman who I barely knew.

I raised my head from my kneeling position and saw Mistress Ana in the bed, still hooded, and sleeping soundly. I looked to my left and saw a black Slave with the number 23 attached to its collar. The front of its glossy body and its face was covered with crusty, dried cum.

The door opened and Mistress Rei entered and beckoned to the two of us with a slim finger. We stood and left the room silently. Once the door was closed and we stood in the hallway, we were given orders. Slave 23 was to clean up and help Mistress dress herself and I was to clean the Mistress's apartment for the ceremony.

We parted company and I entered Mistress's living room. Several slaves were already cleaning and polishing. A black shiny high-backed chair sat in the middle of the room, and to the left of it stood Slave Alpha. He stood perfectly still with one hand on the top of the chair. Slave 8, handed me a rag and pointed to the table with the key box on top.

I polished the surface and when I touched the key box, I felt the ring around my cock tighten and choke off blood. It was intensely painful and I sank to my knees instantly. Once I hit the floor, the ring expanded again and I realized, Slave 8 had tricked me again. Slave Alpha's control over me was clearly evident and he protects the box.

"Slave 8, you will return to your room. I will deal with you later." said Mistress Rei from the doorway. Slave 8, looking a little panicked, left the room through the door marked 'Slaves'. Mistress Rei stood over me in a pair of thigh-high glossy boots, with a tightly laced black glossy corset. A pair of shiny black opera gloves ran up her arms.

"Slave 9, I am sorry. Slave 8 will be punished for his actions. Please stand and fetch Ana. The ceremony will begin when you return."

I retreated from the room and opened the door to Ana's bedroom. My entry into the room awoke her and she sat up in bed. I look of excitement and panic appeared on her face. "Is it time?" she asked me. I nodded 'Yes'.

She stood up very gracefully, as if she already had become a Doll again. She had a look of duty on her face and said, "I am ready".

She walked past me and out of the room. I followed behind her. Her opened the door to the Mistress's quarters and stepped in. A row of male Slaves knelt on either side of the makeshift isle leading from the door. Behind the Slaves stood a row of Dolls; all wearing black kimonos. Mistress sat in the glossy chair and standing in the same spot in the same position was Slave Alpha.

Ana stepped forward and I knelt down where I stood, completing the circle of slaves. I looked around the room and the multitude of slaves, and my eyes kept wandering back to Slave Alpha. He stood a pillar of servitude. His outfit was permanent. I wondered if he felt humiliated on the inside knowing he was not just a faceless black slave like the others, but a silver sex toy which stood out and drew attention to itself.

I turned back and was paying attention. Mistress Rei and Ana had changed positions. Ana, now without her hood, sat in the chair while Mistress Rei, now on her knees, held up a black box. Ana reached in and pulled out a silver mask. It was a silver version of a Dolly's face. She pulled it on without hesitation. Once it was in place, she took on a visibly different attitude. She had become a Dolly again, and her only goal was to complete the transformation.

Ana stood and pulled out a silver catsuit, holding it up for all to see. The feet of the outfit had attached ballet boot shoes. The crotch of the outfit was a pair of silver chrome hollow dildos to plug her and leave her open for pleasure. The pussy had several small ring piercing around the edge, and a single bondage ring hung down from a spot just above her pussy. The tits of the costume each hung free and had rings on the end.

Unlink the other costumes, there was no zipper and the only way in was to stretch out the neck and climb in. Several times, Ana had to adjust the heavy rubber suit as she pulled it on without any lube of any kind. I wanted to help her, but I knew she had to do this on her own.

Soon she was fully encased and snugging the neck into place and where the independent American I knew as Ana was, now stood a Japanese bondage Dolly. The Doll stretched out her pointed feet and Mistress Rei locked two anklets to her which matched the anklets of the rest of her submissives. The Doll held out her hands and Mistress Rei locked on a pair of cuffs. Off of both sets of cuffs hung bondage rings.

Rei and the Doll switched positions once again. Rei took her rightful places on the throne and the Doll sunk to her knees, facing me with her back to Mistress Rei. Her head hung low as Mistress held up a silver collar with a single ring attached. It had no keyhole.

"Ana is now gone and all that remains is Dolly Alpha. Once this collar is around your neck, the woman Ana can never return. Is endless servitude to me your final wish?"

The Doll raised her head slightly and looked at me with a stoic masked face and something unexpected happened.

The lips of the silver doll parted and said in perfect Japanese. "Yes, Mistress"

With that, Mistress Rei smiled and closed the metal collar around her throat. The silver Doll screamed as the rings on her rubber skin pierced her flesh and sealed themselves closed in place. Once the scream was over, her face became a stoic mask again, never to show emotion again. She looked at me with those hollow Dolly eyes.

I felt a tingling in my cock, which grew more and more pronounced and then the tingling moved to my balls. I was climaxing, and from the look of everyone else, they were doing the same. I came hard, shooting my load out onto the floor at the same time as everyone else.

"Slave Alpha controls pain, Dolly Alpha controls pleasure. You will all obey both."

Dolly Alpha stood and took her place next to Slave Alpha behind the Mistress's chair. She smiled, looked at me, and said, "There's only one more piece of business to take care of. Enter!"

From the side door, stepped my wife, or who I barely recognized as my wife. Her body was dressed in a glossy neon pink catsuit. Huge tits hung low on her body. Her waist had been heavily corseted and her hands were in hot pink rubber mittens. Her feet were in ballet boots as well. A huge pink cock hung down between her legs and her ass was propped open. A dozen silver bondage rings hung down from her arms, legs, nipples, and hips. Her face remained unmasked, but her blonde hair had been cropped very short. It barely registered who she was. It felt like a memory from a former life even though it had barely been 24 hours..

She knelt in front of me, with her back to Rei. She ran her pink gloved hand down my rubber mask. "You chose correctly the first day you chose your partner. I was the Maid that helped you that night and I was the slave who was with you in Ana's room. Despite Rei's drugs, I remember everything that happened, including what you endured to save me." she said with a tear in her eye.

"Mistress Rei unlocked me from my outfit and offered me my freedom, but it wasn't my freedom I was thinking of. I know that you loved being a Slave and I intend to make you one permanently. I cannot make this choice on my own though and you cannot make this choice today."

"In order to become a Mistress to you and for Mistress Rei to allow me to encase you in a permanent suit, I must experience what it is like to become a submissive of that caliber. For the next month, I will become a transvestite slut doll. I will be programmed to obey any crazy whim of any patron. I will be unable to resist any perverted desire. When I'm done, Mistress says she will release me and I will be free to do anything I wish to you. Goodbye for now. I love you."

A slave nearby stepped forward and roughly pulled a mask over my wife's head. It was an anime version of the Dolly mask on the other girls. The big blue eyes sat above a button nose. She had a pussy for a mouth and the whole face was heavily made up. A pink collar was wrapped around her neck, but this one was a posture collar. Over that collar was locked one which proved she belonged to Mistress Rei and sealed her fate for the next month.

I stayed in my kneeling position, not making a move. I wanted to become a permanent Slave, but I didn't care to whom. I would worship Mistress Rei, or this woman who my memories told me was my wife. Now she was a Doll once more, and I was still a Slave to Mistress Rei. I watched as she was led from the room by another Dolly.

The slaves dispersed and I was left with the two Alpha submissives and Mistress Rei. She stepped behind me and I felt something slide into my collar and with a twist, the locks in my cuffs and collar popped open. Mistress Rei roughly grabbed my hood by the back of my neck and pulled it free from my head. For the first time in a day, cold air hit my face and I realized I had been perspiring under my catsuit.

"Time to go, your wife has become my property for a month and you cannot stay this way. You'll need to leave." Rei said coolly.

I was shocked. In just one day I had experienced a new life and I felt like I wanted to keep it forever. In just one day, I had lost my wife, threw myself on the fire to save her, and in the end, I lost her anyway. And now, I wanted to lose myself forever.

"I cannot leave." I said, "I want this."

Mistress Rei turned to me, "What is 'This'?"

"I want to stay a Slave; I do not wish to leave anything less than a submissive male Slave. Mistress Rei, may I serve you for a month along with my wife?"

She turned her back to me and said in a low and sinister-sounding voice, "I hope you understand that you will be a complete submissive. You will not wear the same outfit you have up to now. You will truly get a taste of your life to come."

I hesitated for a moment but said, "I understand Mistress, I leave my fate to you."

Mistress Rei turned and smiled at me and ordered me into the Slave quarters. I stood and opened the door previously reserved only for Slaves and she ushered me through into the darkness.

When the light finally came on, I was standing in a small hallway. We moved along it and I could see about a dozen black male figures along one wall. Their bodies were set into indentations in the wall. Their arms were bent at the elbow and inserted into holes in the wall. I could only assume their dicks were as well.

"They get programmed every night with sexual information and their personality. You've never been in this room because the only reason to be in here is if you're submissive property of mine for a long term. Despite the fact you will be my property for the next month, you will not get to come in here and you will not experience the same pleasures as those Slaves. You'll become something truly special."

At the end of the hallway was an ornate cabinet. Mistress Rei opened it and inside was dozens of black shiny boxes of all sizes. She pulled out a rather sizeable one and held it up for me to see. On the top was a character in silver I didn't recognize.

The put the box under her arm and beckoned me to follow. She took several steps down the hallway and then pushed against the wall. It swung open like a door and we stepped out into a bedroom unlike any I had seen so far. Every surface of the room was black glossy rubber. In the direct center of the room was the bed, which had no foot or headboard and looked very stiff. Around the edges of the mattress was black rubber-coated rings every foot or so. There were four glass fronted cabinets in each corner of the room. One contained a Doll, dressed entirely in purple, wearing a mask which looked like a cat with a tongue sticking out. Its hands were in paws-shaped gloves and on the front of the case was the character for 'Pussy'. In the next case was a male Slave dressed all in white. It had no face, just a smooth oval, and instead the surface quickly tapered down and jutted out with a huge red dildo where the mouth would be. Its cock, nipples and hands were red as well. On the case was the label 'Pain'.

Of the remaining two cases, one contained Jen, still in her pink costume. The cover of the case said 'Play'. The other case was empty, and I knew what was in store for me.

I was instructed to undress and did so. Soon my catsuit lay in a black glossy heap on the floor. My cock, which had been horny for almost a day, hung like a limp balloon. I was sweaty and greasy and felt exposed and embarrassed to be naked, even though I might as well have been naked for the last 24 hours.

Mistress Rei opened the box and set it aside on the bed. "I believe you know what to do." She said, and left the room.

I approached the box and looked inside. The suit I would wear was blue. I pulled it from the box and realized it was very heavy and stiff. I laid it out on the bed. The most obvious feature of this suit was a massive cock which already stood at attention. The balls attached to the suit were large as well and were filled with some kind of liquid. The cock had rings which encircled the length like a gates of hell and the base of the cock was also encircled with a cock ring.

The rest of the suit was not lacking for decorations either. Two gleaming silver nipple rings hung from the nipples and the arms and legs had silver studs running down their outside length. Several rings also hung down from the wrists and ankles of the suit. The inside of the suit was not lubed and it was difficult to put on. The rubber was extra thick and required me to really work it into place. I lay on the bed with the heavy rubber suit on top of me to support it as I worked the rubber up my legs. When it reached my waist I inserted the hollow dildo into my ass effortlessly. I got excited realizing that my body was being conditioned for being a slave already. This made my cock hard once more and I slid it into place in the suit's cock sleeve. Once in place I felt nothing except the tight rubber on my cock. The I managed to get the rest of the suit pulled into place and the zipper was pulled closed in back using a hook on the end of a string which snapped off once it reached the top..

I looked at myself in the glossy surface of the wall and was astounded at my new body. It made me look like a true rubber Slave and my new blue skin would draw attention to that fact. Anyplace where skin was exposed made me feel awkward and I wanted to be completely encased.

I looked back into the box and pulled out the mask. It was the face of a dog, completely in blue, with a short snout and lots of jowls like a bulldog's. I set this aside and pulled out the feet and gloves, which would transform my hands and feet into paws. I managed to get the boots on and one glove. Once my hand disappeared into the glove, I realized my hand was now useless to me to do anything else.. I struggled to get the other glove, on using my armpit and teeth, and barely managed to do it before I realized that I would never get my mask on without help. I couldn't even use my hands to get the gloves off again.

I knelt on the floor facing the door with my head down and waited for a while. I assumed Mistress would check on me soon. After an hour she did, and looked dismayed I wasn't in fully dressed.

"I assume that by you waiting means you wish to become the role of my blue plaything?" She picked up the mask and pulled it over my head roughly ripping at hair and skin. I had to open my mouth to accept a gag which seemed to be an open rubber tube. She adjusted the mask on my head and then walked away for a minute and I heard her rummage through the box. I felt a thick heavy metal collar with a large heavy ring lock shut around my neck with a quick and final 'Clack!'.

In that moment, I felt my head swim. My body moved without me and stood up facing Mistress. My balls sloshed against my legs and my cock bounced on its own. A second later the plug in my ass started to vibrate and the sleeve around my cock began to throb. I was being milked for cum!

My body took several steps backwards and slipped into the case on the wall. Mistress approached and said, "If you didn't know what this character on the glass means, it stands for 'Perverse'. Your body is not under your control anymore and you will obey any order given to you. Once I close this door, your suit will begin programming you with every sexual act that exists. Also, those devices buzzing inside you will milk your cum and store it in those balls of yours, which will expand as they fill with your spunk. On command, you will climax and cum, shooting that spunk anywhere and everywhere. Also, although your mask's mouth looks closed, it is not. Soon you will be servicing very kinky men and women who are into very, very kinky things." She slipped her hand into my mouth and drew it back out. It was slick with my drool from the gag already.

"You'll have a nickname to the patron and be very popular. The last 'Perverse' slave we had was given the nickname of 'Blueballs'." She closed the door and a dildo slid up my ass and two hooks slid under my arms, propping me up. My collar began whispering to me and I came for the first time of many.

Mistress Rei left the room saying "See you in a month!"

I looked through the glass and into Jen's case and wondered if she could see me. Under the assault of the milking mechanism and subliminal programming, I fell asleep and knew when I woke up; I would never be myself again.

PROLOGUE: My mask was removed and my gag came out with it. I sat there on the edge of the bed, not quite realizing what had happened and then it came flooding back to me. I looked down past my tits and my huge pink cock still stood out erect in front of me. I remembered all the things that I had done and had done to me over the last month and instantly got sick. I started to dry heave, cough and sputter.

I felt a hand rubbing my back trying to calm me down and heard Mistress behind me say "Take it easy, Jen, breathe slowly."

I recovered and Mistress Rei sat beside me on the bed. My grotesque rubber body looked very out of place next to Mistress's small perfect form. "It's been a month" she said.

I sighed and looked at John's blue body in the case in front of me. "When you and I planned all this, we didn't plan on him wanting to become a Slave. We figured he would not be able to follow through."

Mistress replied, "I certainly didn't make it easy for him. If you thought what people did to you was gross, you can only imagine what they did to him. I think it's the mask. They did more to him than the pussycat in the other corner."

Rei changed topics and continued, "This past month was hard for me. I missed our conversations in email. I even reread all our old letters for the last year. I peeked in on you several times and thought about playing with you myself."

"You still can," I said, running my pink finger over the head of my cock, feeling the pleasure shoot into my brain.

"No Jen, it wouldn't be right. Maybe he wouldn't mind though." Mistress said gesturing to John.

"Is he happy?" I asked.

"See for yourself." She stood up and opened his case. He stepped out and instantly went onto all fours. His testicles were the size of a small soccer ball and almost touched the floor. He was ordered to beg, and stood up on his knees, holding his arms up while dangling his front paws. Drool dripped from his jowls.

"He does seem happy. I will admit though, I was happy in my servitude."

"That is what you wanted though, that's the reason you came here. You wanted to be a submissive and you didn't feel John could give you that. Now it looks like he's totally incapable of being your Master but only because he's even more of a submissive than you."

I looked at Rei and she looked at me.

"I have an idea," she said, "because of Ana's status change in our family, I no longer have a bartender, and a Slave can't do the job correctly without getting distracted. You can stay here, as a submissive, although not a rubber one. You will tend bar for me and be my human companion."

"What about him?" I asked, looking at John.

"Well, he cannot wear a silver outfit like my Alphas, but that blue outfit does suit him… I have an idea. I brought you something to change into. Why don't you slip into something more comfortable?"

She left the room and I did as instructed. When the heavy suit lay in a pile on the floor, I turned to the short black rubber dress on the bed. I pulled it over my head and just barely had it in place before Mistress returned. She put a small bundle of blue on the bed and instructed me to hold out my hands. She locked two cuffs to each wrists and a collar around my neck. They were the same set Ana had worn.

"Now for Blueballs" Mistress said smiling, turning to John who was still on his knees. She unlocked the collar around his neck and pulled off the mask. His hands dropped to his sides in shock and he looked up at me. "Hi!" he said happily and cracked a smile.

Mistress Rei pushed him onto the floor at my feet yelling, "Kiss your Mistress's feet!" She looked up and smiled at me while she tugged the paws off each foot and replaced each one with a blue boot. The top of each boot had a silver cuff with several rings hanging from them. Mistress then grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back to his knees. She pulled off each paw on his hands, replacing it with a regular glove. Each glove also ended in a cuff with dangling rings.

"There's been a change of plans John", I said to him. Mistress Rei pulled a mask over his head. The mask was blue and gave him the face of any other Slave. "I'm going to be a submissive to Mistress Rei and you will be a Slave to me."

Mistress locked a silver collar around his neck which had three heavy rings around his neck. His body got a little straighter. "This collar is special. He maintains his own mind and fully knows what's going on. He has no control over his body and you must order him to do everything. He cannot disobey you. Despite the fact that he must do everything you say, John feels humiliation if you ask him to do something he wouldn't normally do. Since we don't want him to hide these emotions, if you push the little button back here…" Mistress fiddled with the back of his collar and his mask became transparent, clearly showing John's real face which looked a little worried.

"Slave, cum hard." Mistress ordered. John's face distorted slightly and then cum erupted from the end of his cock like a water gun. His cock has been pointing at me and I was quickly covered from head to toe. I shrieked but that only caused some to go in my mouth. When he stopped and I was able to wipe it from my eyes, I could see he was bright red from embarrassment and his balls had shrunk back down the size of a baseball.

Mistress pressed the button again, causing John's face to disappear under the blue rubber. Mistress smiled at me and said, "See! Very fun! Now, let's find you a room to set up in and clean yourself off. You have work to do tonight. Slave, you will follow."

My Slave followed behind me, and I followed Mistress Rei to my new life.