Tuesday, September 30, 2008

no need for a facelift

also from the same day's Daily Mail is an article about facelifts and the thing that caught my attention was the photo's.

i've swapped them around but certainly there's a before and after mad scientist story there.

anyone care to have a go?


Monday, September 29, 2008

the first celebrity in those boots...

was Victoria Beckham at a launch of her new perfume at Macy's department store at the weekend. the boots recently appeared on the cover of the Telepgraph Fashion Magazine which is in an earlier entry.

the heel-less boots which get mistakenly called 'PVC' in the press are made by Antonio Berardi and cost £3,300 according to the report which is now online at the Daily Mail.

click the images to see them at full resolution. bellow is a close up of just the boots which are tight fitting and wide leg. surely Victoria's worn enough latex over the years that she knows she should polish it?

the Mail's forum is full of disapproving yapping about the boots (257 comments at last check) with few pro comments. the Mail even checked with feet experts to get their verdict on this weird new boot.

i am still after something similar - with or without the heel - but the heel and sole arch needs to be the 5 inches i'm sticking too. fingers crossed that Fantastic Rubber is making some progress in that department. or maybe there's another latex designer or two that's inspired....


Sunday, September 28, 2008

zentai suits for sleeping?

another one of those bookmarks i found sometime back and not sure how i stumbled upon it. i've now gone back to Shiny Shiny: the self declared girls guide to gadgets and present it to you now.

essentially there's a chain of hotel or motels in the UK and they are now offering for both men and women these sheer PJ's with hoods, mitts and socks to sleep in. 

the full story is here.

it doesn't really answer wether you get to keep them or not? are they semi-disposable or something to steal from big hotels like bathrobes and ashtrays? do they sell them in the lobby shop and will embroidered them with your name? maybe. 

this is my best guess that its a combined marketing effort for the chain as well as the company that makes them. looking at the dermasilk website you quickly realise that the complete outfit is not cheap. far from it. so i guess its a product that needs to reach a wider audience so place them in hotels to use. 

oh and another thought comes to mind too - maybe it means the chamber maids don't need to change the sheets if they're wearing these suits? such a crazy idea that it might just might be possible.

or maybe its some cunning japanese corporation's plans to zentai the world!!! (insert mad laugh here). i mean it really sounds like the plot of fetish fiction story. actually i've always wanted to see what a japanese Capsule Hotel would be like to stay in and frankly given the commute back and forth when i need to get into the city, being able to pay 20-30$ to crawl into a tube to sleep is a great idea.

like the ongoing latex like leggings fashion trend, i think these will imprint on the wearers and create another generation of fetishists for the tight and shiny look and feel..  and i wondered if the pre-embroidered ones are "DOLL" or "Robot XL-1s"... 


halloween is coming ever so soon..

in fact only 33 days left.

so a quick look at buycostumes.com found some possibilities; first a Wind Up Doll then some wig options with Barbie Flip Wig, the Barbie Long Wig and my favourite Crazy Doll.

do post in comments any costumes you find dollish or interesting either on that website or anywhere else please.


Phantasmagoria presents...

...a collection of lovely dollish themed shots on Doll Fiction Forum of a friend of his. the forum now has a considerable number of registered users and posts and is way more active than any of the yahoo groups i still belong too.

this is just some of the photo's i particularly like. you'll need to register to check out the remainder of the set. i am now posting there again as i have reregistered with a slightly different name.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

pimp my blog

i want to add icon / gif links on the right hand side of the blog but have no earthly idea how exactly as i need to tinker with the actual code.

has anyone any ideas? i really want to get Fantastic Rubber's link in place.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

coming soon...

another latex legging round up.

i've been collecting links and online store sites for another long update on the unending trend for latex like leggings. sadly i've been too busy with various real life work to get it collated and posted.

so this is just to tell you - yes they're still very much in this fall so you can still dare to get an wear a pair.

check out the article Sassy Bella "Leggings Don’t Die, They Evolve" if you doubt my investigative fashion tend spotting eye.

meanwhile the Independent in Ireland covered the trend in summer of 2007 and provide these helpful tips on wearing them:

1 Some people will argue that this trend is for the size zeros only.
I disagree. If you don’t want a totally fitted look, then opt for a size bigger than you would normally choose.

2 Use a good dousing of talcum powder both on your legs and the inside of the leggings, then bunch them up like you would with stockings to pull them carefully up your legs.

3 Some latex leggings come with a spray that’s supposed to make them all shiny. Spray them all over and wipe down with a cloth.

4 Providing you don’t have any trapped air bubbles, they are actually surprisingly comfortable to wear.

5 Latex leggings are pretty subdued in sound. But be warned, the squelchy noise problem does arise when wearing PVC leggings.

6 When removing them, roll your legging down to slip them off and try not to pull them too much.

and some interesting comments from UK fashion website at Pop Sugar.


latex leggings are not sensible...

according to this advert kindly sent in by Chez.

or thats the message thats slipped in. actually they look more like latex tights to me.

and the 'sensible'? well its a bit too flesh toned and looks like it should be inside your body, not outside.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

the results so far...

actually it was from earlier in the week when i had a look and did the screen capture and upload too the blog. just not gotten around too it yet.

for the most part it seems that expense is the the major limiting factor when buying latex for the respondents. those who buy it were told not to take part.

then the question of where to get it came up and had a strong response that people simply didn't know where to get it. latex boutiques and designers are like needles in a haystacks in most cities where The Gap and other chain stores dominate.

has anyone ever seen a fetish shop in a mall? i don't think so but i'd love to be surprised.

the body image issue is an obvious one and that was well voted for too. if there's no where to buy it then how can one try it on? it certainly has absolutely no hanger appeal. i know, i've seen it in the few shops we have here. mannequins, models and photo shoots however make it look amazing. Libidex in the uk has their revamped webpage and new styles being worn by a girl who is very pretty but is no where near the model body type - and it still looks totally great on her.

so there's one designer addressing this issue.

lastly the combined issue of it being a special event dress or clothing that needs to be worn for someone else or somewhere special.

some thoughts and feedback for those latex designers i know read this blog...


past the solid colors

spotted at Skin Two Ball London Alternative Market last weekend is Libidex's spin off company Radical Rubber... are now making sheet latex with spots on it.

latex designers will start using it soon and the fruits of these dots should start appearing soon i think.

wonder what printing they have planned post dots? stripes i'd say is a certainty. maybe i should write and enquire....


can you spot yourself?

further to my earlier entry about the new code embedded in the blog which was kindly introduced to be by Thrall is two more views of the world as of today.

the free service keeps a log of the first 500 hits per day and all their details. pay more and you get more data.

so here's a view of today - sat the 20th - so far from most of europe. can you see yourself?

and much higher resolution close up and mixed overlay of somewhere in Japan.

i think i could zoom in considerably more too.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

haute coutier bondage

not sure how much they cost but undoubtedly more than the Eternity Collar.


thigh high boots are so...

another scan from a UK newspaper fashion magazine. seems thigh boots are now back on the fashion runways in Europe where they're kinkier and thus soon to be seen on the trendy folk in the streets of the UK. or are they still stigmatized by the entire tacky Pretty Woman thing?

click on the photo to get better look at the boots on offer and the stunning prices. they're certainly not the cheap Pleaser brand PVC ones that saturate ebay. though i do wonder what would happen if a top couture designer took them and put their own name on them. would it be ok then?

a close up of the short article that accompanies the piece is above. i didn't find a working free OCR service on the web so didn't turn it into text. if someone is really bored then feel free to email me the text and i'll revise this entry.


where in the world...

thanks too Thrall for pointing me towards this very handy plug in script for blogger. it just doesn't count visitors as my basic one does at the bottom of the page but also does a whole lot of analysis of hits and where they're coming from. she also did two new updates to her own blog, one of which is a nice entry on Dollsrealm.

blogging can be pretty lonely so posts in comments and hits are the only real feedback we get. one reason i always ask people i meet in Second Life if they know of this blog.

so now i can see where everyone comes from too.


Monday, September 15, 2008

even the newspapers are kinky...

from blackice who sent these scans in from the Telegraph Sunday newspaper fashion magazine which he happened to spot.

click the images to view scan in its full size and you will notice that she's in odd heel-less shoes that are actually thigh high rubber boots!!! and some more '!!!!'s 

from the same issue (i think) is a latex dress by a non-fetish designer at 900£. looks to be custom made latex sheeting its made from. the pattern and style of EGL in some ways and in other ways not at all. i've seem the same idea before with tassels instead of large latex ruffles.

and a page of accessories of black and shiny for the goths in all of us.


well that may explain me - just like Angelina Jolie...

as we share the same: Enneagram type 4.

i was killing time at the office while my colleagues got ready for the meeting that i was on time for and they weren't. anyway i found some sort of profile test on the web and figured i would have a go. maybe it would help with my odd tastes... the results were indeed a match to both Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.

other celebrities that share type 4 profile along with some videos of them are here.

Type Four

The Individualist wants to be special and unique. The Individualist has a compulsive need to understand their feelings, to be understood, to search for the missing meaning of life, and to avoid being ordinary.

there's loads more too it here and here. so far it fits me well and sort of describes my personality and how i react to things. those who know me in SL may now nod their real and virtual heads knowingly.

take the test yourself if you like here. there's nine or so types


they are still very sought after..

thanks to Xu Xu who sent me an advance warning about these Patrick Cox High Heeled Wellingtons for sale on ebay in the UK. they look amazing and i was already aware of these styles of boots however my 5 inch regime stops me from even thinking about getting them.

just as well really as they sold for £190!!!

so latex designers out there, think there's a market for something that's actually sexy and simply not a pair of farmers rubber boots painted pink or purple?


Sunday, September 14, 2008

double page mannequin ad

from a UK fashion magazine that arrived in my in box on the weekend. not sure what the general idea is - maybe they were trying to save on model fees?

would be a good starting point to make a retouched photo of a transformation sequence.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

i had heard and liked the song...

though never seen the video until this week.

so here's a youtube version of it and if you go to the actual youtube page for it and look in the videos comments you will find a link to a free rapidshare file which is a much higherd definition version of the vid.

its positively mesmerizing.

i'm still not sure if its the same woman and duplicated her with special effects trickery or if they found so many dancing models with precisely the same shape and legs.

maybe they're all robots... if so make me one to join them.


Friday, September 12, 2008

yard dogs wind up doll show

found linked on Dollfiction forum. be sure to go join the forum here.

the anonymous doll...

can buy a pair here.

or if your worried about looking at this blog from work you can go here.


matching masks

i figured i needed something extra to finish off the mannequin suit from Fantastic Rubber so I had a look around the web which actually took several hours and these Blank Masks were the best ones i found.

they're pretty inexpensive so i purchased a few to experiment with. i'm definitely going to make one up to match my secondlife avatar.

i am somewhat picky and these had the most human detailing to them. other white masks that i came across were similiarly priced but totally unisex - so for example had no real cheekbones or lips.

now all i need is those Anime contact lenses i made an entry about earlier....


lost lotto

i was chatting to someone in second life and she was wondering about recommend videos. so i thought immediately of the British Colombia Lottery Commercial. after a search on the blog (top left corner - do try it) i found the link.
and the site hand changed and the downloadable video was gone!!!

now i think it came from youtube and the link i posted was the result of my investigations into its actual source. so the question is - where is it on youtube?

another issue arises about all the images and videos i post. what happens to them? well i keep all the images backed up here on my mac and the youtube ones.. well i just post the embedded link, so i don't really have them myself.

maybe its time for someone to compile all the youtube vidoes into one file and then see about saving them to a DVD or some such?


I've been kindly sent the 5MB MOV file to my yahoo account and while i can't post it directly here, do feel free to email me and i can send it out from my yahoo account. email me - asudemlatex@yahoo.com

also EL_R has posted the youtube link in comments - thanks!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

and there's way more latex in Europe too...

recently i've been noticing that i've been loosing some weight and gaining a more of a flat tummy with the constant daily latex wearing. now you've all seen those ads in the back of the TV Guide and The Enquirer etc for these weight loss neoprene belts and longer ago the vitnage rubber ones.

so maybe there's something too it. possibly the heat or the constant pressure combined with your muscles constantly pushing back.

i still have a little tummy but there's definitely been a real improvement in that area since january 1st when i swore i'd always be 1/2 latex. which by the way i've easily surpassed for at least two months now as when i get back to my loop into the office i'm top and bottom latex.

so can anyone else confirm this? it would be another selling point to real latex tights - have stunning legs and a flat tummy!


a french singer..

..a short film and latex tights... and i'm not exactly sure what's going on in it besides those points.



a necklace for a doll

this site was actually shown to me for another reason, - shoes - but after a bit of clicking around i found the Barbie Logo Necklace on Patricia Field's site.

they also sell earrings and necklaces with the barbie profile. a perfect trigger to make your own hypnotic doll.

check out the shoes and specifically the Sadist Pump which they note aren't really for wearing!


sadly they're gone now...

into the vast "who knows what happened to them and wishing i had a time machine" land.

i found them on a rather rudimentary shoe sit that had these photo's. the site creator hadn't updated the site in a couple of years but says she has these boots.


one of several choices

i had an email from a regular contributor who was on some sort of dating site doing random questionaires and having just completed the one on 'would you survive a zombie attack', then went onto try 'What Type of Girl You Like'.

he was very surprised to see the photo to the left as one of the option. image appears to be taken from Suicide Girls.

curious that Goth Girls / EGLs appear as one of the options on a very mainstream dating site.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

a flash of latex, a mention of fetish

in this video by Biffy Clyro which according to the sender who wants to left nameless suggests it was filmed in a Masonic Hall somewhere.


meanwhile somewhere in london...

the skin two ball weekend is now underway.

sadly i'm not there again and there's a few reasons why; the first is they moved it from early october to this weekend and i had been planning on the october break. when it changed date its screwed my days off and i wasn't having too much luck changing it.

flights are still on summer rates so that's all terrifyingly high.

everyone is now rolling back into work from various summer vacations and running around like headless chickens trying to get the machinery of industry back up to speed. more so with this undeclared depression we're in.

good news is i've been promised photo's of any doll-ishness from both the London Alternative Market and the Skin Two Ball proper by a regular contributor who also writes and shoots for Skin Two and Marquis Magazine.

other good or bad news is that there seems to be a rival to the ball in early october so there's a glint of hope i can make that one still and i think the Rubber Sisters are going to that one so we could finally meet!


roisin murphy shows us how to wear

latex leggings and which outfit to wear them with:

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

a mislabeled model

not Chandra North as posted on the Kinky Gerlinky Forum but Nadja Auermann. or are the models so close to each other they're interchangeable?

oh these are from fashion magazines, not fetish or BDSM ones.

make sure you click on the hosting pages as some of them are much large scans.


leather looks good

and can you shape your waist much better than latex does as latex of course will stretch while leather much much less so.

here's the latest email promotion has just arrived from Honour in London for their corsets.

i think it would look much better than the leather jeans. considering how much the designer skinny leather jeans are going for then this is bolder statement that leapfrogs the fashion pack. mix and match contrast of materials is the way to go to imho.

of course they still do a stunning baby / doll pink Catsuit with feet for £165.00.

wonder how they look together?


a german TV report

as found on the World of Rubber Blog.

essentially its about Anna a student from Cologne and her first encounters in latex when shot by "Fetish Pope "Peter W. Czernich of Marquis magazine. it was broadcast n-tv earlier in the year and then a 10 minute version rebroadcast much more recently.

the World of Rubber Blogger has serious doubts that its Anna's first time in latex.

watch and you decide. either way its a fun clip that exposes latex to a much wider audience.


latex tights and leggings in..

a simple and well made video: Amiel - Be your Girl

these definately look like the real things and identical to my latex tigths form Libidex. don't forget you can download the video in a higher quality with keepvid.com in mp4 format.

and a fight scene from Disaster Movie:


someone in charge..

of Doll Fiction please email me with my password? i've lost my details and can't remember which email address i had used.

so rather than just guessing on one email address, i've double the possibilities to work through which is just too much.