Sunday, January 29, 2012

SL and windows expert needed to...

help me get back on. its steadily refusing connection for me today.

i have no idea why. time out something? Nvidia card generates another code when SLs running.

what are the optimum settings.



update: the error code i get is now above.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

well lit latex and some music too!

killing multiple birds with one shoot. neat!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

and here's two more...

doll machinama's in very different styles:

any readers here work with this in Second Life? there's some basic software out there for editing so anyone have a try.


a music video for balloon fetishists

or am i just really reading too much into it?

i have never heard of the singer 'Peaches' before to be honest. anyone else? is she super famous in Germany like David Hasselhof?

please share - its painless you know know and we all win ;-)


bad romance in second life

besides describing a lot of sub / domme relationships in world its also a cute video done as a machinama film.

now two things would make this much more fun. some sort of motion capture like for the xbox and a better way to move cameras pov.

does anyone know if that exists already?


Friday, January 20, 2012

i was answering a thread on fetlife today

and i decided to have a quick look to illustrate my reply and i found this elegant video:

pretty damned slick..


Saturday, January 14, 2012

the mail i get...

name has been removed:

id soo fuk u anyday u sexi doll u :D

oh happy happy, joy joy...


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

sale month even for latex

and more if you visit all your favourite online retailers and designers - just in time for valentines


Thursday, January 05, 2012

just in case i never posted it

here it is again;

so sweet isn't it? makes you want to join them in their world... (or is that just me)


Monday, January 02, 2012

i couldn't get past episode 1

did it improve? what are peoples thoughts on it?

do let me know if i'm missing something good or warn us all off and save us countless hours.

... still - i do love the poster.


terrifyingly true in Second Life

as found on Deirdre young and lelo Recreant's epic Second Life Fetish Fashion Blog. they even have tagged all the info on Doll too.

hopefully they'll be both be able to help and advise me on my permenant dollification in world.


Sunday, January 01, 2012

...reduced to a 'bot in SL sometime soon

i recently found an inworld designer who not only makes amazing gowns but also creates stand alone 'bots that move around Second Life by themselves on a given property. her castle like store is full of them and they do a variety of things. i chatted to Lady Alisha abut her designs and it turned out that yes they could be worn as well.

she directed me to her store and to where they were (in the basement btw). even by themselves they were perfect for my intended plans and now that i've tried one - even more so. i'm wearing one in the above photo's.

my plan is become a bot in second life. simply a wind up display mechamism. sometimes you can tell i am there, others not at all.

so i've broken the idea down to several sections and i would love any help i can get.

1) Key - Miss JaneDoe made a wondeful key and case for me once that let me to walk around, dance and be played with. when finished with i could auto return back into the doll box where my varied model poses could be played with still. sometimes spinning slowly like a balerina in a music box. a new key with those and other features inside it.

2) my new favourite device is the Shadow Box where a full sized frame sucks me in poses me and locks me into it. there's more possibilities in there to be explored and finalised. maybe blank mannequins so people can join me?

3) Lady Alisha's 'bots and 'bot dresses... they have different roles and i'd be a happy greater and well i could flyer for the blog in world. i'll write a fairtale about it all as well so i have a backstory. visit her showroom here

4) mesh - i've just seen a mesh outfit and i was impressed. i do plan on getting a puffa coat designed irl and also in world. meshing would work.

5)RLV controls. i'm not sure really whats possible now. i'll need some help from experts. i think some special people can release me back into humanity to play...

6)speech - more of a rlv feature - but it will be the same list the 'bot will have - though sometimes it will be me and not randomn.

so my transition to an in world bot / doll will be total in 2012. and if i get ever get my rl finances organised i will finally take up the kind and highly skilled mask makers offer of my SL head made real, solid and lockable.


i'll need to go when i get to London

the infamous club rub;

any reports back - anyone a regular? god suburbia sucks...