Thursday, October 21, 2021

here's one....

asmr turning you into a puppet.

at some point i'll give my deeper thoughts on these an others.


to do - go through my book marks on both browsers to find content

 and that was fast - a pin interest: Rubbery Transformations

that was pretty easy...


some of the leading lights in ASMR on youtube part 2


some of the leading lights in ASMR on youtube part 1

 please share your experiences with different people and effectiveness of their performances.


prefred egl items from Aliexpress....

looking through the shop....



a surprise e-mail from the UK


long time no heard, but i had an email in from Black Ice in UK, no it wasn't any more exciting shots at Torture Garden or some obscure fashion magazine he acquired. nope it was a link to a Kumguri site that has it all!!!

the main site is

and the bodysuits are here!!!!

i'm making as wish list already and the head to toe latex, molded mask and hair is identical to the statue permanent ones at the  xxx sss

who'd thought that one could so perfectly mimic as second life look. cross promotion and marketing?

more later once i've wrapped my head around it. like how about zentai suits based on Theiry Muglers Gynoid or Maria from Metropolis?

i think we could inspire and fuel (bulk buy) the robots, dolls, mannequins we'd love to  realise?

well seems to be a idea worth pursuing.

 i really should of taken that fetish store job in Germany.... 

i'm planning on turning into a permeant object in Second Life. i still need some help though.


if your jonsing for fetish images try - Deviant Art

and more specifically mine an others collections. mine is Right Here 


i don't love all the images in my collection. sometimes in an element, and idea, or erase all the text completely and rewrite it. the above as you can tell is a cut off of a caption. wasn't keen on the text but loved the image. something there that needs a story


possibilities for MC and programming is ...


 interesting idea. what would you have as custom photo's?


its been awhile

so sorry but I continue to have medical issues. so lack of postings as i have to have a clear head - also just sleeping way to much.

in the meantime have a look at ASMR videos on yt- i'll post some interesting doll ones later. here's one that has a range of fantasy; 

some are just direct videos, other have plot, costumes and characters. i can't be everywhere so please post ones you find that work for you. prefer robots, dolls and mannequins (what a surprise)

also there are websites and apps that download the vidoes so you can watch on phone etc. also strip the audio out. i use iSkysoft Video Coverter Ultinmate btw. 

share your finds, and i'll get onto my short list. so far none have replied to my offer to help with plots etc. perhaps we can push/ inspire together?