Monday, February 29, 2016

more vintage dollification - as art

For Anaïs 'Before the Glass'
by Maya Deren
<< The mirror, like a cannibal, consumed,
carnivorous, blood-silvered, all the life fed it.
You too have known this merciless transfusion
along the arm by which we each have held it.
In the illusion was pursued the vision
through the reflection to the revelation.
The miracle has come to pass.
Your pale face, Anaïs, before the glass
at last is not returned to you reversed.
This is no longer mirrors, but an open wound
through which we face each other framed in blood >>.

August 19, 1945

kudos if you know who by Maya Deren is.


Sunday, February 28, 2016

this so applies to Mistresses etc in Second Life as well.

yes, i love cases, boxes etc - but we need to be played with as well....


thanks to Stacy Fenwitch for prompting the comparison in me with past 'owners/keyholders'