Saturday, January 31, 2009

hypnotic recruitment video for dolls

created by the talented Veronica Vinyl - its a a mind control video created for Mistress Alexia Jordon.

which makes me wonder if Mistress AJ has a thing for dolls and what is her experience with them so far? she wasn't available for comment.

beware its NSFW and also directs you to become Mistress Alexia Jordon's doll. the embedded player will display the video very well in full screen mode too but you need go to the home page for the video here.. it doesn't offer a way to download it directly but i found that the firefox video helpers do work in saving it to your computer.

enjoy and post how you reacted too it.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

getting out of your clothing rut

of comfy sweaters and into a PVC catsuit, from a UK tv series about clothing make overs.

pitty it wasn't latex. maybe in series II or III.


trouble accessing?

i had an email yesterday asking if the blog was still up. it seems that blogs with adult content were being blocked for access by German users.

does anyone know about this or can confirm it?

guessing that if you are in Germany and can't see it then you won't know about this new post asking that very question.


what happens when you eat rubber bands

well i wish...


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

now if they were taller and higher

i managed to snag a real bargain a couple of weeks ago online and even though they're a size too small and don't meet my 5" heel requirements i do love them so.

what? well they're soft molded plastic rain boots by Brazilian company Melissa.

stylistically they look exactly like the above photo which is not a great shot as it makes them look like dull rubber rain boots. mainly they are same shape and style to the alexandre herchcovitch boots with the rib panel detailing bellow.

ooh and they are deep black and super glossy. no tell tale lines on them either, just one super slick piece of molded plastic that are so great when mixed with my mock latex leggings (worn over real ones actually). so indie rocker chick with that and a latex blouse.

and they have the telltale smell of bubblegum that all Melissa's have which could be kinky for some people, especially if they have a stuck fetish. 

so one day i figure they'll realize there's a market place for other rain boots and start expanding the design and making he shaft taller.


Monday, January 26, 2009

just a bit backlogged

as i'm doing this myself on the side when not 100% paying attention at work i tend to slip.

and as you can see there's already a backlog of 28 possible entries dating back to the actual beginning of Dollsrealm. this doesn't include my various bookmarks ready to be reviewed and then refined into a post for all of you to read. click on the image bellow to read the tantalising titles and the ancient dates.

i keep misplacing things too. a chat in sl, a msg on YIM and various emails on two seperate account and things get forgotten and passed over.


yummy image.... lost

i was reading who knows what somewhere on the web. it could of been or a yahoo group or well i just don't know.

anyway there was an image of a woman head to toe coated in white latex with mitt hands and cuddling her and licking her was Bianca Beauchamp.

now does anyone have a link to the image?


shiny shiny dolls...

i've been meaning to post something on this for some time. i've signed up for their emails and they always come through blank for some unknown reason. even the site can't explain it when i emailed them a few times about it. 

then a clever thought hit me - if i can't see them in my email, then maybe someone else can?

so i forwarded the email news from High Gloss Dolls to a reader who is much more of a geek than i am and a collection of images were sent back.  these aren't her best images. for those you need to really go to her site.

the designer mastermind behind the multifacet project is FRÄULEIN EHRHARDT and it started if memory serves as a shop selling latex she's both designed and photographed so beautifully. her style is very refined and graphic - letting the models shapes, the contrast of the latex glossiness and the primary colors of the latex all blend to create effortless still life's.

she's brought a really fresh look to the fetish fashion market with a style that is much more appealing than most. (i'll stop gushing here)

you can buy all the designs here on her onsite e-store.

and if you just love the look you can also buy posters and prints here.

or there's the free section with all the dolls as well as a member zone for those with deeper wallets. 

as i said before these images are very good but not the creme of the crop. for those you'll need to look at the High Gloss Dolls yourself and explore the shiny treats yourself. i do openly wonder if she's set to be the next Bob Carlos Clarke?

...and she even sent out a latex christmas card.


a long time for a sequel

in some ways i prefer latex fiction than imagery. there's nothing wrong with the imagery thats out there - some of its very good - but like radio, fiction just has so much better pictures and set designs than television.

to that end i was really happy this weekend when visiting MC to see that Nano Slaver had written a sequel to Thaasophobe as well as a new story called 'At the Costume Shop'. both can be found on Nano's page.

another favourite by the same author is Dolly Molly. do go have a read.i keep wishing i was in the stories.

i had sent emails to her/him on an earlier occasion raining praise and looks like the time has come for more enthralling work from Nano. hope more is in the works and Thaasophobe doesn't end with part 2.

and i was thinking.. the bottle in Thaasophobe could easily be remade in Second Life just as the Bane Suits were...


released from the doll case

i have been spending considerable time within second life in a doll case with a custom key that automatically sucks me into it and traps me posed within it. unfortunately the key broke so i'm waiting on a replacement.

are there any animators out there who could reproduce the dance from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for my second life self?

the plan is for the key to become permanent with controls over my AV that would make the hardest statuefile beg for release.

more news on that when its close to completion.


justified in latex

rather than just looking for mere snippets of latex on the big screen; here's a new film called Justify with a latex heroine (or anti-heroine) as its lead character both in the film and dramatically on the poster too.

there's not many details on the film but the trailer is worth seeing and obsessives have already downloaded it and re-cut it into a latex only affair - much too the annoyance of the production company as commented upon in their own blog here.

well i heard the same thing happened with the new prequel to Star Trek too. 

from these frame grabs you can see it has a some of the best lit latex ever in a film - capturing its deep shine and defining curves of the actress.

do pop over to Justify homepage and look at the full resolution trailer for the still in-production film and do let me know if you spot any more information on it.


Monday, January 19, 2009

what to do with $120,000

no sadly i've not won any lotteries., this is not real money per se but store credit for my months of modeling at Kayliwulf Kingdom in Second Life.

according to a second life currency converter. the dollar to Linden$ is about 278L$ to 1 real US dollar. not sure what it is to the pound or euro.

so my 120,000 L$ store credit is: 575US$ - wow thats like a real job and could pay for several nice real latex items.

any suggestions?


it does make certain sense

to wear shiny or latex clothes when cleaning up as demonstrated by this video by French Fetish Couple.

this isn't a new idea but i was washing the dishes a few days ago, splashed some hot soapy water and it didn't make a difference.

i wonder if the latex designers have ever considered a new moms as a rich market for latex clothes? or if your really rich make sure your nanny or maid is wearing latex. maybe they'll pick up on it with all the latex leggings around.


latex calendar girls

no not the Pussycat dolls or some catchy British girl band that never seem to wear anything else but latex; this is by my favourite 70's Pop Artist - Allen Jones.

its the Pirelli calendar from - would you believe from 1973 and the complete set of images are here. you'll need to navigate the flash page to the that year and then make sure you click to zoom in. the images aren't huge but its a very interesting collection with considerable amount of transformations involved.

i also really like May's image as its a plastic molded body being worn by the model as if she's waiting to be sealed within the rest of it.

i've been told that they do sometimes appear on ebay in the UK and after a quick search, i found one here on for a reasonable 15£.


only two days left!!!!

if you want to catch this listing on ebay in the uk here.

what is it? well its a House of Harlot custom full body inflatable suit.

the description states;

This is an amazing outfit but I've never worn it, apart for the photos. Designed and made by House of Harlot for a fashion show, this outfit comprises catsuit (footless), gloves and mask - all inflatable. The gloves are inflated using a drinking straw and a little patch to seal them which needs a little attention to fix. The mask and catsuit require a pump and have a little plug to seal.

The catsuit is double skined and zipped up the back. One size only and fits me easily at 6'. Please contact me if you require further detailed measurements.

it doesn't say wether its for a man or woman. safely classify it in the 'other' category and way beyond a cute vixen harlequin which is a close as i'd get to something like this in real life.


NSFW if they were people

but they're balloons so its all ok. honest. really. play the video...

as found on 3xl's excellent rubber news site.

but maybe you would like to be a balloon too? i remember when i was really young trying to get a balloon over both my hand and my feet. i succeeded and seeing my foot so slick and rubbery - well it must of left an imprint which in part lead me to where i am today.

there's also some fetish fiction out there along similar lines. sorry i can't remember their titles at the moment but if you have any favourites then do post in comments.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

its now been released direct to DVD

and has anyone seen it?

i think House of Flesh Mannequins is the horror film i heard about, saw a review or a mention at a film fest and then promptly forgot all about it.


well it works on rats...

and is a mainstay of the sci-fi ASFR fiction but now its been announced:

'Sex chip' being developed by scientists.

the article continues:

The chip works by sending tiny shocks from implanted electrodes in the brain.

The technology has been used in the United States to treat Parkinson's disease.

But in recent months scientists have been focusing on the area of the brain just behind the eyes known as the orbitofrontal cortex - this is associated with feelings of pleasure derived from eating and sex.

A research survey conducted by Morten Kringelbach, senior fellow at Oxford University's department of psychiatry, found the orbitofrontal cortex could be a "new stimulation target" to help people suffering from anhedonia, an inability to experience pleasure from such activities. His findings are reported in the Nature Reviews Neuroscience journal.

Neurosurgery professor Tipu Aziz, said: "There is evidence that this chip will work. A few years ago a scientist implanted such a device into the brain of a woman with a low sex drive and turned her into a very sexually active woman. She didn't like the sudden change, so the wiring in her head was removed."

He added however that the current technology, which requires surgery to connect a wire from a heart pacemaker into the brain, can cause bleeding and is "intrusive and crude".

He continued: "When the technology is improved, we can use deep brain stimulation in many new areas. It will be more subtle, with more control over the power so you may be able to turn the chip on and off when needed.

"In 10 years' time the range of therapies available will be amazing – we don't know half the possibilities yet."

An electronic machine, named the Orgasmatron, taken from the 1973 Woody Allen film Sleeper, is already under development by a North Carolina doctor, who is modifying a spinal cord stimulator to produce pleasure in women.

so what else is in fetish fiction thats already being worked on i wonder?


if you understand Spanish

have a look at the bellow video given to me by my french SL friend;

i found the jump cuts are a bit disturbing.

anyone care to post in comments the gist of it?


PVC leggings still seducing the public

from a UK paper:

Cheryl, Alexandra and Co have the legs factor with their shiny PVC pins

Last updated at 3:17 PM on 19th December 2008

Forget opaque tights, the only way to dress your legs this winter is with PVC. From X Factor champion, Alexandra Burke, to her musical mentor, Cheryl Cole, and fellow Girl Aloud-about-town, Sarah Harding, the latest fashion craze to hit the celebrity circuit is PVC leggings.

She may only just be getting used to the media attention, but Alexandra proved she's got the legs factor when she wore a pair of the shiny trousers for a trip to the music studio on Wednesday.

It was not long before the singer sensation's mentor, Cheryl Cole, followed in the her rubber-clad footsteps, when she teamed her PVC leggings with a coral duffle coat for an interview on GMTV, on Thursday.

And they're not the only celebrities who are fans of the plastic fantastic. Sarah Harding was pictured out on the town last night in her own take on the style - partying until the early the hours in a red T-shirt, matching shoes and of course, PVC leggings.

Other fashion-friendly stars to set the trend are Rihanna, Mischa Barton and Victoria Beckham.

So what are you waiting for? Sexy enough for a Christmas party outfit, or team yours with an understated shift dress for the day, PVC leggings are pin perfect for any occasion.

more images and the original article is here.

so they trend keeps going and is almost a must have staple now. will they eventually replace jeans as a mainstay in our wardrobes?


like everyone else..

i over did it in december with food and good cheer. sitting for long periods of time at a computer working doesn't help too much either i'd say.

so i do have some christmas money stashed aside for new latex, i simply will need to hold off ordering it till i loose my little tummy and go down a dress size (or maybe two if i'm honest).

oh well. makes the anticipation even better i guess.

what will i be getting? well skinny jeans need replacing for sure. then a couple more pairs of pants/slacks to round out my weekly wardrobe. then several tops. i'm also considering latex pj's or a night gown. not sure on that yet as i didn't do to well with the last one i had made.

then a few tops and possibly a skirt or two in different cuts.

increasing my latex wear is something akin to starting proper work for the first time after leaving college. all of a sudden you jeans and t-shirts aren't cutting it and your wardrobe has no real official like middle ground. its casual or dressed up.


Monday, January 05, 2009

another step into full time latex

it may not seem a big deal to some of you but it is too me.

what you may ask? well it simple...

i bought a used three drawer set of drawers and transfered all my latex from under my bed too it. previously to get into the base do the bed i had to lift up a spring loaded part that was semi broken and then prop it up with a broom stick. then root around for what i wanted to wear that day. not a simple process and a bit risky as the broom stick has slipped on a couple of occasions.

now it all a special easy to get to place thats just for my latex clothes - tights, skirts, tops and bottoms. already its pretty full and in a few months i'll need a 2nd set o drawers or maybe a full sized one. though by then i'll be over my apprehension of having it all in a much less hidden space.

more to come as i work through my new years resolutions for 2009.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

a rubberist on australian television

thanks to Dams in SL (who lives in France) who directed me towards a tv series from australia called Satisfaction about a group of high class prostitutes. i'd never heard of it although i have heard of australia and do know where it is on the map.

one of the lead character is introduced to latex in episode 7 of series one and it grows over the remainder of the series. a full show break down is here.

natalie's developing deep fetish for rubber is expanded upon and explored in the new series two which is currently in mid season now. a trailer for season two is above and do set the viewing to high resolution in youtube as it does expand to fill the screen really well.

dams managed to find a torrent for the episode in question explains what happens:

"the series is very sexy and i love to see how natalie begins to be attracted with rubber. in the episode 7 a man come and he's totally enclosed with rubber complete catsuit. heather the asian girl wears a red latex outfit domina red dress and gloves and you can see the character of natalie is very attracted, she talks with the asian man after his session. after the session you see heather who is cleaning the catsuit with talc and natalie caress black gloves and finally in the last scene natalie try a red latex panties"

dams feels that she has an affinity with natalie: "just a little fact, myself like the character the first time i've seen rubber i wanted to touch and caress this material - that's why i think the girl who play the character is great"

i'm looking forward to seeing it myself although it doesn't appear to be released on DVD here or broadcast yet. Sex in the City with actual sex?


a defective doll?

i was having a peek at Rubber Pal and spotted this great photo of a latex clad rubber doll.

after getting the url wrong a few times - its not perfectdoll btw - i stumbled upon Defect Doll's homepage which has a slide show of her in a range of outfits and masks of varying levels of realism, although the above is my preferred from her collection.

do have a look for yourself.


latex doll suits must be popular... the chinese latex makers have copied and are making full enclosure latex doll suits now - as i discovered while expanding my search for rubber on ebay in germany.

if you like to have a look at what's on offer then the listing for one is here at 180 euros. it has some time before the end of the auction and its a store listing so there's more than one.

looking at the seller; Latex-Catsuit's other auctions reveals the same catsuit for 129.32 euro's and other variations for less still. their basic black catsuit is only a hair under 100 euros. they might even be less as i think they are also 'best offer' but as its in german i can't tell.

i've has a few basic items made by an chinese ebay seller and would say they are alright as a serious step up from molded rubber clothes for those on a tight budget but no where near as good as proper sheet latex made by a British or European designers. 

the latex itself is uneven and coarse in some places. minor defects are evident in random places too. the zip on the catsuit is really really industrial - somewhat like what you would have on a heavy winter coat. which is perfectly fine for a coat but without a zip guard it can really catch (and i'm not going into specifics).

so its a good starting point for a basic catsuit for those who are just slowly slipping into their new fetish and want to try it out but i don't ever plan on getting a catsuit from them again - more so after a considerable amount of the christmas holidays in the latex heaven which is the Fantastic Rubber mannequin suit. more on that in another post. 

i do plan on getting a few pairs of different styles of jeans or slacks made up. they're good for basics that would see a lot of outside wear like the skinny jeans i've really worn into the ground. i bet a coat or jacket would come out pretty well too. so i'll keep to using them as a prototyping service for my own designs which i then may pass onto latex designers once i've proved the concepts of the designs.


vote for the script

i've not visited Warp My Mind for some time and i figured it was worth checking in again to see if any latex or doll related scripts were present. there are a few core ones and based on the number of downloads for them its still a very active area.

in the voting section here there's one potential script that caught my eye.

Trig Living Doll

The Trigger is 'Living Doll Time Now' and when triggered, the person will transform into a doll version of themselves, however the gender is always female. During this time, their feet will position themselves to wear 4 inch heels and will not change from that position, you won't even be able to move your toes, they'll feel fused together. Their head will feel as if it made of Rubber and their eyes will shut whenever they are looking above themselves. Their Genitals will be replaced by a flat space. 

They will also have hair that, to them, feels completely fake and every bit of their skin will feel like Rubber or Plastic. Also, they will find that for some reason, they are incapable of speaking when other people are around and that they can hear the voices of other toys. They will also have a compulsion to look pretty, and when they're with little girls (3 years to 7 years) they will ask if they want to play dressup, with themselves as a model for the outfits, hairstyles etc. 

All of these changes will be all in the person's mind, except the eyes shutting and how they stand, that will be due to their new 'body' and will be taken from the person's idea of what they'd look like as a doll, but their abilities will be changed to that of a doll, so they will be unable to move their arms in their full range of motion, and they will be forced to put on a fake 'Toothy Smile' as if they were smiling for a photo every so often. The Release Trigger is 'Revert To Normal' but the trigger will only take effect after at least an hour, and the time it takes to kick in increases every time.

so in a few months we'll see if its won and if it gets recorded. of course you can all register and vote for it to make sure it does get made.

also if anyone knows of any scripts or mp3's for sale along similar lines then please do post in comments.


Friday, January 02, 2009

well real life is like second life...

i found this some time ago or maybe was sent it and totally forgot to post it. or maybe i did and can't remember what i called it.

anyway, for those of you in second life will smile.


latex dolls at Torture Garden

three different views of the two dolls at Torture Garden when it was recently done in Brighton on december 20th last month. do click on the photos to bring up the full sized image.

the doll said she reads this blog!!

these excellent images were shot by regular contributor Black Ice who i apologize too for taking so damned long in getting them posted. sorry again and thanks, please please keep sending any of your great images in (shooting the Rubber Sisters again? hints) and i look forward to having my photo taken professionally when i finally get to london.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

so behind

i made the mistake of looking at my blog panel and sorting by 'Draft's only to discovered i had thirty posts uncompleted.

thats not including all the bookmarks i've stashed away.

which means loads more to come.


the black vacbed

thanks to my Second Life friend Dams Masatada from france for showing me this video from a definitely NSFW site. thankfully it seems to embed well into the blog so i can share it with you all without all the other disturbing images and videos around it.

its really pretty unique as i've never seen anyone and i count myself in this - being able to move when the vac bed is on. my guess is there's a load of the silicon dressing aid in there as well as the vac bed not set on full power. its totally entrancing and something else to add to my list. (i had actually typed 'lust' first time).

another example of a vac bed in action is from a french television report on a fetish club in paris.

thanks to Dams for that one too.


2009 - Wildest Fantasies says national newspaper

spotted by a uk reader who sent in the link;

Ten style commandments for 2009

Forget the austerity look – for spring 2009, fashion designers have unleashed their wildest fantasies. Susannah Frankel previews the trends

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Giles Deacon: If intergalactic travel is unlikely to be on most mere mortal's agenda, escaping to another universe or indeed time zone might be more than a little appealing just now

It's that time again. Just when it has never seemed frostier outside, and the fashion follower has never felt fuller (read: unfashionably fatter following the requisite excess of Christmas), the spring/summer collections are dutifully arriving in store. And if the economic climate might naturally dictate play-safe tactics on the part of the world's most accomplished designers just now, it may come as something of a relief to any fashion peacock out there that the opposite is, in fact, the case.

Dark, distressed and displaying at least a modicum of sobriety to reflect the times is simply so last season, it's not even to be tolerated. Instead, the message is loud, proud and possibly even dangerous: there will be shoulder-pads out there so sharply pointed they might cause physical damage to any unsuspecting passer-by who inadvertently brushes past them.

Fashion is a risky business, you see – and what business isn't under threat at the moment – but it's the risk-takers who are currently shining more brightly than those with more obviously commercial concerns.

That is not a bad thing. The point of designer fashion should surely be that it makes its wearer stand out in a crowd, that it is individual, innovative and creative on its own terms – the more uncompromising the better. Leave it to the high street to translate such excess into everyday clothing. The international collections drove this message home: on the catwalks, the emphasis is firmly back on design over and above styling or superfluous surface embellishment. Radical pattern-cutting, pioneering fabric development, and ever-stranger trouser shapes – with suitably bizarre footwear to match – are all on the agenda, and they are not for the faint-hearted.

Escapism, too, is a buzzword. "In these hard times, dress up," read the notes to Vivienne Westwood's Paris show, and that could be the mantra for the season as a whole. Dressing to impress may entail investing in garments that can seem extreme to the point of madness. Their idiosyncratic character might lie in the silhouette (the more experimental the better), the colour (vivid, and sometimes violent), or in designer's use of materials (PVC or other polyvinyls, and enough sequins to make a showgirl blush might not seem like the most obvious summer staples, but they are all present and correct). Or they might be evocative of faraway and exotic climes – they might speak of Africa, India or even, well, the Moon.

The single thing that unites a disparate season is designers' return to their core values – the Italians like to call it a brand's "DNA". So, if a label is known in particular for more overt status and sparkle than might, to our Northern European sensibilities, seems strictly seemly, then its collection this time around will be even more status-driven and sparkly than ever. Conversely, if a designer name is famed for a conceptual approach to fashion, its output will now be more unashamedly ideas-based.

Whichever way one chooses to look at it, while this summer will present something of a challenge to the minimally minded, it will be anything but dull, fashionwise at least. So, sit back and marvel at the bravura of these designs, safe in the knowledge that the world is about to become a bolder, brighter place to be – if only in our dreams.


the rest of the article with specific breakdowns is here.

do make sure you click on the photo to see the full gallery that accompanies the feature.


i'm still writing them

well not so much writing pen to paper but deciding what to commit too for 2009's New Year Resolutions on my journey into latexness.

i did pretty well last year bar the lapse of getting a photo of myself shot properly as opposed to any crappy snap i could of done. also work and a weak dollar conspired to keep me from attending the Skin Two Ball in London. this year looks considerably more likely with the dollar so strong now to the pound.

my long term latex wearing went from half latex to full latex most days when home (work from home office most days) during the middle of the summer onwards. i'm venturing out more and more in my latex skinny jeans. they've suffered from light damage from being in the sunlight so much and have really worn down parts. i've worn them to several parties too. 

i'll need to get more latex clothes for day to day wear and that will require some planning and budgeting. sort of like when you start proper 'adult' work in offices etc you discover your college clothes are conservative enough for the 9-5 environment.

so there's loads to think about, chew over and finally commit too. sometime very soon i'll know how much further i'll be enveloped in latex in the coming year.


liberty X in latex

discussing wearing it in a behind the scenes video clip on youtube.

and here's the actual video: