Sunday, October 31, 2010

latex all the way to 1080p

of a Latex fashion show by HMS at the German Fetish Ball 2010.

video filmed by Alexander Horn for his website Latex News.

i do wonder how many stylists and mainstream designers are turning up at these scene events to nick ideas for their clients be they Top Shop or even Lady Gaga whose recent red meat bikini had been done about three years previously by a dutch fetish model and performer who now lives in London. guess which one got all the media attention?


the complete set

of images from German Vogue can be found here. don't ask me how i actually missed it - a b/w robot woman on the cover of vogue! poop.

it looks like the same scans as were used for the captioning. a bit skewed as well as pretty low resolution considering how large and glossy the magazines are. i think i will have to go on a quest for the actual issue.


a seasonal edition by Drake

which can be found at Halloween Special 2010 and it reminds me in some ways of Shahara, the Latex Genieby ~phantomdotexe whch is also worth reading as soon as possible.


found posted on house of living dolls

yes, there's still a bit of life on those yahoo groups if you can ignore the spam.

and its all the way up to 720p too!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

art project or total narcissism?

or a bit of both or all the above? i don't think we'll ever really know.

as spotted by Pye;

and there's more in the series of Amber Hawks Swanson's videos at Vimeo if you want to look for them which detail the entire process and what happened after the wedding. one thing for sure is she did get a lot of media attention for it.


did they sell out already?

i'm on a few different email newsletters from different suppliers and an offer just came in from Tights Please over in the uk. i was immediately impressed by the photo of their pink tights. though the shoes are nice to.

on sale 3.99£ and yet the main pair shown aren't available in the color range. does that mean doll and barbie like tights/pantyhose are just too popular over there?


something is being advertised

and i'm not to sure what it is. the hair products, makeup or is it the doll like contact lenses? anyone know for sure?

or for that matter has anyone tried those contacts? Lady Gaga uses them i heard.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

fashion shoot id - where's this from?

looks like the fames Mugler Gyniod has been used again for another shoot and this came from a TG captioning site according to the nameless person who sent me the link.

so are there better scans out there? are there more in the series?


a perfect prop

for a mask transformation photo shoot - or even a video.

the 5£ black shiny leggings

have been spotted at UK cheap bulk fashion department store Primark which apparently are in most cities, sometimes twice.

the glossy leggings are made from a thicker heavier lycra and more suited for winter outdoor wear than the thinner lighter summer ones. i wonder how they do in snow?


does it already exist? find it or make it

i've been wanting a pencil / hobble skirt for some time now and as i rapidly fill up my 'normal' latex clothes i'm feeling an inch to get items that start to cross over in the a more overt kink fetish. not full on deep rubber kink just yet, just one item that would be across that line.

certainly an knee binding and hip hugging hobble skirt would fit that definition. it could be pretty bang on trend for now, then inflate it so i go all J-Lo and also have my legs compressed so i would be really hobbling.

and then after seeing the various photo's of inflatable bondage suits i wondered if there's a knee length inflatable hobble skirt somewhere out there? or did I see it in Second Life?

so if anyone knows please do post in comments or email me direct. i feel it would be a great addition to my latexification.


Monday, October 25, 2010

WOW!!! i was waiting for someone

to dive in and cross EGL and latex and it seems the clever people at Slinky Skin have done that now. the results are for sale on ebay with just one day left and it comes with matching detailed stockings.

which reminds me if your a latex designer or store please _do_ email me any news and i'll do my best to get it posted in a timely manner. this also saves me writing and navel gazing too much.

it has no bids and can be bid on at ebay of course here. it even comes with stockings.

they also do a boob-less version in white which is listed here amongst their other items which include the ever popular and continously ripped off Ball Hood. which as a matter of fact is even ripped off in Second Life.

hopefully their sales will soar and they will break open the devide between EGL, Cosplay and latex fetishists.


is rubbrtoy out there still?

i was working through my yahoo account again and rediscovered a series of draft stories by rubbrtoy.

now i haven't heard back from him in a long while and just re-read them; shinyhood pt 1+2 was a beginning of a major epic.

sadly he's disappeared.

do write if your reading this.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

some homework for the creative readers out there

i search far and wide looking for imagery that has an emotional charge that connected to my favourite fetishes. some work really well as they are while some others need re-captioning.

here's a few for you to dabble with.


the streets of London

are very latex friendly as demonstrated by this video filmed by Alexander Horn for his website L.A.TEX .

the outfit is pretty yummy though i think i'd personally want to have my eyes uncovered and simply add a blindfold as needed.

one thing i've just added to my latex want list is an over the knee inflatable latex hobble skirt. so far my searches have brought up nothing. any suggestions?


best mask ever (so far)

if your very serious about masking you don't buy off the shelf - you order bespoke and be involved in the actual design process so you know exactly what your getting rather than improvising with with ready made ones. thats exactly what Jess did.

she hired a special effects make up / mask maker and she selected the model it was to be based on. the results are stunning. do click them as they are very large images.

Jess hasn't gone into a lot of details about them, no idea of the cost for instance but she did reveal the model is a state beauty contest winner. if you want to know more then email here direct at

i remember a fetish story from a fair while ago where person is transformed into a latex doll a gets to choose her own face. i think it was written by 'Doll Master' who had done some of my favourite stories way back when.

i'm looking to hear more about how it came out.

meanwhile i've purchased 2x of the EMO GIRL with the intention of painting one and turning it into the 'China Doll Mask' as envisioned by Bastian Mage though the mouth on mine won't be open.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

to be wrapped up and left like this

in a dark ally, the inflated and hooded so you had no idea what was happening.

all developed by Ultimate Slut who will make you one too.

personally its not my fantasy or dark dream even though its probably at least one readers so i figured i'd better share... for me it would be only a slight variation; same outfit and locked into a large glass window display on a busy mainstreet with chic latex wearing mannequins surrounding me and maybe even leashed to them like a pet.


as featured in Joss Whedon's 'Doll House'

thanks for E L for mailing it to me as i had no idea that there were music videos to go with the series.



more comment elsewhere

with my hits so high i do wonder where all my commenters are?

its seems they're all over at the Lust Love Latex where they have very opinionated readers. i discovered this when i spotted the results of my own investigation (ie i simply asked) Fantastic Rubber about the model in their red catsuit who is very very skinny.

so much so i thought someone had been playing with photoshop again. the original entry is cleverly titled she is that size!!!

the full debate at Lust Latex Love is here.


a kink from SL to RL

one thing i liked to do in Second Life is float around in a bubble. it combines my still mannequin/doll fetish with balloons and was great fun to do with my friend Sophia Barret who was the only one with some magical device which she only possessed due to its creator leaving SL. i do occasionally blow my pink bubble gum to entrap passerby's in a bubble which makes them float away. i've gotten into so much trouble over using that...

so i was really surprised when Sophia pointed me towards Bubble Bound where for $400 you can have your own plastic bubble. that price included shipping all over the world.

from the site which bills itself as the The world's first 5 foot inflatable PVC Bondage Bubble with airtight zipper. The ultimate in fetish and bondage bubble fun!

can you float around in it? the site explains Well, actually, yes you can! Make sure that if you decide to float the Bondage Bubble that you have it securely tethered to something on dry land. Do not under any circumstance use the Bondage Bubble in the open sea or anywhere that if the tether was broken you could not retrieve it.

something else to add to my list.


is it complete?

i spotted a mention of this list on and i am very surprised that no one has created it before. what is it? well head over to SyFy's to see the list of catsuits in science fiction films.

i think they're pushing it to include Counselor Deanna Troi in there as they're definition of a catsuit is very very loose. i did read somewhere that the wetsuits in the film FantasticVoyage are all latex and Rachel Welch was specially measured for hers which of course is the only way to go if your a latex fetishist.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

i have mine on order so i can share now

a few weeks ago i remembered that there were a pair of Metropolis styled leggings made and to be on sale soon. what happened to them i wondered - better look.

a quick google later and i discovered that i had missed there official debut! now they were being reduced and sold in the bargin bin at 50% off. thankfully they still had them in my size.

now i just looked and lost the link to where they are being sold. very very sorry. thats how busy i am with work.

if t turns up i'll revise the entry and if not well maybe someone will post in comments. only size small and medium were still available btw.

oh and if your wondering if latex leggings, leather leggings and just plain shiny ones in then check out this piece in the Daily Mail on how fashion assistants can look better than their subjects on a shoestring.

and yes three of the five are wearing some form of leggings with the lead photo being tight and glossy leather ones.


soo busy right now

so apologies to all readers that i'm not my usual speedy self. been working so much now all i can do is relax on the weekends and catch up on rest along with household duties. i even miss posting about various sales and whatnot.

curious thing is that the hit count on the blog is still averaging about 3,000 page loads over the last two weeks.

one solution could be some more input in actual writing and maintaining the blog if anyones interested?

i've just did a quick sort of 'draft' posts and there a stunning 72!!

so pretty behind as always.


Monday, October 18, 2010

a split second hint

of a living mannequin or is she going to be a robot once the costume is done for Kanye West's video:

Kanye West/ Hype Williams - Behind the Scenes from Rashad El Amin on Vimeo.

you'll need to watch it in a separate window to see it at full resolution. blink and you'll miss it.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

queen's thrall does make-overs

she's one of my favourite MC writers with excellent taste in fetish imagery so it wasn't a massive stretch that she dabbled in doll make-overs too.

see the full entry and the result of the above model on here entry here. i think it came out brilliantly and is a real possibility for some ones halloween costume.

and do visit her blog as a) its excellent b) all us creative types need readers and encouragment c) she updates it more often than i do and d) hopefully she'll write more MC / doll transformation stories.


amazon babe from another dimension

i just had to post this;

oh and it you watch it all the way to the end you'll notice a flash image of girls aloud in black latex catsuits against a green screen. the video i think is already here somewhere? or feel free to post the link in comments.


halloween costume finds?

so what are people finding at halloween costume shops - wether online or actual shops that are doll-ish or feed various kinks?

i did notice the the avatar aliens are available a catsuits with seperate or bundled rubber masks. one reader told me about the goth girl stranger mask is available from a Canadian chain of Halloween shops as 'EMO GIRL' and its only 10$!!! though its cheaper online here.

i also had an email from the UK blow up sex doll catsuit with 1/2 mask for both men and women are being sold online, though for the life of me i can't find the link at the moment.

so how about you my readers? what do you have your eyes on?


more from TSG

this one really strikes cord with me...


Saturday, October 09, 2010

make-overs in bulk

i know I saw this before, although i have no idea if i actually posted it:

This photo below was taken at a competition in June 2008 involving 9 women for best makeover.
They had every possible beauty treatment available to them over a period of 12 hours before the contest.
Look at the before and after photos. Conclusion - there are no ugly women only poor women.
The woman 2nd from the left won the contest.

some wags commented that beer has the same effect.


Friday, October 08, 2010

wonder who made these shoes

they actually look like miniature metal chairs. not my style at all tho. curiously i found them on one of those funny photo's pages that seem to breed all over the net and appear to be a way to pack as many advertisements on a page as humanly possible.


is there more....

its numbered '01' so i'm guessing TSG has more in the series?


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

well maybe i'd like a bed like that

thanks to kvB who sent it into me a few days ago.


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

a tease....

the rest of the post will be added tomorrow. make sure to look at it in full resolution as its a very good scan.


oh to be a mannequin in latex

i found these on my hard drive and no idea where they are. probably london. any one knows?

i've been working while traveling and it was hardly a vacation. still i'm back and slowly decompressing into my normal life. so appologies for the intermittent updates. i had planned it all out, loaded the beginnings of a range of posts and kablooy - not chance at all to finish them off.

i think i'd prefer to be a mannequin.