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all you want to know about the living Barbie Doll


"“I come from a place where only love and joy exist,” she says. “But I noticed the media is only interested in negativity: show someone in a bad light, show someone’s mistakes. There are hate blogs and communities about me who post bad pictures about me and try and worsen my mood. Perhaps at some point I was an energy vampire, because I constantly received their negative reactions and enjoyed it. Specifically for them I created posts that would make them angry. But people who think badly of me just aren’t happy in their own lives. When they are happy they will forget about me.”"

so far no photo's of her wearing latex. 

full story with images here.


Wednesday, August 09, 2017

the latest latex

from WILLIAM WILDE in London.

so cute!  i always thought latex needs to be tight and loose at the same time. billowy yet fused to the skin.

though my personal taste would have it worn over clear/or mannequin toned cat/dolls suit.

wonder how long before Kyle Minogue gets into it? watch Smooth Slick n Shiny blog as he's the best at keeping us all updated on latex in the media.


so the entire 'catsuit'.... wether its pvc or latex...

Everyone knows cat people can be a little weird. 

Owning a cat is all about submission after all.If you enjoy slaving away for a creature who tends to treat you indifferently -  and if you're not too fused when it comes to pain (Cat's claws are sharp after all) it's possible BDSM could also be your thing.A study of 36 500 people in Slovakia and the Czech Republic found that there could very well be a connection between our feline friends and the often sexual practice.The research was first published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology in September, and theorises that cats might be passing on a condition that makes you enjoy bondage.

full story
Cat owners are more likely to be into BDSM than everyone else

(no i don't own one, but i do prefer them over dogs)


just found. two fetishes in one; Michelle Pfeiffer Batman Returns Catwoman catsuit

Saturday, August 05, 2017

high fashion mannequin maker

this was just sent in from a reader who explained where the image came from in the email;

"here's something for the blog - there's a French A3 sized photo magazine called ZOOM that always had pretty kinky spreads and for some reason 2-3 issues would be bound together and sold at the local super market for $5 or something.

the photo was originally in color and keep in mind this was in the 80's so I collected the images I liked and had a book / folder which my parents 'lost' when they moved. this was a 35mm shot I had done of this and some other unique and haunting photo's from that time period

there was also spreads by Checo Laidemen? neon tight latex like yoga like pants etc and killer heels. i think your slime shot was done by him? always had his work in PHOTO magazine.'

any other iconic images you remember from years ago that were seeds of the fetish? please share.


if your in London....

say that you heard about it here. un surprisingly their site is:

perhaps i should have my head shipped there and just have it float around the european fetish party circuit?


Tuesday, August 01, 2017

maybe its a european thing?

just was sent this by regular UK contributor and sometimes writer for SKIN TWO and photographer at Torture Garden - Blackice.

seems there's a new artist who spends a fair a bit of time in latex hoods and latex in general.

a bit too abstract and weird for me but she must be doing something right as she's just been featured in Vogue Italia... here this month no less.

let me know what you think.

seems most of the latex clothes only make it to US shores via music videos and concert dress code.