Saturday, August 05, 2017

high fashion mannequin maker

this was just sent in from a reader who explained where the image came from in the email;

"here's something for the blog - there's a French A3 sized photo magazine called ZOOM that always had pretty kinky spreads and for some reason 2-3 issues would be bound together and sold at the local super market for $5 or something.

the photo was originally in color and keep in mind this was in the 80's so I collected the images I liked and had a book / folder which my parents 'lost' when they moved. this was a 35mm shot I had done of this and some other unique and haunting photo's from that time period

there was also spreads by Checo Laidemen? neon tight latex like yoga like pants etc and killer heels. i think your slime shot was done by him? always had his work in PHOTO magazine.'

any other iconic images you remember from years ago that were seeds of the fetish? please share.


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Anonymous said...

you can find it on ebay and some used magazine shops.

- blackice