Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The gloves, a fetish fairytale

for all those stuck and transformation fetishists out there - me included, here's a slick photographic sequence by a photographer in england which reportadly won an award on a german fetish site that netted him and his model 600 euro's in latex.

going under the alias 'blackice' the story is about a woman who puts on a pair of magical latex gloves that grow up her arms and won't come off. then the story gets really interesting....


his homepage is www.alchemicalshadows.com - go check that out too as there's some very good work there. he's also the source of the libidex doll suit i wrote about in an earlier entry but says those were just test shots to see if it fit the model.


We're on the map... we're not alone!!!

the fetish road map as created by author gone native katherine gates.


the link has a clickable version of the map with articles and more links on the various fetishes. her book 'Deviant Desires' is out of print but used copies should be available on amazon.com

how may of the fetishes do you have on it? i can count a few.....


Monday, February 27, 2006

Dreams to reality....

one point that i might have not been clear on, is that each time you read this blog is to think / wish / conjour / visualise me into being latex coated. not just that one day.

i want this to run for a couple of weeks and i'll report back then. if it could work in a day i would of suggested picking lottery numbers.

so to recap:

everytime you look at the blog think of me as being coated in slick, shiny, tight and smooth latex. that my skin has actually become latex and that i can feel it and see it.


Doll in a dolls world

another find from my hd, no idea where from. nice piccies and pose...


Open season on comments

in an attempt to get people to reply to my blog, i've allowed non registered users to post comments.

if this gets full of spam or worse then i'll switch it back off.

so there's no excuse to share now :P


Sticky site and another fetish....

i was chatting via email with a friend of mine and we both agreed on the idea of being glue into and trapped in sexy clothing would be a very hot thing to do. a pair of very high heel patent leather boots for example. certianly it would get me past my midnight witching hour with my latex panties.

imagine the thick gelantenous glue bing pored into my latex catsuit and being made to put it on....

...anyway we're still trying to figure out what glue would work well, enough to trap but nothing that would last forever.

one site thats realy worth a look for some fiction, but mainly alof of imagery is www.sticky-site.com

These two comics were just posted and are really well done and just soo hot. a fantasy of mine illustrated to a tee.




Anime Mannequins?

this link for a japanese mannequin company was sent to me by lovely living doll Rina Katase.


they have a variety of different styles with one set with very much anime eyes and heads sizing.

have browse and enjoy.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dreams and fantasy to an actual reality....?

i watched 'What the Bleep' last night and there was a segment on an experiment that caught my imagination which i think might be able to make use of in a different form.

essentially it was on reducing crime in DC with participants wishing/thinking about lowering it. seems for the target month it worked and crime was down 30% over all the other months that year. other similiar experiments were done on remote healing without the sick persons knowledge and that too recorded a noticable effect.

so... and its a _big_ so.... maybe it can be used on me?

with 10,000+ hits and about 400 visitors a day there's a large group of people looking and thinking about this fetish of mine.

the experiment;

everytime you look at the blog think of me as being coated in slick, shiny, tight and smooth latex. that my skin has actually become latex and that i can feel it and see it.

i figure best to start small... and i'll report back if and when i notice anything...


ps; keep it to my discription above. just skin to latex with no colour change please. lets get one aspect working before adding too much

Permanent jewelry....

i was pretty surprised to see this advert in POP magazine (seems to be alot of dollishness in the current issue) for a locking bracelet from Cartier. seems pretty kinky for a major brand name.

then i had a look around and found some other sites - mainly german apparently - for similiar types of ideas.


i like the flat and discreet locks the most but they really could use some much sexier shots. i've seen toilet paper get more sexy photo's taken.

the term being used by umm.... some 'subcultures' is to be 'collared' by your mistress or master and is an act and a public sign of total submission too them. it has certian appeal...


Doll makers have contacted me....

i've had a few doll makers of a hypnotic persuasion contact me in the last couple of weeks via im and also by email.

the proof as they say is in the pudding....

only one so far has gone into _any_ detail of the process and offered up a history of his experience along with some contacts with successes. i'm chasing those now and really hope to hear back from them so they can detail how and whats happened to them.

the person in question is the writer of the famous (or infamous) 'barbie' script and co-moderator of the yahoo group dollcollective; brad poe.

i did have a go with the script last fall, read it for a couple of times a day for two weeks straight and nothing. think these things don't work on me so going to find a local actual real life hypnotherapist and see if they can evoke a change.

meanwhile if anyone wants to have a go with him he can be contacted on yahoo im: B_Poe_2001 or email: bpoe@prairienet.org

please post replies if you've had any experience good or bad with the script and here's a very long 5 year list of dollies and what happend with them......

(names and yahoo id's have been compressed for privacy reasons)

Shortend name -Month/year:

BS2Y: first contact about 10/2001, didn't have a full script going at the moment, just a very generic "plastic doll" script, plain transformation with a single countdown trigger designed to program someone for a lasting shift to doll mode.

HYK: I think--first contact about 12/2001, used a variant of the early simple prototype generic doll script that I had used on HYK, to much the same effect...heard back from her once on how "freaky" it had been to be stuck in plastic mode, then lost touch.

TBS: first contact about 3/2002, she came to a Yahoo Group I was a member of at the moment, doing research on the "doll fetish" and wanting to know more since she was curious and wanted to be a living doll. Started working on my first official Barbie scripts with her.

MRS: first contact about 5/2002, I approached her with the idea of trying my Barbie material on a second person, it worked for her, but she had no time for online play as such, was too busy with work. We test the trance material a couple of times, but she and I went our separate ways shortly after the first week we tried things.

TST --first contact about 5/2002, didn't like Messenger but was one of my first ladies I had entranced on the phone. She was very enthusiastic at first, to the point of wanting to meet offline, but she wanted my pictures first. Like an idiot, I sent them. Shortly after she got them, she severed all ties and wiped this particular Identity of hers from the Net.

CPA--first contact about 6/2002. Very good subject, almost too good, tended to be totally "gone" in doll mode, to the point that there was no trace of the woman to be found or struggle against the trance to be had (both turn-offs to me, I like a bit more awareness in my lady dolls). Was also really flaky in my schedule...and I was a God-awful obnoxious jerk about it. This in time led to a Massive ethical fuck-up on my part which led to a voluntary exile from the Web for a year, among other things.

SKK 6/2002 -another of my women that I worked with over the phone. If I recall correctly, she had a bit of a swoony thing over vinyl baby dolls. I did one trance session with her, spoke with her a couple of times afterward, and then we lost touch. Then we had contact again, and I gave her a copy of my Barbie material, and after a bit of dabbling in it lost touch again. I may be off in my recall of this one though.

BA; 8/2002, another of my ladies I had worked with over the phone...she was my last subject pre-exile I believe. We maintained some email contact after my screw up, but frankly I had been out of touch too long due to my own errors. By the time I got fully back on the Web and ready to resume activity at a more controlled, ethical pace, she had already *been married* and committed herself to a mundane vanilla lifestyle. Though she does look back on our time fondly, she doesn't want to play anymore.

N2R --first trance attempts about 8/2003, this was the first time I had tried to a) create a love-doll only version of the doll script, b) go heavier on the latexy elements, and c) base an email reader off a live IM session. It worked out just fine, she's a good subject, but...she parted ways eventually because she wanted something "more freakish" and more extreme.

BJJ - 10/2003 second substantial trance attempt with the lovedoll-only material, my biggest success *and* also failure. She had asked me for an early edit of my material that didn't include an endgame trigger...she said she was going to add one of her own, so like a putz I gave her the early edit. End result--the stuff worked too well, and she got stuck in a moderate perma-trance for two months at least. Meaning not only did she not add that endgame trigger, she saw fit to read SEVEN days a week or more, which made things happen way WAY too quickly for her to recover from. I had to email her friends and work out an intervention to eventually deprogram her and seal her from the material...currently she is back in school and no longer plays. This difficulty eventually led me to retire my love-doll only material.

T7J --first contact about 6/2003 in email, platonic basis, first trance attempt in about 9/2003. At first she wanted the copy of my lovedoll-only script, as she was already a bit of a latex and bondage person and wanted to take it that one step further....but early on I was *way* reluctant to even start getting involved with online trancing again, so I spent a few months *longer* than usual getting to know the girl, which would have its rewards later on when I had to switch her over from the Bubbles (lovedoll) material to Barbie (mainstream doll) material. Currently has limited net access though.... much to my dismay, she's a good girl. :X

SSS, different one--first contact about 7/2003, she was also another recipient of the Bubbles script, liked it, was my first attempt to create time- and context- limited triggers, which worked out fairly well. Wanted more out of online play though so we parted ways in a friendly way.

PGKS --first contact about 10/2003, last one before I retired the lovedoll material. The lovedoll stuff didn't *work* with her....so I switched her to the Barbie stuff, waited for a month for her to get her reads in....tested the stuff. It worked, but she didn't like it...did not like the freeze trigger in particular, and was more of a bimbo fetishist besides. And wanted more real-life-body-mod fantasies going on, so she says she went on to a "sugar daddy" who is "using plastic surgery" to mold her, but some of the stuff she says isn't credible.

SS2BH -- first contact about 3/2004. Tried using the Barbie material with her, and it worked. Problem is, she was one of those women who liked to be treated *roughly* and more like a thing than what I am used to...I was too nice to her, and not what she was looking for.

BRM--first contact, about 4/2004. Sent her the material, never got the chance to test it, and she has a real attitude problem with folks who aren't rich or perfect besides. :(

DXD--first contact about 6/2004. Sent her the material, she went under but lightly, but also turned out to be a fairly compliant roleplayer and so had me fooled the first time...second and subsequent times were less than successful, though she really gets the bimbo side of being a Barbie doll, maybe too well.

LNLT --had first email contact about 6/2004, took about two months to get her to try trancing material, we rather fought tooth and nail over some details--to the point of her taking a few months off to get the triggers out of her system so she could edit the stuff to her liking herself when I wouldn't--but in the end she is one of my most loyal long-term dollies and is in fact my current masterpiece. She is currently at work making her own living dollies, creating a Collection/Secret Society of Living My Scene Barbies, among other things. ;)

PD69 --another lady doll from Texas, 7/2004, I sent her a copy of my material but she never used it--not her turn-on, she'd rather become the doll first, then experience *coming back to life* and becoming real again as the erotic transformation. We parted on friendly ways.

SSS wouldn't tell me more, 7/2004--I sent her a copy but she never used it, she got into everything else BUT the idea of becoming living Plastic, she just couldn't imagine how that would work.

COK -about 9/2004, though trancing didn't start until later in the year. This was one of my first successful transgendered dolls. Trouble was, COK also had an online mistress who got really jealous of the Barbie stuff, and essentially pushed poor COK into an abreaction, turning her off to trance for life. Also...COK wants to be a *real* woman, not a doll, big difference. We still got along last time we spoke.

CAC -about 10/2004, tried the Barbie stuff, liked it but it interfered with her studies a bit so she dropped it. She tried it a bit and got her fill...we parted on friendly ways. :)

TTK, in the UK--about 11/2004, one of my first UK ladies, liked the material. I experimented with her a little bit, seeing how much *long term*, semi-permanent week-to-week programming I could get away with. I had her hair, wardrobe, and speech tweaked quite a bit....problem was, she loved writing erotic stories at her Yahoo Group, which she couldn't coherently do in Doll Speech, so eventually after 2 months of steady dollification, she had her boyfriend "f--k it out of her". She still liked what we did though...just thought I went over the edge. ;)

UDS --about 1/2005, another one of my early UK dolls, one of the first ones I tried my latest Barbi3 script on--likely the one you've been reading and NOT trancing to. My apologies for it being not as effective as the mainstream version 2.0 script. She couldn't do messenger, but we were in daily and frequent email contact until about 6/2005, at which point work caught up with her in terms of activity and she sort of disappeared. Haven't heard one word from her since in spite of repeated emails and IMs. Pity that as she seems to take well to being a pretty object.

NAG -about 8/2005, my second transgendered dolly, I had to wait until summer's end and school's return to get to trancing. Person has a custom edit of the Barbie script, stripped of all long-term effects and also tweaked to turn the subject into a Kigurumi/Anime dolly.

MQS -about 9/2005, another UK dolly...she is a good trance subject, and tends to get really stuck in Barbie mode while wearing a corset, but....she is mildly manic-depressive, which makes for some unpredictable situations. She resumed her studies at University about 1/2006 and hasn't looked back much since (lack of Messenger).

MP -about 9/2005, my best UK dolly really, she really REALLY wants to be a Barbie, has gone to the point of radically changing her hair and wardrobe, wears high heels and a corset daily, is more or less perma-tranced as Barbie (to no ill effects, she still functions at work and such) and is converting her room-mate and dress-up pal R---, turning her into a Barbie as well...have lost contact with them recently.

CMK --about 11/2005, my first EGL/china dolly. Cute to absurd extremes, her only flaws as a living dolly are a) she's a bit paranoid about the potential of creeping dollness (from frequent trancing) interfering with her studies, and b) she is addicted to *live* sessions and refuses to consider using a reader, which is more work and MUCH less fun for me (esp. since I have to keep the play platonic since she is a lesbian, and closeted, so keep that one quiet please, PLEASE).

LBLL -about 11/2005, was going to be M--'s EGL partner in dollness, but had an evangelical freakout, got paranoid and *assumed* M-- was "gay" in spite of my being utterly discreet about things. :( M-- just about had kittens and killed me on this one.

LRHA --another EGL/Prim Dolly protege of M--'s, we are going more slowly with her to avoid making mistakes again. First contact about 12/2005.


When i was young i played with balloons...

and it may have been a key element in me developing a latext fetish.

i do remember trying and successing to get one on my finger and then even on my foot. i carressed it and wondered what it would be like to be totally coated in this way in latex. i also fantasied about being taken into a balloon and made into a latex girl.

seems there's a few people out there who've done it now with large balloons.

here's a couple of shots from aurora's blog at aurora.stylishfetish.com

and kumi monster in a balloon it fetish-live.com.

both are photo sets at their respective pay sites, but you can enjoy the previews for free of course.


The Wand...

this is a wonderfull piece of fiction i wish was real... its by a very good friend TSG who has several stories up on legacy, but they seem to be dragging their heels on updating the site even though they have the content.

so here it is for your enjoyment....


The Wand

I held the wand in my hands for a long time before I began to adjust the settings. Did I know what I was doing then? Of course I did. I'd be a fool to say so otherwise.
How my boyfriend had come across the wand I can't say. He gave it to me as a birthday present last year. It was a nanotech wand, one that could enact changes to a person simply by setting the controls, inserting it into one's body, and letting it run. It specialized in inanimate doll transformations: mannequins, Real Dolls, and, believe it or not, inflatable dolls. I asked if getting turned into a little doll was possible, and he told me the company that made these wands figured that in a couple of years they'd figure out how to convert mater in such a way that turning a full-grown person into a foot-tall Barbie Doll wouldn't be out of the question, but for now you could still be a Barbie, but you'd be a life-sized one.
Now, first off, you're probably saying: why the fuck would you want a gift like this? The answer's simple: I have a fetish about becoming objects. I've been that way ever since I was a little girl playing with Barbie Dolls and wanting very much to be Barbie. Sure, it sounds strange, but it isn't--at least not from my point of view. It's just something I've always wanted. Look, some girls want firm bodies, or big boobs, or to be a blond. I've always wanted to be the girl modeling clothing in the window of a boutique. Sue me.
The first thing I was turned into was a mannequin. He had me lay down, propping myself up on my elbows, then I crossed my legs--but not before he stuck the wand inside me and turned it on. That's the only problem with it; it has to be inside your body. For a woman, that means either your asshole (out of the question) or your vagina. It was really designed to go inside your vagina, so there you have it. Anyway, it was in, it was on, and before I knew it I was getting warm and a little light headed, and then I noticed I couldn't move. Maybe a minute more passed before I saw that I'd gone from living girl to living mannequin! It was that fucking quick, it was. I tried to get my body to more, to do something, but it didn't. I could see and hear, and even feel, but I couldn't move so much as a muscle. Probably because I didn't have them any more. I was a plastic shell being kept alive by nanobots that had fused with my body.
After about ten minutes my boyfriend stood over me, checking me out. He bent down and touched me--rubbed me, really--and it felt . . . well, it was strange. Very strange. He wasn't touching skin, and I could tell. Eventually he stood up over me, and though I couldn't really see it (I could only look straight head), I knew he was masturbating over my body. Moments later he came, and when his semen hit me, there wasn't the nearly inaudible sound of fluids touching skin, but rather the hard Plop! of his cum hitting hard plastic.
I think I orgasmed for the first time that very moment. He left me that way for the evening. He kept a light on in the living room, but I was all alone there, modeling on the floor, not able to do anything but think and feel. Time seemed to pass pretty normally for me, although I did pass out at some point, because suddenly light was coming into the living room and things were getting brighter. I also felt my body starting to tingle, like it does when you've been lying on a body part for too long and the circulation starts coming back into that extremities. It realized that I was turning back, because my arms started to slowly slide outward and my legs relaxed, and I lay back and gave a nice, long, low moan.
I lay on the floor for about five minutes, taking in all that had happened. I withdrew the wand and gave it a good examination. There was a timer built into it, one that would regulate the amount of time the nanobots would remain active inside you. Actually, that's what I thought at the time. The truth was the wand injected the 'bots into you, and they would remain active until they received a signal that instructed them to turn you back, which was what the timer was really for--to give the 'bots the deactivation signal. The timer had been set for eight hours, any it would seem my eight hours had just ended.
I got up and started looking around for the instruction manual. It wasn't a very complicated thing to read--I mean, it was mostly select your transformation, set the timer, turn it on, plug it in and let the 'bots do their thing. Relax, enjoy the change, then when you come back to being your old self remove the wand, turn it off and clean it up. It was all very simple, really.
Of course, there were warnings. One was never to use the wand unless you were with someone else. I didn't understand that; wouldn't it be fun to just change yourself once in a while without anyone around? It was also recommended that the owner change batteries at least once a month, particularly if the wand was being used a lot. If the power went out when one was a doll, it was simply a matter of pulling out the wand (which could be done anyway) and putting in new batteries, but if one was a mannequin . . . it was a little trickier. The bottom could be accessed, though it might be necessary to take a person apart to get to it . . . and then the batteries could be replaced and the person put back together. Yawn. It was all very complicated.
The wand could be removed from any type transformation--well, that was damn near a must for fuck dolls--but there were warnings about staying transformed for too long. Technically speaking, one couldn't stay transformed forever; the 'bots would shut down on their own after 6 months. Anyway you looked at it, that was a long time to stay transformed. There were other fail-safes as well. For example, you couldn't be returned to normal from a mannequin state if you weren't all together; the 'bots had a way of knowing if you were in one piece or in pieces. If the later, you stayed that way until you were reassembled. Or if you were an inflatable doll, you couldn't transform back if you were deflated; you needed to be all the way "up" before you could transform back into yourself. (I wondered how many times that was tested before the company got it right. It sent a bit of a shiver up my back thinking about it, let me tell you.)
Since my boyfriend wasn't up yet--I figured he'd been up late playing with himself, thinking about my hard, plastic form in the living room--I thought I'd give the wand a whirl and see what I could do with it. I went to my bedroom (he wasn't there; he'd gone to sleep in the guest bedroom), I changed into something I thought he might like, then headed back down to the living room, set the wand, turned it on, and put it inside.
I had a minute or so before I felt myself turning plastic. I moved into a pose that I would hold for all the while the wand was inside me. I wanted to see what this was going to be like, standing on your feet dressed in something nice, not able to move, here for all to see--well, not all, just my boyfriend when he finally hauled ass down from the bedroom to find me frozen again.
He came down about an hour later and found me in the living room, dress and posed. He seemed a little surprised that I would subject myself to this treatment without him being around to "get it started", so to speak, but after checking me out for a few minutes he headed into the kitchen to fix himself some breakfast, and I didn't seen him again for the better part of two hours after that. And when I did see him again, he was on his way out the door, telling me that I looked wonderful and that he hoped I enjoyed my "quiet time" today, and that he'd probably stop over later to see how I was doing.
And then he was gone.
So there I was in my living room, modeling this sexy little thing for no one, and hating that I was all by my lonesome! Part of the fantasy of being like this is that you're on display, and the least that my boyfriend could have done was stick around to watch TV while I posed in the corner. I really wanted people to see me, but that wasn't going to happen, apparently.
Well, at least I'd be able to relax.
For the next 20 hours, that is.
I used the wand off an on for the next three months. I loved the mannequin stuff, and once I'd shown a couple of my girlfriends what could happen to me when I used the wand, they started having me come over to their places and freeze and they'd dress me and look at me--and, in the instance of Lisa, even play with me a little. She found it pretty amazing that I'd want to change myself into a hunk of hard plastic and just stand there, and I had the feeling that though she didn't want to say it, she probably had something of a mannequin fetish of her own.
In time I did discover Lisa's fetish, and she was interested in a lot of the same things I was, like being a mannequin and doll and the like. She'd never wanted to mention it to anyone, but seeing as how I enjoyed being transformed into plastic, she thought there'd be no harm in telling me about how she felt about those things.
I let her try out the wand for a couple of hours one day, and when she came out of it Lisa could do nothing but rave about how she felt. She wanted more. Since Lisa worked I could only change her during the weekends, but a few times I'd freeze her up on a Friday night and not have her change back until late Sunday.
She loved every minute she was a mannequin. I didn't know it but I'd opened up the gates that had been holding back her fetish, and now it was all she wanted. She loved being my dressing dummy, and she told me that she would love to be displayed in a window, much like I'd told her I'd like. We both knew this was impossible, but one could always wish.
I know I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. Or, maybe I did and I didn't give a shit; maybe I wanted what happened to happen, and just pretended I didn't know. Either way, about five weeks after I introduced Lisa to the wand, she came over one night and asked if she could turn me into a mannequin and then play with me. She asked me to get all dressed up in some lingerie before she froze me, and much to my surprise Lisa dressed up in something sexy as well.
She had the wand in her hand as she approached me. "You ready?" she asked. I nodded, then thought to ask Lisa about how long I was going to be under. Before I could ask, however, she put the wand inside me and activated it.
No sooner was it activated than she pulled it out.
I didn't have time to be surprised. Not by what Lisa had done, nor what she did next--which was stick the wand inside her, activate it, and pull it out also. She tossed it over on the bed. "Hold on to me, honey," she told me and she pulled me close. I could feel myself starting to stiffen, knowing the 'bots were working them magic on us and that the process was no irreversible. Lisa smiled, then turned her head downward and ran her tongue over one of my breast.
And with that we both froze.
The feeling of Lisa licking me was incredible--and even more so now that we were mannequins, because the sensation just kept coming and coming and coming . . . there was no stopping it. Her plastic tongue was now affixed to my tit, and it wasn't going anywhere unless someone pulled us apart. If I could have sighed I would have; as it was I just enjoyed the feeling of Lisa licking me.
Nearly two days went by before my boyfriend found us like this. He wondered how we had been able to freeze like this, then noticed the wand lying on the bed. That was when he freaked because he realized that the wand wasn't in either of us, but that we'd been affected by the transformation nanoids. He examined me to see if he could reinsert the wand and change me back to a real person, but I knew what he'd find: a smooth crotch with no sign of an entry hole. Getting the wand back into me--or into Lisa--was impossible.
He pulled out his cell and called the company that supplied the wand. He explained what he'd found, and wanted to know what he could do about our conditions. I knew what they were going to tell him: there was nothing he could do, nor was there anything they could do. With the wand outside out bodies there was no way to deactivate the 'bots, and therefore the only way we'd transform back to real women would be to let the nanoids run their course.
Which would take six months.
Lisa and I, frozen and sexy. And feeling oh, so very good . . ..

My boyfriend was pretty pissed that his plastic fantastic girlfriend went and got herself stuck for six months, so he took me and Lisa to a friend of ours who owned an art gallery, explained what had happened, and told her to "put their asses on display." Which was exactly what she did after he stormed out. I saw him some time later with this buxom blond on his arm as he explained to her about what had happened to his last girl, and how he was happy he now had a "normal" chick. That was the last time I ever saw him, but I can't say that I missed him all that much.
I could tell that people enjoyed looking at us. I mean, two sexy chicks locked in an embrace, frozen for all to see--what's not to like? We were so good that people wanted to buy us. Even though there was a "NFS" sign on our platform (yeah, we had our own dais), people still tried to take us home. I heard one woman offer $100,000 for us, and it was still no sale, although I could tell by the tone in our friend's voice that she was really tempted. I guess the only reason she didn't sell us was because we would eventually change back, and this woman would be more than a little pissed to find she'd paid a shit load of cash for two real girls.
A couple of days before our six months was up we were moved into a back room. It wouldn't have done to have us change back in front of a bunch of people. The time counted down, then a few days after we were moved I could feel that tingling returning to my body--only this time it was multiplied about a thousand-fold. It went on for what seemed like a very long time, and both Lisa and I were moaning aloud as we became living bodies once more. Lisa was still holding on to me as we slumped towards the floor. As we lay down, numb, her hand found my now-extremely wet vagina and she quickly fingered me into orgasm--one the likes of which I'd never had before. I sprayed my panties, something I'd never done before. Six months of stimulation will get you to that state, I guess.
We made out on the floor for God knows how long before our friend showed up. "Welcome back to the land of the living," she joked. We both smiled. It was good to move around again, but having spent the last six months living out our fantasy . . . it was hard for me to say which was better: being a "real" girl, or being a "fake" one.
Lisa writhed on the floor. "I'd love to do that again."
Our friend looked down on us. "Well, considering you're both out of work . . . would you like another modeling job?"

Our friend was interested in posing us as dolls this time. Our stint as mannequins had went over big, and she wondered if she could get the same sort of response with something that didn't looked similar, but not. Lisa was all for it; she had a couple of ideas about what she'd like to be for the next six months, and our friend was all ears.
Lisa was going to be a big doll. Lisa had wanted to go with a Barbie, but our friend had a different idea. Lisa was "injected", and slowly she started to change into her final form. Our friend did her up as a Bratz doll, and then put Lisa in a display with lots of clothes and accessories.
Lisa really was lovely. I could bet that inside her still, plastic form she was feeling great. Her display was great, too. It was called "The High Cost of A Little Fashion", and Lisa's oh-so-bored looking life-size form surrounded by all these doll things really made her the centerpiece. You could almost see Lisa smiling--which, in a way she was.
There were different plans for me. I wasn't going to be a big doll--well, I was, but not like Lisa was. I was going to be transformed into a blow up doll. I knew it could be done, but the idea . . . it was really turning me on. That you could be turned into hollow latex that could be inflated and deflated, and folded up and put away in your own little box, and then be taken out whenever someone wanted to use you . . . fuck it, I couldn't wait to give this a try.
And not only that, but the sex was suppose to be pretty good as well.
The display was set up at the gallery. It was suppose to look like a normal living room, with all the accruements of home around, and a lot of awards and decorations. In the middle would be then normal looking woman--me--who just happens to look like a blow-up doll. At her feet would be her hose and pump and even the box she came in. The juxtaposition would be that all women can be considered sex objects, even the ones who have a lot of awards and honors from their work and their community.
The night I was to be transformed--only a couple of nights after Lisa was changed--I came out into the gallery naked except for a pair of heels. I saw the picture of the girl on the box--Monica. She looked different than me, but with the transformation anything could be changed, so no one would recognize me as the mannequin that had been here just a few days ago. I was told how to stand and I got myself into position, then the wand was put up inside me, activated, and then quickly withdrawn.
Instantly I felt the change come over me. I grew lighter as my insides filled with air. I began stiff, but the stiffness wasn't like when I was a mannequin; this was more like balloon stiff, meaning I could be bent anywhere if someone wanted to. I saw the seams appear on my body, I felt my asshole and vagina and my mouth forced open into desirable "O" positions. Lastly I felt my inflation plug pop out of the small of my back.
My transformation was complete. I was ready to be used--though I tried to keep that thought out of my "head".
I was only after I was transformed that my friend came around and stood before me. She was looking me over with a wry smile. There was something that just didn't seem to "fit" with how she was looking at me.
"Well, 'Monica'," she started, "I suppose I should have told you this before I transformed you, but . . . hey, you'd have done it anyway.
"Apparently the company that makes these wands has issued a warning about 'injecting', like I did with Lisa and just did with you. Doing it more than once has an effect on the nanoids and prevents them from shutting down after six months. In fact, multiple 'injections' will result in people staying in their transformed state for--" She shrugged. "In Lisa's case, about 36 months."
I thought about that. Lisa a doll for three years? She was stuck. No six months for that girl.
"But as for you," my friend said. "Well, I could always put the wand in at any time and revert you back . . ." She put the wand in her bag. "But why would I want to do that. I mean, you are a real work of art, aren't you." She stepped away from my display. "I'm also certain that eight or nine months from now I can find some other use for you."
As she walked away my mind was racing. Three years?? I couldn't believe it. I was going to be stuff as this fuck doll for three years.
Part of me wanted to scream and cry.
Part of me wondered if I was going to end up loving this too much.

We were both on exhibit for nine months. Nine months that seemed to my new doll-like senses to go by rather quickly. Or maybe not. I couldn't really tell. I remembered the lights coming on and people coming in and them looking at me and some wanting to touch and then the crowds would thin out and the lights would go out, and I'd be alone with my thoughts of wanting to be fucked like there was no tomorrow.
And then it would happen all over again.
After it was all over our displays were broken down and new items put in our place. Now, since both Lisa and I wouldn't be coming out of our transformations for another 25 months, that presented a problem: what to do with us. Lisa was easy: she was going to be sent to different doll and toy cons where a realistic-looking, life sized Bratz doll would come in handy. And since she wouldn't be turning back for another two years, it was easy to be certain that there wouldn't be any "accidents".
And there were plans for me as well.
I was deflated and put into my box along with my hose and pump--and my wand. The box was sealed and wrapped. It was dark in there, so I didn't know what was going on, but I knew I was being moved. Shipped was actually more like it. I was going somewhere. A part of my mind knew what had happened: I'd been sold. Just like any other work of art, I'd been turned out for a sum of cash.
I was going to the house of my new owner.
Time passed, and then one day I felt my box being handed over and taken and placed on some hard surface--and then the wrapping came off, along with the cover of my box. I looked up into the faces of a man and a woman, both appearing to be in their mid-thirties. They smiled as they gazed down upon me before lifting me out of my box and re-inflating me.
The woman stood back and stared at me. I could hear something going on behind me, but all I could see was here--and her inscrutable smile. She finally said, "Well, we paid good money for her--it'd be a shame if you didn't use her." I was suddenly lifted into the air and laid upon a large sofa. The man was there, naked. He lubed up my vagina then inserted his penis inside me and began to fuck me hard.
I began to orgasm. I didn't stop until after he'd deposited his sperm inside the latex sack that was now my cunt. It was the best sex I'd ever had, and all I wanted was more.
Just like a fuck doll, I thought.
Things went like that for a while. The guy would fuck me whenever he was in the mood. The woman would sometimes watch. I gathered from what I picked up they were married and it was pretty good.
For my part I usually stayed inflated. They'd stand me up in the corner of their bedroom and let me watch what went one. For the most part what went on was sleeping, but these two had a very active sex life, and it was like they wanted me to know. I slowly understood that they knew what I really was, that I wasn't just some really nice sex doll, that I was actually a transformed woman who just looked like a sex doll. Somehow I imagined that made it all that more exciting.
After a while I started getting deflated and put away. When I was boxed up I had no concept of the passage of time; I was just an inanimate object sitting on a shelf waiting to be used. And I was used. I'd be pulled out, inflated, fucked, cleaned up, set aside, deflated, boxed, put away . . . and then the cycle would start anew. This happened at least a dozen times, although I couldn't say with any certainty. All I knew was I had become what I'd been transformed into: a sex doll. Nothing more or less. Even if these people knew I was human, they didn’t seem to care.
I was a fuck doll.
For a while more, at least.

One day I was used vigorously, then cleaned up, boxed--after which my box was wrapped up. I somehow figured that my three years were just about up, and I was being . . . what? Returned? Sent to another user? I really had no idea.
My life had become one of inflation, fucking, cleaning, deflation and storage. I remembered that I once had a friend named Lisa who'd been changed into a life-sized doll. I remembered that I once had been a real girl, a human girl, who'd been changed into a fuck doll that had been sold to a couple and used rather often. My life had become one of sex and little else.
I was sorry to be leaving my owners. They'd been so nice to me.
Again, I couldn't tell you how much time had passed inside my box. It seems to pass differently as far as my senses are concerned. I knew it had to be at least a couple of days, but it might have been longer--a lot longer. I wouldn't actually know anything until I was re-inflated.
Finally I was removed from my box. I felt the hose go over my plug, and I shook with an orgasm with every pump of air that entered me. When I was completely inflated my plug was put in--
And within seconds I started to revert to human form.
I laid on the floor for a while. It was a little cold--and I was completely naked--but I hadn't been human for years. At least three. Something told me it'd been longer than three.
I rolled over on my back and looked up. The woman I knew who owned the art gallery--the one who'd sold me so many years ago--stood over me, a slight smile on her face. "Welcome back," she simply said.
"Yeah, hi." I didn't know what else to say. I hadn't say a word for so long, so I really wasn't up on my conversational skills.
"You feel okay?" I couldn't remember this woman's name. I remembered she'd been a friend, but I was damned if I knew her name. I knew Lisa, and I knew my name was . . . was Monica. Was it? I was called that all the time, so it had to be. I searched my memory. There had been another name, but I couldn't recall what it was. Monica was my name--my doll name. That's all I had.
"I'm fine. Considering--" I was able to get to my hands and knees. I felt weak, but not completely helpless. "I've been a sex toy for three years."
"Five," the woman said.
"You were shipped back here after you'd been a doll for 41 months," she said. "I keep you boxed up since then. I figured I'd wait awhile and see if the effect had worn off."
"You kept me boxed for almost 20 months?" I couldn't believe I'd been a toy for three and a half years. And that I'd been keep deflated for over a year an a half after that.
The woman shrugged. "I forgot about you, to be honest."
"Uh, huh." I struggled to my feet and made my way to a chair. "How's Lisa?"
"She's . . ." The woman sat next to me. She didn't look happy. "She came out of her transformation after 40 months. But she didn't . . . she had a hard time readjusting to being human. She identifies too much with being a doll, and even now she thinks she's still this gigantic Bratz doll." The woman shook her head. "I guess you could say she's a little crazy."
"Being frozen for three and a half years will do that."
She cringed. "I didn't know this would happen," she said. "I didn't know until after you two decided to get 'injected' again."
"That part I do remember." I nodded slowly. "I don't blame you."
"Thanks." She put her arm over my shoulder. "How about you? You miss . . . being a doll?"
I couldn't answer that question, not right that moment. "I don't know," I said. "I liked the sex, I like what my owners did to me, I enjoyed how they loved me--" Then I stopped. I realized what I was saying. "I guess maybe right now I do." I sat up and sighed. "Ask me in six months how I feel. Maybe I'll have a different answer for you."

I met up with Lisa a week later, after getting my strength back. I could see how being a Bratz had affected her. She was dressing like a teenager and wearing a lot of makeup. She spoke in a half-bored, singsong voice all the time. I could tell that, in her head, she was still Lisa Bratz Doll, and not Lisa the human girl who'd once been my friend.
But she remembered me. She called me by some name other than Monica, one I didn't recognized at all. I told her that to make things easy to just call me Monica and not try to make me remember something I couldn't. Lisa agreed and from that point one I was Monica.
I moved into with Lisa, who had gotten an apartment after she'd transformed back. The damn think looked like an overgrown teenager was living there--and in a way, one was. Lisa was working at the gallery, and she said I'd have a job there as well if I wanted one. The owner sort of felt sorry for what had happened to us, and she'd decided that giving us a living was one way of taking care of us.
Everything was sort of a blur. I got up, I worked, I came home, Lisa and I ate and talked and sometimes went out--and had sex. We had a lot of sex. Though it's probably not the sort of sex one would imagine when a couple of girl get together. Our love making usually consisted of Lisa making love to me while I laid there perfectly still, unable to move, just enjoying the sensations that flowed through my body . . . just like if I'd been when I was a fuck doll.
The great thing is Lisa didn't mind. Just like I understood her new attire and attitude, she understood my new outlook on sex. For over three years getting laid to me meant being inflated, fucked, and put away cleaned. "It's not, like, I mind you just like fuckin' layin' there while I eat you," she told me one night. "It's, you know, cool in a way. I mean, you bein' a toy and shit, that's like, you know, totally special. You know?" I knew. Oh, indeed I knew.
Six months went by, and things seemed to be okay. I wondered about what had happened to my wand, but I didn't dare ask Paulette (the woman who owned the gallery) about it. I was afraid she's think I was eager to use it once more.
The thing was I did think about using it. At least once a day the thought entered my mind that I was having trouble being human again. I looked at people, and I didn't think about being their friend, or what it might be like to have a relationship with them. I'd think about being their doll, being their toy, letting them take me home and fuck the shit out of me and then clean me up and put me away until they needed me again. I was still viewing myself as an object--not as a person.
I wasn't sure if I would ever get over that feeling.
One day I told Paulette about my feelings. She looked at me with a certain amount of pity. "You really feel that way?" she finally asked.
"Yeah. I can't help it. I mean--" I took both of Paulette's hands in mind. "I would love to make love to you, Paulette, but every time I think about it, what comes to mind is you blowing me up and putting me on your bed and using me--and all the while I'm lying there, still, letting you do what you want to me. And do you know how that makes me feel?"
"Tell me," she asked.
"It makes me very wet. It excites me." I released her hands. "It's about the only thing that makes me feel . . . human."
Paulette led us over to a table in the back room. "You think you'll ever get over this feeling?" she asked as we sat.
"I don't know. Maybe one day, but . . ." I looked around the room, unable to meet her gaze. "Right now I can't. I just . . . want it."
Paulette nodded. "Would you like me to change you--just for a short time--and let my boyfriend use you?"
I couldn't believe what she was offering. Allowing me to have sex--no, that's not right. To be used like I once was. "I, uh . . ." I smiled. "I'd love that."
"But it wouldn't be forever," she said. "I'd control the wand. You'd be changed, sexed, and then changed back when it was all over." She gave me a concerned looked. "You understand it wouldn't be forever."
"I understand." But there was one think I had to know. "How long would I stay like that if you didn't change me back."
It looked as if Paulette didn't want to answer. "I don't know the exact amount of time," she finally said, "but it would be something like ten, twelve years."
I ran that number around my head. That's a long time, I thought. A very long time indeed.

I left with Paulette that night. She said she'd spoken to her boyfriend earlier in the day, and that he'd be over about 10 PM for the fun and festivities. I was almost shaking; I couldn't really contain my feelings. The prospect of becoming a doll again, a sex toy for the using, had me in a near frenzy.
"Why don't you get yourself comfortable, Monica?" Paulette said after we'd been at her place for a few minutes. "I know I am." And with that she stripped off her clothes, leaving only her bra, panties, stockings and shoes on.
I stared at her, dumbfounded. "Paulette?"
She smiled broadly. "C'om, honey," she purred. "Don't tell me you didn't know I wanted to do you before I turned you over to my boy toy." She giggled. "You're losin' it if you didn't, Monica."
She moved towards me slowly, her hips swaying broadly from one side to the other. "My only regret is I didn't keep you after I changed you the last time," she said. "The money was way too good, though." She put her arms around me, hugged me, then began undressing me.
"You wanted to keep me?" was all I could ask.
"Uh, huh." She unbuttoned by dress. "But the Mortons . . . well, when they found out you were a real girl inside that doll body, they didn't even blink when I said your price was $15,000." She slid it off my body. "I got greedy; I should have kept you." She pulled down my bra and began slowly licking my nipples. "We could have had so much fun--"
"You and your boyfriend?" I moaned. The moment she touched me I was on fire. I couldn't wait for her to put the wand inside me and change me. I wanted to cum right at the moment I turned to air-filled latex . . ..
Paulette cast my bra aside and slide her hand into my panties. "Yeah. Loving you, fucking you, playing with you. And all the while knowing there's someone inside that . . . body. Someone completely aware of what we're doing." She kissed me between the breasts, then locked lips. "I like that I can kiss you like this now. You won't be able to return the affection later."
I kissed her passionately. When we broke I said, "I'll be returning the affection--just in a different way."
Paulette giggled like a schoolgirl. "I can't wait." She fingered me expertly, but considering the state of sexual excitement I in, the wind blowing on my clitoris would have gotten me off. As soon as I came I feel to my knees, panting and moaning. Paulette left me in my pleasure and moved to where she'd left her purse.
She reached in and pulled something out. When she turned towards me, she held the wand in her hands. "Why don't we start the fun a little early?" she said, moving closer. She began making adjustments to the wand. "I've always had a thing for Kate Beckinsale . . . I'll bet you'll be hot as her as a Real Doll--"
She knelt before me. "You are going to be so beautiful," she whispered. "We'll take great care of you--"
I couldn't look at her. All I saw was the wand. "Paulette?"
"Yes, honey?"
"One should experience their own fantasies," I said. "Not live them through others." I snatched the wand out of her hand. Before she could react, I pressed the wand through her half-open lips and activated it.
Paulette recoiled in shock. "Monica!" she screamed. "You've . . . what have you . . ." She looked at her arms. They were already starting to transform from flesh to silicon latex. "You--"
"I changed you, Kate," I said. I stood over her still-knelling form. Her features changed from her own into the actress she had a thing for. She tried to look up, but already most of her body was transformed into an inanimate doll form. "I changed you into your fantasy." The transformation completed only seconds later. I'd changed Paulette into a perfect copy of Kate Beckinsale--one that I was certain her boyfriend would love with all his heart.
I kissed her lips. "I love you this way, Kate," I told her. "You're so very lovely." Of course I knew she could hear me. She was probably feeling some fear right now, but as soon as she had her first orgasm . . . "Oh, how bad of me," I told her. I got to my feet, then headed for her bedroom. I had to spend a few minutes tearing through things, but eventually I found what I was looking for.
I returned to the living room, holding her large purple dildo in my hands. "I knew a girl like you would have a toy like this." I set the dildo down and moved Kate into position. I put her on her back, knees up and legs spread, hands on knees. I got between her legs and licked her pussy, getting her good and wet and eager to accept the dildo. After twenty minutes I decided she was read. I turned the dildo on and slid it into her waiting hole. I began to masturbate her. I knew what she was feeling inside her silicon body. Pleasure. Intense pleasure. Pleasure no real woman could ever experience.
I laid next to her. "You knew I'd do this," I said. "You didn't even try to stop me. You wanted to know what it was like." I rolled over and pulled myself closer. "And now you do." I kissed her on the lips, then I grabbed the wand.
I held it in my hand, staring at it. I thought of Lisa, but there was no time to contact her. Besides, all I could think of was my pleasure, not hers. Yes, it was selfish, but . . . well, Lisa's interest lay in one area, and mine in another.
I placed the wand in Kate's mouth and activated it again. Removed it, replaced it, activated it. I didn't know if it would have the same effect as having been fail-safed like I had, but . . . well, it didn't hurt to try.
At least I have someone who understands how I feel, I thought as I placed the wand in my own vagina--

Danny had quite a shock when he came over and found two identical Kate Beckinsale Real Dolls lying together on the living room floor, one with a dildo in her pussy, the other hugging the one with the dildo. He knew about the plan, knew about the wand . . . but he didn't know he was going to find us both changed.
And the wand nowhere in sight.
First he panicked. Then he calmed down. Then, realizing his luck, hauled us both into the bedroom and spent the weekend having his way with us. He didn't know which one of us was Paulette, and which one was Monica--and after a few weeks of us transformed he didn't much care. He ran my business as best he could, kept my house, and made love to us.
It was a pretty nice life.
It was the housekeeper who finally found the wand, under the sofa where it'd been tossed while Monica was still able to move. By this time ten months had passed; ten month of Danny loving both of us the best he could. Oh, sure, he brought over other women--women who weren't all that freaked out by us, women who even played with us a little. We didn't mind. After all, the living sometimes crave the touch of someone real.
He kept the wand for another three month before deciding to try and "deactivate" us. I could tell he only wanted one of us back; you could see it in his eyes. The problem was, which one? Kate 1 or Kate 2? He couldn't make up his mind which one would be the one he wanted. Finally he stuck the wand in, turned it on--
And I returned to being flesh and blood once more.
He stood over me. "Paulette?" he asked, concerned, puzzled.
I looked and smiled. "Yeah, it's me," I told him as I rubbed my breasts. "I'm back."
I spent the better part of a month getting back on my feet. The last year had been fantastic. I told Danny everything about being a doll: how it'd felt, how sensual it was, how loving he'd been. He let me in on everything that had been happening at the galley, but I wasn't paying much attention to his word. All I could think about was the last year.
He asked about what to do with the other Kate. "Leave her," I said. "It's what she wants."
And so we did.
That was four years ago.
The gallery is doing well, and business couldn't be better. I discovered that Lisa had gone to jail; she'd been caught having sex with teenage boys, and was on the third year of a five year stint. Rumor was she'd trying killing herself a couple of times once in, so she'd been moved to a mental health facility to finish out her sentence. It was doubtful, though, that she'd ever get out; there were stories that she kept insisting she was really a life-sized doll . . ..
Danny has moved on after a couple of years. When he discovered I enjoyed paying more attention to Kate than to him it was more than his ego could handle, and he headed off to find a woman who was happier with a "real" man instead of a Real Doll.
His leaving didn't bother me.
After all, it's the same thing my first boyfriend did.
I never told Danny that I'd made a few adjustments to the wand before I used it--like, if and when either of us was deactivated, we'd come back looking like Paulette. As long as Danny was getting ass sex and blow jobs he didn't seem to notice that there were things I knew that Paulette didn't, and things I'd never known that she did. Whenever something like that did come up, I'd just tell him that my memory was spotty from "being dolled".
That too was a lie. 'Cause I remember everything.
As much as I've tried I can't get the feelings I had as a doll out of my head. Even living at Paulette, even knowing her friends, being around them, interacting with them--it hasn't changed anything. I was "under" for way too much time, and anymore it's all I want.
To be still once more. And loved.
Just as I love Kate.
It won't be long before I go back again. Kate was affected by my injecting her multiple times. She'll stay transformed for six more years if I don't bring her out of her condition. But I can't have that. I'm getting old, and she still looks as good as the day she was made.
No, I have something else in mind. I'm going to transform her back to her "old" self, and then I'm going to change us both again. I already have a buyer for twin Kate dolls that have been--lets say "modified" just a little. All he has to do is come over and come in, and he'll find the dolls in the living room. Just leave the money behind and take the dolls.
Sure, I know he won't leave a dime. But I don't care. Because money won't ever be important to us. No, not with us staying transformed for 45 years.
And I don't even need to ask Kate if this is okay with her.
I know what she's thinking 'cause she's just like me.
She just wants to be perfect.
And loved.

Friday, February 24, 2006

The first 10K...

looks like other people are into this as much as i am, the counter which i was so slow to install has just registered 10,000 hits.

now if people would just contribute comments occasionally.....


A corset for the prom?

i remember following a link from a yahoo group and went back to try and find it again just by searching for 'corset' on ebay. came back with thousands. so i found the yahoo group again and the link.

isn't it amazing? its the stuff fantasy fictions is written about.

go to ebay and search for item no: 5449660989

i'd prefer it in leather or latex myself, but the entire thing is so all encompasing one may never get out....


It can be ordered in bulk.....

anyone remember silly putty? it's still very much out there. in search of a syntheric rubber 60 years ago it was an accidental discovery and is still going strong as a kids toy.

it had a weird beige/tans flesh colour too it and stretched like rubber. besides me, did anyone try and make it as thin as possible and wrap it around your hand and then wonder what it would be like to be totally coated in it???

well you can buy it in bulk in 5lbs blobs.


or if your good at cooking and like a mess, how about to making your own:


it was possibly my first idea of being rubber or a mannequin and certianly a good idea for a kinky photoshoot if there's any image makers reading this.


An old joke but sooo truthfull.....

i swear, a flash of tits it all it takes for most guys.

think the control pannel could also use some levers, slide volume controls and an ir remote too.


More Jones....

digging through and trying or organise a folder of loose files on my HD and i found a scan of a playing card.

i think the cards came from the uk and were done by different artists. interesting project and some of the cards were very abstract.

the alan jones one was unsurprising the queen of clubs and she even has her own display stand.

kink as art - you got to love it.


3rd week in latex.... getting comfortable....

its now been three weeks in latex panties with daily wearing from getting up in the morning till bedtime. i didn't think i could make it this long. this is all thanks to the support from TSG, who inspiration in wearing boots in a similiar dedicated way pushed me onwards.

thanks again TSG, your making me what i am today.... xx

since abandoning attempting to sleep in latex its solved the problems of not getting a proper deep dream sleep which is vitally necessary, but i do wish one day i can wear it over night in deep and restfull sleep.

i'm getting comfortable with the latex on me now and am looking forward to the day when i can wear a latex catsuit almost 24/7. at the moment i reserve all day sunday for catsuit day and will wear that from waking till bed.

for any of you who want to give it a go, it just seems to be a matter of conditioning yourself, and taking smaller steps deeper and deeper into the latex doll...


Thursday, February 23, 2006

The lost doll....

i've had a couple of stories from a couple of different people in the last few weeks about a woman they knew online who was very much into dolling. she might of been a freeze model too and she got so good at it she could stay motionless for hours and had been practicing for years and years, building up the amount of time she could stand perfectly still.

her boyfriend supported her in her fetish and acutally encouraged her to the point that he had a special display box made that she could stand and pose in.

what else was involved - clothing wise, corsets, heels etc i just don't know.

then about a year ago:

"I got a message saying she wouldn't be communicating anymore by email, that she was shutting down her account because she wasn't that person any longer, and then she was gone."

anyone know this person? what happend to her? or interacted with her when she was still around?

we all want to know.


Thiery Muggler was ahead of his time...

one haute couture designer that always seems to to dabble with corsets and lovely things related to the doll theme is Theiry Muggler from Paris.

here are a few shots from his 1996 collection - yes 10 years ago - which have the models in clear plastic panties, corsets and bra's.

i _like_ :-)

oh and one of his models looks like a barbie brought to life...


Brain Cells

i found this on a newsgroup and thought it applies well to some people i know.....:


Once upon a time there was a female brain cell which, by mistake, happened to end up in a man's head. She looked around nervously because it was all empty and quiet.

"Hello?" she cried, but no answer. "Is there anyone here?" she cried a little louder, but still no answer. Now the female brain cell started to feel alone and scared and yelled at the top of her voice,


Then she heard a faint voice from far, far away..............

"We're down here ..."


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Favourite colour is.....

also from POP magazine there's a spread on this season/summers trend. not the best photo's for this section tho. but the painted models legs do make her look mannequin like i think.


The Shining

Marc Jacobs tells a wonderful story about a friend of his who, when asked to name her favourite colour, will always reply: 'Shiny!' She'll be in her element this season; it's definately the right time to be wearing - and eating and breathing and living - shiny.


Content and contact

just a reminder please _do_not_ send me any IM's as i can't look or reply to them at work and i'm not normally on it at night.

best way to contact me is asudemlatex@yahoo.com

i check my mail before going to work then periodically at work when no ones looking... :-)

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

a trend for heels and long gloves...

i know someone who will really like these shots - also from POP btw.

sort of doll-ish but i maybe pushing the connection there.

still - very nice 6 inch heels and long patent leather gloves don't you think?


two weeks in latex and....

i'm sadly going to give up on trying to sleep in my latex panties. very sad. they're just too damn distracting and i need a good nights sleep to keep me sharp at work.

there's probably a clever technique for getting one into the right mindset to get some sleep and longer term wearing but i don't know what it is. i'll stick to the daily wearing of the panties as my commitment to my dream of being sealed in latex and hope in time that i will just adapt and sleeping won't be interupted.

i can then move onto tights and beyond.


if people were anime characters?

most of these just gross me out, but some work really well.


cool photoshoping none the less. go have a look.


doll anime series

for those fans of anime there is a recent series about living dolls called Rozen Maiden. sadly no one gets turned into the dolls and the various dolls are only a couple of feet high. still it's an interesting and well done series.

here's a description from an anime site i use to check on series before parting with any money:

"A very young and spoilt Sakurada Jun has became very bored during the absence of his parents, and despite the loving concerns of his older sister, he stops going to school, stops caring about other people and lives only to surf the internet for mail-order bargains - well, a special bargain box arrived, and it contains a very cute "antique doll", but it was an item that he learns that he could not return, and can not ignore, and that would forever change his life."


worth getting your hands on if you like anime.


ps: thanks JP for sending in the images. not sure where they came from but i can only post a couple due to their definate PG 18 ratings.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

new season, new designers and more latex

one good place to check out the new fashions for free is the various online fashion magazines and online image resources for designers. generally they have good shots from the recent runway shows that have just happened or for the next seasons wear.

have a look around: www.firstview.com

i spotted this one on rubberist.net:

sort of a gothic harlequin doll look with loads of glossy pvc and rubber.

feel free to dig around these places and of course send me the links or photo's


latex 23/7 by someone who has done it..

go check out www.latexlifestyle.blogspot.com and read it from the start. there's also a section with replies on www.rubberist.net

she's managed to dress in rubber from head to toe for more than 13 months and has only stopped in the last week due to loss of her maid who did all the dressing and cleaning. seems being latex fulltime is high very maintenance.

from my periodic readings she had a latex catsuit and gloves along with a hood that covered her completely, then sometimes latex dresses. going out she wore (even when traveling by air) a burqa which is worn middle eastern woman with just a eye slits.

there's an indept interview with her here with photos: http://jg-leathers.com/JGLArticles/Page-014.htm

a quote from the most recent entry;

"The feelings of latex gliding over me, whether at the mall beneath my burqa, a home beneath my dresses or in bed benath my sheets always arouses and excites me. There is, of course, a sexual component to that, but more, thee is an anticipation of the great 'drifting off' sensation that I get when latex finally swallows me from my feet to my chin, then my face, then my whole head. I suspect that only those of us into total enclosure can really understand this sensation of surrendering our identities to the rubber as it seems to crawl all over us and we wish it could flow into our orifices and slide down our throats."

pretty well sums of my lust for being converted into a latex doll....


doll poses and make-up in 'Pop'

there's definate trend in fashion magazines, well the thick and expensive foreign ones anyway. us ones are pretty dull IMHO.

here's three more scans, one posed, one with glossy skin and last with the rubber band joints suggested by a reader.

pitty they're not all combined on one model but still its a start of a trend i'd say?


ps; feel free to send me any scans from anywhere or webfinds to me and i'll post them. asudemlatex@yahoo.com

flipping through the fashion magazines

i was at tower records in the village, looking through the international fashion magazines debating what 10$ would get me and found a very thick magazine called 'POP' with spring/summer date.

it was postively loaded with doll styled shots and advertisments too!!!

the Mulberry is totally doll like. the company is english and makes luxury high priced leather goods. the other is more EGL but done all in white.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Heavy Rubber Dolls

i've been collecting images and fiction for several years now and this blog is a public scrapbook of my various findings that were backed up on cds, dvds and my hd as well as items as they appear in the media.

the latest find is a couple of pictures of a black and clear latex dolls from Heavy Rubber magazine.

i'd be happy being either of them, but having someone to play with like those too would be so much more fun...


there's videos too!!!

for those of you who have discovered the joys of zentai suits and wonder if there's anything besides lots of images out there - the answer is yes and unsuprisingly its all japanese.

this site sells dvds made from tapes etc www.zentaidvds.com so you can see what people (japanese people precisely) get up too in these amazing suits. a lot of rubbing is the answer of course and also dressing up as anime dolls made fabric with cool masks.

not that i actually want to see power rangers having sex, but the entire area of kigurumi is worth a look.

there's free video clips on the site too. but i still massively recommend you get your collective asses onto ebay or where-ever else and get a zentai suit - you won't be disappointed.


before there was even a name for it....

there was this site that had these amazing shots of women covered in fabric, sometimes with clothes on top and wigs too. they looked so doll like and perfect and you could also order the suits.

looking back this was my first exposure to zentai suits at www.mannequeen.com. i couldn't afford one but there was enough eye candy there to keep me happy and my imagination going. there's also a stack of video clips of both women as living dolls, mannequins and also robots who moved so well as artificial girls you can almost here the gear clicking away.


most of the new images have moved to a subscription site www.stylishfetish.com but it still worth a visit. suits can be purchased from thefashionlab.com


Yes, but has it worked on anyone you know?

so i've been thinking about hypnosis again, well actually fantasing really. all the possibilities that can be done to make me a doll and especially since while i can wear i latex panties all day and all night, i still can't sleep in them.

the idea that i've always played with in my fevered imaginings is a being hypnotised to think and feel that i am all latex. a latex dolly.... or have i said all this already?

does anyone have any experience with this? does it work? how does it work? can it be done by YIM?

if you've successfullt gone under and explored any fetish can you please email me or post so i know whats the best route to explore this fixation?


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Betty Page on the big screen

if you were unware of this dynamic 50's icon - shame on you - but now anyone can catch up with the Bettie Page story thanks to a new feature film about her life.

looking at the trailer it seems to have embraced the look and feel of the time in its colour schemes and cinematrography. they look pretty damn close too all the shots i've seen and have collected of her off he net and in books too. the actress who plays here makes a good Betty and from what little i've seen pulls it off.


the question that comes to mind is what made her an icon and IMHO is that she did all the fetish and bd stuff decades before anyone else and actually embraced it with glee. but we'll know more when the film comes out.

then the next q is - whose today's modern bettie page, a woman who is deep in subculture and embracing it for all the world too see. maybe shunned as weird or perverse at the time she'll be looked back as a leading light....


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wearing a latex doll... a money maker

seems the fantasy for having a living latex sex doll or being a latex doll is so strong and so wide spread that there's good money in it.

check out www.real-rubberdoll.com

based on the monthly prices for joining there seems to be a nice little business there.

notice they seem to have changed the doll, the first one in the photo i've used above is pretty grosse IMHO. no one would want to wear that, the newer ones on the webpage have a much nicer plastic latex doll-like body but also i think a seperate mask. wonder where the new doll body came from?


My first full story...

ok, its a draft, possibly full of sp and gr errors and its only half done, but i figured i'd share it to see if it hits anyones buttons besides my own....


The new years resolution
draft 1b

My new years resolution was to get more exercise and to that end I decided to start to walk to work, well at least part way to work as I still had a month metro card so I could jump on and off busses and subway if my feet got tired. And the types of shoes I loved certainly had their disadvantages and a long walk was on of them. I wasn't committed yet to ruining my carefully honed ensemble either with the sneakers to work thing that so many women do in the city.

I was on the way to work one morning after having subway'd past the boring suburban parts too uptown shopping area. I ambled along glancing at windows, making mental notes of up coming fashions. I stopped in front of an old department store with one of the more creative window displays I'd ever seen. It was in part the contrast to the rather old and some would say dowdy store that the risqué display had, but more that the semi clothed mannequins had on the most amazing shoes. They were wedges - which are in at the moment - but the wedge was so minimal as to make them look like there was no heel at all. Added to the fact that the wedges were clear Perspex too completed the illusion of no heals at all.

I had to have a pair and strode purposefully in with the thought of no money would be an issue. I just needed them.

As suspected the place didn't have a sales assistant under 55 and I swore I could see dust on some of the interior displays. I made my polite enquiry and it seems that the window designer brought them in from another store she worked for. Seems this was a new temporary designer as their own had just retired. Well that explained the stark contrast between the downtown styled display and the uptown store. She couldn't help me with where they came from but suggested I come back later to see if the designer was in.

The day went painfully slowly, dull meetings didn't help. I spent my lunch hour using the net to try to find the shoes but to no avail. Nothing. Not even my favorite haunt ebay had anything remotely close.

Finally I was out the door at 6 and prayed the store was still open when I got there. It being a Thursday there was a good chance it still was.

I arrived and the sales assistant I had spoken too earlier said she had relayed my request about the shoes and was told to bring me down to the basement to the designer's office. If the public side of the department store was showing its age, behind the scenes were positively decrepit. Long corridors of heating pipes and whatnot. Discarded displays here and there and positively antique stockpiled high in places.

We finally made it to a small office and I was left to wait for the designer who was nearby somewhere. I looked around and didn't see the shoes I was after and sat down. 10 minutes later she appeared, looking as out of place here as her window display was. Way too young and I can see why the fission with the existing staff. Very cute though and she came baring a box of shoes.

She explained that she was freelance and worked all around the city, but never really in one place for very long as she like the freedom of being freelance. She'd gotten a reputation for some daring and kinky displays so were favored by some really serious dressers as she tactfully put it. The shoes she said had come from their specialty shop she did a lot of work for and also sometimes moonlighted as sales staffs when well paying design jobs were thin.

She produced the box of shoes and my eyes lit up like it was Christmas day. I unwrapped the tissues and pulled out the shoes. Wow. they were amazing. I started to try them on and they fit just a bit too tightly but I managed to stand in them none the less. My legs looked much longer and the angle caused my bottom to stick out in a provocative sexy way. I walked around the room, pausing in model stances for effect, finally totally stopping to see myself in the huge wall mirror. The window designer's watched me intently, I could almost see the gears moving in her head.

The shoes were simply amazing and I would have to have them but they were one size too small. I could wear them but only for short periods of time and not really be able to enjoy them to the fullest. I wanted to parade them around work and on nights out. I asked where they came from and she said another store, but she had brought down several boxes of different sizes to try on the old mannequins they had here whose sizes varied. She motioned me to follow her and without thinking I was led down more corridors into a cavernous mannequin storage room. There must be a hundred of them easily. Some even look like life sized versions of the 50's Barbie dolls as if they had been scaled up to human height. She commented that the store was over 70 years old and never threw anything out and that some of the mannequins were decades old, rare and very valuable.

She made a dramatic wave with her hand towards them and disappeared in search of the shoes in my exact size.

I had never been this close to a mannequin before, they had always been behind glass or up on a base. Here they had all these timeless beautiful female forms, mainly undressed scattered around this huge dimly lit storeroom. As I walked amongst them I did start to notice that some of them were dressed in flowing satin ball gowns from a by gone era. I cheekily got closer a rather stylish and attractive one and started to casually run my hands over her finely crafted curves. Its skin was made of a very smooth hard plastic and it had an impossibly shaped wasp waist of 16 inches. I cupped its breasts teasingly, caressed them with envy and planted and firm long kiss on her lips.

I so wished I had her body, her beauty, her perfection.

The dim lights flared for a second, which broke my concentration on kiss. I stood back and looked around to see if the designer had come back and turned on an extra set of lights. Nothing.

I stepped back and bumped into the mannequin I had kissed. Her cool smooth plastic arms encircled my waist. Startled I tried to jump and found myself frozen and silent. I couldn't utter a word. Impossible as it seems I was held firmly by a naked antique mannequin.

In front of me other mannequins slowly came alive, walking with a slow deliberation on plastic feet towards me. I was released from behind but still silent and totally mute. I tried with all my will to move to make even the smallest of sounds and nothing. They surrounded me and stripped me ever so carefully of all my clothes including the new shoes I had sought out. They were gentle but firm, they're hands all over me as if I was the object to be dressed and undressed - like a doll.

Even if I could move I doubt I'd ever be able too break free.

Then I started to feel it, where they touched me, no - they were caressing me - as they were taking off my work clothes I could feel my skin numbing, changing, as if they're closeness to me was imbuing me with their own unique essence, the spirit of the life sized dolls; my flesh becoming one with their plastic.

They were making me over as one of them, plastic hands all over me, in me, exploring my entire body and with each touch of their plastic skin, my skin takes on they're plastic luster. The plastic penetrates me deeper and deeper and I can feel an electric charge as the conversion progresses. If I wasn't so thoroughly and utterly aroused I would be terrified.

They retreat, I must be complete. I am naked and coated in plastic like them. Frozen in bliss. One approaches from the distance with a large violet silk ball gown. Two of them come to her aid and help putt it over my body. The can move my arms and legs it seems but I can't do anything but stare out for frozen eyes. The feeling of the silk on my naked plastic body drives me to a barrage of mental orgasms, which reverberate around my very soul.

My mind slowly regains a semblance of clear thought and I see the designer standing in the doorway with a sly smile on her face.


I walk in and see you there, frozen amongst the mannequins posed so lovely in the expensive antique silk ball gown. I can sense your thoughts. You kinky girl, you are really enjoying this as you have enjoyed other 'games' in the past....


I wave my hand again and the mannequins return to life and surround you, lifting you up and carrying you deep into the storeroom past rows and rows of still mannequins. I dash ahead and open a door hidden behind some large dusty boxes. Inside is small room a large plastic tube that reaches to the ceiling. The front part swings open and the mannequins place you carefully inside.

I take time to make sure you look perfect in the plastic tube, straightening the dress here and there, caressing each body part, knowing that as I touch you your plastic shell is being rocked with sensual excitement the likes of which you've never felt before.

I close and seal the large clear tube. Even if you were able to move you'd never be able to get out. Frozen there in the pretty silk you look like a life-sized doll in collector’s condition in its original packaging. I know you can feel and know you can hear and see me, but not respond in even the slightest way. But I can sense your feelings and that is all the proof I needed - whether you were conscious of it or not you've willing embraced each stage of the traps I had set. You might of left here with a pair of amazing shoes, but no, not for you....

As I leave I press a button on the wall that starts to release a warm and viscous honey like liquid into the tube. I know all too well that as it coats you it will drive you into a frenzy of lust, and that you'll be locked in a never-ending orgasm--one so tremendous that you won't notice me bolting the door and shutting off the lights.

You spend a very long time in darkness, locked in your prison of pleasure soaking up the warm jelly like potion. The liquid feeding you and converting you. Preparing for you for your unique new life.

Finally, after six months I return to pull you out and undress you. Naked you very much resemble the other mannequins. But there is one last stage before I can use you.

I summon the mannequins and they again swarm around you like bees, but this time there is no flesh in your body to transmute, simply to mold and shape. They pull and stretch, kneed and kneed. Your legs are stretched and thinned, feet crushed and arched to accommodate 5 1/2 inch heels, waist impossibly compressed to 16 inches and breasts reformed much larger than yours ever were.

The one which you so foolishly kissed tends to the last stage of the shaping, she expertly massages your face with a firm but feather like touch and with each moment that passes you look more and more like her sculpted plastic visage. Finally she kisses you deeply on the lips... and pulls back. There is just a hint of your former identity visible in a mannequin that resembles so many of the others in the room. So freshly pulled from the tube there is a window of an hour or so when your body is as pliable as warm plastic, and the mannequins have reshaped you as they're sister.