Sunday, June 27, 2010

living statues have at least one annual convention

and here are a couple i liked the most:

see the rest of the years entry here.


full doll advert for H&M

so many buttons pressed.... so hypnotic..

i can't think of a more mainstream commercial for clothes that ticks so many lovely buttons.


the closest thing to pony boots

i have an ongoing observation about: fetish, slutty and couture shoes and boots which i'm currently musing on and i'll be shortly doing an entry on. that will have to wait as for today i found these scooped heel booties bellow on aliExpress and just had to share - at US$36.25 each in three different colors.

you can get these Wedge Heels Ankle boots in a variety of sizes right down to '1' and the price includes free shipping. i don't know if the heel angle changes or if they keep them consistent. best really to measure your feet as some of these european and rest of world size calculations can get very confusing.

now if they could make them side zip and thus tighter, then knee high (and i do mean reaching the knee) as well as 5"s - I'd buy stock up on them!!


when the weather gets hot

latex gets hard to wear... and the sales start.

and up to 25% off dresses at Westward bound.


arty mannequin transformation video

i liked it so sharing it all with you here. i think thats just the title as the editor worked on it as i did look through the channel and didn't see any more mannequin videos.


Friday, June 25, 2010

kora where are you?

a friend from Second Life and a fellow model at Powers of Creation has just disappeared out of SL. this is further worsened as i have had no replies from my emails to her normal account. its been a couple of weeks now. we were developing such an amazing relationship in world and well further...

she also has first hand experience with hypnosis being made to see and feel herself as a latex doll and was going to apply it all to me...

if any readers know her and can tell me whats happend then please do.

i miss her.


there's a new renderer in town

as i spotted a few of his rendered mannequins on a yahoo group. they're really well done and have a horror blended perfectly with fetish all taking place in a creepy old house.

his blog where he details primarily the techniques and experiments is The Sculptors Statuary. do have a look.

i am really hoping once he's satisfied with his skills then he'll start making some amazing comics or captions.


when the silver living statues come to get you

it will probably look like this:

or does in my dreams anyway.


rubber doll wanted

back to some navel gazing on my part in case you missed that side of the blog...

i am on and there's several slow cooking message forums on various doll related fetishes as well of course as actual doll fetishes. i was directed to the site by a reader who sent me this profile.

after a few months of being on the site i was approached by said couple and it stirred up a lot of feelings in me and to be honest i am not really there yet. i also feel my vision of latex dolls differs too much from the totally reduced to an object. i do enjoy that as a fantasy on occasion and would definitely want it to be part of a relationship, though not all the time.

i chatted back and forth with them and suggested i'd be happy to post it on their behalf to a wider audience. so here it is.

Total latex encapsulation, total bodily control; feel free to email us at or if you are female and think the following sounds like the sort of thing you would like to try with us.

If you are experienced, that is great; you will know that these are the sort of things you are into or want to try. If you are inexperienced, even completely inexperienced, that is even better as we would love to introduce you to the most erotic experiences of your life, so intense that we will...take your breath away.

Looking for very open minded FEMALE ONLY (preferably Goth/Punk) sub/switch, into extreme latex, total enclosure, encapsulation, immobilisation, depersonalisation, masking, total bodily control, tight corseting, ballet boots and the other more extreme erotic fetish aspects of BDSM, to become a part of our family, be loved and cherished by us and live with us for lifetime relationship.

Please note, we are looking for WOMEN only, that means genetic women, sorry people!

A person who knows that the surrender of the body is important, but the surrender of the mind is paramount.

Somebody who wishes to be transfomed into the perfect, re-trained, reprogrammed and restrained for her owners use.

Are you willing to surrender completely to the control of another, knowing they will keep you safe from harm?

Do you wish to be encapsulated in skin-tight latex, transformed into a rubber covered doll, fantastically re-shaped into a parody of humanity, your shape, movement and bodily functions controlled for life?

Once you see yourself in the full length mirror, totally depersonalised, a gleaming black doll with mirrored eyes, the reflection copying every movement you make, no human features visible, as you realise that the image is your true form, will you sink so far into your new persona that you will not want to return to the 'real' world?

This rubber-clad dominant couple (RubbaMaster is originally from England, RubbaMistress from the States) will guide you on a journey to latex enclosed ecstasy that will seem like a dream you never wish to wake up from and, just maybe, you never will.

We are just finishing a large house on a large isolated plot of land in Arizona, very private and secluded, so you can be our sub 24/7/365 soon.

So don't just dream; take the first step on the most erotic journey of your life and write now. What have you got to lose, except your inhibitions and preconceptions?

Remember, take the red pill and see how deep the hole goes.

maybe some of my readers will be interested, some may even be at that right point to follow it through. others maybe already part of that type of relationship.

play safe.


a blog for me to read

blogging is a time consuming and sometimes pretty lonely occupation with very little feedback (trust me - have a look at this page and see how many comments there are) to the creator.

so i was ecstatic when i found a uk site that had my type of material in it and not written by me! its Alternative Mindsets and i've not spent more than a few minutes on it as i want to savour reading it from the very start. from the quick glimpses i've allowed myself it seems we're both on the same path and she's much much further along. and of course i'm more of a latex doll fetishist than she is.


made into perfect dolls

one of the areas of doll fetishism which i have several book marks for and not really written anything up on yet is the entire barbie or doll make over painting hobby. these repainted dolls are a work of art and sell for a considerable amount on ebay and private sites.

thanks to Heinz H for sending me the link for a collection of said dolls, although these are Celebrities as Dolls.

which begs the question, can these same hobbyists and collectors be hired to transform a normal female mask into something amazing? i know for a fact that The Rubber Sisters early masks were all would you believe the Kerry Mask. amazing what a paint job can do?

ooh there's so many creative possibilities. will add it to the list of when i win a lottery...


Friday, June 18, 2010

a rock doll

from the Hard Rock Cafe?

found on a profile on which has a steady stream of doll fetish and related latex discussions. not massive, though if your new there's a fair bit to catch up.


mannequin or mannequin worn

its actually a trick headline as i recently found out that "mannequin" also "model" in French.

my dedicated advertiser Simon O now has an ebay shop up here with more than 30 items currently listed of their very well designed latex clothes - mainly for women of a specific size fyi.

according to their email newsletter they will move to a bigger store and are clearing out the showroom so you now you can get a lot of items from our Showroom at ebay.

go have a look as the euro is week against the dollar now ;-) so better buying for us.


updated: i just had another look at the listings and it seems the camera they use is also for sale along with lenses! for the die hard collector then to use the same camera that shot so many fetish shots must be a selling point. though make sure you get him to sign it.

katy perry - the latex babe

another public PR event and new latex dress for Katy Perry. he wardrobe is expanding pretty quickly. it seems to be an ongoing style for her now isn't it? does she like it or is it more of a move to get media attention? someone ask her please. ;-)

this time its a launch of a new volkswagan. curiously the photo bellow came from a fetish site - and not a latex one!?!! no, this was a forum i stumbled upon by accident when googling the news story and it turns out to be for people who were more interested in her bare feet than the latex.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a follow on from CO's investigations

i did some of my own poking around a certain male artists fan site typing in 'robot' and another singer with cyber / robot fetish. way better than lady gaga imho and she seems to appear to be a mini version of the lanky british singer covered previously.

maybe there's just one art director that everyone is using? oh and do go to the source page on youtube as its available in multiple resolutions for browser play back as well as download using various Firefox plug-ins.


conscious object's investigation

you'll have to go visit her blog and look at this recent entry to see how the photo illustrated ties in with her sharp eye and deductions based on a certain mainstream musician.

i think its a major story she's uncovered and time will tell. has she contacted his 'people' yet to confirm or deny? or even his / her facebook page?


a find by Pye

and odd little short using old mannequins.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

secret origins; a peek into my fetish

i remember when i was very little i had a barbie and one thing i loved about her was her boot collection. not so much the shoes which always got lost; just the long boots made of plastic. i could stick them on my fingers so that they were all the way on and wonder what it was like to boots like that to wear. here's a few Barbies go go boots i found on ebay.

her skin of course was a tan rubber of sorts - especially on her legs. well thats another story and involves balloons and silly putty...

now there was a rumage sale in the basement of our local library and it was pretty nearby. in fact our house backed onto it. sometimes the old ladies would do a clear out of stock and i'd be over there like a shot to have a 'rumage' through the remains before the garbage truck came the next morning. i can't remember finding much in there of any real note except for one thing - a pair of shiny thick plastic vinyl go-go boots from the 60's or 70's - possibly the Japanese made ones. it was remarkably in my exact size at the time which must of been 4 or 5. so teeny.

the heel was a square solid block about 2 inches high and they had mock laces up the front and a side zip. did i say they were made of a thick slightly pungent vinyl? they were something like the white ones bellow in overall style.

i used to wear them around at home until i go into trouble for it and i was told not to wear them. being good, i listened to my parents up until a point. i'd wear them in bed to sleep in and we had these padded moon boot like slippers to wear around in the winter and i could just about get the boots into them to hide that i was wearing them. they must of caught on as i would of been 2 inches higher and they mysteriously disappeared. or did i hide them in a vent and secretly wear them when my parents were out.

i can't remember. here's a pair vinyl go go boots on ebay.

one thing i did like about them is the way they caused a slight sweat on my calfs which increased the stickiness of them after i wore them for an hr or two. almost as if the black vinyl was starting to merge with my skin. a sensation i was later to rediscover with latex.

if i ever find them in black one day in my size i'll nab them.


the highs, the lows and the way too busy

the blogs popularity hit a massive new high with over 4,000 hits in just one day. then it drifted down to the 3,500 mark and as of yesterday it slumped to a scant 2,500. guess i've been spoiled by some attention from somewhere.

been massively too busy with work last week get any updates done sadly. spent most of saturday asleep trying to catch up with my over working schedule.

if there's any more latex designers or even possibly one or two stores interested in advertising then please contact me. even a mask maker... i don't want to flood the site with banners or advertisements or even turn it into a pay site. i might be up for a major single sponsor moving this blog into their own domain / site. just a random idea.

oh!! how about The Rubber Sisters? they could send me a mask for an advert/link. then i'd be a rubber sister too ;-)


when fashion photographers shoot our fetish

WOW!!! thats all i can say is WOW!!!.

i'm still semi asleep so not sure where the link came from or who posted it. i think it was on a yahoo group somewhere.

its from a series of eight images of actress Megan Fox as photographed by Craig McDean (why do i recognise that name?) where a mannequin has been photoshopped or even cast to look like here...

just go look at them right now. for those creative scribes out there - have a think - there has to be an amazing fetish TF story there.

also if you were the person who posted it somewhere, please post in comments and i'll update this so you receive all the praise.


how to sell a towel machine

as spotted on the new uploads over at The Doll Collective and found by Woz. are there more in the series?

be sure to click on them to see them much much larger. they are still automatic towel machines tho.


HMS reveals the Doll Collection pt2

a big oops... this should of been posted automatically at the end of last week or so i thought.. i mixed up the dates so it would of come out in august.... well here they are now.


Sunday, June 06, 2010

moi? inspiring?

it seems London trendsters and artists read my blog. well a couple of them anyway as i've just received this letter and flyers for a party they're putting on which ia long running annual event. click on it to see it large and all its dollish glory.

they wrote:

We adore your blog, and took a great deal of inspiration from it when researching this year's advert for the forthcoming ACT ART 8-CENSORED art/club event we curate annually in London

Here's the final image for publicity where we changed ourselves into alien sex dolls..i've attached both the censored and un-censored image

Kind Regards

Oliver Frost & Marc Massive


i wonder if I can put in a personal appearance via Second Life in some way? Asudem in a glass and virtual world?


she is a robot!!! or maybe wants to be one?

it really seems to be the major fashion these days with female artists to embrace some sort of cyber / robot theme in their performances and personas now.

here are a couple of stills from the intermission in Rihanna's the Last Girl on Earth Tour. i couldn't embed it so so see it here. you can also download it in a variety of formats with this link here. its a new(?) site i was totally unaware of for downloading youtube videos.

now just how spot on is the robot / mannequinisation fantasy is it? you can try scrubbing through it backwards so that she gets sealed into the glossy black mannequin mask. or maybe she's saving that for her next tour?


HMS reveals their Doll Latex Collection pt1

as promised last month, HMS Latex's images have just arrived so here's the first half of them. tease that i am, you'll need to check back for the rest.


could be me?

Creative minds 'mimic schizophrenia'
By Michelle Roberts
Health reporter, BBC News

Creativity is akin to insanity, say scientists who have been studying how the mind works.

Brain scans reveal striking similarities in the thought pathways of highly creative people and those with schizophrenia.

Both groups lack important receptors used to filter and direct thought.

It could be this uninhibited processing that allows creative people to "think outside the box", say experts from Sweden's Karolinska Institute.

In some people, it leads to mental illness.

But rather than a clear division, experts suspect a continuum, with some people having psychotic traits but few negative symptoms.

from an article from the BBC news website. the full article is here

Friday, June 04, 2010

new latex designs coming soon

in June in fact.. so any day now from my sponsor Simon O.