Monday, September 15, 2014

catsuits and chrome ASFR models on stage

recent bad layout

just an appology for my recent posts. as i've been away for so long i've forgotten how to use blogger and they've added different styles/features.

so i'll get up to speed as i increase my posting and focus.

not the steady stream i had hoped to be delivering either - work and life is getting in the way again.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

two new doll stories at Gromets Plaza

  • Sex Doll
    F/m; drug; captive; computer; program; sbm; wrap; rubber; insert; transform; sexdoll; tease; mast; sex; cons/nc; X
  • Preppie Dolls 1: Lizzie
    Izhane Twilight
    F?/f; cd; tg; shemale; majick; transformation; latex; rubberization; objectified; rubberdoll; cheerleader; enslave; cond; tease; mast; sex; climax; denial; cons/nc; X

My Strange Addiction: I'm a Living Doll! TLC Discovery S05 Special 01 Ja...

and another one - more dollish EGL than anything. here's the documentary complete.

i heard a rumour that someone will be filming a documentary at DollCon in London in October.

Who are the Maskers? | Secrets of the Living Dolls | Channel 4

how did I miss this???

i've not watched it yet - please comment once viewed.

364,686 hits on the trailer...