Thursday, April 29, 2010

WOW- 50 issues already?

yes its true - Drake the rendering machine he is has reached 50 issues of Medusariffic. need i say go check it out?

i'm in there somewhere and that page has already sparked my creative juices to write some text to go with it in the lines of David Lynches 'Angriest Dog in the World' comic strip which was same set of frames just with new text from week too week. some of them can be seen here on his home page. do check it out as i'd love for him to get a massive spike in his hits coming from a very odd and kinky blog ;-)


UK long weekend = latex sale time

at Westward Bound

May Bank Holiday Uniform Sale.

Take advantage of these provacative latex uniforms, reduced in price until Midnight GMT on Monday 1st May 2010.

and further savings can be had on these items by quoting MAY010 to obtain get a further 10% off.

don't forget to sign up to their email newsletter list to get a heads up on all these offers as they come in as i'm not the most reliable person to post offers from shops and the designers.


photo submissions

thanks to authoress HKW and Xetal ( i think thats who sent one of the photos) for emailing these over too me in the last week.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

second life latex blouses

can someone please direct me to where can buy them? i have several in real life i wear as well as two colors of jodpurs and i'd really like to match them in world.

i'm finding it easier to get custom ideas and designs made to really wear than twisting arms along with modelling for hours in world. oh well, so much for that clever idea for conditioning and training.


if faeries wore shoes

i bet they would look like these.

which reminds me i've recently accidently found a yummy story called Rubber Bloom by Latex Acolyte which i've read at least five times already. i really like it, however these dark endings can be a bit much.

if you read it imagine an ending i would prefer; converted, shrunk and becoming a latex faerie.

i managed to loose the link and after some more googling i found it here.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

shiny, shiny

seems shiny tights and stockings are now 'in' fashion in the UK - so says the company that sells tights online. their recent email flyer declared:

Underwear as Outerwear!

Henry Holland gave an insight into this trend last winter and since then designers such as Chanel have launched their editions to the daring look. Wearing your underwear as outerwear works with bodices worn over tops, big pants worn as hot pants and showing the tops of your hold ups. Celebs such as Lilly Alan, Taylor Momsen and Frankie from the Saturdays have all bared their hold ups, what are you waiting for?

could well all just be marketing, though you can go have a look at Tights Please.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

if you like green...

... and designer wellingtons / rain boots then have a look hereat the ebay listing (BIN no less) for a pair of green Sigerson Morrison rain boots.

these are the closest modern equivalent to the famed Acquo boots. admittedly they never made the Aquos in Kermit the Frog Green.

for some close ups of said boots check out this flicker collection.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

cult of the PVC drones

this is a weird one which i've been saving for some time, hoping to learn more and then recently found a site that may have a connection too it which will be later;

a while back - at least over 18 months ago i was hanging out at hypnodolls and one or two av's would talk about pvc and being trained to be PVC UNIT's a lot. having already been involved with the Rubber Dolls it was of little interest so i sort of just tuned them out. they were fundemently UK based too and were setting up a sim / area in SL. never heard much from them again or spotted them.

all their names were PVC then a number. they're still registered btw - anyone know them? i wonder if a certain singer is one?

it wasn't till after bumping into them in SL that i had an email from a contributor in the UK asking if i knew anything about them as somehow he ended up chatting to one of these drones on yahoo im somewhat regularly. seems they were a real group based both in Birmingham and also London. they were dedicated to PVC catsuit and were watching pvc text lettered hypno flash files to program themselves into PVC drones - aka 'food for the PVC catsuits'.

ever the investigative journalist the writer kept playing along and seeing where this would go. seems it wasn't just guys but also women, all wearing PVC catsuits as much as possible as well as cramming as much hypno into themselves to be good little PVC Catsuit drones. drugs were mentioned as well as special initiations. almost sounded cult-ish.

i've tried for 20 min to post a segment of the chat and it simply won't take for some bizarro reason.

the chatter was even invited to one of the group session in and given a PVC drone number and accepted into the group as a initiate. then communication evaporated.

does this sound familiar to anyone? was this all some sort of LARP fetish world. strangely this all happened pre SL.

now just recently i found the Skin Tight Lover hypno site which sounds very similar which includes several very deep hypnotic videos (NSFW).

love to know more otherwise its just a weird urban legend.


very vintage latex fashions

these were found posted on Rubberist.Net after being spotted on Bianca's forum;

you'll notice how draped and loose they all are. still some very nice ideas there although it seems they've not really figured how to work with it as the future designers have.

there's more in the series from the same youtube user, so just have a look around.


dreamy dressing...

first photo from a very dreamlike fashion sequence from frou frou fashionista blog.

its an editorial depicts what men probably fantasize about how women look when they get together to dress and put on their lingerie. In some respects it's pretty accurate, but the photos also have a dreamy fantasy quality that even we ladies aspire to create in real life!

We personally love these images because they capture intimate moments shared by women. Some of the best bonding times are times like these, almost like photos of a bride getting ready with her maidens before the wedding.
As for the lingerie we're seeing, the stockings are Wolford and Fogal, and the bras/undies are La Perla, Valisere, Madame Sher, and Dior.

they almost have a little story going there. pitty they didn't follow it through.


new designs from Simon O

they've been busy bees there both with back orders and new designs.

here's some Simon O sent through too me.

personally like the cape idea and wonder if they will do a full winter rain coat one day.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

dance partners

i was sent this image in recently and there was no information with it. does anyone know more? why the mickey mouse ears?

click to enlarge.


stage friendly latex...

if its black and shiny: "it must be latex" according to all the fashion and music journalists ever since American Apparel came out with their leggings. the same thing was said about Rihanna catsuit / outfit she wore recently on American Idol.

while of course for those with sharp eyes and first hand experience - of course it isn't really latex but its still its black and shiny and still deserving of some attention. there's a full thread over at Kinky Gerlinky Forum. i bet there's a whole new generation of fetishists being created by the peformance.

there's a load more photo's, video youtube links as well as downloadable high def archives of the show at the forum so you can examine all the stitch work in detail.

does anyone sell a long sleeve top to go with black latex like leggings? sort of instant catsuit without the back zip (and the lower zip issue)? i know AA now does a loose unisex track suit in the same material now. though i am eyeing their disco trousers at the moment.


an inflated doll head?

my fevered and rather kinky mind started racing when i saw this edited and captioned photo awhile ago. i kept it to one side an shared it with a few people who really 'get' my kinks.

then i tripped upon this one from deviant art site and it clicked in me - a large kumguri mask wouldn't be the way to go but how about an inflatable one?

i do now own an eyeless inflatable hood with just a mouth hole which i purchased to match my black HybridZ doll outfit in Second Life. its very unique feeling wearing it and close to my only vac bed experience - and yes i didn't want out. so a slightly oversized dolls head in inflatable latex ... yes i think i want one of those now.. must have eyes and a mouth tho. or at least a way to see.

does anyone know who makes them and what the costs are? i can see myself as the bratz or myscene barbie.. or even barbie... they would definitely sell and would be a lot cheaper than kumguri masks. i think mine would need a discreet teeny collar lock.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

vintage mind control

must be the start of a story in there somewhere.


some of my first steps

i was looking through some old folders recently and found my vaguely labelled folder of old ASFR fiction, probably first from the Robot Doll ASFR page and then elsewhere. a long long time ago...

there's two stories that guided me down this route and sunk in so deeply. i've read them both countless times and i desperately wish i was in the story. the one i could find in the folder is Clearing House by GreyRose. it can also be found at LTBSA.

Clearing House
By GreyRose

Karen sorted though the work orders, looking to find a lot stored in one of the outer buildings.  It didn't take long as there was always more things to be cataloged than there were people to count them.  In fact she found several of them, all in the same building.  Taking them all she walked out of the office and down the hall shuffling through the papers.

Even though it was late Friday afternoon no one had a problem with her just getting started now.  After all this was a non-profit clearing house, everyone worked for minimum wage if they got anything at all. And nobody argued with any time that anyone was willing to pull.

Karen worked here because she was always finding all kinds of neat stuff.  Frequently she ran across things that her friends in various theatrical prop departments were looking for.  But her favorite reason she liked working here was that there were always clothes to find.  She was always on the look out for interesting new things, almost half her wardrobe was from finds she made here.  Though some may have suspected, she hoped that no one knew for sure that she always tried on anything that interested her.  It was one of the reasons that she preferred to sort lots that were not in the main building.

Since she had just broke up with her latest boyfriend, she did not feel like staying at home and getting all depressed with her friends efforts to cheer her up.  And she really did't want any of the guys that worked here to find out that she was between boyfriends again. For some reason that made them even crazier to get their hands on her 38C-24-35 figure.
At least this way she could stay busy for hours and actually get something good accomplished with her time.

Stepping outside she took her light brown hair in hand, the breeze trying to blow loose strands into her face.  Karen quickly made her way to the building that her lots were stored in.  Seeing that the lock was in place on the outer door, she smiled.  That meant that she was the only one working inside, so she could try on anything she found with no worry about being watched.

Quickly opening the lock, she entered the building and turned on the hall lights.  Originally this building had been used as offices and so the building was broken up into lots of rooms, most of them larger ones for groups of steno's or ranks of filing cabinets.  Now it was used for the lots made up of easily carried box's and furniture.

Checking her paperwork again, Karen found there was a lot stored here on the first floor.  She decided to start with that and work her way up the building from there.

Looking over the information of the previous owner, she found out that this lot had been owned by an unmarried man in his 30's.  For an unspecified reason all of his household property had been ceased and sold.  This was the portion that has been bought by the House, sight unseen.  Her job was to sort and catalogue everything, so that the appraisers could assign individual values.

Doubting that there would be any outfits a man would have that she would want Karen almost passed on this lot.  But by the time she had the thought she was standing outside the room.  With a sigh, Karen opened the door and entered.

Inside she saw that this must have been a bedroom suite, as there were several free standing wardrobes, a number of trunks, a full length mirror, and a large wooden bed frame and mattress, with assorted smaller boxes.
Starting with the largest items Karen, listed and described the bed set, the wardrobes, and the trunks.  Then she opened the first wardrobe and stopped stunned.  Inside she found that it was packed with clothes, woman's clothes, woman's latex clothes.  She saw a number of styles in several different colors, black and red being the most frequent.

Taking her time she took and laid out most of the items on top of the chests and box's.  The dresses, and skirts ran from micro-mini's to floor length, most had very narrow lines but a few were the same patterns as could be found on the street.  The tops ran from skin tight pullovers to flowing long sleeved fancy dress.

Karen had taken her time with many of the items, holding them up against her body and imagining herself wearing each one.  She took a quick look in the rest of the wardrobe and discovered on the shelf above several hats of latex, as well as a few things she thought were caps or hoods but she wasn't too sure.  In the drawers below were a selection of latex lingerie; bra's, panties, stockings, garterbelts and more.  Also she found some talcum powder and some oils, that she thought might be used to make it easier to wear the rubber clothes.

Quickly she went to the next wardrobe and opened it to discover that it held men's clothes, pants and shirts mostly, all latex.  With boots and gloves as well.  Realizing that these accessory's were missing from the woman's set, she moved on to the largest trunk.  In this she found a large selection of gloves, shoes and boots, but there were also a number of body suits, also made of rubber.  Berried under everything else was a box, it filled up the entire bottom of the trunk.

Taking it out and opening it, Karen was amazed to discover what looked like a partial woman mannequin made of rigid red latex.  The face held the expression of a woman in the throws of orgasm, with her mouth partially open. Karen could see the hollow inside the mouth was sealed, but the nose had openings in the nostrils.  Also there was nothing filling the eye sockets, just open spaces.  The arms and legs which ended just before the elbow and knee were also open, confirming that the inside of the mannequin was hollow.

Karen could see that the head was designed to move from side to side, but not up or down.  Lower down she could see that the body could be bent at the hips, but not turned to the sides.  The waist was wasp shaped, as if the woman had a spectacularly narrow waist or perhaps was wearing a corset.  The arms and legs, such as they were could also be moved, but only to the front and back.  It looked as if the rubber figure was incomplete, the creator having stopped before finishing.

Looking at the incomplete figure gave her a strange tingly kind of feeling.  Karen couldn't quite figure out what it was, but she wanted to keep an eye on it.  So she 'posed' it so that it was braced up against some box's, as if it were sitting there watching her.  As she moved each part there was a series of soft clicks, and each piece stayed just where she posed it.

She spent the next little while posing and preening before the mirrors asking the figure what it thought of each item she held up.
Karen was so wrapped up in trying to decide what to try on first that she turned and half seriously asked, "Well my silent friend, I'm just not sure which to try first. What would you suggest?"

"I would recommend anything in red, my dear."

The female voice caught Karen completely by surprise.  Turning she first stared at the latex mannequin, before seeing movement behind it near the door.

Looking more closely, Karen could see a tall familiar looking woman with long black hair standing near the door.  "I'm sorry, did I frighten you?  I was told that there was someone here that could help me," the woman said.
Having regained her breath, Karen replied, "Yes, I'm afraid that you did give me something of a fright.  I hadn't heard you come down the hall. What is it I'm supposed to help with?"

The woman moved further into the room, looking over the 'explosion' of latex apparel.  "I was talking with the manager in the main building, a Mr. ..." the woman's voice trailed off questioningly.

"Mr. Dalmon?" Karen offered.

"Yes... Dalmon.  I left my lawyers papers with him, and he said that there was someone here to help me while he takes care of the paperwork back there."

Holding a rubber dress behind her, as if to hide what she had been doing, Karen asked, "And what is it you need help with, exactly?"
"Oh, I'm here to reclaim my property.  It seems that when the creditors cleared out my boyfriends apartment, they took my property and sold it along with his.  I've been having a dreadful time, what with trying to track down where each parcel of the goods have gone to and finding my things amongst them."

Karen understood just how challenging such an endeavor could be, having seen how quickly lots could be brought in and either broken up or sold entire.  "Well, whatever I can do, just ask and I will do what I can to help."

The woman smiled at Karen's words, "My dear you have already started by opening this building...  I mean for being here in this room.  You see these are my things that you were playing with!"

"Oops, I'm sorry!  It's just that all these things just looked so..." Karen's voice drifted off in embarrassment.

Coming forward the woman placed a hand about Karen's shoulders, "My dear please don't feel badly about enjoying my collection!  I take it as a compliment that you are so fascinated by it!"

Leaning in and whispering, "In fact, after I get changed into something special, its just been too long since I've worn any rubber!  After I've changed, with your help I hope, we'll find something for you to wear. Please say that you'll help me?  It's just so much easier and more fun when there's someone sharing in the pleasure."

Karen was somewhat overwhelmed by this woman's presence and the offer to share in some dress-up was more than she could say no to.  Karen was so intrigued by the woman's story and offer that she completely forgot to ask the woman's name.  So she helped the woman select a number of items and laid them out as the woman undressed.

First spreading talc over the woman's skin, Karen noticed that they were both of a height and build.  Though where she was fair of skin and hair this woman was dark, with long raven tresses and darkly tanned skin.
First the woman wanted a pair of panties, ones that had built in dildo's for both openings.  After liberally dousing each probe with lubricant she pulled the panties home with a shudder.  "Ooooooo, it's just been too long!  Quickly help me into this body suit!"

Obeying the snapped command, Karen held and pulled and zipped as the  woman directed.  The whole time staring at the woman's features, sure that she had seen them someplace.  Such was her fascination with the woman and the clothing, Karen completely missed how turned on she was becoming.
In what felt like a blink of the eye, the woman was now fully dressed. The black latex body suit covered everything from the neck down even her hands and feet.  On top of this was a pair of thigh high red latex boots, a red latex corset, long gloves and a tall collar all in red latex.

Over all of this the woman draped a flowing hooded robe, watching Karen intently.  "Now my dear we need to pick out some things for you."
Karen met the woman's gaze and felt herself captured by the strength and authority radiating from the latex garbed figure before her. Without a word spoken, Karen quickly removed her talc covered clothes.
She stood silent and unmoving as the woman paced about her nude form. As the woman passed behind her, Karen's gaze fell upon the mannequin.

Suddenly she understood, the face of the mannequin was the same as that of the woman.  She must have moved or made a sound, because the woman leaned over her shoulder and said, "So you recognized my alter ego?"
Moving over to the mannequin, "My boyfriend was many things, and some of them were an artist and a craftsman.  He made this shell for me and I would wear it at parties and about the house for him.  I can't tell you how many times I've cum while wearing it!"

Karen stared from one to the other, "You wore this...  this... "  Her voice drifted off as she tried to understand what it would feel like to be encased in the mannequin shell.  Turned into an object, a thing, a toy.
Watching Karen's expression as her mind worked and churned.  "Ah I do believe that we have found the thing for you!"

Once again time blurred for Karen, she quickly found herself wearing a red latex body suit.  While this suit had fillers for both of her lower entries there was something different about them, but they were shoved into her so fast that she had no time to see how.

With the suit sealed, the Mannequin shell was opened and piece by piece attached to her body.  Karen stood immobile and silent as the woman changed her from a woman into a Mannequin.  The final piece was the head, this the woman opened and carried over to Karen.  She adjusted the mouth filler and then held it up to Karen's face.  What she had thought was a rigid globe was now a soft mass that easily fit into her mouth.

With very little adjusting the head of the mannequin settled home about Karen's head.  She found that she could breath easily and that her hearing was also clear, though she had not seen any openings at the ears.  With a final click she was now Mannequin.

The woman slowly moved to stand before the newly minted Mannequin.  She carefully stroked and caressed every inch of the red latex skin. Making some final adjustments here and there, Mannequin could feel a tremendous charge building within her.  Finally the woman took Mannequins face in both her hands and gave her a long deep passionate kiss.  Mannequin felt the mass in her mouth become rigid and expand, forcing her mouth open, as if she were in the throws of an orgasm.

Suddenly with a power she had never felt in her old life Mannequin came hard and long.  She shuddered, quaked and spasimed and would have fallen had it not been for her Mistresses arms about her.  Slowly she came back to the world about her, blasted clean of all that she had been before.
She stood unmoving, unnamed, awaiting some persons will to move her, to give her purpose.  The woman, her Mistress, gently took her by the shoulders and guided her to a place before the mirror.

There stood a promise fulfilled, where before had been just the start of a mannequin, here was one complete.  She could see that there were join marks at her wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, waist. And bending forward with soft ratcheting sounds she could see them also at her knees and ankles.
Straightening again, Mannequin stood and watched as Mistress dressed her in a tight black latex mini dress.  Also added were a pair of black stiletto heeled shoes, a white lace apron, white lace gloves, and a black haired wig with a maids cap pinned to it.

After a final inspection Mistress spoke, "Now Maid I expect you to get my things ready for travel.  Fold them and put them into the suitcases and boxes that I will bring in."  And then Mistress strode from the room.
Moving slowly at first, Maid began to prepare all the latex as her Mistress ordered.  Quickly the two women had every latex item from the wardrobes and chests ready, as well as a large number of items from the boxes that littered the room.

Maid found that she could not move as quickly as Mistress could, her shuffling step no match for Mistresses powerful stride.  But she could tell that this disparity did not upset her Mistress.  So as she slowly carried items down the hall the Mistress carried others past her and  placed them into a waiting van.

Maid had not noticed that her talc covered clothing had been boxed along with all the latex items.  All during the loading of the van, Maid had been dreading the time when they would be finished and that she would have to change back into Karen.

The last box having been placed into the cargo bed, Maid looked in and saw a small area still empty.  Even as she wondered why Mistress had packed the truck this way, there was a solid click at the back of her neck.  Maid found herself unable to move, at least those parts that were covered by the rigid latex.

Before she could grasp what was going on, Mistress pushed Maid down into the bed of the van.  Taking some items from the last box loaded, Maid's hands and feet were pulled back and locked together.
"My dear, dear, Maid, having seen you wearing that mannequin skin there is no way that I could ever do without you.  I decided that I simply must have you with me forever."

"Oh I know that you may have had a life that you might want to return to but that's all gone now.  All you are is Maid, or whatever I decide to redress you as.  Perhaps tomorrow you will be Nurse, or Cook, but you will always be mine!"

"And have no fears about you getting away from me if I were to remove the Mannequin shell from you.  You see there are ways to get food in to you and there are ways to let such things out without removing anything.  Did I forget to tell you that I usually wore it for weeks at a time?"

Mistress started to turn away, "Oh and don't think that anyone else knows that I'm here.  It took me weeks to follow the paper trail that led me here.  I've been waiting days for someone to open this building so that I could search for my things.  It must have been fate that led you to open not only this place but also find my things straight off!"

"Hmmm, now that I think on it, Maid should be rewarded for her good behavior."  Mistress reached under the skirt of Maid and groping the crotch of the helpless Mannequin.  The pressing of a button triggers the vibrator locked into Maid's love channel, causing her to tremble as the sensations mount.

With a few items tucked about Maids form, Mistress closed the doors and drove the van away.  Maid was completely oblivious as she was rocked by wave after wave of orgasm.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the best kink is in fashion magazines

so i've concluded a while ago.

here's proof from of Trish Goff - Purple Beauty - Purple Magazine Spring/Summer 2010 Issue here.


the start of a story

a yummy image to get your imagination going.


from silver latex like leggings to....

it was sort of inevitable i feel, you know you can almost plot some fashion trends? first it was the silver metallic leggings from AA, which were only for the truely adventurous and long skinny legged. then the super glossy black ones which have now become as much as a fashion staple as blue jeans in some parts of the world.

then if you look closely leggings have started to change, mixing and matching materials, colors and contrasts. meanwhile a whole slew of music diva's and bands went positively ASFR in their onstage personas. then designers they got printing working correctly so thanks to Rotwang's keen eagle eyes (or should that be robot eyes) there will shortly be ‘Maria’ Robot Leggings brought to you by Dark Horse.

these leggings were inspired by the Fritz Lang, 1920’s sci-fi movie Metropolis. they are poly-stretch and will be released as part of their Spring 2010 collection. so far any google investigating has only provided the same set of photo's and quotes. the designers site is currently in rebuild limbo.

keep your eyes peeled in fashion magazines as they're bound to start appearing with some exceptionally kinky high heeled shoes (or so i hope).

now when will there be a top made to match it?

for any major or budding latex designers out there i do have a wonderful folder full of images of the Thierry Mugler famed robot suit if you would like to develop a better version in latex.


ps; a video of the robo suit:

and a better quality one i can't embed is here

a new source of doll suits

it seems Fetish Live has joined other latex designers in making a full catsuit dollsuit here.

it has loads of options for customisation and containment of your doll. if anyone finds more photo's of it in use then please do post in comments. thanks to Z Z for the find and the kind email. i totally missed it.

i wonder how many company's are making doll suits now and how well are they doing? obviously they are reacting both to interest and demand. there's even an annual convention now that is due to start in ten days or so. more information on the 2010 Rubber Doll World Rendezvouscan be found on their homepage here. and no i won't be attending. i plan on getting to London and Europe more than anything else and with the exchange rate its a bit of work to save now.

if you do manage to make it along to the event then please send me an email report with photo's and i can post it.


bling your rubber??

i saw kits for doing up your cellphone with jewels and beads. now a mexican designer Gianfranco Reni has done the same to a a gas mask for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Mexico City.

surely the one of the appeal for fetishists is the deep black heavy rubber of the mask that dominates your face?

thanks to Remz for the curious find.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a 3d look into Second Life

if you have the old fashion red/blue glasses you can watch in depth this short film made by my old friends in Second Life; Pyewacket and Ingrid;

made with SL robots.


Friday, April 09, 2010

libidex london's shop window

thanks to blackice who was up in london and did several three-d shots of Liberation which is Libidex's boutique in Covent Garden. he's uploaded them to his album at Start 3D so they can be shared and viewed by people. there's a few more there so feel free to explore.

here's one i liked from the window display and the reflecting latex works sooo well.

on the Start 3D page you can control the speed and al sorts of other 3d attributes. click on the image and it will also take you to the image as its embedded on their own site.

now he also commented that he shot Libidex's recent fashion show in 3D at Torture Garden as well as both digital and large format 120mm stereo threeD backstage after the show in full studio set up. photo example bellow.

if you are in London and pop by Liberation and ask nicely they'll show you the 3d photo's. one of the models once seeing them was reported to say "I can't look at plain normal photo's again".

i guess they're just that amazing.


Monday, April 05, 2010

before zentia's there was - abstracted people

thanks to Thilo for the find of this bizarre art project.

check out the site here for more images and artist information.

wonder if it will evolve into a fetish? are there zentai clubs around? do let me know.


just part of a story

i found in my old emails which i had written for a friend, its a bit draft but as there's not much out there i felt it was time to share;

Her mistress smiled gently and crawled up onto the bed
besides her new doll. Tanya was totally immobile and
couldn't move a muscle but could feel absolutely
everything that was being done to her. Mistress
started by shrimping her toes, sucking on them as if
they were the most delicious lolipops in existence.

after a few minutes paying tribute her cute toes she
explained 'your probably wondering why you are so
thoroughly and utterly frozen?' she smiled sly and
continued; ' I found a paralysising potion that slows
the body down to a plant like metabolism. Its dosage
can be low to high and the time your left proportional
to your immobility. I t could be hours, days or maybe
with some work - weeks'

Mistress start to work up Tanya's legs with renewed
vigor, stoping and spend time on her metal lined
pussy. Digging deeply with her firm tongue to hit the
special spot repeatedy.

Tanya's mind was screaming with delight followed by
blinding orgasm which seemed to last for minutes. By
that time Mistress was nibbling and biting her nipples
to the point of pain - or was it pleasure. She was
loosing track which was which the pleasure was soo

She demounted and left Tanya there for a moment while
she padded off to the other room. When her mind
cleared enough she stared at the mannequin she had
been trapped in for the weekend and wondered what it
would be like to get back into it and be left there.
Would she ever want to come out, would she just slip
away and believe she was the life sized dolly?

Mistress returned with a needle which she deftly
inserted into Tanya....

She awoke tied up and unable to move a muscle.

She could feel something in her pussy, some sort of
tubing. She tried to look around but couldn't really
move her head at all. There was some sort of latex
hood on her. She could see out but even with the magic
freezing jungle juice in her she'd never be able too
budge an inch. She could tell her waist was severely
corseted and that there was even one on her neck. She
was on tip toes which meant ballet boots. The smell of
new leather and rubber was all around her.

It was one of those fashionable but kinky shops in the
Village, it had a black painted frount and a huge
glass window. On display now was three mannequins in
various positions, with one being slave the other two
are attending two.

The displays showed off the stores many outfits and
restraints. Shoppers and curious passerby’s would see
Tanya but only see a small latex doll; just another
mannequin and not even suspect it was a human, let
along one that was once a woman who had been seduced
into this windows prison. And who was slowly bit by
bit undergoing conditioning and surgery to be molded
into a permant pretty female doll.

There Tanya would stand as a display mannequin,
beautiful and unmoving for up too a few of days at a
time. The large full height window was mirrored
inwards so that Tanya couldn't see out but everyone
could see in. All she was able see is herself frozen
in the kinky display amongst similarly still and
beautiful female mannequins. She was now a doll in a
dolls world.

Mistress would visit her doll posed in these very
kinky vingettes along with the far taller real
mannequins, enjoying the sight and the knowledge Tanya
was totally trapped as much by her mind wanting to be
a doll as the locked window case, and had by total
submission become nothing more than a sexy object.

the first rubber ball

wasn't in london, it was in akron to promote the rubber industry. a find posted on by intrepid researcher Galor;


and he also found proof that rubber bathing suits are as old as your grandmother if not older.


there's more interesting b/w news reel footage on


Sunday, April 04, 2010

there must be some doll-ish spreads there

a new digital issue of Chic Today is available for online reading or download and after a very rapid flip through i did spot some dollish spreads shown right.

anyone care to find more and report back in comments?


how to make a robo-woman

my head is still pretty much mush from this instant cold that ruined my weekend so i have idea where this came from.

so a general shout out for everyone who takes the time to send links and feeds into me. i get caught up in rl work and things get bookmarked and forgotten. my own stash of started news items and entries is at least 30 items long.

please keep sending them in and don't worry if you need to prod me to get a reply.


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