Wednesday, December 31, 2014

another way to enter the virtual world of second life

with so many kinky, fetishistic and BDSM possibilities its a perfect fit of strapping a VR headset to your head.

surprised no one has made a rubber gimp headset just for it....


Friday, December 26, 2014

one semi regular haunt besides second life is....

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its easier to buy latex in real life than have custom latex made in Second Life

here's my latest example and a christmas present to myself;

who can have it made for me in Second Life while i wait for it to arrive from Germany?

for those interested in someting similar; On ebay here

more musing on why this one and not one more obiously doll-ish to come


Rubber Masked - a very very draft story....

inspired by this photo found somewhere of the legendary Rubber Sisters in action, i removed captioned texted and wove the rough story. i think it could even be made into a short film... 

Rubber Masked
Asudem - v1 draft

She had first met her new friend Laura at a fetish club in the city. She was dressed as a latex doll - her eyes didn't blink and her face perfect and emotionless rubber. They didn't really talk that night, but Laura passed her a glossy business card with her doll masked photo on it and an invite into the virtual world of Second Life. She was entranced and fascinated by her and what she had achieved.  A day later she eagerly joined the virtual world and tracked down her friend: she looked identical how she looked at the club. Their typed communication was faster and somehow very intimate.

Laura’s words appeared on screen and directly into her mind.

They shared in detail their obsession for latex, how it made them feel, look and changed them when wearing it. Her deeply rooted desires were reflected back to her in her new latex friend.

Laura guided her to all the best shops in-world to get latex and also 'work' as a living mannequin in world to get currency for more latex. Now in this space she was truly surrounded by latex of her wildest dreams.

She had a pretty good real life collection of latex clothing and Laura was all to happy to help firmly re-enforcer her wearing it more and more when at home. She jumped at the chance to make decisions on what her acolyte should use her salary on next for both the real world and in world purchases. She was no longer alone in her fetish.

For Jeanie it was like having a stylist and a personal shopper in one; just one that was slightly firm and dominating, but in a teasing evocative way that suited her modelling partner fine. The combination of slight fear, her obsessive fetish and light submission blended into an addictive aphrodisiac which melted her defences and self control. What was just a vague desire was deftly amplified by Laura and her encouragement. Stop wearing flats and start training to higher and higher heels? Oh yes. Wear latex panties all the time… starting slowly … for you yes.

For Laura it was like having her own dress up doll to play with. Obedient, compliant and oh so very willing. She was training her own living fetish pet.

Laura repeatedly painted detailed erotic scenes of some distant future where Jeanie had utterly adopted all of Laura’s training. They were extreme, impossible sounding fantasies that made her so wet. But she was just being teased by Laura or were they seeds to take root in Jeanies fertile and compliant mind? Laura explained her own high heel addiction and how it led to the medical condition known as ‘pied of chat’ where the arch of the foot becomes extreme and won’t flatten. The continual wearing results in tendon shortening so its incredibly painful and impossible to wear low heels. Flats were impossible.

It struck Jeannie that she was on the road to same body modification from her fashion obsession. Somehow she didn’t care. Laura explained she was booked into a specialist surgeon to permentaly shorten her tendons and insert silicon pads in the soles of her feet. Once she had recuperated, she’d always be in 6 inch heels.

Months passed and the friendship and secret fetish continued to grow.

Laura now regularly jested that if she continue to follow her, she should would end up being permanently collared … to her., put on a short leash and then.... she would end up just like Laura - a latex doll from head to toe. The mere thought of this had Jeannie squirming in her latex and hanging on the doll woman’s every word.

Jeannie had picked out an attractive and cute av in world and after a few days Laura proposed and ritual that would, rather than make the look more realistic as was the trend in world, would give her an artificial doll like quality. She couldn't resist and in a little know lair of latex fetishists, her skin was surrendered to Laura and face bleached down to more of a pale complexion, lips became crimson bee stung like a Geisha, eyebrows arched, eyes blue and rouged cheeks. Not a full on doll or extreme clown look, but a chic style with a high fashion spin in that direction that you’d imagine seeing on the catwalks of Paris. Her hair now longer and candy cotton pink added to the complete look. A far difference from her real life mousy brown hair and her plain dress sense.

'Of course we add to the effect you can't say your name. Your a doll from now and you must preface all speech in the third person ..'This Doll' and I'll always refer to you as a doll of course' she said with a sly teasing smile.

Jeannie really didn't mind at all and found all the role play and soft submission very very hot. Hot and scary in a way she'd never experienced before. Its just a computer game. She played along and after a few weeks in world she would only ever reply as the freshly made over persona.

Before dressing her in the shops new set of designer virtual fetish wear she was passed a final mysterious item 'Just put it on' and as a good model does, she did. Nothing changed, she couldn't tell what it was she was now wearing. She looked puzzled.

'Oh don't worry, it will make sense later on, it a label just identifies you as part of the shop' she grinned.

This Doll was extremely comforted that Laura was always around and helped her so much, encouraged her to utterly embrace her once secret and guilty fetish. She'd even started to wear her latex blouses out of her apartment on days off. Admittedly she made sure they weren't polished as she didn't want to draw attention to their glossiness. By this time Laura had her firmly trained to wear latex panties all the time, slowly building up her tolerance to having the tight material on longer and longer until hours became days. Her newly acquired (or was it induced by Laura?) heel fetish was coming along nicely with 4 inches now the norm though she had purchased 5 and 5 1/2 inch court shoes and getting pretty good at walking in them. It was all about the encouragement, the aim and the practice. She was gently being lead deeper and deeper into her fetish. She had a submissive rush to please her friend who was much more on expert and so much further down the road. The final goal?

Laura, ever the model, mannequin and doll introduced her to a new shop in world called 'Temple' where the owner and in fact Laura's Mistress and also was as dedicated to her real life latex wear as she'd become. The owner was looking at the virtual world as a natural extension of her interests and a unique form of marketing that large corporations were only now just dabbling in. There was a lot of shiny clothes in world, but very few people with actual experience wearing or owning any.

It wasn't long before she they were both modelling in the shop's virtual window or placed in doll cases within the floorspace, while Laura more often than not would be helping customers. Both of them were polite and caring and kept encouraging her to expand her real life latex clothes, suggesting websites, designers and fashion spreads in expensive european magazines for ideas. She was just happy being in that space. Latex images and other mannequins around her. She didn't feel the need to move around at all. Just stand, pose, observe and listen in to the activities on the shop floor and the intimate acts between the shop owner and her friend.

Months had passed and she found the three way relationship very intimate and rewarding as nothing else had ever come close too. There was a real different 'mental space' she entered around her friend and her mistress. This Doll's real world and work seem to fade to greys compared to their virtual kinky environment. Some of the shops fashions were inspiring and she started to get them custom made in real life from far eastern latex companies.

It was then that Laura invited her over to her house on the other side of the city. She said she had a treat - that Mistress would be coming to show of more latex designs freshly imported from top designers in England and Germany - this was like Christmas for a latex fetishist.  It was very exciting and this Doll had spotted both a chrome collar and cuffs online that matched the set from in world boutique Temple. They'd just arrived so she'd wear them for the evening to surprise and impress them both. She purposely left the special magnetic keys at home to demonstrate her commitment and see if it would draw any attention in public. In some ways they were even stylish and chic and as she passed through the city she loosened her coat so they could be clearly seen. Not a word from anyone. This resonated deeply in her mind ‘people don’t care what I’m wearing’ and gave her a renewed sense of purpose to embrace her fetish more publicly.

Arriving on time in the rural area, she was surprised to see Laura dressed as a latex nurse still with the latex doll mask on that she met her in the club and mirrored her in-world look. She was ushered in and Laura immediately spotted the chrome cuffs and collar. Mistress was introduced after a a brief whisper in her ear. She didn't hear much but caught the word chrome as Mistress looked on and smiled approvingly.

Lingering warm hugs and air kisses later, Mistress said out loud that she liked the chrome cuffs and collar - noted that they sold them in world and at her own shop the next city over. For Jeannie it was a bit of a shock - this was a real online shop owner where she had bought them from. Apparently the main store was somewhere in Europe. She then opened up a suitcase and pulled out two long objects for her.

The first unwrapped was a latex Barbie with Laura's doll face. The second was another latex barbie this as Jeannie in the latex clothes dress she was wearing in the Temple store for the last week as she posed in the window. It had her face....

'You see your already part of my collection in my shop in Europe. A lovely fit. We've been selling Laura and yourself as alternative barbie dolls for weeks. I thought you might be ready to accept the offer I made her a year ago when we met and the technology had caught up with our shared addiction. You see there's a reason why she is like this at the club you met her in and in world. She works for me and lives with me here. This is my house. Our world is devotion and submission to latex. She's my latex toy…’

Jeannie jaw dropped slightly as it dawned on her. It all started to fit together perfectly now. Laura’s teasing and joking was actually laying out a real plan.

Mistress sauntered up slowly, touches the chrome wrist cuffs and then finally puts a finger into the front loop of the wide chrome collar. Holding it tight she says breathlessly - 'I want you to join us in an act of transformation to the Doll Goddess. Your are just too perfect’

'You see I overhear everything in our in world shop, your conversation, dreams, how deep your fetish runs. Laura is an extension of my will, a literal puppet and one that I can hear and see everything through. I know about the idea of dumping your job, to let loose and submit to your hidden desires. Let me realise them. Shape your flesh, your body. With corset training I know I can get your waist down to 17 inches, you feet permanently arched for 5.5 inch heels and never anything else less. You can see its worked for Laura. Her surgery went very well as you can see in her new boots.’

'I know you envy our special relationship and that your first taste of submission was Laura's hands. That you liked it and craved more. Much much more... '

'I am that more, much much more than you can ever begin to imagine.'

Mistress summon's Laura who appears holding a open latex mask while she makes quick work of releasing the magnetically locked wide chrome collar. Laura then rotates the mask in a slow dramatic reveal.

'You see, we just don't make miniature dolls; we can now start to make life sized latex dolls as well...'  The mask was her face as everyone had seen her in world. It was a pretty face but had been bleached down, rouged and made up to look doll-ish. Bee stung lips, arched eyebrows and red cheeks. Beautiful still but unnatural and definitely that of a doll.

'Your new face is finally ready - latex mixed with a special organic bio-skin used for burn surgery which was abandoned until they could make it less ‘plasticy looking’. Of course what makes it useless for mainstream is well - ideal - for us. 

‘You see its been 3d printed directly from your details in-world. Laura here was the very first, yours is much more realistic, more mannequin like and all tight latex. Its is fresh and you need to Wear It Now as will shortly 'go off' and that’s the last of the special material we have for some time.’

‘This is your chance Doll.... surrender utterly to your desires. Join us in our Latex world.’

The glamorous nurse assisting had been her friend Laura, her eyes, once brown, were now a perfect shade of blue and she looked at her with a serene smile playing on her full red lips, a beauty and serenity that this Doll could soon share.

Mistress turns to Laura and add’s ‘Perhaps she doesn’t realise how much we want her to join us - let me show you’. She slowly saunters up to Jeannie, lays her long latex gloved hands on either of her shoulders and leans in for a kiss.

too many works in progress....

so here's some 'blanked' captioned photos i liked; but wasn't keen on direction or the story. thought there was much more potential.

have a go, either with captions - or full stories.

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