Wednesday, May 23, 2018

fashion designer known for pvc, rubber and robots does a burlesque show

somewhere in Paris. currently closed for now. i do like the stylised masks. i wonder if they're merch for the show?


it pop'd up on facebook

and a reader who spotted it and had a clever app was able to nab it and email it in.

all the parts can be found on their Aliexpress store which is  here.


Friday, May 18, 2018

fear, loathing, miss orders, glossiness on AliExpres

could also be titled - cheap glossy tight thrills.

i think it was the 20$ silver catsuit that co-incidentally tied into a hypno script mp3 i secured (see earlier posts). i then bought the black version and have yet to wear. the HypnoDomme also then bought one.

i keep suggesting developing these hypnosis sessions as part works that are tied to trigger objects.

so i thought, while its latex, its easier and can just wear around the apt and get used to mix and matching while wearing it out. so i just received the ones bellow.  now i'd say they're fine but more leather like than glossy latex sheen.

but at 10$ how much complaining can one be bothered to do?

so i dived back in and used terms like 'wetlook' and 'shiny' and found these which are now ordered for 7$? that includes postage btw. so the weeks of waiting are next.

and if one is looking for 'toys' - yes they're collars, cuffs, chains and what not there. sizes on smaller diameter etc due to Asian market.

get anything from Ali-Express? if so share your stories. what works, what did you like, how are the fits and wash etc.


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

caption time - from German Fetish Weekend

this was sent in by email from someone spotting it on facebook. feel there's a story there....

i'll join in once some readers have added.

the confidence of the models, they're almost uniformed look and the confused guy. will the eat him alive?


Sunday, May 06, 2018

a bit late for this year, combine your fetish and geekiness

they can be found in the UK at Shhh Couture Latex

this one you could wear anytime but don't let the plasma/lasers cross!!!

wonder if the Orville will be next? how about the martian combat suits from The Expanse?