Friday, February 26, 2010

she was dressed in rubber....

really great indie song with catchy lyrics.

the music video is pretty fun for cut out paper. to bad there wasn't enough of a budget to film it live.


an amazing shoe shoot - almost dreamlike

with both super high heels and loads of latex. thats a two for. if she was made up as a doll as well... mmm. guess someone could do that in photoshop?

so where did the giant shoe go and where do i get one?


Monday, February 22, 2010

i was already doing this for years

a couple of years ago i gave up on the idea of the catsuit - don't get me wrong - i love them - but they are a bit of a pain to get in and out of and more so if your wearing them for a full work day under your normal clothes.

taking 'breaks' and cleaning up is to be honest a slow mess. i just order the tights and get a matching long sleeved top. easy.

now someone at Libidex has realized this too so they now offering:

"Our cunning two piece catsuitt comes as a separate top and bottom, with a back zip on the top and a through crotch zip on the leggings. You can order each half in a different size to achieve a custom fit, without the cost of going made to measure!

Order one NOW at the special price of £130 (normal price £199.95) - offer closes at the end of the sale!

Just enter 'Newsletter Offer' in the special instructions field on your order, or bring a copy of this newsletter with you, to claim your discount."
good news they offer them with mix and match sizing for tops and bottoms too. at £130 for a catsuit thats a real deal. although i've now just noticed the sale date has been reached and they are now back up to a £150 which is still a fair discount.

now i wonder how their doll suit is selling as it was one of the first to be sold as such on fetish latex site?


wind up dolly

for those worried about how many batteries they're using and why the tv remote never works..

and another extension for your body for the adventurous.

sorry, you will need to do your own googling if you want to buy them ;-)


free latex suits!!!

well free in the virtual world of Second Life and you can look at it on the web at xlstreetsl.

there's actually two free items - the FREE HybridZ Nylon Stocking Swish (sound) and FREE RLV SCRIPTED DOLL SUIT - a perfect reason to get into Second Life from a great designer.

do make sure you rate them too.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

robot women

from the cover of a vintage pulp sci-fi magazine. guess arnie wasn't the first after all?


Thursday, February 18, 2010

the full comic now in english

thanks to Conscious Object's LJ Page.

its entitled Frozen Doll and it has been floating around for years in its original Japanese. She credits Utsumi who was kind enough to do a translation, and she whipped up some relettering for the english version.

its all here.


more of a concept

i am back in second life and still wanting to get sealed up as a clock work latex doll and i realized that i don't have the time or skills to develop all the bits i need to accomplish this.

i'm more of a concept doll. imagination is my fluid space and so i am looking for in world builders who can make some of the concepts for buildings, dolls, clothing etc that are in my rubbery little brain and need to be let out for the world to see.

please email me at or inworld im asudem kasei.

i don't have much money there so these will simply work with a percentage with 20% or so coming back to me as the creator.

oh and does anyone know where to get a Bratz AV?


silicone the new fetish material?

has anyone played with the various cheap silicone kids toys at all? they have an artificial fruit smell to them and a slight talc'ing too. what did u make of them? they're very resilient, totally stretchy and when wet very slick. i remember first getting one a few years ago that was a metallic purple tube that sort of fed upon itself going back inside itself as you squished it.

needless to say i tried to keep in on my hand like some sort of inflatable rubber bondage mitt.

which of course where the initial speculation came from. it wasn't until i revisited a toy store that i noticed a lot of these things around. wonder what else could be made this way?

there was one particular pervy one which was some sort of spider like balloon creature covered with thick 3 inch long hairs. i wonder what its like to be packed in a crate of them? hmmm....

i wasn't the only one having the idea. it seems that FemSkin are extending their range and market place to include catsuits made of the same material although at 900$ they cost way more than even the most basic catsuit or latex leggings.


Monday, February 15, 2010

rubber dolls for Valentines

if you were lucky enough to attend Torture Garden's massive Valentines event in London at Scene One then you would be confronted by a tunnel of latex dolls - 4 in fact and all Britne's.

thanks to Black Ice for sending these in and who seems to be still recovering from the event. a full collection of the nights activities, shows and people will be on 3XL either first with a preview or all at once.

according to reports, after clearing the changing room and coat rack lines you could go straight or turn to your right and down a sealed off (with heavy clear PVC strips) area where the sex dolls hung from the sealing and where near identical Britne Dolls were guiding patrons through.

another surprise part of the installation was a blonde woman semi fused to a matching female mannequin. from the images it looks like she almost fits into the mannequin shell. now there just _has_ to be a seed of a story in there. had she escaped from an evil store and was only partly made into a mannequin?

there's likely to be more in the sequence - we'll all just have to wait untill 3XL has them posted online.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

more latex in the post apocalypse future

seems to be all futures be they in advertisements or films have an element of latex these days; including the super bowl ad which of course i didn't see as i have no interest in football (surprise, surprise) - so i had to find out about it on

i wonder if its a token nod to Mr Goodyear who pioneered rubber clothing. does anyone know more about it?


Sunday, February 07, 2010

before Duran Duran

there were killer doll mannequins available by phone order.

i knew the song and heard it countless times and wasn't even aware that there was a video to go with it and so kinky too.


singer in a glass box

i know singers are products these days...

still i love dol boxes and cases myself and one day i'll have my own with slick red padded latex as the back wall.


Monday, February 01, 2010

of course models are dolls now aren't they

taken to a truely amazing extreme this link was sent to me by Thilo in Germany.

they were made by a couple in australia and she explains more about them:

"his was one of the most mammoth, complicated, annoying, crazy things I've ever had to make. And I've made a few strange things. I'll spare you the trials and tribulations and just give you the pretty pictures of the finished products. I learned SO MUCH during the process of of making many mistakes! We were just about in tears sometimes, but I think, in the end, they look great. Phew!

I almost forgot to explain that we made these for a hair show. The hair/wigs was done by a hairdresser. We made the heads. The wigs are AMAZING. There were 6 heads made in total, each had it's own style.

they are quite light, they have a stem at the back of the neck that leads down to the waist where there is a back brace so all the weight is on their hips. The wigs are heavier than the heads, especially the geisha style one. They used dancers instead of models cause they thought they might have more strength and balance. If anyone wants to know the process I can go into more detail for them."

their homepage is Pink Cactus Props and i do plan to write to her to show she's had coverage here.


not too sure about the song

i do love the doll boxes and he nurses outfits tho;

one day when i have some mad money and have expanded my wardrobe yet again i think i may just invest in getting a doll box made for my apt.