Monday, August 31, 2009

a bribe to write new doll stories?

i've been in correspondence with a latex design company now based in australia about the possibility of sponsoring a competition to write doll fetish fiction featuring transformations and hypnosis. they are going to offer an off the rack latex item in UK size 8-10 for the winner and also to host the entries on their site.

dollsrealm would post the winning story and possibly the top two or three.

would anyone be interested in writing for it? Gromets Plaza did very well with so many entries and i feel its good pr for both the sponsor and this blog. a few more items maybe be possible and other gifts for the winner which could include loads of credits at a certain Second Life shop i used to model for as well as anything else really.

Would you enter the Doll Story competition
Free polls from

please vote so i can gage interest and see about other sponsors.


i bet it works on latex clothes

i spotted this find on and as a handy tip i felt i should share it to all you real latex wearers - its pointless on the latex like leggings, its Hunter UV Tech Cleaner.

the claims: Hunter UV TechTM maintains the ‘like new' look of your Hunter Rubber Boots and helps preserve flexibility and colour by providing essential plasticising oils lost by the degrading effects of the sun. UV Tech is scent free and also ideal for all types of vinyl, Hypalon, latex, fibreglass and nylon.

though i've been using Armourall for years now and i find it works just as well if not better. i must admit my black queen sized latex duvet does smell like a car for a few hrs after i've given it a good polish although for some thats an entirely different fetish.


a tour of a japanese company

jen's find

is a very interesting collection of japanese / asian doll imagery be it anime, manga or photo's and it can be found image collection.

its really good for reference images for doll joints. i wonder how hard it would be to get stitching done on a blank skin toned (or white) zentai suit?

these are just a few i like so go check out message board and if you look at the other categories be aware they are very definitely NSFW.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

how not to photograph yourself

i LMAO when i accidently stumbled upon this site dedicated to what i now know to call Duck Face photo's, which as you'll immediately recognize are everywhere!!!

here's one sample from the site.

the site explains:

you know that face you make when you're about to take that deeply angled shot of yourself for myspace?

you know, the one where you push your lips together in a sort of bastardized combination of a pout and a pucker to give the impression that you've got big sexy kissable lips and way more defined cheekbones than you actually have?

it's called "duckface"




and i totally agree. ;-)


somewhere in closets across the country

there's treasure of high super high heels from the 50's.

have you checked your grandmother's attic? or has she listed your inheritance on ebay already?


Thursday, August 27, 2009

paris does latex as does gaga

at least once that there's public photographic proof of. which has me wondering having gone through the Kinky Gerlinky Forum a few times now that most models and singers have worn latex at some point in their career? can any photographers or models or famous people reading this blog confirm my suspicions?

is it becoming so common place now even as a 'risque' garment that its loosing its supposed fashion edge? another trend that will burn itself out soon leaving us devotees and addicts to wear it more easily in public?


summer sales continue

for a few more days at Libidex who were quick to notice a few years ago that its hot in the summer and people wear way less latex then. sales slumped so they decided to shore up their books with a sale which now appears to be an annual event and is a full 25% across all their off the peg items.

i've build up my collection and restock of their latex leggings / tights this time of year thanks to a weak pound to dollar and of course the annual sale.

with their new colors its really worth a visit to see that there's much more than basic black. some oooh so perfect for your inner mannequin, sex doll or barbie.


Friday, August 21, 2009

vintage sexyness part 2

wonder if any of these designs can be remade in latex as per a certain correspondents suggestion?


vintage sexyness pt1

it was suggested once to me that the best place to find a time traveller is a shopping mall and property agent? why you ask? well what a perfect way to collect first editions than to go back and time and buy them when new. same could be said with clothing, or whatever? picasso was trading his art for food.

the property agent is another give away - you need to bury this stuff somewhere so that it can be reclaimed in the future.

enjoy this first collection of retro ads. more to come in the future!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

if my maths are right....

then i will reach 2,000,000 hits at the end of January 2010-ish at an average of 100,000 every six weeks.

guess someone is reading it and returning. ;-)


i love this coat

and i'd seriously consider getting it if i could only find out where it was sold and how much. i'd even settle for a duplicate in actual latex. has anyone seen better images of it?

it looks amazing, possibly made of latex and would certainly out myself as a latex fetishist. since its a couture from the Balenciaga Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear collection its 'acceptable'.

so where do i buy it and how much is it?


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

so it is possible to wear a sex doll

as these found images prove. the mask isn't from the original doll but the suit is.

guess you just have to be that perfect size to fit into one.

anyone know more about this set and sequence? who did it? whats the story behind it and are there better images? or will it be one of those odd internet finds that will haunt my dreams...?


Saturday, August 15, 2009

fluffy motivational music for models

with a hint of shininess and controlled movement.

if you've ever heard those song parodies like Weird Al's amazing White and Nerdy i'd think it wouldn't be a stretch to rewrite her with a really overt doll theme. after all aren't that what models are at the end of the day?


i should have done it before

Bound by *Cunninghand on deviantART

i've had a Deviant Art basic account for some time now and i use it to communicate with the artists and writers i like. one of who has a comic thread where her 'dolly' converts bastard ex-boyfriends into living dolls which she keeps locked up in the basement. i'd be her first female victim and suggested some sort of tiff get onto her bad side and suffer her wrath. so far no reply. go have a look and a read of Leila Stoat's Dolly series.

something about being made into a dolly by a EGL goth girl is just soo.... yes.

masks by ~elenaevil on deviantART

what i totally forgot to do over this past year is to 'collect' the images i liked. so to kill some mental downtime over the last couple of days i dutifully worked through some favourite artitsts and then their favourites too. unsurprisingly i am Asudem Latex there and do send me any links to work you like.

there's probably way more but i can be pretty fussy and well since i've started looking at Deviant Art i've simply saved them to my hdd. oh well add that to my 'to do' list for the blog.


focussed on latex

another bookmark i made and then totally misplaced is a blog called Sexy Latex which focusses primarily on the models that wear the latex and the photographers that prefer these models and this material.

go have a look.


food for shoe fetishists

it seems shoe lovers can now not just pay tribute to their high heels (or those wearing them) in intimate ways with their dancing tongues... you can actually buy chocolate shoes made for consumption.

the Lolita mini stiletto is made by chocolate experts in London and currently sold out. the £8.50 price tag isn't enough to keep shoe fetishists or chocolate lovers away it seem. this design according to the site is very popular with the "lolita" fashionistas of Japan. they are made with 70% dark chocolate and finished with a retro polka dot decoration, they may just be too cute to eat. available in pink only

the shoe theme in chocolate is so popular they have two other designs as part of the Fetish Collection and available in three colors at about twice the price.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

dolls, robots, mannequins or hypnotized thralls?

its hard to tell what they were going for with this fashion shoot from the current issue Vogue Italia August 2009 as directed to me by M Masque. could be a bit of both all mixed up in a 60's styled pop horror film??? considering how much the european fashion magazines cost on import i really appreciate the links to the scans.

now is there has to be a plot line in there somewhere.... and speaking of which what ever happened to the Barbarella remake?


silk and latex: PRADA

thanks to XuXu who sent me this link from ebay in Canada. i was totally unaware that high end designers were sneaking in latex as a 'design' element to their dresses and clothes.

well here's the proof: Prada silk and rubber very sexy ivory and silver cocktail dress with red piping.

it didn't sell so if your the right size and want to be a bit more overt in your latex wearing then definitely a real option.


continuing stories series

if your not a regular visitor to MC Stories then do head over there and have a look at all the mind control stories on archive there. better than a 1000 photo's of Bianca Beauchamp in latex imho.

two of my favourite writers of MC fiction are NanoSlaver whose Thaasophobe i've reread too many times to count. i am actually been pushing some SL designers to recreate the "Lesbian in a Bottle" as an RLV experience in-world. Nano has a new series which is just starting up called The Dreamer’s Masque: Welcome to Eros Park which is proving to be getting more kinky with every chapter - go have a read.

the other author that just so "gets it" and delivers every time is Thrall who has started a new series called My Very Own Serial Number which is now awaiting additional chapters to be added by the archive owner. if you can't wait for that to happen then head over to Thrall's blog here and look at her latest entry for a link to chapter 2.

enjoy the best images ever :-)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

so what does that make me?

very funny mock advert in the apple style.


Monday, August 10, 2009

a post from over three years ago

i really hadn't realized its been so long and am amazed how far i've come.


FRIDAY, MARCH 03, 2006

A month of daily latex wearing.....

it may not seem a major accomplishment to some, but i'm now on the last day of four weeks - a full month - in latex panties.

when i first started this i had read the various accounts of long term latex wear including the one by the latex lady who wears it 23/7 with the assistance of her own maid. these inspired me to give in to my latex fetish and have a go and see how far it leads me.

a great deal of support and encouragement came from tsg and i thank her profusely for it.

i still can't seem to wear it to sleep in, but i'm slowly adding more to my wardrobe. sunday is now my latex catsuit day and i'll wear it from waking till bedtime. i hope sometime soon i can sleep in it which let me extend my periods in it to 23/7.

someday i'll be as comfortable and complete in a full coverage latex catsuit as i am in my plan every day clothes. i'll then be able to wear a catsuit hidden beneath my clothes and don a hood a gloves when in private and i'll truely be a latex doll.

sadly that day is not there yet, but the first permenant step has been taken and i think i'm well on my way to surrendering to the latex doll i want to be.


Saturday, August 08, 2009

the problem with latex like leggings

i absolutely love the look of latex like leggings but i must admit that i have pretty well given up on ever finding a really decent pair or brand of these, even though i am constantly looking and spotting them in sales. its partly down to the materials that are used and to the cut of them. you simply can't tell till you put them on and feel them up close. then there's the issue of how long they will last with their shine or start sagging.

for example have a look at the ones on the webstores i've published before as they all look glossy and yummy!! perfect i'd think, order them and then be less impressed as i've already had the real thing and am deeply enchanted by all things latex. likewise seeing someone else wear a pair in public down town - wow they look amazing - then i get close and can see the quality and realise although they are the K+T designer brand they simply aren't anywhere near as glossy as real latex.

this is also sort of like the knock off designer issue. the same basic shape, color and looks like the real thing from a distance. however when u get really close, have a chance to feel it and examine it then the illusion is gone. maybe thats the key to all clothing and consumer products - resolution.

of course in teeny web photo's they're very far away so any imperfections aren't noticed at all.

so the three pairs i already own now are relegated to something to sleep in which i've been doing for a good few months now under my black latex duvet. in some ways it is a step as its getting used to constant tight and shininess 24/7 which is a very good thing.


ps; if you want a really excellent pair of real latex leggings then i really recommend Simon O for them as the pair he sent me are now part of my standard wardrobe rotation.

a photo story needing some text

i remember seeing this first image a long time ago in a loose posting of ASFR related images and hadn't realised there was more in the sequence. i was and still am pretty taken with it as its just the seed of a fantasy of mine - a really deep fantasy at that. going through department stores with trendy displays of stylish mannequins i can almost hear them call me to join them..

in the right hypnotic state i probably would. now if it was a haute couture latex fetish shop with mannequins - i doubt anyone could stop me :-)
so i was really happy to see there were two more frames found at MMFive group files.

anyone care to write a complete story around these? i'll update this entry with the best one.


Friday, August 07, 2009

the changing shape of mannequins

just a collection of mannequins sent into me over the last few months. these won't be ones you see in the mall but appear to be custom modified for specialist shops. some are actually available on ebay if you look hard enough.

the last one is pretty cute as she's almost an anime figure.


pretty pervy very much in public

at alternative fashion week 2008:


cosplayers are getting attention

looks like good images of people enjoying cosplay is attracting photo editors of national newspapers- or at least those in the UK.

view the entire collection of thirty images at The Daily Telegraph.

for all you anime and manga experts out there - what are titles with dolls in them? are there costumes from these series for sale?


second life fetish events

my life in second life has been somewhat more random than it usually is. first off the doll island where i normally reside within a special case which catches and traps me the second i log in has been upgraded to 'adult' so that if you can't prove your age you simply get bounced out of the area.

so that i was and ended up looking around as i am mainly a collectors doll - a full rubber pink one admittedly - wearing a locked on outfit from Hybidz. now i realized a few months ago that i could actually match the outfit but in black. i already have the ballet boots, tights, skater skirt, top and gloves. i just needed the eyeless inflatable hood which i found on ebay from Elana's Latex. i now have it and waiting for the designer to make me one in black. once thats made - second life and real life will collide and it will be weirder and more latexy world for me. in some ways it may bind me deeply with my avatar in the magical sense.

actually sometimes its faster to get latex made in second life and other times real life. POC for one is really fast and matched Fantastic Rubber's mannequin catsuit pretty quickly.

while i've yet to get my workload organised to get to a major UK or EU fetish event, the possibility of attending in world events is likely if i'm not trapped by a rlv device. as of saturday you can attend The Latex Fetish Wear Fashion Week with more information here or on the thorough SL Fetish Fashion Blog. just hope they aren't all in Adult areas as i've not parted with my credit card information to buy any L$ which apparently is the easiest way to prove your age. my too-do list is never ending.

another event to intrigue and delight is the very clockwork / steampunk DV8 launch bellow. if anyone has the link please post it.