Sunday, March 23, 2008

i like the first one more

i just spotted this on this morning and the first video doesn't have the latex catsuits in it as it was suggested by the poster who found it. however the official UK release of the same single does which is the second one bellow.

why did i post both videos? well for all the overt latex catsuit wearing in the UK video, i do prefer the first one as a nice video in itself, but also for the dance up backers that definatley have doll like movements in their routine. their identical haircuts and outfits also lends themselves too that feeling don't you think? or i'm looking at an ink blotch and seeing barbies...?

curious is it not that the UK release has sooo much latex in it? what is it with that? am i in the wrong country and all the UK or European music videos have latex and overall a much higher kink level?

you can also get a downloadable version of the UK released video here. its massive and is an MPEG file so will play on pretty well any mac or windows computer.


sort of an easter egg for me

wow- 900,000 hits in just about two years now. closing in on a million sometime in the next few months at the current rate.

sorry no photo of a black latex or pink latex easter egg too illustrate this entry. i did google for some photo's though ;-)


boot image and a flicker collection

the image was sent into my by Xu Xu and its from last fall's ELLE magazine. they're advertising the boots with the curious heels but they seem to be onto the latex leggings vibe. what amazingly skinny legs too. heels are lovely though my calfs would never fit into them.

also a rather yummy collection of flicker images here in full resolution from Davina was sent in yesterday. as they're over the age level then i'll leave you to investigate yourselves.

thats to both of them for taking time to send them in to me.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

out in public

i've now heard back from Public Fetish Girls and they have kindly sent me some sample photo's for the blog which are bellow. overall i am still of the opinion that mixing and matching the latex or glossy clothes with normal clothes makes the best visual sense. i mean thats why the latex leggings have taken the fashionistas by storm.

they also took my offhanded comment about being one of their models seriously. well its something to think about now isn't it?


a reader gets some training

i did an entry a longggg time ago about a NYC dance class giving special sessions on how to walk comfortably in heels all day and it seems the idea is spreading and its also available in the netherlands.

a reader from there - bibi - signed up for the class last fall and only just told me about it:

Dear Asudem,

Here are some links to the catwalk training by Kim Vos, an ex- model. If somebody knows how to walk, its Kim.

i joined her classes and must admit, when I go out on heels, cars crash! the first weeks we had to walk bar feeted. before mirror. She made a video every week so we could see t he progress throughout the weeks.

To the end we could bring our own heels. i did not get higher than 4.5". I must admit with you, above that the choice for shoes is rather small. (And i like them in all kinds and collors)

Walking on heels is top-sport she claims. Only few ladies understood that. If you do not practice a few days a week, there is no change you will ever really ´walk´ on them.

So, since that course, i never wore my old collection of heels (3" max) exept some boots, and bought loads of new ones, all above 4". its kind of addicting. i love the exposure. If there is one thing to get total attention of the crowd, its a perfect walk on steltto´s.

With love,

she also included some links in Dutch: casting news for models, kim vos's holding page with her contact information, another article here, as well as another overview article but with video.

bibi added that this girl obviously did not finish the course:


competition ends March 31st GMT

this was just sent from the UK; a hypnodomme who has several complete free mp3s on her site Sleep for Me Now and she's also running a competition to record a new one.

She wrote this on her yahoo group:

Things have been a little quiet of late and therefore I feel the
need shake things up a bit!

I propose the following challenge to you all…

I would like for you to write a script, the topic can be of your
choice. Feel free to use as many of your own thoughts and ideas as
you wish.

I will then take the time to read through each and every one of your
submissions and will, in turn, choose a winner. That lucky subject
will then get their script recorded by me for free.

I am looking for a well written, eloquent and expressive

When you have completed your masterpiece please send it to me via
email – lady_jenifahr@...

The closing date for entries will be 31st March – this should give
you long enough to create something special for me.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them on the group or
send me an email.

Lady Jenifahr

so pop over to both her site and her yahoo group and do contribute. maybe one reader will have a doll transformation hypno script that she'll like and record in her lovely soft british accent. or if nothing else she'll notice the increase in traffic and interest in scripts like this and want to do it herself.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a treasure trove of fetish

i was doing some research on modules, plug-ins and donate buttons for the blog yesterday when i came across mention of this rather handy site called flicker leech.

essentially what it does is lets you view contact sheet like thumbnails of your specific searches rather than labouriously pace through individual collections of images. it does take awhile to load up all the finds but really worth a dig around to see what you can find for this or any other particular fetish you may have.


he found one!

ok, so i'm behind with my updates as always: i have a stack of entries with titles, images or links just waiting to be rounded off and set to go live and here's one of those as you can tell from the date of the email:

Gary to asudemlatex
show details Feb 10 (9 days ago)

Hi Medusa, its me from Scotland again Garlor or Gary if I am not posting on IAR. I have been browsing the telegraph fashion show pages as you asked for . The outstanding person is Heather Meikle, she does stunning latex work and have a look at her website gallery at overt clothing.

sorry Gary it took so long, but its up now and thanks for taking the time to have a look and report back.

anyone else, feel free to email me on my profile address.

what this lovely collection does illustrate is that latex doesn't have to be a skin tight catsuit all the time. my day to day wear is my skinny jeans (which are loose in places) and my chocolate brown blouse with the slight poofy sleeves. i swap between the skinny jeans and my two different latex tights - the light pink ones in standard Libidex weight of latex and also the super thin black latex tights. i am getting tired of the blouse though and can't wait for my new order to arrive sometime this week or more likely next week.

even now i'm considering what to get next. maybe i need a latex designer as a sponsor? ;-)


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

i think there's more in the series?

stylized fetish fashion shoot from where and when? it does have a certain feel of Helmut Newton too it doesn't it?


if no one really posts, would anyone donate?

i really have been wrestling with this one for sometime now. its all down to having an incredible number of hits yet no one really is posting anything in comments and very little in the way of emails or submissions. i spend more time chatting to people and readers in Second Life than emails would you believe. and emails are way easier to sneak doing when in the office than my pretty doll avatar running on my home Apple Macintosh.

the feeling i should be doing something more with the blog creeps up too. do google ad words work for instance or those amazon ones? is there some money i could be getting from referrals or hits or something? would it keep me in new latex each month? i just don't know and i have a feeling that it if i invest too much hope into doing it and then nothing then i'll be really put off it all.

we'll see...


how much more kinky can you get?

after seeing this image of Janet Jackson on kinkygerlinky i really have to wonder...

if anyone managed to get this issue then feel free to email it me.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

rubber dolls go forth

it seems the upcoming Rubber Doll World Rendezvous is starting to attract attention from mainstream latex fetishists and one example comes from the well written Rubber Dynasty Fetish report article Try it, you might like it... Rubber Doll Transformation.

her personal experiences with wearing the masks sheds some light on its appeal and opens it all up to a larger audience.

personally i think the Rubber Sisters look the best with their masks but i'm still unsure if i'd ever want to go down that route at all. maybe if there was a hyper realistic Barbie mask or a perfect mannequin one i'd go for that. as to the entire weekend of rubber dolls; well with some luck i'll be in the UK attending one of the larger fetish events with a more mixed crowd of latex lovers.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

before and after

i'm not one to read the celebrity trash magazines or those found at the check outs of super markets so i was really surprised with the before and after finding this collection of images of woman actresses without makeup.

apparently they are all normal people after all and their celebrity gloss is down to better hair stylists, makeup and photographers. so you can see why i am somewhat hesitant in producing less than professional looking photo's for my blog? especially if its me trying to take a photo of myself with a digital camera in a mirror. no no no... that won't do at all. i want a full on proper photoshoot that makes me look as good as any model or at least somewhere in between these before and after shots ;-)

don't worry though getting it done is on my new years resolution along with wearing latex from the waist down permanently from now on and sticking to a minimum of 5 inch heels and i've done that and much more since Jan 1st.

so i think the photo's should come out well enough but i won't know till i've done them.


rubber planets back in time

i've heard back from with a password for their guest gallery and it is worth having a look as it starts with very early internet images from their first site. so do send an email to enter their 'Ruberess' gallery by dropping a request too

i really can't wait till they start production again because if memory serves and the few images i spotted on the gallery illustrates, they did make super high heeled rubber boots!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

5.5 and upwards...

heel training is continuing as ever although not as fast as i'd like. i'm still not stuck even though i've been wearing them constantly since mid december last year. the 5's are pretty well flats to me now and i'm very good in them to the point that they're just 'normal'. in fact i feel weirdly shrunk when i am not in them which is just first thing in the morning and getting in and out of the bath. this is also where i noticed how arched the sole of my feet have become and that there's no pushing my foot flat. the arch is there and staying that way.

i have also been training in the basic yet classic styled 5.5 inch court shoes and they are gorgeous and make even my thick calfs look good but after a first couple of hours they become really painful to wear. i can see it will take some time to get used to them for any long term wearing. i wonder how long runway models take to get used to them?

since my Oxfords are also 5.5 inches i decided to start wearing those and switch back and forth and low and behold i discovered they were really so much easier to wear!! really its a massive difference and i can comfortably wear them for about 5 hours at a time without thinking about them with another couple of hours of increased soreness to the point i really need to swap back into the 5's.

i think its down too the fact that they offer full foot support where as the court shoes has all the pressure on one small area. after a week or so of daily wearing of the oxfords i discovered a 10 cent sized blister on my left foot which was caused by my overly aggressive lacing of the shoes. i had to curtail the training with only the occasional wearing of the 5.5 courts. the 6's i discovered in my loft which i had purchased all in one go with the other shoes i can barely get my feet into. actually i can get one foot into and the other only sort of. my toes do not bend at a 90 degree angle yet and maybe some time before they do...

my discovery that the oxfords are the way to go for heel training is a big bonus. however i am really hesitant in all this and its not that i don't want to be stuck in such amazingly high heels; its that when you reach 5 inch heels the selection of styles is about four or five max. most of which are variations on the court shoes sort of like the old saying about the first Ford cars - any color as long as its black.

so i proceed as ever to entrap myself in high heels through constant wearing and my mind is wandering how to take the basic style thats available at this heel height and make more interesting shoes.


a bigger Bratz

did you grow up wanting to be Barbie? well how about a Bratz? they're sort of a take on the super deformed large headed and super sized eyes thats also popular in japanese styling of manga.

did barbie have any influence on your dress sense in later years? well the MGA Bratz The Movie Funky Fashion Makeover Cloe on Amazon comes complete in glossy black pvc jeans and top. this toy is made to experiment with makeups and nail polish. though you only get enough for a few applications.

once you run out you'll have to start shopping for the real makeup and if you have the real thing then why apply it to yourself?

i wonder how long before the toy companies start making life sized Bratz that you can share your clothing with or vice versa even...?

still 'd love to get my hands on the Barbie mask made for this lottery commercial i made an entry on here .


the coming of the rubber body

it started with shiny leggings in metallics most noticably from American Apparel, then glossy latex leggings and tights seen on the runways of Paris. soon designers were trying to ape the look and calling their leggings rubber when they weren't anywhere near that and basically just a glossy stretch fabric of indetermined sizing and fit according to all the reports on fashion message boards.

now with the winter/spring collection from Kova & T it seems the 'rubber' term is still being used and the leggings have now stretched up the body to resemble something you'd find in a dance studio or the film flash dance (remember the fashion folk are still trying to bring back both acid rave colors as well as leggings!!!).

you would think that i'd be the first to say 'yeah!!' latex like material in public but the truth is it's not real latex and that shiny leggings is one thing, even if they are true latex which they rarely are then to show that much of your body directly is just going to be impossibly rare day to day. similar observations were made by a writer in her article on practical catsuits.

to get latex into the mainstream isn't going to work by trying to sell head to toe latex to people but rather elements of a wardrobe in latex or rubber. the Kova & T collection works best when its just a skirt, shorts or the old standby leggings. mixing and matching is where its all at in my humble opinion as i don't think we're there yet to for body catsuits in latex yet. really who has the body for them besides 17 year old models? which btw seems to be all the staff at AA...

that doesn't say that its likely i'll be hitting a point within a year or so were i will be wearing a catsuit all the time under my normal or partly dressed latex daywear.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

what is it? who are they?

could someone please explain to me what FanBox is? i keep getting FanBox fan requests from people i don't know and never heard of before.

is it like adding friends in second life or myspace, the goal apparently is to get as many as you can like some sort of deranged collector of stamps, paperclips or some other obsessive compulsive trait?

if these people (bar one) said they read the blog it would be a different matter, but it seems totally random marketing ploy to me.

maybe i need to launch a new internet service called 'groupies'... ;-)


sealed in restrained life

a really lovely composite image and story from Tiny Sexy Girl inspired by my doll avatar in second life which is now running the Restrained Life Viewer along with a suitable coded key in my back that makes me a doll.

i'll need to do more googling to find articles, links, downloads on Restrained Life but essentially if you run that instead of the normal SL viewer you can load both objects and clothes with code that will control you avatar in a way that appeals to Mistresses, subs, dolls or masters to the point of totally loosing control of your avatar and not be able to get out of it no matter what trick you try.

my key is slowly having features added Miss JD to it to the point that one day it will be impossible to remove it and all i'll be in second life is an automatic preprogrammed doll. i can't wait!!! ;-)


doll on display in second life

"Kim locked the cabinet door and stepped back to admire her work. What was once a woman was now transformed to a living, beautiful doll, for ever on display in the case. Kim smiled. This would be a wonderful addition to the room. "

text and image by KD in sl. the doll is me.


issue 14

of free fashion magazine Chic Today has a theme of 'Frozen Carnival' with a nice spread of shots of elegant doll like women with impossibly white porcelin skin. which reminds me of a new story at entitled Artificial Circus by Fool's Page.

the magazine is available to read online here or download as a PDF document.

there's also a trend report issue but after a look through i was saddened to see nothing glossy or doll like in it - maybe they're just not looking hard enough ;-)


latex in public: glamour and contrast

there's a new latex fetish site on the web called public fetish girls. now is this the equivalent to sexy neighbor porn magazines or videos?

maybe what it's all about is that "less is more". people develop these fetishes as voyeurs initially. its about the quick glimpse of American Apparel glossy leggings on an evening out at a club or seeing someone in super high stiletto court shoes during the lunch break that imprints on peoples minds. seeing websites full of rubber girls doing anything and everything is just too darn easy now isn't it? people spend hours and days looking for the speckled whatnot when they could of gone to a zoo and seen a whole flock of them there.

here's a large sample windows video media file here that you can download and there is preview pictures on the site. so far they haven't replied to my emails for sample photo's to use or even my casual enquiry about modeling for them.

there's another thing that struck me about it all;, now that i've gone through the site and viewed some of the other sample videos on youtube, it reminds me very much of the earlier post i did way back about a woman's first catsuit and how she was standing on the suburban porch next to a friend who looked like a total slob in jeans and a huge sweat shirt.

the contrast is so huge between normal people and those who wear rubber in public. its like instant glamour celebrity or movie star and we all want to be stars don't we?


shaped and shiney

i'm sure this came from someone a couple of weeks ago but for the life of me i can't seem to find the source email. so apologies now and feel free to email me or post in comments and i'll update this entry to reflect your great find.

someone spotted this in the recent show collections on Vogue UK's site here and thought immediately to send it to me. meanwhile its just been posted on so maybe its the same person and got tired of my slack updates.


One of the greatest designers of the moment, Nicolas Ghesquière took Balenciaga's archives and made them his own for yet another season of stunning sculpted dresses and severe silhouettes.

For autumn/winter 2008-9, Ghesquière used the Spanish influences in which Balenciaga finds its roots, giving the clothes a futuristic edge with rubber, latex and plastics. The first looks paid homage to Cristobel Balenciaga himself; black dresses with jutting hips curled at the waist and coats with circular raglan sleeves were signature shapes for the house, while wet-look rubber coats, skirts slit to the thigh, elaborate latex biker jackets, and hand-painted Samurai jackets and dresses were a departure from past collections.
Less eccentric, but equally as covetable, were the velvet and taffeta draped tops that came teamed with cropped trousers and slick pencil skirts. (February 26 2008, AM)

Ally Pyle

gallery for all designs is here. do also check out the accessories close up shots, love the mixed material high heeled shoes and they seemed to have some sort of loose wrapped white latex knee boots. not sure exactly how they are made as there's only a couple of photo's.

personally i think the shaped latex like material work really well even when its just a skirt or top. its on my list to do an entry about latex and how it doesn't always need to be tight like a catsuit.


synchronized dolls in Babycakes

Saturday, March 08, 2008

latex rainwear archive and blog

on my "to buy list" for the last nine months or so is a latex version of a short pvc styled rain coat which i sure i blogged about in an earlier entry. i'm still working my way to the point that i am comfortable wearing latex so overtly in public so coat keeps slipping from my order right now list.

deep glossy back PVC rain coat were definately in all the fashion magazines last year and with that in mind it wasn't a leap to consider having one myself and i even went so far as getting costings done by my far eastern latex maker. its all very do-able but i have delayed it yet again for my next order as i've already put a largish order in back in mid february which i'm waiting on now.

maybe i need to sponsor or something, though thats another entry for another time. ;-)

what inspired me to do this entry is the find of a rapidly expanding archive of both latex and pvc rainwear at The Raingear and Rubberboots Gallery but also the new site by 3xl entitled unsurprisingly Fetish Rainwear/. the gallery does have some photo's of the almost mythical acquo bootsas the photo above illustrates.

here's how they introduce themselves:

Welcome to the fetish rainwear weblog by Latex Kitty & 3xL, a rainwear and latex loving couple living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We as a couple are quite experienced in the latex fetish realm, but when it comes to fetish rainwear, rain coats and capes we actually consider our selfs as beginners.

3xL about rainwear:
I'm best known for my long running latex fetish weblog, but actually I liked rainwear before latex. I first got in contact with rainwear in my early teens, an experience which slowly developed into a fetish. Today, I'm building up a collection of rainwear. My favorite style is vintage gentleman's raincoats made from shiny black rubber (SBR).

Latex Kitty about rainwear:
I love to wear rainwear, both, out in public and for play.The first time I got in a fetish relayed contact with rainwear, was as I met 3xL. Since back then, my interest and fascination about rainwear is growing and going its own way. I especially like vintage rainwear fashions from the 60'ties and 70'ties, like the Danish Børmax.

Our weblog is a journal of our explorations in the wonderful world of fetish rainwear!

Rubber regards

Latex Kitty & 3xL

and there's a movie on youtube of Latex Kitty wearing it in public bellow.


the legend of the doll

no its not my autobiography, but a japanese low budget film. thanks to pye for this amazing find. didn't even know it existed.

an overview:

Legend of the Doll, 2006, Japan
In this quirky story set in Tokyo's fetish-catering Akihabara shopping district, lonely Ryouta (Hideo Tsubota) spends his time building action figures of pretty girls from kits. When a gorgeous life-size model comes to life, Ryouta must choose either the perfect doll who will do anything to make him happy -- or his ex-girlfriend. This comic fantasy romance co-stars Noriko Kijima as the living doll who sets out to win her creator's heart.

really surprised that ed in Tokyo didn't send it in as its about his preferred area of the city: Akihabara ;-)

if you want to get it then its here at CD Universe for 14.09$ and Amazon for a few dollars more but used there for half that.


Monday, March 03, 2008

part of the scenery

kindly submitted by blackice is a weird short video of a sculpture of a woman either emerging from a wall or being sucked into a wall. he stumbled upon it when displaying his geometric primitive at Brighton Science Festival which was held on this past weekend in an arts college.

no other information was provided but it may be of interest to some readers keen in formaphilia and sort of reminds me of the maze scene in very kinky Barbarella . which as a film probably had a deep impact on me when i was younger.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

aurora the doll

thanks to Davina for this find, and really i should of noticed it myself if i had been doing my regular rounds of various blogs and websites. pop over to Aurora's Style Fetish to see her lastest entries of images photoshop'd by her friends K.G. and Riane. great joints don't you think?

more photo's from the same shoot can be found in an earlier entry.

also worth a peek is aurora modeling a new pair of transparent gold tights. wow - they are lovely.


wearing a fetish outfit to work

from a british comedy...