Sunday, August 19, 2018

anyone out there?

i do wonder sometimes.

add a comment.


i like the designer, not a fan of the wearer

kim kardashian wears Atsuko Kudo in Florida

nor am i keen on neon colors tbh, the pewter is better.


its a metaphor

Friday, August 03, 2018

not as agile as her back up human dancers

i hadn't seen this till the just posted NYT video micro doc, so found and now sharing.

i am not impressed yet - but when she's better than the back up dancers then i will be.

you decide.

there also seems to be a comedy clip / skit based on it. any one have a link they can share?


do w rebel or want to join them or perhaps hijack them for our own desires?

a short video essay on NYT's website: Welcome Our New Fembot Overlords

hadn't heard of the totally cgi / personality but then i don't use my phone for much more than calls and txt's.

popi made it in and the comparison to kyle jenner to a cyborg is apt.

 worth a look.