Sunday, March 29, 2009

kinky trailer for a UK soap opera

thanks to VidalTripsa for the find.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

latex, dolls and transformations

are all to be found on the stylized comics of hanzoushinrei.

here's one of the sequences i liked (used with permission):

Sisterhood 1 by ~hanzoushinrei on deviantART

"After graduating from her nursing college, she finally gets to trade her billowy blue-and-white nursing student uniform to a full staff nurse uniform in the Anwyn General Hospital.

I would say that she looks immaculate in that white dress, but then again, the only thing that would make my servants truly beautiful is - Latex.

She was just making her way to her place of work, when I conjured a pitch black latex portal which swallowed her whole. I loved that expression she made when she realized that her world has suddenly became pitch black.

She was just on her way on becoming my next servant just like her sister."

Sisterhood 2 by ~hanzoushinrei on deviantART

"She indeed did not expect that she was going to be floating in a magical latex dimension without being slowly consumed by it, did she?

My heart began to jump as her transformation started...the warm blackness slowly enveloping her..."

Sisterhood 3 by ~hanzoushinrei on deviantART

Sisterhood 4 by ~hanzoushinrei on deviantART

Realm Of The Mistress by ~hanzoushinrei on deviantART

Finally. Finally you have arrived at your new home, Julia.

I am Sayella. I shall shower you with love and affection that is even stronger than that of yours to your sister Shawna.

I was, I used to be a slave like you. This permanent mouthpiece that my former master used has magically sealed my mouth from any words, and my hands can never be out of reach from my neck, face and bosoms. I-wanted so hard to pleasure myself but master used this clever shackles to keep my hands away from what's rightfully his. My eyes, my glowing amethyst eyes were also magically sealed-I tried to take them off countless times but the threads on the magic shackles shorten everytime I tried to do so.

But that was a long time ago.

Under my servitude, I have learnt to converse without usiing my mouth, and to see without my eyes. And you, darling Julia, will be taught by me when the time comes. For now I shall deprive you from all senses save the sense of touch, which is amplified tenfold.

Shawna, she will regain memories of a sister that no longer exist. However-if you wish-Shawna can join you too in this servitude. Her weak mind shall make it far easier for me to control. But, it is you to decide.....


Oh slave of mine, you still think you have choices. Silly.


do check out all of the illustrations and writing of hanzoushinrei's on deviantart. there's a great new series about a washing machine that eats people and well - washes them...

a more light hearted one (as we all love black latex but it can get repetitive) is this:

Taking Efa For A Walk by ~hanzoushinrei on deviantART

do visit the page and leave compliments.


Friday, March 27, 2009

now much larger

thanks to AJ for finding it and email it to me.

still no word or clue to who it is or the photographer. this one is certainly large enough to make a 8x10 from and i wonder if there's a full resolution image out there.

so please keep an eye peeled and let me know if you find any information or the actual


bubble girls invade from outer space!

inthe new fetishy Girls Aloud video. they certainly have a record of latex and pvc in their videos.

its not latex but definitely kinky by anyones pov. i wonder where the bubbles went and how i could get one?

oh and i just found Catch Video which works really well for downloading youtube and other videos in a format that works on a range of iPods as well as Archos players in avi DivX format.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

thrall's now enthralled

i was really happy when i read Thrall's more recent entry on her blog entitled great adventure begins. she's finally dipped her toe into real hypnosis after writing such amazing mind control stories. like me she has a sharp and very active mind which puts up all sorts of blocks with trancing.

or so she thought...

after some trials and errors with the PC hypno program and wondering if it was her or if it was all just plain not working she wrote:

Holy. Fucking. Shit. They did it, folks. They totally did it. It's like they built the biggest, baddest battering ram they could and just slammed right past my mental gatekeeper, straight into my subconscious, and then headed directly toward my favorite buttons and started pushing. Hard. I

'm sure some of you have read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and will be familiar with this description of what it feels like to drink a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster: "like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick." Yep, that's pretty much what I experienced.

I just sat there, sagging in my chair, leaning closer and closer to the swirling screen, watching the subliminals pop in and out all over the fricking place and only catching a handful of them before they disappeared, feeling my mind melt and my body...well, I think I'll keep that bit to myself. ;-)

more is revealed in her follow on post at The Queen's Thrall blog. 

its really worth reading if you have even an ounce of interest in hypnosis. go there immediately if like me you've not had any luck with hypnosis and are totally jealous for those who not only do - but can also immersive themselves in their hypnotic fantasies on daily basis. i feel i would want to work through the list HypnoMaster D explains whats possible and have a deep embedded command to see and feel myself with latex skin permanently.

so its appearing that all the characters of her own stories she can now live out thanks to Lady Ru'etha who is a very skilled hypnodomme famed for her The Realm of Bliss Podcast. Lady Ru'etha now has a new play thing and i think they'll both enjoy their time exploring the possibilities.

Lady Ru'etha's has also started her podcasts again after a years absence along with the launch of a couple of entrancing CD/MP3 products. the episodes are not very long (about 20 min each) and very much worth listening too when you have the chance. she also has The Realm of Bliss Podcast Yahoo Group to discuss the podcasts.

do check out Realm Podcast 1.23: Fetish Clothing and Hypnosis / 1.24 collars when you visit.


lovely photos

another find from my backed up folder of fetish images that i've been hoarding since my days of using a 56k modem. well its much cheaper and faster than waiting on european fetish magazines to arrive now isn't it?

this one is great for me as its just not pretty girls posing as mannequins looking spaced out or entrance. it has something going on - the tease of a story. a before is alluded too, the photo is the present and the end is left wide open to your imagination. these have impact and resonance for me and draw me in like no fetish model could.

upon uploading it i realized its was from a website called and the retoucher FA. what ever happened to the site and the retouchers who uploaded their work there? anyone know?

another image i am utterly entranced by is this one found on a yahoo groups main page. the link to the site is from is dead so if anyone knows its creator and can direct me (or email) a full resolution version then i'd really appreciate it and post it here so you can all see it. (hmmms.. wonder if i can get it wall sized)

the sheer reflective glossiness of the dress and tights just sums up the appeal for me of the latex: once donned your something else, something possibly not human and at the same time ever more so and gorgeous to boot.

in the image the viewer is being led up a garden path with a crop behind her calling attention to her round shape and the world reflected back into her sealed latex body. where her path leads i would love to follow....


Monday, March 23, 2009

one point four million hits!

WOW is all i can say.

its built up and continues to rise with each passing week. i now have about 2,500-3,400 hits per day from both regulars and new visitors coming from all around the world.

i'm so much further along then when i first thought of doing the blog and when TSG encouraged me to wear my latex panties on daily basis and started me out on my now well developed heel and boot fetish. there are others along the way and several people in second life for sure that have helped bring things out of me i wasn't really even aware i had.

i thank them all deeply for it as i continue to push forward with 'the list' once far in the distance, now visible with the naked eye.

almost to the end of march now and one example of my progress is that its four months sleeping with a latex duvet cover in thick heavy black latex... as it warms up the other sheets and blankets will come off leaving me sleeping with that and not much else.

these goals and impossible dreams of latex 24/7 are no where near impossible, as in some cases i've reached them and now just need to refine them so they are more enveloping.

i do wonder where i'll be when i reach 2 million hits.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

a great story

and a kinda author phantomdotexe on deviant art that has given me permission to share it with you all here:

Shahra, the Latex Genie

My legs were there, even with the thick layer of rubber enclosing them. I just couldn't SEE them anymore. Not that it mattered - everything about a foot below my waist had already vanished beneath the thick, soupy layer of... well, you know. I was having trouble moving my fingers, now - the gloves were melting together, forming one thick mitten. I fell to the floor, and started to hyperventilate...


Oh, I'm sorry. I know how much you must want to get to the good part, but it won't make much sense until I explain my situation first. My given name had been Calina. Well, it still IS my given name, but I'm used to being called Shahra.
This debacle began - oh, I don't know how long ago. Time evades me. It mustve been 1828, 1829 - I forget the exact date. I was busy with my studies in the Ottoman Empire. I remember the time quite well, at least, since Champollion had just declared his research on the Rosetta Stone complete.

I was more than happy to be on Jean-Francois's journey. To be honest, I think the only reason he let me along was becasue he wouldn't be distracted by me. My breasts weren't large - judging by these newfangeld standards, must've been a large B cup - and I wasn't exceptionally fit. I was known to indulge myself now and then.

We were on our way back from Egypt, having spent some time researching this 'Queen Rubberia' woman. Quite odd, hm? An undiscovered pharoah with such an odd name? We thought it exceptionally odd, but when we got there, the locals seemed to profess no knowledge of this 'lost pharoah's tomb, and intentionally swayed us away towards other ruins.
We had just stopped for a layover in Istanbul. We had a day or two before we set sail for Italy, and I took the time to explore the city. Quite nice, quite nice. You should go there sometime. The Ottoman Empire's seen better days, of course, and -

What? What do you mean, "They fell"?
What's all this "World War" business?
You'll have to catch me up later. Allow me to finish my story, my liege.

Ahem. Well, I found this quaint little store near the so-called "Peddler's Palace" in the south. It was the very stuff I dreamt of. The fez, the old statues - the lot of them all seemed like the perfect items for me. I took a chance, and frittered away a good portion of my allotted funds on a few things I thought interesting.
Most important, however, was the oil lamp. It was made of some undecipherable black material, and it was stick to the touch. There wasn't a stain on it, despite its apparent age.

"20 lira."
I was confused. "That's all?"
"It'll come back to me. Always does. Someone always buy it. Other person always return next day. Grandfather had it. Never sold it for long."

The story was odd, but the value and sharp features were unquestionable. I paid the owner, grabbed my items, and ran back to my room as fast as I could. Once there, I spread out my belongings on the table and stared at the oil lamp. It was black, as I said, but there was something engraved on the side - something that looked quite a bit like writing. I knew no Arabic, but was curious nonetheless. I took my handkerchief and wiped it a few times -

***And I was surprised by the strangest figure. I was practically knocked out my chair as the lamp sprung to life. I'd heard the old Mideastern legends of genies in bottles and lamps, of course, but no real researcher gives them any credit.
That's what I thought at least.

A woman was in front of me - I think. I couldn't tell her ethnicity - her skin was very dark and her hair pitch-black. She was strikingly beautiful, but her eyes gave off a palpable sense of anxiety or frustration.

"You have summoned Shahra, genie of the Black Lamp. I now grant you thr-"
She stopped mid-sentence.
"Erm. I meant one wish. One."


"You heard me. I know you know the stories. Everyone knows the stories. So go ahead, make two wishes. Just don't wish for more wishes. Or world peace."

I licked my lips. I was petrified! And yet, I felt my body rave with excitement. The hairs on my back stood on end, my breath grew heavy, and I felt sweat begin to form all over my body. My stomach and below it began to grow warm.

"You don't have all day. One minute. Then I'm gone."
I was tempted to protest, that I should have as much time as I needed - but I wasn't willing to go up against this genie.
That's when I noticed something strange about her. Her hair was to her shoulders and her skin dark, but other than that, almost all of her body was covered in a thick, black substance - much like conventional rubber. I could see the outlines of her, but everything from her knees down seemed to melt into a black trail that led back to the lamp. She was stunning.
Her body radiated sexuality. Her perfect hourglass figure, her breasts -

Her breasts. Her body.
I'll admit, I was jealous. And I was rushed, anyway. I couldn't help it. I know, it seems terribly silly and selfish, now, but I just had really no time to think.

"Forty seconds left."

"I wish I had your body!" I blurted out.
The woman - ostensibly named Shahra - smiled. The grin went from ear to ear, and I felt like I had eased her immensely.
She snapped her fingers.

I immideately felt my body shift. I clenched at my chest. It was almost as though I was having a heart attack.
I coughed violently, but when I stopped, I looked down - my breasts were huge. They must've been D-cup, probably E-cup. It had felt a bit like they were physically inflated. This was no mirage or hallucination.
"What's going on....?" I asked weakly. My breasts continued to grow, bursting out of my linen shirt and sending buttons rolling to the ground. I dropped to my knees and tried to pick them up, and felt my chest squeeze against the ground. It was a fantastic sensation.
"I'm granting your wish. Du-uh."
"Oh, and your waist, too."
At once, breathing began to become more difficult. I knew what corset felt like - I had donned one for the Glitter Club's Ball once, yes. This was... magical. Somewhat comfortable, somewhat uncomfortable - it squeezed my stomach. My hands uselessly tried to undo the phantasmal laces and straps as it tigtened around my waist.
I couldn't see myself in the mirror, but I could guess how I felt. My waist, compressed by the magic corset, was now noticeably smaller than my bottom - a perfect hourglass figure.

"Look at you. There."
I looked down at myself (a bit difficult to see past my chest, now at a big E-cup or small F-cup) and saw my tight waist. I looked... well, I'd been somewhat attractive before, but my body had kept me from being more than simply 'there'. I felt... alll right - but I knew I looked fantastic.

"And now, we finish things up. Thank you again, whatever-your-name-was."

In the blink of an eye, the black rubber covering Shahra had dissappeared, retracted back to the lamp. Her legs appeared from beneath the magical veil, and she touched to the ground gracefully.

"What - why did -"
"Because you're getting your wish. All of it."

Everything was going so fast. Before I knew what was happening, that same magical rubber coating was streaking back out of the lamp - and onto ME.
I was already having trouble breathing from the corset. I scarecely had time to react before it had come all the way up to past my waist and up to my chest. Similarly, it formed onto my arms, streaking up to my shoulders, giving it the appearance of opera gloves.

"Shahra, what's happening? I didn't wish for this!"
"Yes, you did. You wished for my body. You got it. You got my perfect boobs, waist, and skin."
She was right. My pallky complexion was slowly smoothing out into a shiny, silk bronze.
"Now I get yours. I get your freedom."

She walked over to my suitcase and began looking for vestements to cover her still naked body.
Sharha turned around again. "And you get to take my place as the Rubber Genie."

"Wait - no! No! Stop! Whaat...."
I couldn't move anymore. I shrieked aloud as the magical coating squeezed past my breasts, tightly encasing them behind the layer of rubber.
The opera gloves seemed to begin to solidify, leaving only my shoulders and the top of my neck uncovered.
My breasts seemed to have stopped expanding when the tight, silky rubber covered them up.
My legs were there, I was sure. I could still FEEL them, mind you. I just couldn't SEE them anymore. Not that it mattered - everything about a foot below my waist had already vanished beneath the thick, soupy layer of... well, you know. I was having trouble moving my fingers, now - the gloves were melting together, forming one thick mitten. I fell to the floor, and started to hyperventilate.

Everything was so warm and tight, I was sure I was going to pass out.
"Don't worry. Your body just needs to adjust. You don't need to breathe or eat if you don't want to. Just let the rubber caress you. It's your new home, after all."

I stared at her, words escaping me. "Don't look at me like that. You wished for this. A similar thing happened to me, too - that's how I got into that bind. Like, I'm sure someone'll go along and make a similar wish."
Shahra walked over to me as I lay on the floor. The layer trailed from my legs to the lamp, still on the floor.

"Actually," she said, "I never got my three wishes when I first found the lamp. Let's see... my first was for - what was it? Wealth? Power? I'm sure it was something great..."

She began to trail off. I thought it my chance to get back at her. I stumbled to my knees, and lunged at my captor -

and fell to my chest, sending pulses down my spine.

"Nice try," Shahra said. "Anyway, my second wish was for long life and eternal youth. And you see how that turned out."
Shahra sent me a toothy smile. I panicked again.

"Ah... my last wish. I could spend it on myself, but I've already got a timeless, perfect body, as well as whatever my other fantastic wish was. So I suppose I'll just let you have the last one."

I stood to my knees to protest, but she walked over and waved her hand.
"I never got to have any raunchy fun when I was genie. All that latex and rubber smothering my body, and nobody to have fun with? How boring.

Yes, I know. This is a very wordy and un-sexy story with a lot of turn-off moments. Don't blame me. Blame the sea.

"I wish the new Rubber Genie could be bound and pleasured - forever."

Shahra waved her hand near my crotch, and I screamed and groaned as I felt a thick protrusion fire into me. It seemed to almost swell and undulate, each time sending my hair on end and shivers down my spine. This was unbearable.
I tried to get to my feet, but simply slipped. My legs were forced together anyway, and I couldn't walk as I shook.

Suddenly, my gloves, mittened hands moved. I felt another warm sensation as the latex encasing my arms and my stomach melted together, sealing me in a warm embrace.
My magical encasement quickly expanded to fill every nook and cranny - especially the crannies. It massaged my nipples, which stood up and began to echo the delicious tingling sensation.

I didn't want it, but it was so hard to resist - I quickly became very wet indeed as I wriggled helplessly on the floor, moaning and groaning. The rubber encapsulated my honey pot, stimulating me as it rushed around it and tightened itself.
The protrusion pulsated, and I felt my heart race. I tingled and squirmed at Shahra's feet, my back arched and bottom moist.

Shahra didn't say a word as she grabbed me from the floor and raised me to her height. She leaned me forward and I somewhat fell onto her. I couldn't tell, and I didn't mind.
Her milky-smooth fingers gently opened my mouth and she lowered my somewhat limp jaw onto her glistening bronze teat. My tounge instinctively went to work.

I don't want to give you too many details, save that it lasted for some time. She seemed to have gotten off from it all, and she lowered me back onto the floor.

"Well. Wasn't that fun for us, hm, slave? It's been soooo long since I got anything." I was still in a world of ecstasy, my suit slowly flowing and rocking me, keeping my heart up and my area on the absolute verge of orgasm.

"Unfortunately, it's time for me to leave. I can't stay here all day, cradling and rocking you." I yelled in protest, but she grabbed the latex that had encircled my neck like a collar and pulled it up my neck, past my mouth and nose. I was essentially silenced, though my groans of envy and pleasure still could be heard.

"Oh, shut up. You're perfectly bound up, encased in prison, and infinitely pleasured. What more can you want?"

I almost cried as the reality dawned on me. And try as I would, the magical rubber kept me at bay - I couldn't orgasm.

"That's about all, I suppose. I'll just run off with your belongings. No use letting them go to waste, right, SHAHRA? That's your new name. That's what it says on the lamp, at least."

I couldn't find anything to say. Words escaped me, and my vision got blurry. My entire body was being stimulated beyond my control. I drooled in a blur of pleasure, and the suit squeezed my breasts again. It was forming around my nigh-permanently erect nipples.

A second thick rod squeezed itself into my mouth. It was mostly tasteless, but it was extremely slick. I sucked and coddled it awkwardly.

"Thanks again for taking over. And..."
With that, she rubbed the lamp again, and I was forcefully drawn back into my prison.

And with that, I felt my body drawn into the lamp. The slick magic effects finally enclosed me, giving me just enough consciousness to wriggle around and groan every now and then - but never orgasm. You wouldn't know what it's like, being kept at the very edge of cum, but with your orifices covered and blocked to no end.
The days quickly turned to months and years - they seemed to fly by, with me barely even realizing the flow of time as the lamp refused to let up..

But I knew someday someone would find the lamp and release me. And give me release.

And if I was in a bad mood, I'd pass it along to them, too.


please leave her feedback here or on her page. writers, artists and even bloggers need encouragement!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

a nightmare for some..

and heaven for others.

reminds me of devices i've seen in second life. glad to know reality and fiction are blurring..


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

maybe my next purchase?

i mean now it is a rain coat so it is very functional. it just happens to be made of latex...


vintage updated

i was looking around youtube again. not sure exactly what for, just random thoughts too explore for and i found this b/w clip on how to wear over-boots. curiously they don't stop at the ankle, the go up to the knee and cling pretty tightly to the women's calf.

here's another video of pretty fetishistic wellingtons / rain boots from about the same time as the above. also in black and white.

which reminds me of a new product which is really just the same thing - and in color too. Shuella's are essentially the same thing a wrap on entry and a more clunky heel.

personally i think the vintage ones were much more classy which leads me to another thought i had for awhile which was if time travel was really working, what it would be used for is shopping. ;-)


this is why i don't have facebook

very funny and very true.

now when will there be a dull cat lover as a match to some grey bloke?


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

from an experience in second life

at least a couple of years ago now i was actively trying to get hypnosis to effect me in Second Life. i had help from various people and considerable attention by kitti

sadly nothing really took with me but the results of one rather magical session's chat log was converted into a short section of a story by Evil Dolly and i just discovered that its now up on her website and entitled Hallway.

do have a look as i think its very good as i do all of her writing.

i have various scenes and stories in my head and am trying to write them out. what i really could use is a co-author/ess i can bandy it back and forth with.

any volunteers?


Monday, March 16, 2009

speaking of boots

i do like heels, though i do find they're not very practical as the heel hight passes 5 inches. what i'd really like i a wedge boot in latex with a 5" heel.

does anyone have the sense to make them? i've not seen them.

i had this clever ideas of getting my cork wedges and having them 'bootified' by a latex designer or even a specialist cobbler. not too sure how that would work in practical terms. maybe just the use the sole and build the boot up from there?

post a comment or email me links please if you can help.


dirty dirty boots

this isn't a new fetish i've developed though i do have a feeling i spotted such a yahoo group at somepoint in my travels.

rather its something i noticed after wearing the thigh high 5 1/2" heeled latex boots from Poland via German Ebay. they weren't covered with mud or anything - far worse. the are made from molded latex and they had not been pre-washed before attached to the heeled base.

so why is this worse?

well it seems the molded latex manufacturing process leaves a trail of caustic goo on the latex. i used to have to wash the Denbar Rubber a lot - like 5+ times - before it was safe to wear.

and here i spend close to 100 euro's on boots and notice they're coated both inside an out with this vile residue.

maybe my skin is more sensitive than most but after three different occasions where chemical residue from chinese latex kept me up all night with random gnat like itch bites then you can understand my reaction.

so i started to wash them in the sink. on the fourth wash with just plain soap - this is what the residue was like.

apologies for the bad cellphone image but thats all i have to hand. you can definitely see what crud remains on just one boot!

when i started washing which starts with a soak in warm water, followed by a lathering with soap, let sit for 20 min then a rinse, the results were far far murky - almost the color of custard cream mixed with bath water after a really good defoliation.

i think they need a few more washes still..


Saturday, March 14, 2009

high heels still very much in fashion

they're still in fashion and so high now that some celebrities without dancers balance simply need a bodygard to help them up and down steps.

flat even surfaces still don't stop the occasional model from tripping and making a fool of themselves on the runways of the world. (besides the sometimes bizarre and horrid clothes they have to wear - well the do get paid well anyway).

and it looks like they'll still be strong for 2009.

i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the more affordable designers will start making them available to a wider audience. not the Payless ShoeSource wider audience - but still a wider audience. 


how behind am i?

i just looked and i have about 29 entries not complete - some going back over a year or more.....



lack of choice

in high heels is really starting to annoy me. don't get me wrong; i do love the look and what they're doing to my feet and their arches. its just that once you get past 4"s the selection and companies making them start to dwindle down to just a hand few. i was really lucky to find the new 5"s which are just about broken into now.

on one side you have the really cheap made in China heels like Pleasers which are fine but suffer from basic construction and only synthetic material then no middle ground at all until you hit the top end like Gucci and other european designers. which as you know do cost a lot and are best really to buy on sale if they still have them in you size.

here's a couple of videos of 60's style thigh boots in red which are gorgeous. sadly very low heels and well i'm doing my best to keep to 5"s now. with my new AV and latex identity in Second Life i feel its time to break out the ballet boots and start to learn how to wear them and then eventually walk in them.

there's just so many scrumptious shoes out there and to be restricted to Pleaser's brand (or eXcite) would suck even if they're 5"s or higher. i mean double chocolate fudge ice cream is a wonderful flavor but to be stuck with that for life - and thats what can happen with extreme heel wearing - is just a bit depressing. its a big decision and i'm not ready to commit that far yet - though i will faithfully keep at it for now.

my arches are definitely really pronounced now and if i am in heels less than 5" for more than a couple of hours then the back of my calfs and thighs all the way up to my bum hurts. its a sign that i'm heading that way into the heel trap of shortened tendons. 

i feel its going to have to go onto my 'list' which i may have mentioned here before and for sure had chats about it on YIM and SL to friends.

feel free to imagine what the list is and what it would mean until i decide to bare more.


top fetish model now has a

this post is really really really late and i apologize profusely to black ice in Brighton who both did the act and took the photo bellow at Torture Garden Valentines at Mass in Brixton (yes its that late).

so what did he do? well i had sent him a small stack of magnetic dollsrealm cards and told them to pass them out to VIPs and any dolls he sees or shoots. i'm pretty sure the blue doll has one as well as Libidex.

this case he wrote there were no 'obvious dolls' at Torture Garden but he did give one to internationally famous jet setting fetish model Kumi Monster and then grabbed a snap of her with David TG in the DJ booth on said event.

if i ever get caught up with the backlog of entries i should send her an email and see if she's had a chance to look at the blog.


so he said to me...

a friend introduced me a guy she knows very well on Yahoo Messenger who has the interesting hobby of mailing lingerie to women he knows on the internet. he's offered me items but as i'm so picky and now totally biased towards latex, i held off his kind offer but an idea did come to me which we discussed.

and it was why lingerie? why not latex like leggings? even target has them on sale. he could buy them in bulk or wholesale.

or better yet, one of the really good molded latex companies, maybe that brazilian one and get classic knee length skirts or latex stockings and send those out.

i'm waiting for him to get back to me..


Friday, March 13, 2009

another boot song

from the 60's with a great slide show:


spilling into a mainstream audience

a few weeks ago i noticed a big jump in my daily hits. it went from an average of 2,200 per day to close to 4,000. i couldn't figure out why until i tracked back where it came from withthe very handy StatCounter.

it seems i'm making it into a wider non fetish audience thanks too the eagle eyes at and their section called Shiny-shiny. the entry they picked was the one about High Gloss Dolls. so i go back just now to check it before i incorporate it into this entry and find its not there at all and that the category is filled with different entries.

however i am wondering if its a one-off and do a search for the month of february and find two entries. and in the last week they liked Hell Kitty's perfect poem for dolls.

so someone official is watching and they like the blog...

while i've not been invited for a photo shoot or flown free of charge to London to attend a fetish ball, or been quoted in a mainsteam newspaper or magazine even. the interest in this fetish culture is expanding with La Weekly doing a piece on sexy broken robots.

thanks to truebigheadstu for that find.


the new secondlife me

it was something that i was working towards and finally another large step was taken in the last week or so.

after spending about two months as a latex mannequin with a suit that almost exactly matched my amazing real life one made by Fantastic Rubber (and a lot of SL'ers were asking about it) and created in world by Powers of Creation, i purchased a doll suit by HybridZ and locked into it.

not just one lock, but every element of the outfit including a the faceless inflatable hood with the dreads/ponytail. it combined with the wind up doll key i was wearing with the mannequin catsuit, i am pretty well powerless and under Miss JaneDoe's control.

no im's if she pleases, no voice, no movement, at her utter beck and call and that includes being tp'd and locked onto doll stands or tube. so if i don't respond please know i'm not being rude, its just i can't. so best to email me.

part of me is totally sickened and demeaned by it and another part of me finds it incredibly and utterly hot. not just about the outfit but the loss of so much control and my own Second Life identity in the process.

now i have made a list, done some searching on google and ebay's and i now for sure that that entire outfit can be remade and worn in real life....


wonder how long she lasts in it?

news just in from Simon O is that they now have a nifty locking zipper which can be added to any latex you order.

i was also sent an updated photo from Rubber Vita in a all encompasing catsuit and even her holes are latex lined. i do wonder if the new locks were used and how long she can last like that.

the image itself reminds me of a recent story posted on Fetish Dreams site entitled Jay. do have a read and as always send the author feedback to encourage them to write more.


vintage fetish teasers

i did an entry on Fetish Nostalgia once before but was totally unaware that besides downloadable samples from the site; there's also video slide shows of different comics and videos focusing on specific artists of the time.

here's the excellent Eric Stanton artist as a video:

biographical info from the video:

Eric Stanton Femdom Fetish Corsets High Heels

A popular and prolific creator during the second half of the 20th century, the illustrations of Eric Stanton continue to influence erotic art today. Images of slender damsels in impossible high heels and constricting corsetry characterized his earliest work for Irving Klaw. In the 1960s, he produced for Leonard Burtman and other publishers, illuminating transvestite and fetish fiction and drawing wrestling comics. Then, he moved into the realm of dominant divas who reign over men. Throughout his career, he pursued the imagery of strong women who defeated men in athletic contests.

a fact most people don't know is that he shared studio space with Steve Ditko - the creator of Spider Man. often Stanton did the drawings in ink and Ditko colored them in. peter parker's aunt mae is based on Stanton's real life aunt mae.

the full collection of texpix's video is on their channel here.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

kigurumi in the UK

i have been tied up with work and deadlines so here's a past its sell by date find on ebay in the UK: a rather nice kigurumi mask.

the sale price started at £130.00 with a BIN at £140. it didn't sell.

do have a look at it here as there's more photo's of it in the listing that show it off from different angles. this is the first time i've seen a decently made kigurumi on any of the ebay's i keep an eye on. it may also be possible to contact the seller and negotiate a price for it.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

an evocative look

i was clicking on something somewhere and came across the site selling the blindfold bellow and found the entire look so captivating. its available here if you would like one.

i've not really been able to put my finger on it till now. i feel its a photo from the stage one of processing into a latex doll. she's relaxed and one with her situation, calm and slightly euphoric as to her fate. the contrast of the thick clear latex and the glossy black of the blindfold is also very graphically strong and that makes an impression by itself.

as i continue my journey into latex i keep discovering aspects of myself that i wasn't aware of. second life has indeed helped in that too but i'll go into those another day. here for instance i really had no interest in semi transparent latex. it was mainly basic black for me - now i can see its appeal.

here's another image from somewhere else. another fetish online catalog for sure; not sure which one tho. it looks like the first stage is over and its onto more training:

the layering of semi transparent latex looks really good and its now added to my future latex list ;-)


and more new shoes!

i splurged last week and bought a new pair of black patent shoes with 5" heels. my wedges are really starting to show their age and about to be dumped in the trash. thankfully when i realised how good they were i bought two more pairs as they were 'in' so i'll simply switch over to one of those. actually considering seeing if i can mail one of the pairs to a latex designer to see if they can be latex coated and thus become latex boots.

in the meantime i've started to break these in. they're not a classic stiletto but a modern take on them with a large toe box which makes them more stable to wear and walk in.

oh and celebs are wearing them so they must be ok. not too sure who kimberley stewart is but she's wearing them in the photo. appears to be some blonde mode type.

they have certain business feel too them so they'll go well with my work wear and longer slacks i wear to pretty well hide most of the shoes.

meanwhile i've been re-introduced to my 5.5 inch patent black oxfords at the repeated prodding by Bridget - a second life friend and i must say they're way easier to walk in that the 5.5 court shoes. i happily managed the entire week in them so 5.5s with support (which is what the oxfords provide make it much easier to be in the higher heels.

and i think its time to step up to the higher heel challenge and wear them more often.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

a perfect poem for dolls

as found on Dollification Forum and written by terra (aka SpooKy GiRL aka Hell Kitty). do visit her myspace page here and her music myspace page here. used with permission.

Doll Parts

Placed upon your alter, there I was spread.
Given new meaning by the whispers in my head.

Forget who you were and where you are from.
You will be pleased with what you become.

All that I was is slowly stripped away.
Given new flesh as I'm taught to obey.

This is your purpose, we pull the strings.
Made of doll parts and dirty things.

My identity gone, I've lost all control.
Now this submission is all that I know.

You are an object, you are a slave.
You will bow down and you will behave.

I serve my owner as any doll should.
The self is gone within this hood.
Adjust my new skin for a perfect fit.
No more thoughts, I can only submit.


do write to her to say how good it is.


Friday, March 06, 2009

metal rubber... suit?

i covered this when it hit the newspapers awhile back and i recently was wondering what ever happened too it?

will latex designers get their hands on it to make superhero costumes or will it strickly be a military type of use and will they be the ones making superheros with it?

just some silly thoughts to ponder.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

a musical interlude

of course with latex like leggings:


Monday, March 02, 2009

those kinky boots

after hearing the new U2 song several times i was really expecting a much more involved and boot focussed music video. yesterday i found thats now on youtube - bellow:

very very low quotient of sexy boots don't you think? or even boots in general. oh well maybe someone will do a remix with the song and come up with a truely fetishistic video to seduce the masses with.

the 60's version was much more overt in the lyrics. was there an 'official' video for it as this is all i could find.

oh and i also forgot to mention that i had purchased back in november a pair of thigh high latex boots form poland of all places (via for 100 euros. there's a pair listed here if you want to follow in my foot steps.

do beware that they said 5 inch heels and they seem to be closer to 5 1/2 inches which was a surprise as i am now very stable and versatile even in 5 inches. 5 1/2 however i walk delicately like a newborn fawn.

wish they could make the same boots but with a much more robust black wedge or ever lucite wedge. i need to send some emails when i have more money...


Sunday, March 01, 2009

better save those videos

i was looking for a quick and easy entry in my blogger bookmark folder and having just written two rather long entries and i wanted a quick and easy entry that only required me to write a sentence or two and decided upon a saved youtube link.

i went through about 5 or 6 i had saved and none of them were there anymore. all removed due to TOS etc.

so i do suggest if you have clips you like then do save them when you can as they might not be there next time you look.

there's several plug-ins for Firefox as well as online services that will do it, though from past experiences these can jam up and not be usable at certain times of the days.


cutting edge latex fashions are virtual

when i first entered Second Life i had this clever idea - well to me anyway - to use it as a way to re-enforce my real life latex wearing. i do my best to match Second Life latex designs to my real life ones or vice versa.

i can't really tell if it worked. certainly my goal of being able to wear latex 24/7 is rapidly approaching.

in Second Life i certainly do have a bit of a wardrobe that matches my real latex including the more recent Fantastic Rubber mannequin catsuit which has been expertly made in Second Life by Kai at POC. he's also done the classic HW Design clear heart shaped hood i now proudly own which makes me look like so many other fetish models.

if you want to catch up and see what virtual latex and BDSM restraints there are in-world then do catch up on all the entries at Second Life Fashion and make sure you go back to the start and read from there. you'll be really surprised what's being created.

it should also hit home that its a really really kinky place with all sorts of impossible fetishes being explored. for example you really need considerable dedication to be a plush suit wearer imho, but in SL to be a puppy or a kitty its very easy and you don't get fake fur everywhere while sewing it together. 

now i'm still waiting for a cross over between real life latex designers and those in second life. i heard ongoing rumors about a Kayliwulf Kingdom and Libidex tie-in though nothings really materialised.

and i know for a fact that there are some fashion design students using Second Life to create their end of term runway shows though for the life of me i've misplaced the bookmarks (feel free to email me and i'll add them here).

you know its not an impossibly crazy idea that Second Life is seeding a generation of potential latex fetishists. people create desires by seeing things they want. spending considerable screen time wearing virtual latex and buying it second life will lead too a percentage of people to buying it in real life. otherwise what is Nike and Nokia doing in there?

or conversely owning something like the Burqa in real life like Latex Lady, then proceeds to have it custom made in Second Life. my claim to fame in SL while modeling at Kayliwulf was to push to get my light baby pink body made by Laz. it took him forever and now that shade of pink is a staple for their designs.

i wonder how long it will take people in SL who are active fetishes in RL to print out photo's of their SL clothing and ask for it to be made for real? or are there design subtleties that have been explored and tested in SL that really need to be made for real?

to finally wind down my sunday rambling, what i'm getting at is there's some amazing possibilities which aren't really being explored or develop by those fetishists in both Second Life and Real Life and it really is about time.


something i forgot to mention....

looking back i really had planned on making a post about it and then i wasn't sure if i could really do it so i kept at it and totally forgot to write about it.

i'm like that in a lot of ways. just get on and do it and not make a fuss about it till i know its working and i've gotten somewhere with it.

what is it you ask?

well i bought a black queen sized duvet cover back in November, and it arrived early December. its been on my bed ever since then so that makes it three months now or a quarter of the year that i've been sleeping in latex.

like those stacked high heels that claim to be 5's and are more like 3 1/2, thats not technically 100% right. there's blankets and sheets between me and the black latex duvet, so i'm not utterly sleeping in latex.

still its major progress and means with a bit of mental arithmetic that its close to 22 hrs in latex most days. other days its closer to 16 given that i'm not being overt in wearing it when i'm in the office.

i was hoping to borrow a friends digital camera to get some photos of it but they flaked as they tend too. image or two when i get the camera. (now added above)