Sunday, September 30, 2007

a curious little short

i was looking at some youtube vids involving leather as i had found a really good short interview with a 'leather woman' who explains her submissiveness. i'll post that one later, but here's an intense japanese little video that doesn't require age verification too look at.


the sound of clothes

this is a neat little experiment from fashion editorial pov which i've just looked at and listened too but not explored in alot of detail.

essenitally there's special rooms that don't reflect any sound and this person spent some time with a model recording the sounds that differnt clothes make going on and coming off as well as being worn. there's PVC jeans and a latex top in the collection plus a wide range of couture dresses.

surprised no one in SL has used it a as a sample source. check them all out here

the could of done alot more with the latex imho, for one its not polished and of course there's different weights and wether its loose or not. russling loose latex is totally different than a catsuit or leggings.

oh and there's no real walking either, maybe they'll do shoes next time?


some other people want to be too

i was reading concious object's entry on the live journal which was about uploading an image up onto CS had sent in a shot of a full enclosure silvered doll/zentai and seems they didn't like it or it violated some rules or other. think CS still trying.

so i did look at the site and do the obvious thing which is of course to look to see if there are other people wanting the same thing as i do.

apparently yes... and there's one here as an example. looks like she's in the UK and leeds. there's a few rubber specific sites like Rubber Pal, where this one is specifically BDSM related.

wonder when latex dolls will get their own catergory? and what direction did they come from? the doll or the submissive? are both intertwined or sometimes just crossing paths?


Saturday, September 29, 2007

the complete set of doll fashion

images are to be found here thanks to a tip of from Mahret.

i didn't scan them all in, so here's a chance to see the missing ones.


overpriced and ugly

doing another ebay hunt for those fabbled high heeled rain boots i came across some stunningly ugly and incredibly priced DOLCE & GABBANA boots which apparently sell for $895!!! they are truely hidious. you'll need to click on the image to see them full size in all there horridness.

closer to what i wanted but with still a stupid price tag due to their desingner logo is the Channel knee high rain boots at $499.99

which are kinda going in the right direction but heels are way to low given that i'm pretty well in my 4's Melissa's now all the time and starting to wear 5's regularly again.

one person who did get it right a couple seasons back (though the heel i want is at least 4's) was marc jacobs who is now doing these super cute little jelly flats. would love a pair but i feel my feet will always been arched from now really good resource i found is a german site that has a huge collection of rain boots or 'wellies' as the brits call them is this site which i think is run from a shoe shop.

if you want to see more 'oh god those are horrific and how much are they???' shoes and boot then do pop over to the fashion police site for their good and bads.

thankfully they're making a stand agains croc shoes too by declaring war on them here. finally a war i can get behind...

meanwhile for more anti-crocness then look at Manolo shoe blogs entry.


contrasting materials make the outfit work

a set of images lifted from prolific blogger and latex legging leader Susie Bubble. what looks like a medieval leather smock of some sort does actually seem too work well when combined with the right accories - ie primary coloured tights or black latex leggings. oh and long glossy hair really helps too.

apparently a variation is being made by UK's Marks and Spencers who do btw have stores in North America if you know where too look.

according to the Daily Mail women's section the £149 leather dress is the must have item for the fall with Victoria Beckham ordered hers three weeks before the dress reached the stores. she's a UK size 6, is too slim even for the smallest size stocked so will need to get it taken in.

so maybe the opposite would work too? some sort of glossy latex short jacker or rain coat and a solid pair of wooly grey tights?


memory from childhood

i remember seeing something like one of these at a flea market when i was really young, maybe 11 or so and i really didn't know what it was for. the one i had seen was made of metal strips and was semi-adjustable. it seemed like the remains of some fancy ladies dress from hundreds of years ago as if all the fabric had slowly decayed off of it and all that as the cage that supported the structure.

looking around at the time i realised women don't look too much like this in shape and idea came to me that a woman needs to start to wear it a a very young age to shape her so.

i went back and never saw it again and its haunted me for several years afterwords. wondering about being put into one and having it force me to grow into a doll-esque shape.

i really hadn't thought about it all these years untill i found one when looking for mannequins on ebay. so maybe thats where all of this comes from? or part of it anyway.

another thing thats sort of similiar and was about the same time was seeing and old horror film (hammer maybe?) where a woman is put into an iron madien. again a finely dressed woman of extreme shape being put into a cast iron container which had considerable detailing and beautiful in its own way. something like a food mold. how would she come out? re-shaped and remade?


so what about part 1?

seems the House of Gord DVDs are now out but what about part 1? has anyone seen it and can make a comment or a review?


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

latex leggings debate continue with more converts

i will get a pair of latex leggings one day, i know i will - i've been promised!

so in the meantime i keep an eye to see if they're still on the fashion bloggers radar and what they say about them.

apparently latex is taking over the world according to the queen of the posh and the broke blog. with an find of claudia schiffer in latex leggins in Russia's Vogue.

meanwhile at the metalic leggings, including latex, continues well into the fall / winter 07 lines. check their forums for more style spotting and comments.

the trend is starting to seep into other fashionistas now with Wendy Brandes becoming obsessed although there seems to be some confusion over if its the look of them and that something similiar will do or if its the latex itself. she does give a shout out to the Rubber Betty Blog so she is developing a taste imho. similiarly she's spotted the various designers doing retro 60's and 70's short black PVC rain jackets, the exact same style i'm going to have made up in latex in the next few months.

in australia you can get a selection of designs from shop TV if your brave enough to wear them. i guessing being oriental helps too.

americal apparel seems to be the place everyone is getting the metalics and latex like leggings, but one entry pointed to the cheaper and short version from ASOS in both latex like and chrome silver.

another example of how incestious fashion is and fashion bloggers are too is the style bubble entry on latex leggings ziping around so much that one dainabobar made her own variation with a pair of pvc ones from a thrift store. in a reaction to that a friend of hers Marla from Bucharest when out and got the real thing and send it a load of images to prove it here.

they are getting around from stockholm to would you believe in Nashville no less.

at kingdom of style, Queen Michelle first complains about the comfort and then produces a staggering array of images and looks of her in various mix and match and latex like leggings.

and finally see dorakas run has a well researched entry about fall fetish fashion with the mainstream fashion item and the original fetish version.

i think its safe to say that its all here to stay.... so will i start wearing my baby pink latex tights out? or will someone beat me too it?


wrong size, auction ended but looking now

i was doing one of my ebay trawls for the patrick cox high heeled rain boots in firstly my size and then in a colour i like and happend upon these West 9 rain boots.

now the auction ended and the size was wrong but they do look pretty slick, though they'd be much better if they also came up to my knees.

still i'll keep looking.

oh and if anyone can find them on google, for sale new then that would be great!


email address eaten by google

i now have a google email account and due to some weird corporate buy-out and datasharing between blogger and google, my yahoo address has disappeared from the profile and only my yahoo account shows.

its still there and i can get email at both. its still

so do write, send in links, offer me free, boots, latex and....


Sunday, September 23, 2007

simon O's black latex doll

seems more and more latex designers and playing around with the idea of the latex doll. libidex was the first modern design, followed by Marquis and when i asked Simon O - who reads this blow btw - he kindly sent me these photos.

the design is essentially his catsuit with hood and gloves and a rather unique lining for both the mouth and pussy. not sure if you can see out of the suit at all.

its somewhat darker than the cartoon versions made by other designers, this one will still appeal to those wanting to explore their really kinky side.

still, as you can see it makes the doll very easy to clean for next time.

on a lighter note he's also working with new types of latex, the semitransparent gold one bellow is just gorgrous and a yummy way to become a bond girl without the messy paint.


heel-less; there's nothing new in fashion

after doing some google-ing about the heel-less shoes i did find some more images of them and just a bit more info. seems all the comments on one shoe blog (yes they do exist) pointed out that that style existed with the designs of Junko Shimada which work on the same princinple but ugly imho even if they do have a higher heel(less) / arch.

then there were the shoes like that seen in amsterdam by a reader and were to be found on a stripper shoe site.

but we can go beack even further than a few years go, to the fantasy futures of 1950's pulp sci-fi magazines. well i'm wearing them now so it must be the future.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

kyle's new look

though i am definately not to saying she doesn't have one every few months... and apparently a mannequin fetish as you'll see from an earlier entry on her last tour, well this one just struck me as a very mannequin and doll like. sort of like what a mannequin would be like just as the woman is change on the cusp of an orgasm that will last forever.....


the fashion world catches up with me...

in a recent article in the Daily Mail (UK) about next years shoe designs from Marc Jacobs who btw has also made some lovely knee high plastic rain boots with decent heels and other plastic shoes, shows off the £330 horizontal heels.

now haven't i seem something very similiar? oh yes - on my feet every day for almost a year now....

the full article is here if you want to read it.

actually i do like them although its as much for the fact they have much higher heel than my KR designed Melissa's.


Friday, September 21, 2007

hypnotic rubber dolls.... with video!

i totally forgot where this sighting came from, thanks too whomever it was.

seems hypnofantastico which was started in august this year is the main blog Lex and Liz and it comes both with stills and videos. it complements the BDSM hypnosis blog by covering similiar but different material in a much lighter way and the extra visuals do help i think.

like the other blog, this one has writing from both the subject and the hypnotist, even from the alternative personality found within the hypnotic state. it all makes intriguing reading but i do want to experience it all first hand.

the most recent entry is a youtube video which is part of a much longer for sale video from which i'd be safe to say means that these are yet more kinky brits. it does have some pretty hokey sound effects for robotic movement and control, though her latex catsuit certianly looks great on video. i wonder if they have ever considered a zentai suits?

i read the entire site when it found it and was surprised to see that they're already linked too dollsrealm! well i'd better send them both a formal hello and see if i can interview them both to learn more about the process and whats possible.

seeing she has a latex catsuit means all those hypnotic latex doll possibilities i want to experience and have embedded into my teeny head can be tried out with her first.... heeheee...


maybe people will pay to see latex in the street

a subject that always comes up here both by myself and with relentless comments and interpretations by vocal readers is the wearing of fetish clothes outside the bedroom and house.

well if there's not many people wandering around for you to get your secret thrill from then i bet you wish you lived in Copenhagen where public fetish girls apparently is based and generates their content from.

such a simple concept, sort of like girl next door porn videos, its a pay site totally dedicated to women in fetishistic clothes in public spaces, just going about their business.

so i wonder how the entire system works for paying the models on the site? do they stalk anyting shiny with mobile phones with video mode? what about model releases? could i film myself and send it in for payment?


a new doll stories blog

it seeems the authors of fetish fiction get as frustrated waiting for the various storysites updates done as us readers. the simplist way is to bypass the wait and set up your own blog to self publish.

masteroftoy's live journal is just one such new blog. do check it out as there's already a couple of stories up there now.

maybe some of my commenters would like to do this so they can focus their opinions in one space...


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

fashion doll in the Sunday Times (UK)

a big thanks to blackice for sending these scans in a few days ago after randomly picking up the Sunday Times newspaper for its fall fashion magazine. looks like it was worth it as there's a 12 page doll inspire fashion shoot which includes a doll box!

he appologised for the crap scans as this was down too 'thin paper used in the magazine and also low dot screen', which is a pitty really as they'd make nice posters. blackice also spotted a few EGL-ish dresses/models in the london fashion week coverage but didn't get the paper in time.

so i also got me thinking, how many readers will see this major spread?

well according to the wiki entry here, its 1.3 million people in sales and i bet a fair number more with families and couples buying only one issue. if u look at the image in the wiki entry of the frount of the ST, the sharp of you will notice the top left corner has a Bob Carlos Clarke image; a photographer i've done entries about before and who certianly likes latex and dolls.



Sunday, September 16, 2007

wearing fetish clothes in public

latex leggings definately, i think the outfit is Daniel Pough.


Friday, September 14, 2007

another step in my conversion

or rather my avatars conversion in second life.

the latex like glaze slowly converts me as it flows up my body. i stand frozen in the glass pod as the glowing pink chip fills me with hypnotic commands every moment i'm logged into the world.

pitty its not so easy irl


maire claire goes to the suburbs

woman's style and fashion magazine Maire Claire goes to the suburbs and finds some very curious and kinky practices starting here.

now thats in the uk, the land of warm beer and latex, but wonder what it would be like in the US or other places? japan for instance?

oh and he saran wrap idea i'd really like to try.


rubber and bodyswaping all with a catchy tune

wonder if i should do a youtube fetish video collection from my various finds. please email any music vids that inspire for the kinkyness.


Monday, September 10, 2007

pink hair goes well on dolls and mannequins

but how about real poeple? anyone spot pink haired women, girls or?

thanks to john for all the images


the rubber sisters make-over

they're website:

Rubbersisters Newsletter: New Webpresence !

Our website gets a new layout! With our new design, all became more clearly and more professional. The new preview area offers yon an extensive overview of the whole contents in the member area.

There are already 64 galleries with over 3700 pictures and 14 videoclips online. In the future you will get much better pictures and video quality to show you a deeper views into our kinky and desireful fetish phantasies.

We hope that you will enjoy the new design and improvements. We wish all site visitors much fun on the new website and we will be glad to get a feedback from you.

Just have a look now!!!

Your Rubbersisters

Monica and Jacline
The ultimate female transformation

i wonder if they'd give me a make-over and makeme a permenant latex doll...


Sunday, September 09, 2007

another one of those what kind are you

You Are Confident Sexy

You're one sexy chica, and you know it.
You've got the confidence to strut your stuff...
And approach any man who happens to catch your eye.
You may make a guys run away, but the true men will appreciate your moxie.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

not exactly sure...

i saved the link awhile back to this japanese duo kame and not sure why... the image is doll-ish in a cartoon way but thats all i can tell.

anyone explain?


mannequin to life

as done by criss angel. though the youtube footage is sooo crappy i can't tell the difference. has anyone seen the series or this specific one? is it more impressive?


someone with too many mannequins

and not enough building supplies it seems


Simon O updates with style

revisiting some latex designers sites i discovered that Simon O's online shop now has new designs here. i really like this designer and one day i'll get some of his clothes that look great and aren't just confined style-wise to the fetish ghetto.

here for example is a 3/4 length latex leggings combined with a nice jacket top not in latex - and it so works imho. he also really knows how to present latex in its best light - which if you don't know is like black cars which look better in the shade.

on my own latex, i just ordered the nightgown so that should be with me in a few weeks. i think after that the short pvc styled jacket would be good and something i can finally wear out of doors. though saying that i have pop'd to the corner store in my latex slacks and melissas on saturday morning.

i think really i'm not investing in anything really expensive yet (besides the fact the euro/pound is so strong against the dollar at the moment that its hard to do) that my own self training is leading me to a point where i'll be so accustomed to latex all the time that i could just take all my clothes to goodwill and just wear latex without even an effort or fear from my side. so what i'm wearing now is 'training' clothes. so not the finest fit, or cut or designs but whats needed to immerse me in my beloved latex.