Monday, September 28, 2020

locked up waaaay to tight

 and never see the locker online nor allowed to communicate. i can't even leave an im to sort out a release.

well at least i get blogging done now.

maybe i need external pressure, kidnapping etc etc?

just another lock and leave them.


anime like game fans?


i found the mask and wig on aliexpress. no idea what its all about. 


a couple needing new captions or stories


he had a shoot planned...

sent in by contributor in UK - Black Ice. 


had a shoot planned but it fell apart. even model and coat sorted. he also said (and shared the raw footage) of a days filming with the Rubber Sisters in Grand Hotel, beach frount and and dungeon. in 3d no less. 

they did use some of the sections on their website and one of the dommes whose huge studio he didn't film in (but has done 360 in - pls pls share) said he assembled the structure of films like David Lynch.


Sunday, September 27, 2020

one of the first fetish fashion stories i read - the Outfit

i just happened upon on an old HDD when looking for an old work project.

hits several buttons and is we well written story. would i be seduced into something similar. i am afraid i'd say yes. and you?


                                 The Outfit
                                  by Lethr

     The civilization had died over 3000 years ago. They were a very
     exotic and erotic people. The artifacts that were discovered were
     incredible, and Lori couldn't help but be a little curious. No one
     was allowed to handle any of the artifacts until they could be
     inspected, but she just had to examine something which had been on
     her mind all day.

     She entered the cargo area and immediately found what she was
     looking for, since she had placed it there earlier. It was late,
     and nobody saw her take the box back to her quarters.

     The box was a mystery to the others, but not to Lori. They spent
     hours trying to open the box, and used every device available to
     do so, but had no luck. It was made of a strong material that
     wasn't in the least bit damaged, even after all the attempts to
     break it open. Lori slid a complex looking key out of her pocket
     and inserted it into a hidden slot on the box. She found the key 2
     weeks ago, and kept it as a souvenir-- not even knowing it was a
     key. As she was inspecting the box earlier today, she accidentally
     discovered a hidden opening. A small plate slid to expose a
     keyhole when the proper pressure was applied to other areas of the
     box. The chances were incredibly slim that she found the keyhole,
     but it had happened. She knew now that she had found a key 2 weeks
     ago, and that it belonged to this box, because its shape matched
     that of he keyhole. The key was about 5" long, and slid smoothly
     into the slot. It clicked, and Lori turned the key. The box
     clicked again, but still wouldn't open. She turned the key
     further, and after the 3rd click the key wouldn't turn any
     further. She then tried to lift the top of the box, and it opened.
     It was heavy, and she had to use both hands to lift it off. She
     couldn't believe what she found.

     Clothing! Why someone went through so much trouble to lock up
     clothing was beyond her. It was made of a silvery black, very
     shiny material. The clothing was appropriate for the people; it
     was very erotic. There was a long corset which went from the hips
     all the way up over the breasts, with a wide corset choker
     attached to it from the back, a pair of shoulder length cloves
     with heavy boning, and a pair of thigh length boots with heels
     around 5 inches high. She had never seen anything quite like this,
     and spent an hour inspecting every inch of the clothing. It looked
     as if it were made from the inside, because what very few seams
     there were existed only on the inside. It was smooth and slick on
     the inside as well as the outside, and very heavy. She slid her
     hand down into one of the boots, and it was smooth and slick as
     far as she could reach-- to the tip of the very short pointed toe.
     The outfit looked as if it had never been worn, since the bottoms
     of the boots were not even scratched. Finally, she couldn't
     control herself and had to try the clothing on.

     She stripped completely and picked up the corset. It was shaped
     like an hourglass, so small in the middle that she knew she would
     never be able to get into it. To make it more difficult, it needed
     to be closed from behind. She placed it on herself where it should
     be, and the attached choker around her neck, but couldn't come
     close to getting the opening around her waist to close shut. The
     corset was at least 6 inches too small for her to close, even when
     she used all her strength trying to pull it shut. She sat down and
     slid one of the boots onto her foot. To her surprise, her bare
     foot slid easily into the boot. It was a little snug, and the toes
     were extremely tight and pointed. She slid the other boot on and
     stood up. The heels were quite high for her size 6 feet, but she
     was able to stand. They were snug, heavily boned inside, and felt
     very well built. She then slid the gloves on, and they went up to
     her shoulders. The clothing was pretty restrictive, and she
     couldn't imagine what it would be like if the corset were closed.
     It must have been made for someone with her similar size, except
     for the waist. The corset was very small. She could walk, to her
     surprise, but the high heels made it difficult. The material
     squeaked slightly like leather, and the stiletto heels clicked
     when she walked, but they weren't slick on the floor like other
     high heels. She stood and looked at herself in the mirror,
     shocked. Never had she worn anything like this. It made her look
     incredibly erotic, and the heels were higher than any she had ever
     worn. They made her legs look incredible, and her feet look small.
     She tried to stand higher on her toes, but the heels lifted only a
     fraction. These were as high as she could possibly ever wear.

     As she stood and looked in the mirror, she noticed that there was
     something remaining in the corner of the box. It was a small disk
     about the size and shape of a dime. She picked it up and held it
     in her gloved hand, and noticed a barely visible button on one
     side. She squeezed the disk, and upon doing so it clicked and the
     corset contracted around her waist and locked shut. The choker did
     the same around her neck. The boots tightened around her ankles,
     and also above and below her knees. The toes of the boots
     tightened as well. The gloves tightened around her wrists, as well
     as above and below her elbows, and became snug around her hands.
     She almost fell down with the shock. After she regained her
     balance, she walked back to the mirror and noticed how small her
     waist was. The corset was so tight that she could hardly breath,
     and walking was a whole new experience. The tops of the boots and
     gloves were now very snug against her skin. The corset felt like a
     second skin, as did the boots and gloves near the top. She reached
     around her tiny waist and tried pulling the corset open, but it
     was locked shut, and very tight. Lori frantically pushed the
     button again and the clothing released to it's original position.
     The corset made a loud pop, similar to a balloon exploding, and
     nearly flew off with all the tension suddenly being released. She
     sighed with relief and held the silver disk closer to looked it
     over carefully, noticing it was very flat and very slick. She
     noticed how slippery the disk felt in her gloved hand, and was
     almost difficult to hold. It was obviously a locking mechanism for
     the clothes. Lori wondered why it was necessary to lock the
     clothing on to the wearer, but remembered that the people were
     very erotic. A push of the button and the clothes locked tight
     again. She walked back to the mirror and couldn't help but be
     aroused by her own appearance. It was a very provocative outfit,
     and the designers definitely had that in mind. In the very top of
     the corset in the middle was a barely visible pocket, and must be
     intended for the disk. She slid it into the pocket, and it fit

     The outfit thrilled her, and Lori knew she had to have it. She
     walked over to the table and removed the disk. The box would have
     to be returned, but she would keep the outfit. She placed the disk
     on the table and walked back to the box. When she was about 10
     feet away from the disk, the clothing unlocked. The corset loudly
     snapped open and made Lori jump. A safety measure, she thought. If
     the disk were lost, the wearer would be able to remove the outfit.
     Logical, since it was probably made of that indestructible
     material-- similar to the box, and if the wearer were to lose the
     disk, it would be impossible to remove the clothing. Even the
     people who made these items couldn't damage the material, Lori
     thought. How interesting. Lori sat down and removed the corset.
     Then the gloves, which were fairly snug. She then pulled the boots
     off with difficulty. The clothing was intoxicating, and she didn't
     want to remove it, but she had to return the box to the cargo
     area. She picked up the lid and placed it back on the box, and
     turned the key in the opposite direction. The box clicked 3 times,
     and the key slid back out. Nobody would know the contents were

     The halls were still empty and she no difficulty carrying the box
     back to the cargo area. She returned the box to it's original
     position and quickly returned to her quarters. It was getting
     late, and she needed to be getting some sleep.

     The night seemed to last forever, and Lori didn't sleep well. When
     the morning finally arrived, she packed her belongings. The
     mission was complete, and she was finally heading home. She left
     her quarters and was met by Roger, one of the other
     archaeologists. "You look nice today! Heading home?", he asked.
     "Yes. It was exciting, and I'm glad I was chosen to go, but I'm
     glad to be back. How's it going with the stuff we recovered?"
     "Well, we've been trying to analyze the material that everything
     we have found is made of, but haven't had any luck. It's
     completely indestructible. Even a plasma torch wouldn't do
     anything. If getting it the same temperature as the sun doesn't
     work, nothing will. I just wish I knew how they made it. All the
     stuff seems to be made of the same material, too. There's even a
     tarp of some kind that has the same characteristics, but it's
     flexible. I wonder how they did it? There is absolutely nothing
     that can damage it." "That's interesting. I wouldn't mind having a
     few things made out of that material!", Lori replied. She had a
     few things now, she thought. "Me, too. Everything would last
     forever, which explains why it's the only thing remaining of the
     people." "Well, good luck with everything! I need to be going.
     I'll be keeping an eye on the media for the results of the find.",
     Lori said as she walked to the exit, full of excitement. "Ok.
     Thanks for everything! Take care.", he replied as he continued on
     his way.

     Lori returned to her apartment 4 hours later and unpacked. She was
     tired from the drive, and from not getting much sleep last night,
     so she relaxed on the bed and fell asleep for a few hours.

     There were a few things she needed to get done that day, and she
     felt much better after the nap. Shopping needed to be done, so she
     got up and made a list. The outfit was on her mind, and a crazy
     idea entered her head. She opened the bottom drawer of her dresser
     where she put the outfit earlier and removed it from the drawer.
     It was calling to her, and she couldn't refuse. She removed her
     clothes and was about ready to put on the outfit when an idea
     occurred to her. A pair of nylons would sure be nice to wear under
     the boots to help them slide off easier, so she got a black pair
     out of another drawer and pulled them on her legs. The boots slid
     on easily and felt much less uncomfortable in the toes. Lori
     placed the corset around her waist and neck. The gloves she could
     do without, Lori thought. She slid the disk out of the corset and
     pushed the button, but nothing happened. She pushed it again, but
     the clothing didn't lock shut.

     "What's the matter?", she said, and looked at the gloves still
     lying on the bed. She slid her hands into the gloves, and pulled
     them up to her shoulders, and pushed the button. The clothes
     locked on. The locking mechanism obviously wouldn't work unless
     the entire outfit was worn. She became more intrigued, and
     aroused. A pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt left only the
     bottom of her boots, her gloved hands and the top of her choker
     showing. Her jeans were way too big, since the corset took at
     least 6 inches from her waist, so she found her tightest pair and
     a belt. They were still a little baggy, but the belt made them
     look acceptable.

     "This is going to be fun!", she said as she put the disk into her
     corset and walked out the door.

     The malls and stores were crowded, but she still had fun in her
     new outfit. The tightness of her corset caused her to walk with a
     sway, and the 5 inch heels compounded her difficulty walking, but
     she felt wonderful. She wanted to shop all day, but her feet were
     killing her. The corset was very tight and hurt her waist and back
     as well, so she decided to go home.

     Upon entering her apartment, she set her bags down and went into
     her bedroom. The disk was safe in her corset, and slid out when
     she reached for it. She pressed the button and the corset exploded
     open loudly, causing her to fall back onto her bed. Her entire
     mid-section hurt for a few minutes, then passed. She had been
     wearing the outfit for over 5 hours. The gloves were snug but slid
     off after struggling with them for a few minutes. The boots slid
     off easily, and she sighed with relief when her feet were finally
     free of the tight pointed toes and stiletto heels. She sat and
     rubbed her feet for about 10 minutes, wondering how anyone could
     possibly stand wearing the boots for any period of time. They
     forced her toes into a short point, and she wanted to slide her
     feet out of them earlier, but it was impossible without unlocking
     the entire outfit. Although she had walked miles on pavement, the
     bottoms of the boots weren't even scratched. The clothing was
     obviously made of the same indestructible material. When she stood
     up, she had to get used to not being in the stilettos and the
     corset-- and the forced sway. After about an hour, she felt normal

     Every time she left her apartment, Lori wore the outfit. She
     devised many cover-up outfits to disguise the outfit, and she
     found herself getting out and doing things a lot more often now.
     Even going out and taking long walks for hours at a time. Lori
     tried to wear the boots alone many times, but she found that her
     feet would hurt immediately if the boots weren't locked. The balls
     of her feet would hurt a lot, so she bought some gel cushion
     inserts designed to relieve high heel pain which helped
     considerably. They fit in the toe box of the boots, but not very
     well since the toes of these boots were so short and pointed. When
     she used the gel inserts, they would squeeze tightly against the
     balls of her feet when the clothing was locked. Walking felt soft.
     Her toes still hurt all the time though, since nothing could
     change the short and pointed the toes of the boots. The gloves
     could be worn alone with no problems. Amazingly, the gloves and
     boots were warm and kept out all water, but Lori never got too hot
     while wearing the outfit. She wanted to wear the outfit always,
     but after long periods of time her feet and waist would begin to
     hurt-- intensely if she ignored it-- so she was forced to remove
     the outfit upon returning home. Many times she tested the strength
     of the outfit. She tried removing the gloves and the boots without
     unlocking them, but never had any luck no matter how hard she
     tried. The same was true for the corset. No matter how hard she
     pulled at the corset to open, it wouldn't open. Lori was convinced
     that there was nothing anywhere which could unlock the outfit from
     her body except for the disk.

     Lori returned home one evening after being out most of the day,
     and the outfit wasn't bothering her too much, so she left it on
     after taking off her cover-up clothes. Never had she gone so long
     in the outfit; 10 hours had passed since she put it on. She later
     got ready for bed, and was still wearing the outfit, so she
     crawled into bed, still wearing it. It had never crossed her mind
     to wear it to bed, and the idea excited her for some reason. She
     turned out the lights and immediately fell asleep. Lori woke up
     around 3am with severe pain in her chest. She knew she would have
     to remove the corset, so she turned on the light and got out of
     bed. When she stood up, the pain lessened. She rubbed her waist
     with her gloved hands for a few minutes as the material squeaked
     like leather. The pain faded and her chest felt much better. As
     she began walking around the apartment, her back cracked a few
     times, then she felt fine. Upon returning to her room, she felt
     very little pain, so she turned off the light and crawled back
     into bed and fell asleep.

     The next morning she woke and got out of bed. The outfit was still
     on her body, and she had forgotten that she was even wearing it
     until she rolled out of bed and her stiletto heels met the floor.
     It thrilled her that she went so long without removing the outfit,
     and she became extremely aroused. She felt the corset with her
     hand and rubbed her chest. It excited her immensely. She placed
     her hand below the corset and began rubbing herself, and fell back
     onto the bed. The excitement was incredible. She breathed heavily
     and rubbed herself between her legs, harder and harder. Her gloved
     hand slid smoothly on her nylons, and an orgasm exploded-- lasting
     20 minutes as she continued to rub herself. She lied on her bed
     for an hour, recovering, and thinking about what just happened.
     Nothing like this ever turned her on so much, and she was in

     The day passed, and the outfit was still locked onto her body. She
     was tempted to wear it to bed again, but thought she had better
     remove it since she had been wearing it for over a day and a half.
     The disk was still in the corset, and she slid it out and pressed
     the button. The corset loudly snapped open, and everything
     unlocked from her body. This time, the pain in her chest was
     unbearable, and she wrapped her arms around her chest and waist
     trying to relieve the pain, but it wouldn't stop. She squeezed the
     disk again and the clothing locked shut. The pain slowly faded
     away. Lori sat on her bed, breathing heavily, rubbing her waist,
     and wondering what she was going to do. She knew that she couldn't
     leave it on. After rubbing her waist and chest for about 20
     minutes, she tried again, and pushed the button. The corset
     snapped open and her chest exploded with pain. She screamed and
     tried to relieve the pain, but it got worse. The disk fell out of
     her hand and onto the floor. She tried to bend down, but the pain
     was unbearable. She lifted her foot and used the high heel on her
     boot to push the button. She stood on the disk and it clicked. The
     corset locked shut, and the pain slowly faded away once again.
     Lori picked up the disk and put it into her corset pocket. Her
     chest was still a little sore, so she rubbed it for a while before
     crawling into bed. She lied there, thinking about the outfit on
     her body, and what she was going to do, and finally fell asleep.

     The morning arrived, and Lori crawled out of bed. Nothing woke her
     up last night, and the corset was still locked tightly around her
     waist. She placed her gloved hands on her waist, and realized that
     she could almost close her thumb and middle finger completely
     around her waist. It had gotten tighter over night. The distance
     between her fingers around the corset was at least an inch
     smaller. This began to frighten her, and she knew she had to get
     the corset off. Her feet hurt, so she rubbed them through the
     boots, and the pain faded. She had to try again, and had an idea.
     She walked into the living room and removed the disk from her
     corset, placing it on the table. Then she quickly ran towards her
     bedroom as fast as her stilettos would take her, and the corset
     snapped open loudly as she fell onto her bed. She lied there
     squeezing her chest, rolling around on her bed screaming, as the
     pain exploded through her. The disk was in the other room, and it
     was impossible to get to it in her state of pain. All she could do
     was stay on her bed and fight the pain. After about 10 minutes, it
     slowly started to fade, but she was still in a lot of pain. She
     continued rubbing her chest, and after about an hour she could sit
     up. Even thought she still hurt, she was relieved to finally be
     free and pulled the corset from her body. Lori pulled the gloves
     and managed to work them off her arms. Then she slid the boots off
     her feet, and they immediately began to hurt, but it was nothing
     compared to the pain earlier, and it faded in a few minutes. She
     rubbed her feet for a while then stood up. Her calves were stiff
     from being in the stiletto boots for so long, so she had to walk
     on her toes until she could stretch her calves better. Her back
     cracked every few steps for about an hour, and she sighed with
     relief with each crack. She returned to her room, sat down and
     peeled off her nylons. They were damp from being sealed between
     her legs and the boots. She fell back on her bed and fell asleep,

     The outfit and the people who designed it were on Lori's mind. She
     decided to make a call to Roger at the lab to see if he had any
     news. In her purse she found the number of the lab, and made the

     "Hello Roger! It's Lori. How's everything?", she asked.

     "Hello there! Everything's going well. We're slowly figuring out a
     few things, but most of it is still a mystery. We've been working
     nonstop trying to analyze that material, but have pretty much
     given up on it. A friend of mine in the nuclear testing area tried
     a few things with it as well. He placed one of the smaller
     artifacts in a reaction chamber and exposed it to both a fission
     and a fusion reaction. The artifact wasn't damaged at all. It's
     incredible. Also, the material has some other strange
     characteristics. The tarp we found was unintentionally left
     covering a fallen leaf from a plant in one of the labs. When we
     discovered the leaf under the tarp, we found that the leaf didn't
     age. The other fallen leaves were all old and dried up, but this
     leave looked as if it had just fallen. With further testing, it
     was discovered that the material prevents aging and growth of new
     cells. This stuff is incredible. And remember that box that we
     couldn't open? Well, one of the guys found some sort of keyhole in
     a well hidden compartment. We can't find any key, but a small
     section of the lid to the box slid off when he tried to pick the
     lock. It exposed some strange pictures and writing. The pictures
     are of a beautiful woman holding a coin. Quite strange, really."

     Lori swallowed hard.

     "What does the woman look like? What is she wearing?", she tried
     to ask calmly.

     "I'm not sure what she's wearing really. Her waist is very small
     though, and she's wearing really high heels. We're trying to
     figure out the writing and have had pretty good luck with it. We
     think it's about the coin, and being in total control. It mentions
     that something is completely impossible without the coin, and the
     word 'impossible' is heavily stressed. It seems pretty meaningless
     really. It probably means that you can't have women if you don't
     have money.", he chuckled.

     Lori took a deep breath. She knew what it all meant. "Wow. That is
     bizarre. I'd like to know what else you find out. Maybe I'll call
     back in a few weeks."

     "That would be great. We should have more answers by then. It was
     great hearing from you. I'll talk to you in a few weeks then.
     Bye!", he replied.

     "Goodbye.", she said as she hung up the phone.

     Lori sat and thought about the conversation she just had. Being
     locked into the outfit, and at the mercy of another person to
     remove it. At least they designed the outfit such that it couldn't
     be accidentally locked on for life. And the material prevented
     anything from aging. That explained why there was no odor when she
     wore the outfit for long periods of time, and her nylons never
     wore out. Her fingernails weren't growing much lately, either. It
     must be the gloves which are responsible, since they were being
     worn so much. Her waist was beginning to take the shape of the
     corset. Since the corset was getting smaller, it must be
     automatically maintaining a constant tightness around her waist
     since her waist was getting smaller. She thought of how terrible
     it would be to be unable to remove the outfit. The words
     'impossible' stuck in her mind. It meant that the people created
     the outfit such that is was completely impossible to remove
     without the disk. Lori shuddered at the thought.

     Lori didn't want to think about the outfit; it scared her. All she
     could imagine was how powerful it was. They were a strange people,
     and probably destroyed themselves.

     She went 2 weeks without wearing it, but was getting anxious. She
     almost felt naked without it, and even felt uncomfortable without
     the heels. Her feet had already began taking the shape of the
     boots-- the short pointed toe and the high arch. She had to see
     the outfit and feel it again. The more she thought about it, the
     more excited she became. Feelings of arousal were stirring within
     her, and the pleasure it had brought her. She couldn't resist any

     It was in the bottom drawer of her dresser, as gorgeous as the day
     she first had seen it. She removed the outfit from the drawer and
     set it on her bed. There still wasn't any sign of wear. The
     locking mechanism was such a mystery, and she looked at the
     opening on the corset trying to see how it locked shut, but had no
     clue. She rubbed her hand across the corset, along the outside,
     then the inside, and held it against her chest. Her breathing
     became heavy, and she unbuttoned her shirt and jeans. She removed
     her shirt and slid her jeans off, and held the corset against her
     bare chest. It felt intoxicating, and she sighed loudly. In the
     top drawer were a pair of new black nylons, and she quickly
     grabbed them and pulled them up her legs. She slid the boots on
     and up to her thighs, and rubbed her hands down the shaft of the
     boots, stopping at the stiletto heels. She stood up and took a few
     steps in the boots. At first, she used to have difficulty walking
     in the high heels, but after hours and hours, day after day, and
     with the help from the inserts she got used to it. The corset was
     next, as she picked it up and put it around her chest. She was
     getting so excited that she had forgotten about the fear and pain
     it had caused. The gloves slid up her arms up to her shoulders,
     and her breathing and heart rate were racing. She slid her hand
     down the front of her corset, and slowly rubbed herself between
     her legs. Her breathing increased as she began losing control of
     herself. She worked the disk out of her corset and pressed it, and
     the outfit instantly locked tightly onto her body. She screamed
     with excitement when the outfit locked shut and rubbed herself
     faster. She dropped the disk and fell onto her bed, climaxing,
     rubbing herself faster. The contractions lasted about a half hour
     as she continued rubbing herself, then slowly stopped.

     Lori lied there relaxing, fully content. She would wear the outfit
     again, but would remove it at the end of each day. The same
     mistake wouldn't be made again. The disk was on the floor
     somewhere, so she began searching for it. It was near the dresser,
     and she picked it up and put it into her corset.

     Lori spent the entire day in the outfit, and had a wonderful time.
     The forced sway of her walk, the sound the outfit made as she
     walked, the sound of her high heels-- just the feel of the outfit
     excited her. Her waist was so small-- smaller than ever before--
     and she looked gorgeous. She felt the tight corset with her hands,
     coming to realize how strong it really was, and how it felt to
     have an indestructible device locked so tightly around her waist.
     It was getting tighter. The outfit would never wear out.

     Her feet hurt that evening, as did her chest, so she would
     definitely take the outfit off. She slid the disk from her corset
     and squeezed it. The corset exploded open, and the gloves and
     boots loosened. The shock of the corset exploding open was
     something she would never get used to. She rubbed her chest a
     little, noticing the shape of the corset that it was taking, as
     she sat to remove her boots. Just as she was about to pull them
     off the phone rang. She stood up and ran to the phone, dropping
     the disk on the way, but the phone stopped after 1 ring. She
     turned around and bent down to pick up the disk in the middle of
     the floor. As she walked back to her room, she stumbled slightly
     and the disk slid between her gloved fingers. She grabbed for the
     disk as it fell, and knocked it into her right boot. Her hand went
     after the disk, but she could feel the disk slide down between her
     nyloned leg and the boot. It slid smoothly past her calve, down
     her ankle, and hit the surface of the boot where the heel of her
     foot rested. Then it slid down under her arch and stopped under
     the ball of her foot, between her foot and the gel insert. She
     carefully lifted her foot and the disk slid further into the
     pointed toe of the boot. The tip of her toe was barely touching
     the disk, and it was stuck in front of the gel insert. Standing
     only on 1 foot, she lost her balance and used her right foot to
     regain stability. Her toe pressed harder against the disk, and it
     clicked. The toe tightened and pulled the disk away from her toe
     and into the front of the boot, and the clothing locked onto her

     "No!", she screamed as she fell to the ground and pulled on the
     right boot to remove it, but it was locked tight onto her foot.
     She pulled harder, with all her strength, but it didn't budge. Her
     heart was racing as she continued pulling, screaming with fear.
     Many times in the past she tried removing the boots without the
     disk, but gave up because she knew it couldn't be done. The boots
     could never be removed without the disk, and Lori knew that. She
     stood up and tried shifting her weight to activate the disk, but
     couldn't even feel the disk anymore. Next she began kicking her
     heel downward to knock the disk loose, but she still couldn't feel
     the disk. It was tightly locked into the pointed toe of the boot
     where it would stay. She tried pulling the gloves off, but they
     were locked on tight as well. She reached around her back with
     both hands and tried to pull the corset open, but she could hardly
     get her gloved fingers between the corset and her skin. After
     working her fingers under the corset, she pulled as hard as she
     could. It didn't move at all. She tried to peel the gloves from
     her arms again, but they were locked around her elbows and
     couldn't be slid off. She sat down and shook. She was terrified.
     There was nothing that could remove the outfit from her body
     except for the disk, and it was locked tightly in the boot where
     it could never be activated. The distance between the disk and the
     outfit would never exceed a few feet-- not nearly the 10 foot
     required for the safety to unlock the outfit. She tried again to
     move her toes and feel the disk, but it was no use. It was too
     tight to feel anything, and the disk was gone.

     Lori sat for over an hour, trying to accept what had just
     happened. Fear ran through her body, and she was in a state of
     total shock. She ran her gloved hands across her tight corset,
     then down her boots. Her body shook because she knew she was
     locked into the outfit for life. Lori didn't get much sleep that
     evening. Most of the night she was awake, trying to accept what
     had just happened. It was still hard to believe, and to accept--
     she could never remove the outfit. She moved her toes and felt the
     slick surface of the gel insert, but no disk. Finally, she fell

     The next few nights went the same way, and she was getting sore.
     Her back, chest and feet all hurt. The corset never felt loose; it
     was constantly tightening as her waist became smaller. It sounded
     and felt like pavement when she knocked on the corset with her
     knuckles, and was just as hard since it was so tight.

     A few months passed, and Lori was beginning to adjust to the
     outfit. Her waist was now only 22" around. Living in 5" heels was
     easier, but her feet still hurt a lot, though the gel inserts made
     it less painful. There was still no visible wear on the boots, and
     the bottoms were still unscratched.

     When she took showers, the water ran off the material of the
     clothing leaving it completely dry at all times. She cut her
     nylons off where they met the top of the boots. The boots were
     slowly getting smaller as well. The whole outfit was designed to
     maintain a constant tightness, and when the wearer adjusted, the
     outfit adjusted as well. The toes were getting shorter and more
     pointed, and the whole front of the foot was being forced back
     towards the heel so the heels felt as if they were getting higher.
     The only things that weren't getting smaller were the gloves, but
     they were still quite snug.

     Many months passed, and Lori opened an erotic clothing store. It
     was necessary to explain why she dressed the way she did. She
     would add a few items to give the impression that her outfit

     Over 3 years had passed since Lori was locked into the outfit, and
     there was still not a single indication of wear. It was part of
     her life now, and she accepted it. The corset finally stopped
     contracting when her waist reached 20", but it was still always

     It had been a long day, and Lori didn't get much sleep the past
     few nights due to working late and getting up early. She was
     getting ready for bed and entering her bedroom when her heel
     caught the carpet, causing her to fall hard onto the floor. Her
     foot hit hard against the dresser. She stood up and stumbled to
     her bed, and rubbed her foot. It felt sore, but she was able to
     walk. After she crawled into bed, she moved her toes and felt
     something strange in her boot. It was something loose in the toe.
     It was the disk! The fall against the dresser must have knocked it
     loose. Since the toes of the boots were getting smaller over the
     years, the disk must have become loosened and the jolt was enough
     to set it free. Lori lifted her legs out of bed and sat on the
     edge of her bed. She tapped her heel on the floor as she raised
     the front of the boot, and the disk slid below her toes. She
     slowly forced her toes against the disk and it clicked. The corset
     popped open loudly, and the clothing unlocked from her body. Lori
     fell back on her bed as excruciating pain filled her chest and
     feet. After 5 minutes, she passed out.

     Lori woke up, 4 hours later, with intense pain in her chest and
     feet, but not like earlier. She lied there, rubbing her chest and
     felt the opening in the back of the corset. It wasn't a dream! It
     was unlocked! She sat up and removed the corset slowly, as the
     pain shot through her body. Her waist was so small it scared her,
     but she was free of the corset. She slid the boots off and her
     feet throbbed. They were a lot smaller, and her toes were pointed
     towards the middle of her foot. The gloves took about 10 minutes
     to remove, and her hands looked unchanged. Her fingernails hadn't
     grown. The disk fell out of the right boot onto the floor.

     After an hour of trying to relieve her pain, she stood up and
     found herself unable to flatten her foot. The stilettos changed
     her ankles and calves such that she couldn't walk. She found a box
     of 5" heels from the store and slid them on her feet. Size 6
     didn't fit; they were too big, so she found the smallest size--
     size 5-- and found them to fit perfectly.

     Lori picked up the disk and held it for a few minutes. Never did
     she think she would be holding the disk again, as she slid it back
     into the corset and placed the outfit back into the bottom drawer.
     She knew it would come back to haunt her again.

     It had been 5 months since she was free of the outfit, but was
     still unable to walk without 5" heels. She was quite used to the
     heels, so they didn't bother her anymore. At least she could take
     them off now, and that was enough.

     Her waist was 22", and would stay at that measurement. She thought
     about the outfit a lot, and was getting very anxious about it. One
     day, she gave in to temptation.

     Lori opened the bottom drawer and removed the outfit. She had no
     control of herself. She undressed down to a pair of nylons, and
     held the outfit to her body. For over 3 years she was locked into
     the outfit, and still it excited her. She brought the outfit with
     her to her bed and sat down. The boots were first to go on. They
     slid up her legs smoothly over the nylons, and were still snug in
     the toe. The gel inserts were still in the boots. Then the gloves.
     They were always more difficult to wear, but she managed to work
     them up to her shoulders where they belonged. She held the heavy
     corset in her arms for a while then stood up, placing it around
     her waist and neck. There was still around 4" of space between the
     openings at her waist. She slid the disk out of her corset and
     held it in her gloved hand, teasing with the button, not sure if
     she would press it or not, applying a little more pressure each
     time. The disk clicked and the outfit locked tightly on her body.
     She could feel the boots tighten all over, the gloves becoming
     snug, and the corset squeezing her waist tighter and tighter. Her
     waist was smaller than ever, and she could feel it. She took a few
     steps, bringing back memories of when she wore the outfit-- how it
     forced her to walk a certain way with a certain sway. It felt
     wonderful, and she knew she wouldn't be able to ignore the outfit.
     She held the disk for a few minutes, then began to slide it into
     the pocket in her corset. As soon as she inserted the tip of the
     disk in the pocket, something seemed to grab hold of the disk and
     quickly pulled it into the pocket, making a sharp snapping sound.
     Lori quickly forced her finger into the pocket, but the disk
     wasn't there. It was drawn into the corset somewhere. She
     screamed, and pushed on the corset with her gloved hands trying to
     find the disk, but it wasn't anywhere.

     "NO! NO!", she screamed as she tried pulling at the corset. It was
     locked. This time, the disk was locked somewhere intentionally.
     The outfit was designed to lock on permanently to the wearer when
     the time was right, and that time was now.

                                   THE END

                                                    . .. .
                                                 ,''(~x x. .
                                               ;  ,:~ ~x.x.x.
                                _..            _:  (  ~.~~.~x
                       ,-    /    \        {      .  .~ x ~x .
                       /    ` |  /\   \      /     . \   .  .
                        /  ) `  | ,'  \    - _ /    /  \ \
                     / ,'     |  )    \         /      '\ \
                __/ !     __/ !      ` -____/          `,\___

                Brought to you by (Lethr)

recycled ideas in fashion

i was looking for more images of the fashion house who made this seasons show as puppets and found another one - that looked more interesting and it dates from 2014;

the story is here with a contact sheet gallery.  

i may have pop ups blocked so thats why its not working on my browser as a slide show.

in the meantime, they'res some great dresses and puppets for use in asmr and stories.


another fetish has moved to Haute Couture this season

due to covid... or is it? 

 not just the models catwalking, but all the well known and select sitted watchers. solves the problem of walking in 6 inch heels

Full story and video on CCN here 

see my previous posts about how i discovered a fetish for puppet transformations....


Saturday, September 26, 2020

seasonal halloween sales?

there's a certain pre formatted digital sales site which pop up on facebooks and i keep wondering if its legitimate or not. some are blatant rip offs of crowd sourced or new products greatly reduced. i think a couple of years ago i got ripped off but refunded for a video / ar glasses.

no real way to know - or perhaps drop shippers?

i've also noticed as i use Aliexpress, some will heavily advertise a decent product, price it 2-4x but as no one is aware of it - they miss the fact you can get it on Aliexpress at cost. 

and example of this is the surprisingly useful: Portable Cassette Player Recorder Standalone Audio Music Recorder Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter Save into USB Flash Drive


i did spot a low rez pico projector so i am theory getting that as i had an idea of filling one wall with a pov projected of Second Life.

here's one that came up today and they do besides old men, monsters, demons - one woman. you can find it for sale here 

what do you think? a scam or a real sale? would it even match?



reverse ASFR or shade of BSG new gen cylons?


are you or do you know any?

 i have supicioins about P-xxxxx in SL due to her decorations.... also a fair few ASMR cosplayer are dipping into into it as a narrative structure or more? btw hypnosis and nlp are just modern terms for elements of the craft.


minimilistic art?


part of a sequence froma defunk fetish site


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

my current bound state in SL in with Peachey Blackwood

seems to be rubbing off on me.... i finally got my latex pillow case for the special giant U shaped pillow.

with my av burning into my teeny doll brain, i keep wondering. perhaps a pillow of the same shape as me in worlds is whats needed for my next latex pillow in bed?

of course it might make sense just to get a custom body bag and cut foam to fill. 

cuddling as a sleep, and a deep need to be inside it. maybe for xmas.... 

mind you this came up in the same search. i wonder if i can sleep in at night and let the pink take over?

on sale now for $8 with shipping... its calling.... is it calling you? also available in black and tan here on Aliexpress

can i have visitors? i'm not sure even i know where i am tbh and whats with the selection of weird and occultish statues in her very modern building. msg Peachy Blackwood to find out, and maybe she'll let me talk?


i found a latex ASMR!!!

the link to it is here

please post your reactions and i'll email her to introduce her to my blog.


more ASMR vids, creators and a test

Tingle Test: Curing your ASMR Immunity is here.

some of the other themed ones are in the Goddess series. they can be found here on here YT page: 
sadly still no replies to my offers. i may have to do a bulk email. please post any favourites you found and use. either straight your prefered kink. are werewolves plushies? yes, found one of those.

rubber fetishists will survive!


Sunday, September 20, 2020

ASMR - notice anything?

the above is a witch taking you into her coven. the rest i've not watched in any detail. just wanted to get screen grabs.

do yo have a favourite. also i noticed the ASMR effect can vary alot.

typical me - i tend to want to write more into their speaches. still they are very hypnoitic.

i've emailed three of them so far and not a peep back. given their subject matter i think we could do some great collaborations.

we'll have to see. 

if your an ASMR recorder - please email me



Monday, September 14, 2020

filmed in sl - or perhaps we should?

 always up for collaborations in world


Sunday, September 13, 2020

some may wonder where my fixation on Melissa shoes came from

easy - Barbie. she had amazing shoes in plastic. but i could only wear them on my fingers...  think her wetsuit likewise got me hooked.

 while there are basic ballerina flats (loads of them and vivian westwood does a lot) and i do have a pair;

sampling of Melissa Flats

the Karin Rassid scooped heels are my fav. mine are basic black with shell like texture.

now why can't they do knee boots?