Saturday, September 26, 2020

seasonal halloween sales?

there's a certain pre formatted digital sales site which pop up on facebooks and i keep wondering if its legitimate or not. some are blatant rip offs of crowd sourced or new products greatly reduced. i think a couple of years ago i got ripped off but refunded for a video / ar glasses.

no real way to know - or perhaps drop shippers?

i've also noticed as i use Aliexpress, some will heavily advertise a decent product, price it 2-4x but as no one is aware of it - they miss the fact you can get it on Aliexpress at cost. 

and example of this is the surprisingly useful: Portable Cassette Player Recorder Standalone Audio Music Recorder Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter Save into USB Flash Drive


i did spot a low rez pico projector so i am theory getting that as i had an idea of filling one wall with a pov projected of Second Life.

here's one that came up today and they do besides old men, monsters, demons - one woman. you can find it for sale here 

what do you think? a scam or a real sale? would it even match?




Anonymous said...

I have one mask from Eyung shop from Aliexpress. They make good ones. When I saw how doll-like I was in the mirror, I was floored. I couldn't recognize myself.

Asudem Latex said...

thanks for the tip. as someone else posted and deduced - it seems there are bogus shops nicking images and shipping crap.

still no sign of the 30$ pico projector.


Roen said...

def a scam. those masks are normally a few hundred and can identify one of the stolen pictures as coming from the youtube channel of crossdressing supplier Roanyer.

Mike09 said...

Looks like a scam website/sale to me.