Tuesday, April 30, 2019

interupted service

sad news - i'm not well. i think i'm getting better but it is serious. time will tell.

to that end I've written to the RubberSisters to see if they'd like to take over the blog etc etc. i'm open to other leads and suggestions as well as to people. write to me at my email. asumdemlatex@yahoo.com

nothing is imminent, just planning.

also i'd like a permanent display Avatar in Second Life if anyone has any ideas. i'll even hand over all passwords/codes to SL to a good owner.

love all


Tuesday, April 02, 2019

computer generated latex orgy

yes, you read that right. still bellow:

the third episode of Love, Death and Robots. view it here


Monday, April 01, 2019

now you know....

any artists out there want to take this outlin and make comic sequence

its all very draft - need to know how many panels etc etc. has been submitted to someone but now word back so far. i can always come up with a new one....

Here's the idea:

While walking through a vacation in a European city, I spot a chic boutique with several mannequins in window. Very different and more detailed that American Mall ones. On one is wearing a tan glossy tight pvc knee boots with heel. Goes in, asks. Seems that it was a buy out of old stock mannequins from somewhere, and she has no idea where the boots came from. I make an offer to buy them - she can't decide as owner is away - come back tomorrow.

Being cheeky - can I try them on? No.... wait till tomorrow - How about a better look? Sure, lets me into window display, down on hands on knee and secretly touches / strokes them. Deep breaths in their smell.

Leaves, plans to come back again. 'No on will have these at home!'

Weird dreams - the mannequins in the window - undress her and fit her with the boots. She feels a sexual jolt. things get hazy, surreal. Let us complete you. TF/beauty cream treatment, they even pull off her hair and replaces it with a stylish wig. Eye drop changes her eye colour. Now glossy and bright. Now your ready. Pose - she poses and freezes a smile on her face as mannequins explore their new friend.

She wakes in a start. Sheets are so wet. Like she had a cold/flu in the night. Does morning thing, site seas rest of city then at door of boutique at opening hrs.

She's not here - been delayed at another shop - but since its not part of the original stock - I'll take an offer.

I make up contrived story about US fashion lagging, mall culture and a slight bitch about 'fast fashion' to sell it more

Help me get them off and we'll see if all your effort is worth it. Struggle getting mannequin down. Boots come off, she touches mannequin and a flash of (something tbd). Holds up the boots and notices there is a round hole in the base of each sole? Crushed!!! Oh don't worry, a cobbler will patch those and on side, just add a padded insole. The old mannequins - 50's60's needed support holes in them. Ours don't. Those must be vintage boots.

Gets them on, fit so well. Lover her calfs in them. "I have heels like these but never been able to find boots." The sensual tightness on her feet and calf somehow extends upwards slowly.


thats the set up. Could just  leave it there or add more.

above is the color an previously mentioned heels. A bit lighter and glossier.


mad max styled barbie lover

before, made, and worn - sequnce by London Designer William Wilde

latex doll around town - all for the sake of art

i think i should get an interview with but i suspect she's now too famous.