Wednesday, January 31, 2007

rubber dolls start chatting now...

in a build up to the rubber doll rendezvous 2008, a chat room has been launched and can be accessed here.

The Rubber Doll Rec room will also be the new home for Rendezvous
Rap, scheduled chats to discuss the Rendezvous.

Join us Tonight at the Rec Hall for our next Rendezvous Rap. We will
start a6 6:00 PM Central Standard (Chicago) Time.

Sweet Dreams...
Princess Rebecka

another way to sell womans latex clothing

is a spin off company from the designers main site is High Gloss Dolls.

an interview is planned to find out the who / what / where / when & why of it all and will be posted here soon.


i bet a lot of men wish this was a real product

and there's a few women who would like it be too...

order one from the UK here.

oh and there is a version for a man too. for a close up high res look at the buttons - click on the new image shot in a window of shop in Brighton.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

more on those must have metal leggings

sometimes its just a matter of waiting for information to trickle onto the internet too find what your after. though sometimes thats too late. its a matter of luck and some dilligence i have found.

here's a follow on Balenciaga's pure golden legs which i covered here back in december. apparently both vogue and elle have said that metalic leggings are the thing to have this spring and summer. though annoyingly i totally missed any of the fashion spreads that had shoots with models in them.

i did find some more images of the $100,000 legs at much better resolution during this weeks office time killing googles.

during my googling on this seasons must have i found an entry somewhere that american apparel was selling them at a much cheaper price. and yes they were.

still not sure if i want a silver pair or a gold pair. or does anyone do them in metal latex please?


red plastic shoes

the photo was given to me yesterday by reader when i was modelling in second life. she took it at the Centre Pompidou in Paris last summer.

it may just look like a plastic high heeled shoe, one which wouldn't be out of place on Barbie and a pair of which i'd be very happy to own - but its really a scuplture over eight feet tall. so high it will loom over you.

she said it struck her at a really deep emmotional level which really took her by surprise. she just stood there for ten minutes looking at the giant plastic womans high heeled shoe...

if anyone knows more about this show or artist, can they please post in comments?


Monday, January 29, 2007

david lachappelle: doll maker

an amazing stash of photos found by JS which i was totally unware of. seems David LaChappelle has his fingers very much on the pulse of the fetish scene.

here's a quick selection of some of his finds with major actresses and models taking on the roles of dolls. more can be found here and two official gallery sites with his imagery here and here. keep in mind he shoots for major international fashion magazines so this is no little niche market place or fetish site.



the secret... a way to live your dreams?

i was given a dvd of the film 'the secret' but you can find it on google video page here.

has anyone else seen it? what do you make of it? is it all new agey shit or is there something too it?

examples of it really doing something magical?


female masks: who do they appeal too?

i'm slowly working my way through my must have list and one thing that keeps coming up is the possibility of a latex hood and also a female mask.

now the hood i ordered from libidex and just waiting for it to arrive. its not the clear frounted HW Design one but its a start and it was on sale it being january and all. it also matches the one i have in second life too so there's that element. i do like to keep my real life latex and second life matching.

anyway, i've looked around at the female mask sites and some of the online shops and ebay sellers that offer them and there's nothing really i'd ever want to wear.

is that just me being picky or what?

are people settling for X 'cos they can't get anything decent. maybe its more of a budget thing?

maybe its my fascination and love of mannequins thats holding me back. if the masks aren't up to that quality i wouldn't want to wear them? maybe that they're all being worn badly? i can't say.

here's some shots of ones available from Rubbers Finest. they're pretty good but not great imho. or maybe just not what i'd be comfortable in wanting to be.

still i do fantasise about being put into a mannequin shell in a deptartment window and sealed in for a very long time...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

new product idea?

any latex makers out there? well besides the ones i occasionally write about?

i've been sleeping with a squishy microbead oblong pillow for a couple of months now and over the xmas break i had a clever idea that i could take my small sheet of latex which was left over from my disasterous exeriments making stuff and simple wrapped the squish in it.

hmmm... its so lovely is all i can say really. i cuddle with it and sleep against it each night.

so someone should buy squishies in bulk and latex them to sell....


Friday, January 26, 2007

pink hair and latex legs

this is from last years fall issue of 'W' magazine.

its a glossy oversized fashion mag thats def value for money but is way too large for my scanner, so all these images are cropped down from the page. also since they were a pain to scan i left it for a few months and just got around too it last week

note the latex legs from house of harlot in pink and white, her doll like pink bob and the occassional black egl outfit. though most of the outfits have an egl feel too them.

and this is a mainstream fashion rage (or bible too some)... so the trend is coming i say but i wonder if anyone knows where to shop for latex tights, stockings or leggings besides us latex lovers?


doll-ish advertisments

three more finds from 'W' magazine. a pink haired woman with oversized perfume bottle making her look teeny and doll like, shiny plastic like long legged model selling shoes and a pose in a big sweater.

all the 'W' scans didn't come out as well as they should and thats down to either my scanner being old (as is my mac) or the paper that they print on being not super slick gloss like other fashion mags.


Monday, January 22, 2007

a transformation commercial

sorry, no sound, but an amazing commercial none the less.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

mannequin music videos

thanks too SE for these finds on you tube.

i personaly prefer the Sophie Ellis Bextor - Get Over You video and the song to Anastacia's - Heavy on my Heart. both are bellow.

so where do you get like a normal tv resolution version of music videos these days? it looks like there's alot of amazing makeup and styling on the Sophie Ellis Bextor one but its lost on the fuzzyness of youtube's video.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

more doll suit photo's and information...

i emailed the creator of the new doll suit from Marquis and had a nice email back from Lois at liq laq.

she wrote:

I have already had quite a lot of interest and suggestions for
variation (some possible - some not) but only one sold so far (plus
some people who say they are saving up!). It has only been advertised
for a short time but certainly seems to have struck a chord with many
people. The hood design can be varied with a plainer hood or my other
doll-faced hood. I have even made a male doll faced hood although I
haven't put that on the website yet. If anyone is interested in a
particular option or variation I am always happy to give it some
thought. We are currently making a few slight changes to the face
style - if you like I can send you a revised picture when that is done.

so keep coming back and i'll post more photos of the suit and variations once i've received them. if anyone does buy one please email me about it.


more on those gorgeous latex thigh boots

i keep looking at these boots and keep thinking that i so need them. i'm adding them to my list. but maybe i do need more practice with my 5" pvc ones first before i splash out on the rubber ones. i'd also planned on getting a latex night gown and short black latex jacket next. so the boots will have to wait.

simon O has written back with some more information on the boots:

I have to say that the boots are not manufactured by us.
We buy them also. But we can made any optical changes on the boots.
The reach is mid high. 15 cm above knee.
And they are tall but also comfortable to wear. No zipper to get in.
They are to wear like stockings
Only maybe nylon socks are better to put them on.


Friday, January 19, 2007

its been model worn...

it must be great if your a fetish model, you get all the expensive latex for free and don't need to justify wearing it too anyone. i mean it is your work, your profession after all.

of course u have to be very slim too and the smallest of sizes.

if your not a model but are a latex lover and a small size then do check out Westward Bound's email special lists for loaaads of model worn items. some of which are above and most of them are half price.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fetishuniverse: big enough for a tv commercial

but it seems more of a freak show than anywhere i'd want to shop:

thigh high latex boots.... with heels!!!

all i can say is that they're definatly going on my wish list. they're simply gorgeous.....!!

made by great latex designer 'Simon O' of austria and announced on their website here. they are made from heavier rubber in sizes europe 36 - 45 with heels from 4-5 inches depending on the shoe size. no information on how tall the boot shafts go, wether mid thigh or all the way up to the bum...

i also don't see any zipper at all so they may pull on like stockings which has its ups and downs, mainly the getting them up and down your legs... i'll need to write him an email....


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

latex spice girl

its a very good fit and apparently made by libidex.

bellow is a pretty crappy youtube clip of her on stage.

check the other links on thr right for more latex. oh and will youtube ever get to the point where the video doesn't look crappy?


Monday, January 15, 2007

marquis now does doll suits...

WOW!!! i saw a post about this on a yahoo group and figured i'd just get it up her for everyone to look at and comment about before i jumped in with my own 2 cents.

its from Marquis, the german fetish magazine and latex catalog and if you want one the click here. its about $674 in US money btw. seems to be just the already existing elements they sold already assembled into a final complete suit. libidex as reported last year has a doll suit which is very similiar, although not photographed on such a perfectly proportioned model. actually the libidex is what i might look in it rather than the marquis version.

i still don't like the face, or holes. i know its some of your particual fetishes in this little area but i'd perfer something that made me more manniquin or doll looking than outright cartoon sex doll.

oh and it seems its actually made in the UK by Liq Laq. they describe it here:

"medium weight catsuit with integegral hood, mittens and feet. The
ultimate love doll suit with open mouth, surprised expression, rear zip
(from crown of head to below waist), feature nipples and open crotch
with dark pink edging.
Please note if ordering for a man - the breast cups are empty and you
will need to provide your own padding/falsies.
Please make sure you supply a valid email address as I may need
additional sizing information. (Any information you can supply with
the order will be useful.)"

go check out their site as there's more images to get u going.


Friday, January 12, 2007

no book, but there is a DVD....

from the dance studio in NYC that hit the headlines and i reported on last year (here) comes a DVD on how to walk properly in heels so that they don't hurt. if your interested then you can get the Leg Work DVD.

and for a sampler of what other women are doing wrong then there's a short promotional video bellow:

everything you wanted to know about....

the history of rubber can be found here for free in the The Romance of Rubber by United States Rubber Company. sadly no photo's of course.

anyone recommend more books on latex or fashion that you have or want to get?


inflated bodies

this new addition to Demask's catalog was spotted and written about by the excellent fetish blogger 3XL here.

demask was one of the leader of fashion to extreme heavy rubber cross overs and their first black and white catalog is still a classic of full immersion latex kinkyness.

the new items are a range of quasi dresses that use the inflatable idea and makes it partly wearable. you'll need to dig around on the site but there's loads there and the inflatable long dress caught my eye as something i'd love to be wrapped into.


truth about maid cafes....

Sarusuke, a reader from japan has written in and has detailed his experiences with maid cafes.....:

I think you're going to end up being a bit disappointed as far as the cafes are concerned.

I've been to about 16 different maid cafes in Akihabara, Kanda, Ueno, and Osaka. They're really just theme restaurants where the waitresses are dressed as maids and the customers are greeted with "Okaerinasaimase Goshujinsama!" translating to "Welcome Home, Master!" or "Okaerinasaimase Ojousama!" meaning something more like "Welcome Home, m'Lady!", depending on the customer, rather that the usual "Irasshaimase!" heard at any other restaurant.

The costumes vary from place to place, usually having a knee length or longer black dress with an apron. Some places differ from that concept. Cafe Pinafore's uniform has a vest and a much shorter skirt (I have a hard time calling Pinafore a maid cafe because of the lack of maids). Merry Heart has a Wa Loli style uniform, Raspberry Dream uses gothic lolita.

@home cafe Saboh's uniform is designed to look more like a Meiji era Japanese style maid's uniform (kimono with apron). Most of the staff working at maid cafes as waitresses are high school/college age girls, it's sort of like any other girl working at a diner except she dresses as a maid.

For most cafes the maid dresses are typically more like the ones for sale on this page from this site: except for the midriff baring one.

I haven't seen any western girls working at any of the cafes I went to. It's really not likely that there would be any though, since the girl would have to be ideally between 16-25, fluent in Japanese, pass the hiring test, pass the interview, and study the cafe's rulebook. They only tend to pay about the equivalent of $8-10 an hour so the salary would likely discourage foreign women from pursuing the jobs.

Masking isn't used in maid cafes that I'm aware of. It would make it tougher for the girl to do her job, I would imagine. It is a common cosplay type though and at anime conventions in Japan there are usually a few people using mask type full bodysuit cosplay.

There is a pair of cafes owned by the same people called Cafe Doll. I've been to both of them, the Osaka one I've been to many times. Neither have much of anything to do with dolls other than the name, however. The "storyline" of cafe Merry Heart, involving maidroids, is also something that doesn't translate into much of anything in the cafe itself other than hearing the word maidroid from time to time. A few of the girls working at various cafes have rather dollish makeup, but that's more because of current fashion trends here than anything else and is more common outside of the cafes than it them.

I can't say with 100% certainty that there is no doll suit cafe, but if there is, they don't do any advertising. The mainstream maid cafes do a bunch of advertising via flyers, collectable toys, and keychain toys.

Most cosplay is just the person trying to look like the character they are portraying, but there is a considerably smaller, but normally present at major Japanese anime conventions, group of people who make animegao ("anime faced") costumes. Animegao cosplay involves full body stockings or flesh colored zentai suits, plus the character costume and a mask and wig. It's so they can look as much like the character as possible, but they often look more like the toys based on the character (the animegao, or more commonly called kigurumi, cosplayers are sometimes called dollers as well).

Outside of cosplay, some people create their own original characters and have costumes based on them as a hobby. For an idea of what it looks like, here's a set of pics of a girl in her costume in Wakayama prefecture (far away from any convention) here. The pics are hosted on the Iruka Workshop site, a group that makes animegao masks for people's original characters. As for the loli dresses, they don't necessarily factor into cosplay unless the character cosplayed dresses in lolita fashion. Since Rozen Maiden, a series about magically powerful sentient wind-up dolls, has become very popular, it has become more common to see lolita dresses used in cosplay patterned after the ones the dolls wear.

Many Lolita fashion followers outside of this don't tend to consider what they do cosplay, since it's their everyday clothing, however. Parts of the lolita fashion movement, especially the Sweet Lolita variation (brands include Metamorphose, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and Angelic Pretty), do emphasize a doll like appearance with the clothing, often with the makeup, and especially the hairstyles which are rarely seen outside of on porcelain dolls anymore. Angelic Pretty recently ran a magazine ad featuring a girl so dolled up, so to speak, that my initial reaction was that she was a doll.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

nice tune and a kinky video...

i know a few of you will like it and there's definately some latex in it...

song is 'le disko' and bands called Shiny Toy Guns. great graphic design on their site too and they've even played on lettermen.


mannequin trends...

besides my rather obvious latex fetish, i think its reading mannequin transformation fiction that got me into the mind control, hypnosis and doll areas of my presents preoccupation. i mean after all mannequins are just life sized dolls for grown ups aren't they now?

one of the earliest stories i remember reading in this area was by german writer 'window dresse' and his multi part story 'inventory'. i know its not the best story or writing out there but there's something about it that always gets too me. i think its in part it takes a long time to get to the logical conclussion instead of some magic spell or device that goes 'whamo' and that it's the lead character who purposefully undergoes the transformation bit by bit.

his stories can be found here on legacy's site while his own rather basic homepage with all the stories and future ideas is here.

good news is that in legacy's last update at the end of december he's had Dmurk translate a recent offering Not only Hypnotised.

elsewhere on the web, has a feature on the trend for mannequins with greatly enhance breasts here while another find by Concious Object is super realistic mannequins by spfx people in hollywood that move. link to a quick youtube clip here and homepage gallery is here.

the mannequin on the right is one of them, but surely there is an attraction for them to be slightly artificial looking and just too perfect? otherwise why would i want to be transformed into one?


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

they didn't say how high the heels were....

but it is possible, the video proves it!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

four and three quarters and beyond...

for the weeks leading up to christmas i've been wearing the 4 3/4" black strentch patent pvc boots i had bought back in the spring when i started the heel training. truth be told i had totally forgotten about them and i think the reason i never tried to wear them back then is that it physically hurt to wear them. so they lay forgotten in my cupboard.

not sure why but i stumbled across them and gave them a ago. six months of heel training in the 4"s boots had acclimatised me enough too that height that i could move on. and i have so the 4"s are basically just like day to day, flat shoes and the super glossy taller ones are ones i'm breaking in a bit more. they're pretty well there but certainly no where near my 4"s which i could live in without batting an eye.

xmas has been generally pretty quiet thankfully. appart from various flaky friends standing me up or being too distracted with their own personal dramas to think of me.... i dediced to go all doll-like at kayliwulf where i model 'virtually', put on my super cute EGL oufit and an AO wind up key winterose made and had given me (yes that super famous winterose of the ASFR FAQ fame) and sit like the dolly i am under the tree for the xmas period.

now it came to me that i should have on my black patent boots as i did and matching solid pink tights which came from Paris. so i did.... then i think it was boxing day that there were thigh boots that came with the knee boots from kayliwulf kingdom fetish store (in second life). hmm... i dug around under my bed where i keep all my latex and lo and behold there was a pair of thigh length boots in the same yummy thick stretch deep black pvc...

no it wasn't christmas magic, as much as i wish it were. it was another pair of boots i had purchased off ebay like these here (49.95$ and no bids btw), which i had bought it my newly aquired, and quite frankly foot fetish delerium, tried on once, was in great pain and couldn't walk in them and promptly put them away.

so there they sat till it was the right time. and if was settling into 4 3/4"s, then why not go for the 5"s ones then?

the week is almost up since i put on my EGL oufit and by boots both in second life and in real life. i swap between the two heel heights of boots in second life and real life. making sure i mirror on too the other.....

yesterday i was in the 5"s thigh boots pretty well from mid morning till the new year at 1am.

there is a big tipping point somewhere between 4"s and 5"s i've found and the back of my calves and thighs hurt alot, my toes are squished into a point and i move in a different way for sure but i bet one day my 4's will be left in the cupboard and i'll be looking for heels with 5 1/2" heels....


latex in a free hair style magazine

two scans from the uk from the free magazine that the designer hair salon Tony & Guy give out for free and which available from any branch in most big cities there.

a pink latex knee length hobble like skirt and also latex leggings. on the cover there's a very tall sudded latex collar with little fake diamonds set into it. thats all pretty mainstreme use of latex imho.

but what caught blackice's eyes he said is when he saw the salon was the huge posters of models hanging out with bald manniquins in rather intimate cuddly like positions. he picked up the free magazine issue in hope that there was some of the images reproduced inside. sadly they weren't but the were on the salon's website up untill about a week or so ago. i went back to do some screen grabs and they're now all gone and the websites been redone.

wonder if the posters are still there... i bet he'll be back to ask....

anyone in the uk spot theses and can get a photo of them?


another doll blog...

there's another one and its also about a year old. its done by Shiny Judy in the uk who is also on blogspot who was inspired by the photograph posted here:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
One of the most important images I have ever seen

I have looked at this image on and off for over 8 years. I don't know who the model or the photographer is (I would like to, if anyone knows) but considering it looks like it was shot in the 1950s or 1960s, it's way ahead of it's time. Such a classic, timeless fetish image though, and very tasteful too. Definitely an inspiration for me, at any rate.


here blog is here


space girls part 2

latex based catsuits, molded plastic shoes and corsets.... the future is kinky indeed.