Sunday, January 27, 2008

your grandma wore 6 inch heels

assuming of course she was a model in one of the magazine reprints sold by texpix aka ebay seller Fetish Nostalgia.

the latest release is Fancy Femmes, Volume One of High Heel pinups from 1946 to 1954 from 8 Harrison Magazines. they feature models in 5 and 6 inch slightly thicker heels, lovely corsets, long legs and very funny advertisements (well from our point of view). check out a preview of it and others in the collections by clicking here. there's a range of vintage comics there as samples that are worth having a peek at.

wonder where all their costumes and lovely shoes ended up?


the completed puff piece

as done by Jay Petto can be found if you are a member of the yahoo doll fiction group. its 27 pages long and its the classic story of a journalist who couldn't stop looking and a mad scientist and his dolls.

also be sure to check out test render images done by golden dawn in files section too. i think those came out pretty well for trial pieces.


more and more...

latex is part of me and who i am. i know it now.

tommorrow will be 4 weeks - time has flown by and i've gotten into the routine of either the pink tights or my skinny jeans from getting dressed in the morning till getting into bed at night.

i'd never thought i'd make it this far wearing latex on half my body for those many weeks. and i have. not only that - today i went shopping in town and managed to do it with my admittedly big winder coat that goes to my knees, but otherwise i was top to toes latex with my skinny jeans and chocolate brown long sleeved blouse.

was really nervous at first but after the first hour or so when i realised i wasn't getting any weird looks or people pointing at me i was able to relax though knowing obviously i was dressed this way. no one noticed, cared or commented.

when the sun came out and i was in the starbucks i even opened the coat up all the way to reveal my clothes and well i had too as it would be too hot otherwise. not a peep from the girl serving me.

it was exactly like my fear and paranoia (and a bit of freaking out) when i wore my polished stainless steel eternity into the office for about three days running. i had a story about it ready and no one said anything except for one comment asking where i got it. my work collegue liked it and saying it was done by another friend in jewely / art college who now works in the village and that seemed to keep her happy and maybe even a bit jealous as i said it was pure silver.

all this now for me is not a fantasy, or a test run even. i know it will be head to toe in latex much much sooner than i expected. i'm craving enclosure now almost like some sort of drug - although the closest i come to drugs is my morning espresso. still you get the idea. ;-)

after todays walk and shopping. i feel inside me that i accpet it and its part of me and its ok to be it. its not really sunk in totally yet but its definately becoming very solid...


the hazing transformation

i was looking for something on youtube and came across the transformation scene from the low budget horror film 'the hazing'. as previousl reported on concious object's blog the scene was supposed to be much longer and much more detailed according to the director, but sadly budgets and time restraints in the way.

which has me wondering if there are any other films with good mannequin transformation in them? - besides of course Mannequin 1+2 with Sex in the City star in her early days.

i think i saw somewhere that there was a horror film made in the last year or so with such themes and scenes but for the life of me i can't remember the title.

post any links, youtube links or imdb references in comments please


Friday, January 25, 2008

new story: ragedy anne

i just had a look at gromets plaza this morning and saw it had been updated with a new story called ragedy anne where a woman starts to make her ultimate ragedy anne outfit. does real life parrellel fictional life i wonder as the authoress has a website selling custom dressed dolls with a definated anime theme at here website


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

three weeks in and half a latex doll?

one of my news years resolution's is to wear from now on permenantly all day latex on half my body. the idea was that it would be my light doll pink latex tights but i've slipped from that and been swaping back and forth from them to my basic skinny latex jeans.

now i'd be happy to wear the tights all the time i found they do interfer with my training in the 5.5s heels. the latex is simply too thick to get my feet into the shoes which aren't broken in at all and which i still can't really walk in yet. of course plain tights are fine - hense the skinnyjeans.

i was trying to get it burnt into my teeny dolly mind that i was half pink doll latex, which sort of works when i keep it up but more often than not i wear my skinny jeans now.

so there's this Q of being 1/2 doll latex vs wearing latex. and if i'm 1/2 doll latex then i end up covering up the latex with something else which kinda defeats it all now doesn't it?

generally at home (and i work part time away from the office) i'll be wearing my chocolate brown latex blouse once i'm back in and all weekend. i've also started to venture out in it, under my big winter jacket. still it getting me used to being out in latex in public.

i have also just noticed the ball of my feet have finally adapted to the 5 inch heels and i'm much more fluid and they're more comfortable now. the frount strap doesn't bite as my toes and the ball has bent too the right angle to go under the toe strap - as they're of course meant too - with the ball of my feet offering more support.

so progress is being made i think and shortly will have my modified catstuit, pink body and white body back and will start wearing those too with either the skinny jenas or tights. on monday i puchased long pink latex gloves off ebay in europe so with all three items combined i'd be mainly latex from neck to toes.

its all happening much more quicky....


Sunday, January 20, 2008

a rubber clothes blog

is here at the cleverly named the not much there yet, but do pop over and have a look and comment. i do like the image they pulled from a uk company for the inflatable bubble. i've tried a vac bed before and loved every second in it, but this is the opposite and wonder what its like.

head over to find out more about it.


melissas a go go

i had an email flyer through from the bazilian online shop that sold me my melissa's and while i'm not going to buy any more i did have a look at their site again. besides the sale there wasn't much there new and certainly nothing with 5 inch heels which i apparently am sooo close to being stuck in.

so i pop'd over the only real enlish online pressence in australia at unsurprisingly and noticed they'd massively revamped the site with galleries of past appearances of my favourite plastic shoes. in fact my pair were on the cover of vogue! i so have taste ;-)

the pair i don't have which i'd had my eye on are the short boot versions with a wedge heel also made by the same designer as the scoop wedges - still my prefered 4 inches heels. i managed to get the normal shoe version off ebay in the middle of last year from ebay and the frount does have open panels which means if the boots are the same they're totally useless as rainboots.

still the deep pink plastic is lovely...

will they ever expand into rain boots with heels? who do i need to petition?


Friday, January 18, 2008

on youtube or elswhere?

looking at the sweety video reminded me of the afi song 'girls not grey' and the amazing alice in wonderland / masked girl in it. so i had a look around on youtube too see if i could find it again.

and i did!

but the bad news is all the versions i found of it were really fuzzy, distorted and low resolution.

can anyone suggest a better link or source? maybe downloadable from a site somewhere?


cellphone with living mannequins

i just had this email from blackice in the uk who was sponsored a new mobile phone by a friend who wants him to review it for an online magazine. essentially it's an iphone clone of sorts and he was very surprised when he turned it on and looked and the included media on it's 256mb micro sd card...:

Hi Jeannie

You won't believe this but the iphone clone phone - P168 which I purchasd off ebay to review; had a video of a band called 'Sweety' from asia somewhere. The opening scenes and most of the video is them posed as mannequins in a stylised window and only partly moving as if they're restrained or coming out of a long term trance.

The video and image qaulity on it is no where near Apples iphone but its unlocked, triband, 2 sims and can display photo's so not a total write off. The video files are teeny, about 5MB or so for a video so I'll send it over in a seperate email.

I asked Ed in Japan to do some searching but he had no luck in finding a better version of the video but said the name was Sweety - Misceivious Spouse and says its Tiawanese band.

above are the captures i did of the video and it pretty teeny image size. if anyone wants to see it i can forward it on from my yahoo account.

though much better is if someone can find a website or youtube with the full video at a size where you can see all the details?


thanks to greneker in comments for the youtube find of the video here

a different design of female mask?

a find from from a german seller who seems to specialise in Greyland Masks. i've never seen this one before and its alot more appealing and doll like compared to others.

does anyone know who made it and if its still in production? the auction has ended but you can see the listing and another image here.

i've emailed doc vanderlay a few times in the last few months and not heard back. his earlier email had attachments of masks in progress so i'd think they'd be done by now?


Sunday, January 13, 2008

cd insert doll

two scans kindly sent to me by regular correspondant jean-f from the insert in Tanja Turune's new cd. i've never heard of her but apparently she was a singer in a group called Nightwish. so thats a few female singers with doll-ish themes now?


ballet heels.... literally

just liked the photo...


first year of uk national fetish day


"Perverts Wear Purple"

Monday 21st January 2008

What is it about and why should anyone join in? I’ll explain…

Back in October 2007, a discussion was started on an Informed Consent website forum board as to whether ‘fetish’ should be allowed to have a National Day, considering that so many other causes and/or beliefs were celebrated with their own National Day. The discussion developed and the people contributing to the thread slowly started to furnish the idea. No committees or focus groups were formed. No meetings were held. No positions of responsibility were allocated. Instead, like-minded individuals from all walks of life, from all over the country contributed their feelings towards the idea of unity. Slowly the concept became more and more realistic.

People decided that the vision of a National Fetish Day was something that could really happen. A date was chosen that gave enough time to spread the word of what the day stood for. The next big problem was as to how people with a fetish could celebrate their ideas and life choices; a slogan was born, “Perverts Wear Purple”. Why purple? Purple is a colour that is heavily represented in BDSM/fet art, style and clothing. Purple is a colour that is still unusual enough to be different yet common enough to be deniable... so no-one wearing purple needs to be scared they are automatically outing themselves. Finally, it sounds good in a catchy slogan!

So what exactly are we celebrating? Let’s have a look at what a fetish is according to the Cambridge Dictionary:

“noun: a sexual interest in an object or a part of the body other than the sexual organs.”(1)

Should this then mean that National Fetish Day is for those people who have strict fetishes for feet/rubber/leather/shoes/etc? No, not at all. The beautiful thing about alternative lifestyle decisions is that it is made up of a community of online and offline people who see themselves as belonging to different types of sub-culture. As the Informed Consent dictionary puts it:

“Many people in the community enjoy the thrill of wearing rubber without having a strictly fetishistic attraction to it. Particularly people who are into BDSM use fetish imagery to enhance their deeper sexual need for dominance and submission.”(2)

If this is the case then ALL of our varied and diverse sub-cultures, interests and lifestyle choices have parts of them that overlap into others. The community is a living, thriving and most importantly, organic humanistic meeting of beliefs and ideas. If this is the case, then we can all stand together on this day and be proud of the safe and sane choices that we make as consenting adults.

Why should we do anything in particular on this day? We often hear the word ‘community’ used when speaking of BDSM and fetish. An open-minded and understanding community that is inclusive to all. ‘We’ may claim to be inclusive to all but do others understand what we do and enjoy? Many, yes. Some, no. The British government is currently legislating to criminalise the possession of images - even if the pictures are of consenting fun and no-one was harmed(3). Media coverage and word of mouth has led to misunderstanding in some areas of the lifestyle choices that we make. We feel proud as a community that we are safe, sane and consenting adults who enjoy our activities in private, in professionally run National events or even just having a nice chat during informal social gatherings. By joining this fun ‘National Fetish Day – Perverts Wear Purple’ event, you as an individual will be joined by fellow community people all over the country in saying ‘It’s ok to enjoy what I enjoy’ without damaging your ‘vanilla’ identity or integrity.
So imagine it. You're harming no-one by wearing an item of purple clothing on this day and you smile to yourself whenever you think *why* you're wearing it...BUT...what will run through your mind when you see someone else wearing a purple item of clothing? Imagine this happening across the country at the same time on the same day. Everyone who contributed to the threads, everyone who secretly read it on websites, everyone who heard about the idea and thought it would be a bit of fun. All these perverts, all over, all doing the same thing at the same time for the same reason.
No, this simple act *isn't* going to change the world or laws or social way of thinking. However, I genuinely believe that it might make participants (or even those that have heard but don't join in) think about this sub-culture, what it is, what it means to us and feel a slight bit of unity.
Enjoy and be proud, it’s ok to be you!

(1) Cambridge Dictionaries Online:
(2) Informed Consent BDSM Dictionary:
(3) backlash:

Thursday, January 10, 2008

the 5 inch delima

i pretty well gave up on my 4 inch melissa's back at the begining of december when an online friend who is permently stuck in high heels - for years now, encouraged met to do the same. which really i do want too do. so since then i've been wearing my basic 5 inch heel pleaser's and occasionaly been stumbling around like a newborn foal in the 5.5's stiletto court shoes.

now i'm totally enthralled by the idea of wearing a peice of clothing that slowly transforms the wear and entraps them a the same time. very much like the story The Outfit by

it helps to think of this when i wear them, rather than just a fashion thing which of course is fine too. this heal training unlike the elements in the story is real and long lasting and i am already starting to feel the effects when i pad around the apt before bed and first thing in the morning. my calfs hurt, the back of my thighs up to my bum certianly does and i do put the 5's back on pretty well the second i'm out of the bath, where i notice the increasing arch of my feet.

the delima such as it is comes down to the sad storage of my other shorter shoes like my lovely collection of plastic melissa's, my low heeled Siger Morrison Rain or Shine knee high rubber boots and so on. as the heel height increases - and i mean _real_ heel height not counting stripper platforms, the range of shoes available as well as the makes dwindles to almost nothing. even my mary janes with the nice solid round heel are 4.75 inches and too low for my basic 5 training. same shoe in different colour doesn't count either.

so will keep at it as i want too but i'm not sure if i can live with about 3-5 pairs of shoes and boots.

and what happens when 5.5 inches become my norm or even higher? really there's not much out there.


PS: love these but if you look at them they're really not high heels but flats on an angle with a thick base:

natori mask on ebay

the current pinnacle of realistic female masks are made in japan by natori who i've been told no longer is taking any more orders. they are rarely seen besides online and in books, but if you have enough money there's one on ebay here which will end Jan-13-08 12:53:25 PST.

its currently a snip at US$760 and has five bids.

from what i've been told by someone who owns one, they're made from amazingly detailed but thick scilicon which makes them pretty heavy to wear. too see out of one there's slight eye holes in the glossy eyes, just off centre from the pupil.

they're definately closer much closer to what a mannequin would look like if you could actually wear a mannequin shell... well one day possibly.


not just naomi in chrome

but also plastic women for harper's bazaar by photographer sebjaniak whose homepage is here.

look in editorial. you'll also find more in the series, some other uses of plastic like sheen on models and a distictively ASFR vibe in some images.

i've seen these before somewhere, maybe scans in image collections though for the life of me i'm not sure where.

thanks to ch_ill_er for the find.


Saturday, January 05, 2008

russian electro artist Sasha Frolova

at Solyanka - Moscow.

like the hair... can anyone tell me more about her and the suit? is there a video or two on youtube even? seems to recieved a fair bit of media attention as both images came from widely divergent websites - one in australia and the other from orange county. so get googling! ;-)


more latex dolls

with anime mask of some sort. thanks too Ivan GL for the finds and emailing them in.

anyone know more about the mask?

i am still very much in two minds about the female latex masks.

so far the best i've seen are the Rubber Sister ones which turn out to be from Kerry, but with alot of makeup work / paint done to them to make them as you see them in all the photos. that matched with real quality wigs worn properly makes all the difference. alot of the masks that are out there a just a bit freakish imho and i wouldn't wear them.

i would wear something that gave you the head of a pretty mannequin or that reproduced a barbie in exact details like the one for the lottery commercial. still waiting on doc vanderlay's new set of masks as the images he sent to me and i posted earlier this year looked very promising indeed and maybe he'd send me one free! :-)


a rubber sister in femskin

this is just in from the Rubber Sisters newsletter:

The Rubbersisters started the new year with a complete new female suit sponsored from

The figure looks very feminin. We decided to make a striptease, so you will see Monica in some dessous,
and how she get naked.

pity the images aren't larger.


Naomi - the silver robot

on the cover a 'telephone book thick' magazine found by RH at the "Grove" which he described as a "highfalutin mall" in Los Angeles. thanks!

he didn't buy it since it was so thick so we don't know if there's any relationship between the cover and the inside feature articles.

as winter rose would point out - this is a pretty old fashion shoot photo and there is a complete set of images out there on the net - somewhere. curious how it all floats around and slowly seeps into mainstream media.

strangely they day the email arrived with the link, i was scrubbing out my oven with a pair of similiarly coloured silver rubber dish gloves. would make a great catstuit too.