Monday, August 29, 2011

too weird not to share

and there's a dubbed version with Olivia Newton John too if your hungry for more.


in 3d and not 3d

well it was a bit of an experiment and apparently it didn't work. so here's the video in 2D from Black Ice:

and there's three more parts plus a compare's intro on his his channel here. there's bits and pieces of fetish related videos on his channel including a tour of Liberation in London and some 2D clips of HW's TG fashion show from a few years ago.
for those of you with more technical skill and maybe even a 3d gaming set up you can see the videos using a new browser at



too busy for my own good

so pretty well not available in second life and very veyr thin on the updates.

its not like i'm out of content - just need to be in the right clear headed writing mode to sit down and put them up.

good news is the famed Gromet has about 3-4 short captions and stories of mine to edit this week so we should have those up soon. this includes the recent illustrated cover from Andy i built a story around.

soon, i promise.


kinky horror for october

from the makers of Glee no less. here's a trailer:

and seems they're doing a promotion with haunting characters appearing in your life:

can't wait to see it.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

possible TG Birthday Fashion Show in 3D

well he said try it so i am. you need to be running the latest version of Firefox and Chrome.

General 3D: Embedded Player

Monday, August 15, 2011

at least one of you will find this very very hot

dedicated to Rani aka authoress TSG - she knows why.

oh yes these glass cases do exist in Second Life ;-) we were the talk of the store back in our modeling days at Kaliwulf Kingdom.


just like the Bratz shoes

if it only were so easy...


i tweaked it a bit

just liked this idea of this model entrancing people she takes a fancy too and magically making them into near clones of her. probably very submissive clones at that. very poetic in its way.

original to be found at Samatha deSavory's TGirl Captions and believe me there is a cross over. excellent taste in source images and i must thank her again for occasionally sending me 'blank' uncaptioned images to work with myself.


Monday, August 08, 2011

now that is a shiny bottom

so much so you can clearly see the photographer to took the photo.


i love this evocative magical image - found!!!!!

as found on the Samatha deSavory's TGirl Captions who has the most amazing taste in images to caption. go have a look at her blog. the text may not be your thing though her selection of source images definitely can be bent towards our shared fetishes.

so where did it come from? magazine? issue and number? or just really good scans of the entire shoot would be good too as it would save me hunting the issue down and doing my own scanning done.


Sunday, August 07, 2011

i'll show you mine if you show me yours

i've only just discovered tumblr - sure i'm late so sue me.

so if you have favorite fashion, fetish, doll, latex etc tumblr site you visit regularly or even run yourself then please post in comments and i'll update this post with mine as well.

start here of course with the excellent; perfectly still


yahoo targeted me with this advert

and its just not Doll Eyes - its Hypnose Doll Eyes!!!

which is more evident in the commercial bellow

and before and after being applied;

there's a make your own doll on the lamcome site though i was not able to find it - if you do please post in comments. love to see it used in a proper doll themed fashion shoot. do post if you see one.


vintage kink

images your grandparents (or great grandparents) enjoyed in their private moments.

no latex - though lots of gorgeous leather boots and gloves. which is strange as leather is more mainstream yet the leather designers are very conservative and really really basic. its latex that has all these fantastical designs.

wonder why that is?


now if they would make them...

... with a higher heel

i was flipping around ebay for rain boots to see if the styles had gotten more creative and found these that come in a range of bright primary colors. they are sooo like the barbie shoes and boots that i remember playing with.

i think they're actually copies of a design Melissa does which isn't surprising as Melissa is at the cutting edge of molded plastic footware. still the heels pretty low and thus not suitable for me. my arches are pretty pronounced now and they don't go down at all. i can manage flats and sneakers on occasion so i've not gotten 'trapped' yet.

i'm very interested to see where this idea of molded clothing may take us.


any dolls want to be on TV??

Post subject: Television Series Casting for Dollification
Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:06 am

Hi All,

A major cable network is casting for men and women who are involved in dollification to appear on a documentary television series. This program would explore how and why you got into this subculture and how it affects or plays into your life, as well as how your loved ones view your life as a doll.
If you might be interested in hearing more about this opportunity, please email me at with a short description of your involvement in dollification.

Thank you!

**This project would not focus on any sexual aspects of dollification, but would look more into the process of becoming a doll and the psychology behind why you choose to do this.


a few days into august and no posts

well i've been busy with work as always and finding all these wonderful images that simply demand suitable captions.

simple ones are fine, though i can get carried away and take some time. take for example Andy Latex's cover which he kindly was based on me. i had to get into the mind of the image and figure out what the story was. once i had that i distilled down cover strap lines.

so i have a draft of the story and just needs cleaning and tightening up before we can put them together. i also like to work with other writers so its not all my own 'voice' and i can enjoy it from a different pov too.