Sunday, February 27, 2011

it was a private story

it started with an inspiration from the bellow captioned image which i took over with new captioned text which lead bit by bit too the whole story. and yes i'm the lead character who sought out the witch.

enjoy and please post feedback.


So, you've head that I'm a lesbian domme Witch with some very special tastes in my girls. That a very special one I will transform into my private and perfect Toy...

Does that excite or scare you? The possibility of becoming a living latex doll, to be owned and controlled so thoroughly? You have spent so much time seeking me out are you willing to take the last final step into my world and change to please me and my pet? To utterly submit to my vision of the perfect lesbian... toy? What will you sacrifice, and ultimately become for our sole pleasure and perverse delights? Hmmm....?

Here you are, standing before us; wondering, dreaming while dressed in nothing but latex clothes and the highest heels that you can manage. Are you now in the right place?

Yes... thats love... your deeply guarded obsessions are an open book to me. No use hiding them, your safe here now. This delicious blend of fetishes and unspoken submissive desires in your heart is what brought you too me like a moth to a flame. You couldn't resist no matter how hard you tried. You're already perfectly dressed for it already now aren't you? Dressed to enter my latex world and never ever leave. These impossible fetisheses I can make real for all of our deep hungers. Its in your soul - let me bring it out for us to see. It will be the new real you. Let it shine!

I shall mold you as her twin sister; yet artificial and idealized in proportions - truly transformed in perfect living latex; a desirable Doll for us to treasure and use however we please. We have always really wanted one. All of our dreams will be fulfilled as no one before had wanted it so much as you do.... or desired to submit so deeply to the fetish.

Not long from now you will be a slick shiny fetish 'Object' bound to us in so many ways on so many levels. You will serve your Mistress intimately and obediently. There will be no choice even if you change your mind or balk at some of the pleasures I demand from you. A doll, a puppet, an automation, my subserviant toy.

As a doll made of pure latex you will also only able to wear latex. No common threads shall ever be able to touch your slick shiny body, only the finest and gorgeous latex fashions will grace your doll body forever more. *poof will go anything thats not latex. You would never be able to pass as anything else but a doll in public. Your skin, your face, eyes and shape will define you as a doll. Your latex wardrobe always shiny and mostly tight.

This secret obsession burns so very very brightly in you. I can tell you have spent much time training yourself to wear latex against your skin at all times. A beautiful woman with a wardrobe of nothing except latex and the highest of heels. I utterly approve. I can see you body has accepted both and permentaly changed shape trapping you in those gorgeous heels. Good. Such refined taste. You have done so well in reaching this point by yourself my love. Let me reward you for your dedication and fulfill your dreams. Your own drive and will trapped you in 5 inch heels; I will trap you in latex forever.

I can tell you want this, an impossible 'more' for anyone besides me. You were right to seeking me out. I will utterly treasure you for it. A precious object to cherish, love and display.

You see I have decided to permanently burry you deeply within your fetishes until all that you now are is simply... gone... Surrender yourself to the possibility now. Even if you cannot say this aloud, this is what you wanted when you searched me out and this I shall deliver to you.

You will become a living doll, a latex mannequin, simply a pretty life sized Barbie to dress up, and cherish for the utter slave to fashion she is. Our unique and prized fetish slave, ... our special 'Toy'. That is now your inescapable fate since you entered my realm.

All of your skin will be made into beautiful slick latex inside and out. Perfect shiny and blemish free. You hair like the best wigs available yet still thick and synthetic like a dolls hair. Eyes glassy and luminous in their fake bright color, further marking you out as not real, an object, a doll.

You will only ever be conscious and able to fully move in our presence. Our needs and desires will animate you like a puppet. Though made of tight latex you will see and feel everything, taste only our bodies and become addicted to all aspects of them.

Yet for the rest of the world you will just be seen as an utterly sexy life sized doll that we shall keep locked in a glass display case to show off my couture designs. Frozen in timeless bliss, your face a mask radiating your desires. You may be here alone for our private enjoyment or in my boutique's window in beautiful vingettes amongst mannequins who will continue to dominate you in even your frozen timeless form.

The displays will be sometimes elegant; a classic model pose with fine flowing latex gowns and dresses; yet firmly leashed like a sexy pet to another mannequin to show your utter subservience to their plastic perfection. Or when I like; erase you totally under layers of thick black latex bound tightly with countless straps, buckles and cute locks held captive to your plastic sisters. Just a latex shape bound so tightly. No passerby could ever understand how your deep fetish brought you to this as our private toy as they admire the compelling and kinky displays.

You can never forget that we are your world now Doll as simply nothing else exists for you. You are to loose your old self to my pets idealised doll form, scarcely able to remember much from your past bar your deep desire to wear latex all the time and to be utterly submissive to us. Anxious to please us in so many very kinky ways. Our doll.

As the months dissolve into years the attention you will receive as a living doll will melt away the last remains of your old self. Being our Doll will be all you can remember and then when that point is finally reached you will truely be our most treasured sexy object, our pretty latex possesion. Trapped forever in latex bliss. The mind of a doll the latex body of the doll.

Your hidden obsessions lead you to me, my special gifts and my very unique tastes, and to submit to be sealed and lost in euphoria to the latex doll. You will be here for rest of your life..., perfect, shiny latex. my sexy Doll. Timeless. No one but myself and my close pets will know you were ever human or be able to animate you to be played with in our kinky games.

I can see it in your heart that you've already submitted to me and have accepted this deep calling within you. We shall begin.

vintage latex from Germany

further to my relatively recent entry titled Bombshell Bra about German latex designer Kunzmann whose history is very very long; they did kindly post me their small catalog including some of the pages from their vintage collection. drop them an email as they may send you one too.

i am still fascinated by their Marry Lou bra which was made of pure latex and gave you the shape of 50's film stars and sweater girls. seeing i'm not that shape i'd be very curious to add it to my wardrobe as i have no real urge to undergo breast enlargement. sadly they stopped making them about ten years ago. if i had only known...

looking at their pages i'm also pretty surprised that they're selling it not just on its shaping ability but also how silky they are? were they doing chlorination at the time or was 50's undergarments pretty corse to wear? i have no idea. see scan above and click the image to see it at full scan resolution if you don't believe me.

the only photo of what it looked like is bellow and its not worn on the model. it looks a bit... however it must of been selling to have been stocked for so long.

meanwhile the remainder of the vintage pages from Kunzmann held some delights in their faded brownish pages. i really would be very very pleased with almost all of the designs on this two page spread. i'd happily add them to collection of course wear them although probably insist on more modern color palette that Radical Rubber now offers and of course better shoes.

did you guess which item i'd never wear even if they were free?

yes its the Petty rubber shorts with the fringe. i love the blouse which is matched with it and already have several from Simon O. so their designs stand the test of time. question is - do they still make these and do they offer them in a range of colors? i didn't see them in the remainder of the catalog which appears to me more basic molded items.

a final thought - well more of a flashback - hit me when going through the folded catalog pages and its the image bellow. i swear its one of the few earliest images of latex i've ever seen. not now of course - way back in the early days of the internet ie 10 years ago and 56k was a slow way to look at a webpage. its still a great shot and its been lodged in my mind for some time stoking my latex desires.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

not so much rubber

though very... right.... in tone and the slow induction and transformation of the lead character.

have a look at Silver Witch by Your Name. there's currently 4 parts to the story and many more installments are planned. you might even see me in it.


well she wears PVC well

it all looks better with accessories and filmed in b/w of course too.


a potentially great source for heels - in Poland?

as spotted on a thread over at Fet Life.

yes believe it or not if you want to get latex boots, knee, ankle or thigh high in basic red or black the best place appears to be poland at this online shop: Fashion Style .

i'm organising knee high wedge boots with a 5" heel elsewhere although these clear plastic pointed heels also with 5" heels have me entranced. totally next on my to buy list at only 29 euros and perfect to wear with my latex tights from Libidex.

do i have a Cinderella complex?or is it simply a high heel addiction ;-)


i think she looks like a mannequin

the white pale skin, the pose and her hair.

they're taking manufactured music and musicians and throttling the metaphor down our throats.

oh i also heard that they're trying to bring 'the body' back into mainstream fashion too which are pretty yummy if they could figure out a better snap / closure option. so thats a few things.

did she ever do a video thats connected to this image/shoot where she becomes a mannequin or is defrosted from being one?


the PVC dilemma

as a dedicated rubber and latex fetishist i know what i like and always shopping for new items along with needing to feed my relentless 5 inch heel addiction. now periodically i wonder if i am missing something with PVC and when ever i look i find unless its a very amazing high quality its more than likely too tacky to think of wearing.

don't get me wrong. it can make great coats (above from French connection and easily 150$) and the right PVC is a must for boots (i am actually waiting on a swatch from Hong Kong to see if i like it for my bespoke 5 inch wedge knee boots) but for the rest of the items on sale there's not enough variety and by using cheap PVC it brings down the look and feel on the items.

imagine for a moment if you will that the only latex designers had to work with was molded latex. its like that imho.

am i just being a latex snob or do other share my opinion?


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

its all in the styling..

pretty popular video - 12 million so far.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

it says 1,000,000 and its lying

this blog in its over five years of being live now and it took me awhile to install some sort of counter. then it broke, then i added the one you see to the right and its seems to malfuction now again.

it has just passed 1,000,000 hits and its definitely lying due to its downtime and the lateness of it being installed. there's also the counter / page hits in the more advanced back end system.

if i really wanted too i can go through old posts and figure out when it was added, then use the hit count from StatCounter which actually says 2,399,750 with 2,750 to 3,500 page hits per day.

i definitely think there's a book worth of content in the blog already. maybe several.

if there's any latex designers, stores, manufactures out there that want an exclusive advert on the side bar (keep in mind its only one add shown - so yours exclusively) then please contact me. also i don't want actual money = just latex!!!


some women do actually look like barbie

and she comes with her own pink car!

more photo's from the series can be found here.

which sort of begs the question; is there an annual living barbie doll competition somewhere in the world? you really think there would be now wouldn't you. (or that could just be me)


it will be much better when filled with latex

news just in that cult "face entry" mannequin catsuit makers Fantastic Rubber now have a shop open in Germany.

they sent me some photo's and imho it will look a lot better with mannequins wearing their latex. maybe they should install their vac beds and have mannequins sealed into the walls.

Peter the master craftsman behind Fantastic Rubber explained in his news release:

It has finally come:
Fantastic Rubber has a shop!
Even if it is still much to do (see pictures),
Opening on 19 February 2011.
Who will be the opening day to come:

Except for a buffet at the many offers ... 35%
Discount on the on-site sale!

And in future we are super for our customers reached:
Fantastic Rubber
Heine Strasse 53a on the S-Bahn station Röntgental (S2)
16341 Panketal

now in second life you can model for stores in exchange for latex or whatever the store sells. i wonder if you could be sealed up in a vacume bed at Fantastic Rubber's new store and count your time against latex. ;-)


spare a mike for a hypnodomme?

i've been chatting with Go Ask Alice on fetlife who does the Alice in Bondage Land videos and i was suggesting she should really be doing MP3's as they're easier than video and much more intimate in several ways.

we found our fetishes really overlap and she's just not some hypnotesse who is dabbling in fetishes. she gets the doll fetish, the latex and mannequin fetish as its also hers.

a resulting MP3's series from someone who really loves and enjoys the personal fetish herself is bound to be 400% better than a domme going 'latex is shiny. your latex now'. i've definitely heard a few of those - i bet we all have.

sadly she's missing anything that resembles a decent mike for recording on her pc. so if you have a spare floating around in the attic, in the garage or whatever you could post her it and she'd pencil you down for the first rubber Hypno MP3 she makes. sounds like a deal to me.

drop me a note and i'll relay it or contact her direct FetLife to arrange to mail it to her.

i think she'll be soon producing some amazing hypnosis MP3s soon that will actually do what all the others have been promising and fail to deliver.


Friday, February 11, 2011

source of the mask?

scans from an unknown fashion magazine featuring a white female mask. it was found on the excellent Dollify Tumblr site.

so where is it from? where do you buy them? certainly not ebay as i've looked multiple times over the year. it looks very similar to the chrome silver one which i've had now for a good ten years which i'd love to get more of too. most seem to be just to generic you can't even tell there's any gender to them. as you can tell this one has nice eyes, actual cheekbone shapes as well as lovely lips.

please post in comments if you happen to know where online they're sold. oh and i've had a couple come close, though then ended up only be suitable for grapefruit heads due to their teeny size.


are you a size 7 high heel lover in the UK?

if you are then check out this seller collection of heels and boots up there now for some serious bargins. all items listed end in about 4 days.

thanks to the reader who stumbled upon them and thought of me ;-)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

bite my shiny rubber ass

paraphrased from Bender from Futurama. yes another music video with rubber in it.

still, it is lovely, round and shiny.

just art students were getting naked with her at the end of the song. surprised the didn't have all types of naughtiness under their clothes or have art students gotten boring? trivia tip; i heard that David and Allen who founded The Torture Garden are both art students.


was this film ever released?

or is it still on the film festival circuit waiting to be picked up?


doll island

you may all be aware that there's a Doll Island in Second Life and i am currently trapped in a giant diamond there waiting on a specific someone to rescue me.

now believe it or not someones bought an island which will be a real life doll island in some ways. full story is here.

the should get a bulk order of zentai suits in.


too many photo's

first of the seven from here. make sure you go look.

note the last of the seven i can totally relate too as i spent too far long trying to get a good mirror photo and then settled on my latexed legs and 5"s. even that didn't come out like i wanted.

guess you'll have t wait till my inevitable shoot with the Rubber Sisters ;-)


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

hypnosis and rubber

if i hadn't mentioned it already i've been on for about six months now and in a thread on Fet Life there was a discussion on hypnosis and rubber fetishism. if your a member then do check it out.

when we were all passing ideas around Alice piped in saying she's already been doing it all and pointed us too her video clip site at: Alice in Bondage Land

she recommended Heavy Rubber Hot Tub;

This is one of the hottest, most intense latex scenes of my life.

This video represents the culmination of an incredible amount of training and 24/7 intensive re-programming for my personal slave… but also many of my personal fantasies regarding latex, hot tubs, foot worship and mental conditioning.

I think this incredible fetish ritual of rubber rebirth deserves to be seen in its entirety, so I present it to you as a complete evening with a very real, unscripted Mistress and slave in a very, very special part of BondageLand.

its on page two btw, although thats not saying you may not like some of the other clips too.

we're in im contact on Fetlife and i am hoping we can develop an mp3 or even a machinma video together as our various kinks over lap so well and we totally understand the fetish unlike other Hypnodommes that just pay tepid lip service to the particular clips. (wishing i lived on the west coast as she doesn't have subjects to film!)


now its captioned

i spotted this image already captioned on on a blog somewhere. thanks to Brenda Big Tits for back in forthing my draft and tweaking it as per my continuity requests. i just love the expressions on their faces and off course the perfect bottom.

do write in comments or leave feedback with Brenda Big Tits as all of us bloggers really revel in any feedback and support as we get so little.


Diana and Lesley were impressed with how their deep hypnotic conditioning had so effectively reshaped Laura, transforming their once-dowdy roommate into such a hot body. The commands they embedded compelled her to exercise relentlessly until she was perfect. She proved to be an excellent subject, which would make their subsequent plans so much easier to realize.

Her sexuality proved even simpler to mold: she now joined them as a true lesbian in their household. When they first began, her foreplay was hesitant and robotic, but there must have been a switch somewhere, something that flipped as if a light had turned on. Laura now embraced her new inclinations with passion and vigor.

They smiled, feeling her perfect skin, knowing in moments their plan would be complete. After putting her to sleep, they would cover her entire body in a very light and thin clear latex catsuit, with an invisible sealable strip, she would not even know she was wearing one. They would awaken her with their final hypnotic command: "you are our plaything, now and always."

Once awakened, she would only ever see herself as latex doll. Old notions of autonomy and freedom would be as alien to her as the thought of ever wearing natural fabrics again. She would repulsed by such thoughts. She would crave latex clothes with the core of her being, needing them like oxygen, wearing them constantly, the sexiest outfits, making her their dedicated lesbian latex toy forever.

the bombshell bra

yes it is Kunzmann as someone suggested in comments who made the bullet bra. they've been going a staggering 60 years and they were actually stocking it up until 10-15 years ago until one of the parts suppliers went under. do they come up on

you can see their entire business time line here.

i'm now in contact with them directly and they're sending me one of their vintage catalogs which i'll scan parts of it in for post - or maybe all of it!

still i'm very curious what else is out there that's the same thing and of course still available to buy without the need of a flux capacitor and a nuclear powered Delorean.


Saturday, February 05, 2011

matching bra's and panties

thanks to a reader form the UK (they know who they are) for sending in this link from the world's kinkiest conservative newspaper 'The Daily Mail' for the article on a new range of skin matching bras and panties as deftly modeled in the photos bellow.

the Mail explains the pr stunt of the product launch;

Every woman knows the feeling that comes with catching sight of yourself in the mirror and realising your white bra is showing through your top.

But it could become a thing of the past with the introduction of an ‘invisible’ bra from M&S designed to blend perfectly with any woman’s skin.

read the rest of the 'story' at Nearly Naked Lingerie

on clever thought that came to mind is why not super sheer and transparent nylon? or better still clear thin latex?

which reminds me of a mention somewhere in the last few weeks of a german latex design company that has been going litterly for decades now and had at one point in their rollercoaster legacy were known for 50's styled rubber bra's as was the trend and demand at the time - in the 50's of course. it wasn't even a fetish thing either from the brief paragraph covering their business time line.

so can anyone remind me who the german latex company was and next of course where i can get those 50's rubber bra's?


grey catsuit and mask

just a nice video.

a vintage treat

i'm on Fet Life which some of you may know already and someone on the active forums remembered seeing a comic strip where a wife was bound up into a doll and taken to a ball.

it was a memory that was taunting the person from a foggy memory and was finally replied too directing them too the comic strip in question at The John Willie Galleries,

figured you would all want to see it too - enjoy.


perfect 60's boots

my on going heel obsession leads me far afield when looking for items to add to my collection and while ebaying in Europe i found these amazing Clear Plastic Thigh Boots.

i'm not big on pvc but these look amazing. would be perfect over a pair of brightly colored latex leggings or tights. i think the seller makes them too? any german readers care to translate or even go far as enquire to find out more?

definitely not day to day boots although i've been playing with the idea of getting wider work slacks so i can stealthfully wear my 5" thigh high boots under them.


eleven years ago it was 2000

so much for the sex robots that were dreamed about:


close up on high heeled rain boots

i found this youtube channel and poster recently when looking for something else. here on show is some Patrick Cox 'wellies' with a very decent 4" heel. sadly they no longer are made and 4"s is bellow my level now anyway (see earlier recent posts). i do love the idea of molded plastic shoes and boots. think it all ties into how Barbies shoes are made. they're just the same.

weren't you ever envious of your Barbies plastic shoes? i was. i remember getting my fingers into a pair and wondering when i could wear boots like that. the phase came and went though must of been on of the seeds left in me to develop into my various fetishes.

so now i wait, ready to pounce on something like these - with 5" heels. then i'll be that Barbie with her pretty plastic boots and shoes.

check out the other videos as they're very well filmed and you get the reflections and highlights off the boots superbly.