Friday, May 29, 2009

busy busy busy bee

well not bee per-se but latex doll.

works just been manic of late and i've just finished off the last of big clients. just need to chase invoices and send off some more on monday so expect loads of updates over the week.

and apologies to anyone who has sent in links, images or stories as i've simply not had time to focus on anything but work and well eyeing ebay for latex bargins.

so as they say - service will return to normal shortly - tomorrow in fact.


anyone recognise this artist?

i found it somewhere and can't track down more.

please post in comments if you have a link.


Friday, May 15, 2009

worth more model worn

the auction has now ended for the mannequin catsuit and the results are very interesting... it sold for way more than an actual suit would of cost from Fantastic Rubber. a new custom fit one costs 280 euro's and it sold for a staggering 378 euros!!!

thats pretty insane consider Fantastic Rubber makes each one of these outfits made to measure and will only really fit the person its made for. maybe she has a twin sister who secretly has a latex or mannequin fetish?

thanks to a UK reader who didn't actually bid for these new photo's (click to enlarge). the model / seller was happy to provide more shots and at a better resolution to help the sale. though i think my entry for it went some way to sell it.
if you want a latex mannequin suit either with the hood / neck entry or face entry that requires two people then do head to to Fantastic Rubber and order one from them and don't forget to mention your a reader here. the full price just confirmed by the helpful Peter at FR is 280 Euro for the catsuit + slip 25,- Euro + socks 25,- Euro = total 330.


another Daily Mail excuse for fetish news

it goes like this:

Brooke Shields squeezes into rubber stockings and a basque for raunchy photoshoot

and the full story is here. well its not much of a story - its just an excuse to print more photo's of women in black and shiny materials.

i am really beginning to wonder having read through both the Kinky Gerlinky Forum and blog that almost all models and actresses have worn latex at some time.


anime doll suit and hood

looking around in the few moments i've had free over the intensely busy last month i happened to revisit Simon O's webpage and was WOW'd by the new anime styled doll suit they do. they totally got the eyes right too.

here's some of the photo's they sent to me and its already listed on their site as theManga Catsuit. if you want to see it being worn and used in video then pop over to Rubber VitaRubber Vita.

currently they only sell it as a complete outfit so fingers crossed they will make it available separently as well as do different variations on it. the condom mouth idea is great but not sure if i'd want to wear it.

and who knows maybe they'll discover the two new markets of Cosplay and EGL and start making outfits in latex.


one point five million hits!

well it had to happen and it was much sooner than later. the blog has hit an amazing 1.5 million page views and its now averaging about 3,500 hits per day.

it even managed to pass the 4,000 page accesses a day.

now surely there's some latex design companies than would like to be first in place to tap into this interest?? and of course help me convert my daily wardrobe to latex? oooh and maybe a really good mask maker too...


Saturday, May 09, 2009

if you're her exact size ....

then check out this model's listing of the famous Fantastic Rubber Mannequin Catsuit. in fact this appears to be the prototype of the suit. (which i still have to write up a long first person experience with - sorry)

now your going to be her size or a bit smaller as she's 165cm high and 78-62-78. note these are CM measurements and not imperial english units.

she wrote;

"The reason why the suit is sold, which he sent me (now) a kick is too small and the pictures are also not too often do in such a suit. Otherwise, the suit was dressed only once and has no damage! These Boots are still a slip of the step concealed zipper. For someone the size fits a unique opportunity! The suit has been washed and oiled!"

i think thats a bad translation in places and that is lubed as oil should never be let near latex as it will corrode it.

auction ends 13.05.09 at 22:00:00 German time. there's already 1776 hits on the listing and its only reached 150 euro's so far.

of course you can skip the entire auction and just buy one directly from Fantastic Rubber. it will fit you like no other catsuit you've owned and you won't want out of it. trust me ;-) also do mention you know about the mannequin suit from this blog so they can track where sales come from.


worth another look

i've noticed that the resolution of youtube videos is now higher. which means its worth revisiting old favourite video links or finding the newly posted high definition ones and using site Catch Video
to download them onto your computer in almost any format you would like - be it for your ipod or your mac.

here's a case in point as found on the Dollification Forum video thread:

i also found that the best time to use Catch Video is either late at night or first thing in the morning. the service is really great and brings youtube to anywhere you want to see it.

enjoy and do post any other ones you have found which are now high def or high resolution.


everything you wanted to know about ...

...Virtual Hypnotist but didn't know who to ask can now be found in Thrall's series of entries VH 101 to VH 105. it starts on her blog here.

seems she's making amazing progress and is well on her way to being her own proper robot drone along with other self improvement enhancements... she's even posted some photo's of her mezmerized self in the last entry and shared the VH scripts for Silver Robot in both female and male versions which you can download directly from her blog and installed with Virtual Hypnotist which is free btw.

if like me you have a mac and don't know what its like then have a look at this rather technical video review posted on youtube:

seeing how well it works with her critical mind makes it ever tempting to try on a friends PC or maybe if it works too well thats not a really good idea now is it?


cheap barbie pink heels take over Britian

In the pink: £9 candy-hued heels prove Primark's biggest ever seller

They're bright pink, they're only £9 and they are the biggest ever seller for discount retailer Primark.

A simple pair of heels is proving a stunning success story amid the doom and gloom of the High Street.

Shoe shopping has long been an emotional crutch for women - and thanks to the Barbie-bright courts, buyers are flocking to the store, with some buying several pairs at a time.

The patent heels have proved so popular, that they are being resold on eBay for up to £22.

The store reported that the fuchsia court had become its biggest ever seller after celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga were photographed wearing similar styles, inspiring shoppers to follow suit and tap into the trend.

continues here.

with a lot of debate in the comments. wonder if they sell latex like leggings too?


yes you too can be Betty Page

for halloween or really any time you like too thanks to this halloween costume from Max Costumes.

only $51.70 and available in three sizes with stocks now running low.

of course to sell it you need the wig and boots. these stunning boots were sent into me from an ebay link and certainly would complete the outfit.

a long leather bull whip and the right shade of red lipstick is also a must.


rubbery music videos

one of which was definitely found by Rubberron and posted on the others i'm not too sure about as its been a very hectic two weeks.

and here we have RubberDoll's footage being used as backdrop video for Motley Crew's recent tour.

are they just teasing? rubber in Russia - where on earth do you get it?



Friday, May 08, 2009

squelch... squelch... squelch....

oh no! well best i found out sooner than later.

i wore my latex tights from Libidex under my work slacks to get used to wearing them on a regular basis out of my apartment and well it didn't go too well.

it wasn't that anyone noticed in anyway its just by the time i was crossing a parking lot mid day i noticed i had started to gather a puddle in each foot. it was a nice day and not too hot. apparently hot enough to start sweating inside the tights.

from around noon onwards i was making a squelch sound with each stride. thankfully after one more post lunch meeting which didn't involve any walking i scurried back home praying no one could hear it.

i don't remember having that problem with latex leggings.


Monday, May 04, 2009

new skirts for me

my latex wardrobe is getting larger and larger as the months go by. i'm averaging a purchase a month and at this rate i'll need to get a much large set of drawers or even consider dedicating a closet to it all. i think i need more latex tops from now on.

the latest buys is a heavy weight pleated long latex skirt in black from Elenas Latex. one note when ordering is to check to see if the item is stitched - something i hadn't even considered as so few designers stitch latex. why you ask? simple - if something is stitched it then has no real stretch at the stitched part.

so i put up my hand, bow my head and plead guilty for being a bit conservative on my waist measurement and ended up with a skirt thats also now acting as a corset. well i deserve it and it makes me do more exercise.

the second skirt was on sale on the Skin Two Clothing site and is just a basic light pink pencil style. pull on and pull off and fits perfectly without any need for a diet or exercise. think i'll need on in black too, possibly in a heavier latex but that wasn't on sale.


retro-tastic rubber

i was looking through my list of old bookmarks and happened to find the geocities RubberMac homepage. its really old in web years and geocities is about to collapse so best get a look at it before it evaporates into nothingness.

i have been considering my future latex purchases and some sort of latex raincoat or 'mac' as they're also known has a real calling to me. the black PVC ones are coming back so i think i'll start saving for a decent one in the fall.

for a more up to date, yet not very regular look at the subject then have a peek at 3xl's spin off site fetish rainwear.

i also like to check out the older 60's and 70's styles wether they were casual or 'futuristic' and too that end i was inspired by 3xl's scans of the Canadian latex manufacturer Inn Skin (written up here) to get my former sponsor Fantastic Rubber to kindly make me a pair of pearlsheen purple super wide leg slacks as illustrated in the bottom right of the Inn Skin catalog.

Fantastic Rubber do mainly concentrate on a core designs of catsuits, corsets and leggings but will undertake other orders although it may take longer.