Tuesday, November 27, 2007

america's next top model is a doll?

spotted on stuckposing and apparently from Cycle 6, Episode Eight. pitty they were so small.

it was posted by DJDojo who has a made the offer of writing up peoples story ideas. needless to say i forwarded one i had been sent and had been fleshing out but never got around to actually completing.

he has a deviant art page here as well as a collection of youtube videos here. do have a look.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

doll poses

one ot two images from Aurora’s Journal's recent entry.

i wonder how many doll like shots she's done already and where do they end up? now married to super seamless zentai suit maker Silly Billy who also had a video site where models moved like dolls and mannequins.


its official - doll suits are a trend!

well its broken sort of into mainstream net conciousness with the entry on the trendhunter site here. notice they refere to the lic laq doll suit made for Marquis in Germany with no comment on the one made 2-3 years ago by Libidex.

so a bit slow on the trend side.


maybe a model, or maybe a doll enthusiast?

an image sent in from someone's myspace profile: is she a model, is she a doll enthusiast or are models dolls in some ways? all the dressing up and posing for other peoples benefits, while remaining calm and controlled by the people around her.

so is it the photographer, makeup artist, stylist or the clothes designer that imposes the doll look on the model or is it a combination of all the above and the model is just a willing blank canvas to hire? does she have a say or just lets the get on with it and transform her.

i remember reading an interview with Yasmin La Bon saying the thing that she missed about modelling was the attention and that she could just stand there and clothes would be put onto her and then removed when finished...

for amateurs where money isn't really involved, more of a barter system is in place for prints, CDs and experience, then i'd imagine the model has more of a say over what she wants to participate in and become. which makes me think that in that group of 'alt' models then there is a core interest in dolls and becoming one even just for the length of time of a photoshoot.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

mars are for dolls

sent in from france. very doll like in some ways, i guess a rebranding of the chocolate bar for a more feminine market.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

erotica in chrome

part of a spread from one of the more arty fashion magazines. might of been POP but i can't remember as it was a few months ago now and i only got to scanning them yesterday. its mainly illustrating the D+G range and shows the different variations on their chrome lockable belts.

i do think that the model's leaning back against a latex sheet in a frame? and she's been airbrushed so she has doll parts - or lack of parts...


saturday week i was wearing...

its all down to a friend i know who is permenantly stuck in heels but also wears a metal chasity belt full time. her keys are with a friend.

i lasted about 3 or 4 hrs in it and will write more about it when i'm in the right mood or when i'm wearing it next so i can report in detail about it.


reflective rubber for poser

we all like our latex shiny as possible... even on our poser characters so why not try this set from renderosity.

do email me the results if you do use it and i'll post them.


chrome belts from D+G

these chrome lockable waist clinchers are getting alot of fashion editorials and here's some of the original advertising for them from another fashion magazine i picked up in september.

and do please send in any scans, clips or stories as all contributions are welcomed.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

pink latex boots - maybe

a flyer given out in a large pack at the skin two rubber ball weekend this past october has made it to me as a scan.

there's the pleaser brand of rubber knee high boots which aren't very shiny and the gorgeous pointed toed ones sold by Simon O, and according to Latexa themselves these are prototypes and the flyer is designed to see how many people are interested in them.

they seem to be using the same pink latex that they've now adopted throughout their range but i can't tell much from the photo.

still we'll know more next year if they start production. email them direct at info@latexa.com for more information and do mention where you saw it.


just because its a designer peice

sort of a follow on to my entry about heel-less shoes, is about this lovely image sent in by Xu Xu from NYT Style Magazine of designer Marni's latex top with fur edges.

ok, i think the shot is really good and moody - but the top is hideous!

apparently the designer is experimenting with latex and has done a few things but from the googling i've done they're only marginally better than molded latex which is pretty bad. guess all you need is a full page, makeup, model with a head shaped like an egg and a quizical look and good photography to sell something.

god knows what the dry cleaner would do too it if you brought it in for cleaning. doesn't even looked lined in any way so it will be very cold unless your layering it.

in a way it has sort of inspired me, my plan to get a short rain jacket made from latex based on the black shiny PVC ones that are big this fall is still on the cards and all i have to do now is make up some sort of exotic sounding brand name and i'm a designer.


hypnosis in second life

yes, i am still in second life. do say hello if you see me modelling in the new Kayliwulf Kingdom or wandering around elsewhere looking for interesting things. i also have a habit of cashing in all my model credits, buying stuff and then giving latex to passerby's i like. one of my random clicking on people profiles brought me to WinterRose's store which is turning into an empire of hypnosis occupying a two floor store with custom hypnosis machines and loads of scripts for these devices.

its an area that i can see having amazing possibilities, ones i'd gladly and deeply embrace (to the point of being made latex in my my own mind 24/7) though sadly not really had it work on me yet. maybe i need one on one sessions, or possibly i have emmotional bagage thats hindering it.

hypnosis in secondlife is big, and growing so it seems.

so anyone who has had real sl hypno experiences, can you please post in comments about them and tell us all what happend and how well it worked?


heel-less shoes - almost hoof boots?

another find from the catwalks is a pair of totally heel-less shoes. they're almost hoof boots don't you think? but not quite really. saying that i've been researching hoof boots and they don't seem to be around any more. there are loads of them on pay sites and in images but nothing currently for sale. feel free to post any links in comments if you come across any in your internet surfing.

i did find some reference images of people wearing them that i don't plan on posting as they're not good images and as shoes they're not very good. they're effective for the idea of what a hood would be like to wear, but really aren't for a glamorous 'must have' pair of shoes.

i guess this is sort of like the issue with cheap PVC and bad molded latex that there's so much of around but people still buy by the tone.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

tights for christmas stockings

just in from Libidex is as special 1/2 price offer on their black latex tights.

the email newsletter which anyone can sign up for on the Libidex homepage has news and generally a 1/2 price offer per issue which generally comes out every month or so. in the one i received today:

The return of the newsletter clothing special! This month we’re delighted to offer a 50% discount on our best-selling Classic tights. Made in a thinner, tighter rubber as standard, and with their clever design creating a natural back-seam, our Classic Tights are sure to add that touch of glamour, whether worn as part of an outfit, or as casual attire.

The offer applies for one week from today on orders from the Libidex website, reducing the standard price of £66.95 to a shockingly low £33.50. Just mention "newsletter offer" with order to get this special price.

Tights as a stocking filler? It may sound bizarre, but it just might work!

so all you fashionistas - if you were after a pair of latex leggings, why not go that little bit further and cover up your toes too? i know i will.

oh and if you follow through and order do mention this blog as maybe they'll advertise or give me a free pair 'cos I could always use a second pair ;-)


Monday, November 12, 2007

deflation commercial

spotted on a yahoo group and probably the best deflation special effect ever done so far. pitty there's no scene of the transformation into the inflatable doll.

you can see it on this page here and its also downloadable.

as for the drink, i have no idea what its like. still the commercials pretty kinky.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

simon O's new pants

i had a nice email from Simon O who is a regular reader of this blog about his new range of woman's latex trousers. he's made a neat flash animated photo sequence which is really slick and works well as a new way to show off the clothes. it's here.

he does get it too, that you can mix and match latex with various other types of clothes and look great. i guess that the latex leggings broke that fashion barrier wide open so it was sort of logical to do jeans and trousers in different styles. i hope he can expand the market beyond the fetish scene.

strange though that it comes just after i've ordered a pair of skinny jeans and been wearing them almost non stop for the last two plus weeks. ;-)

if you have a pc you can download an exe file and play it locally on you computer, so do have a look.


chrome lockable belts for a hint of BDSM

the last few weeks have been manic with work and my weekends pretty well written off for just 'me-time', so thats one reason for the slowness of my updates. i'm sadly still backlogged with scans which i normally leave too a leisurely saturday - i'll get too them next weekend.

i spotted the lovely belt in a few magazines which i had clipped and then was kindly sent in a link to a peice in a uk newspaper who also noticed a trend for wide belts but also fashionable celebs wearing them here at apprently almost any function they attended.

it does looks amazing though and seems to be the start of an ASFR vibe with the carry over of the silver / gold American Apparel leggings. do note the long leather gloves too which is another motif i think is developing.

sadly though the belt is a designer one a costs in the thousands of dollars. a basic metalic waist clincher wide belt won't just do it either imho - its the solid chrome wasp shape too it and the fact that it will lock on.... very very yummy.

so when will a fetish designer start making something similiar at hopefully way less? or maybe those eastern product pirates would stop making watches, louis vutton bags and get on with kinky chrome wasp belts? i can dream...


the make-over you won't see on tv

its here as published in a UK fashion magazine. have a guess who it is and then see if yout right by clicking here.

just proves what a stylist, some good lighting, a wind machine and hair / makeup can do. i'm tending to think i won't put up any photo's of me here till i have all that too.


boots and long leather gloves

i stumbled upon this one by accident in my quest to find a pair of 5' heeled boots i'd actually want to wear on a regular basis. it seems to be a free blog associated with bootlovers.com and its called bootlovers.typepad.com.

there is a rich collection of fashion magazine scans in amongst the the various pop princesses in thigh boot youtube video clips and posed shots of i'm guessing, the mistresses connected to bootlovers.com. the contrast is pretty obvious and in that sense its interesting too as it shows how the professionals will do a photoshoot and what the pay sites provide and at what level.

oh and there's lots of shots of long gloves too. so do check it out.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

and her sister is kinky too...

spotted in a british newspaper is an article with photo's of Dannii Minogue's new video. looks like alot of colourful latex...

the article starts:

Dannii Minogue is hoping she still has enough X Factor of her own to make a chart comeback. The 37-year-old has filmed a racy, disco inspired film clip for her new dance track Touch Me Like That, the first single from her upcoming album Unleashed. continues here

and the video:

you know the way things are going it will be that every music video is obliged to have something slick and shiny in it. maybe compensating for really sub average pop?


thigh boots everywhere

i've been flicking through the european fashion magazines at tower as all the american ones are pretty uninspiring if trueth be told and one thing that seems to be a trend is thigh legth boots of one style or another. though leather ones ones do appear to be more prominent on the editorials.

though anything from a major label / designer is bound to cost a major outlay which imho would be better spent by oneself on latex and more latex. anyhow... i stumbled upon these when looking through ebay.co.uk and ebay germany. seems some italian boot designers have deciced to sell haute couture to the masses via ebay.


skin two and the new doll suits

i do subscribe to a few uk and other fetish designers email lists and was pleasantly surprised by one from Honour last week. they have taken over the Skin Two latex line and now sell it themselves. there was alot of more delicate thin pink latex on offer as part of the new collection.

then i spotted it! a pink catsuit in baby pink and a doll hood! put them together and instant doll suit!

i like the catsuit but the hood is definately on the sex doll side of dolling. still it saves putting on any makeup to go out which is fine fo rsome people but really not my thing at all. surely something much better could be done, less is more in make-up you know..

if you want to check them out then click here and here.


pretty as a picture

an email from from my friend Bauble Headz contained this set which is from a pay site www.rubber-models.com which i think might be based or at least all shot in russia.

the idea is pretty neat and if i was stuck into a vacbed and hung on the wall i'd certainly like a nice frame.

has anyone else but me tried a real vacume bed? i swear i could be dipped in glue, put into it and just left like that for days or weeks on end. for those who know what a delight a catsuit is, then imagine this if you can; being in a vacume bed will make your tightest catsuit feel like a track suit...

so u can see why i'd like to spend alot more time in one.